Lorenae Dairy

Bruce or Debbie Salisbury
27141 State Hwy. 413
Galena, MO 65656
County: Stone
Business: 417-357-2873
Fax: 417-357-2873
Email: lorenaedairy@wmconnect.com

Our Products

Dairy, Dairy: Cheese, Farm Stand

Product Description

Lorenae Dairy milks twice a day. On cheese-making day the milk is double filtered and pumped from the bulk tank to the cheese vat. There the milk is pasteurized and cooled and we begin the process of cheese making. Only the finest ingredients are used in our time honored recipes.

Lorenae Dairy is proud of our cows and facilities and we are open to the public for the on-the-farm experience. We offer our cheese curds for sale on the farm. We also provide our product to a few select premier retailers and restaurants. We are now licensed to sell inspected Grade-A raw milk.

About Us

"Cheese has been a treasured food for as long as people can remember, a concentrate of that life giving liquid...MILK..."

Today in America a cheese making revival is in place, a revival led by people not content with bland, mediocre, mass produced cheese. Public demand for fresher more flavorful food has led to the rebirth of artisan cheese making.

Lorenae Dairy is proud to be part of that rebirth. At our farm outside of Branson in the heart of Missouri Ozarks, we take great pride in producing the finest "All Jersey Full Cream Cheese Curds".

The process is a combination of art and science. Fine cheese is directly influenced by the milk that produces it. Flavor is affected by the cows and what they eat. All our Jersey cows are kept on pasture, and their diet is supplemented with hay and grains. No artificial hormones are used. These and other sound management practices are the basis for the quality of milk we use to manufacture our cheese.

Here is where you can find our products

Located 4 miles North of Reed Springs or 4 miles South of Galena on State Hwy 413. From Branson take 76W to 413, about 18 miles to farm.

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