Chalandar farm specializes in ADGA purebred Dairy Goats. We show our animals on a limited basis and participate in DHIA testing at show site. We strive for correct, beautiful animals that put it in the milk pail. Kids available in the spring and the occasional milker may be available.Sunnydale Farms is a non profit produce farm that employs students from our private Christian high school. We teach them principles such as honesty, integrity and responsibility all while producing high quality local grown produce.We specialize in growing many varieties of produce. Our biggest crop is tomatoes. In winter we have over 15,000 sq. ft of greenhouses that helps us grow all year long. During the summer, we grow outside.Row Crop Corn and Soybean, U-Pick Produce, Manure Tea Fertilizer.Starting new business

"Go Farm" Greater Ozark Farmers' Market(View on map)
Ozark Farmers Agricultural Co-op was formed in 2012 and registered with the State of Missouri in 2013. Ozark Farmers Co-op was born with the emphases of coordinating farmers and artisans to access markets for their products. Our mission is to produce and market products produced by our members in the Ozarks. We accomplish this by coordinating the marketing with our members' products and providing members with ongoing education for the purpose of increasing production. Our customers want their food healthy and locally grown, and they want to support local farmers.

10th Street Community Farmers' Market(View on map)
Tenth Street Community Farmers' Market is a well organized farmers' market with set and strict rules of operation that all of our vendors adhere to. We offer the very best of local growers and the products our many farmers and residents produce. All produce and products are raised and/or produced within a 50 mile radius and so provides a local and convenient market for all whose livelihood depends on their sales. Our motto is "Buy Local & Eat Fresh" and everyone from vendors to the Steering Committee are in every respect devoted to the commitment of bringing fresh from the farm produce and products to consumers. We provide a well-located source of fresher, healthier, tastier products; educational experiences for young and old alike, music, charitable organizations food stands with a picnic area and a destination where everyone can have an entertaining time.

1950 Mountain Laurel Farm(View on map)

2 Besties Biscuits (a division of Zsuzska & Ponto's Sperky)(View on map)
We started this business in 2014 out of a love for local art and small business. We added pet biscuits to our brand out of love for our dogs. We have always made the biscuits for our own pets and we thought-why not share the love? Our biscuits are licensed and lab tested all natural. We choose not to eat things that we cannot pronounce, so we have done the same for our pups!

3 Bridges Raft Rental(View on map)

3 Girls and a Tractor(View on map)
Family farm located in the Missouri River Bottoms. We raise a wide variety of products year around. John, Shari and our 3 daughters work our farm and we hand plant, pick and pack everything we grow. We are conventional farmers who sparingly use herbicides/pesticides to preserve our crops only when necessary. We plant trap crops and use beneficial insects. We are known for our sweet corn, watermelons and tomatoes. We also raise a variety of specialty melons, cantaloupe, a variety of peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, winter and summer squash, gourds, pumpkins, popcorn, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach radishes and turnips. We are happy to try growing something new each season. We are very active in the Farm to School program and love to give children the opportunity to taste produce within 24 hours of it being picked.

4 Seasons Baking & Catering(View on map)

4J's Eggs(View on map)
Our son started raising chickens for the fun/eggs about 4 years ago. Since then it has become a family hobby. We are up to approx 50 laying hens. Last year we decided to go the next step and got a Misouri Egg License to be able to sell off the farm..

4M Farm & Vineyards(View on map)

4R Pigs Company(View on map)
We are twin seventeen year old brothers who started a natural raised farrow to finish hog operation. We started our business a year ago with just two gilts. We have since grown to twenty gilts/sows and one boar.

5 Sisters Dressing(View on map)
The salad dressing is new to the public but not to our family. It has been passed down from generation to generation and enjoyed by many family members as well as friends. My mother made it every night for dinner as well as for friends when my parents entertained. The dressing became so popular with friends that my mother would make it to take to friends' homes when they entertained because of its unique and rich flavor. Now, my four sisters and I continue the tradition by making the dressing for our family and friends.

5Gen Salsa Company(View on map)
5Gen Salsa is a recipe that has been passed down through the family for 5 generations and was originally made as a condiment called ketchup and chili sauce. This sauce was traditionally eaten with black-eyed peas, cornbread, pork chops, and scrambled eggs. Today this sauce is marketed as salsa, but remains an excellent sauce or relish that enhances any vegetable or meat dish.

6'3 ELF Enterprises (View on map)
6'3 ELF Enterprises is named after my foster father who raised me and my sister from infancy to adulthood. He was 6'3 inches tall, and his initials were ELF. I was in the food service industry for approximately 18 years before I ventured to other employment. I still enjoyed cooking as a hobby, and in 2007, began to enter competitive BBQ. Through encouragement of fellow contestants and friends, I began to think about commercially producing and selling my sauce. I am still in the infancy stages, but intend to have everything ready for production and sales by August 31, 2013.

6A Family Farms(View on map)

7C's Winery(View on map)
Escape and unwind in the country at 7C's Winery. We are a family-owned winery located in the Ozark Mountain AVA. Dwight and Jean Anne are originally from the Midwest and are returning to fulfill their dream of owning a winery and vineyard. Or to quote our oldest daughter, "Dream or Mid-Life Crisis, most people buy a sports car, but not you, you are going to open a winery". Our tasting room and gift shop offer a selection of wines and meads, plus many wine accessories and gifts. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy with a bottle of our wine on our porch overlooking the peaceful countryside or cheese, sausages and crackers are available for purchase. We also have BBQ grills available. We have various events and live music throughout the year. Check or for more details and directions.

A & B Homecoming Beef LLC(View on map)

A Balanced Palate(View on map)

A Natural Difference(View on map)

A Stone's Throw(View on map)

A Sweet Water Farm LLC(View on map)
Our farm has been established as a place to visit for home grown vegetables and fruit, chickens and free range eggs. We plan to open the farm to visitors that would like to spend the day in the country with their children to visit the goats, dogs chickens and more and to learn about what it takes to put the food on their table.

A Touch of Whimsy(View on map)
A Touch of Whimsy opened in 2012 with the sole purpose of providing a steady marketplace for locally created products by the talented crafters, artists and musicians in the rural area of southern Missouri. The business owner was named Entreprenuer of the year in 2013 by the Mountain View Missouri Chamber of Commerce for her efforts to convert the formerly empty retail space located in a historical building in downtown Mountain View into a viable business. Ongoing renovations to the space have allowed the business to provide retail space to other entreprenuers as well as develop a program to teach others various skills and crafts in a program called CLASS which stands for Community Learning and Skills Sharing. The business has been well received and continues to expand and offer unique items to those shopping in the area or traveling through. Future plans include the addition of a tearoom and ice cream shop as well as loft style apartments in the area formerly used as a railroad motel when railraoding was in it's heyday.

A Wild Crop Farm(View on map)

Ables' Sugar Island Camp & Canoe(View on map)

Abner Snack Foods, Inc.(View on map)
Abner Snack Foods, Inc. is a family owned and operated business located in Bell City, MO. We operate a USDA inspected facility where we produce beef jerky and pork jerky under the brand Pa Pa's Jerky. What started as a hobby for Pa Pa when he retired from public education has grown into business employing 6 full time employees and growing each year since 2010.

Absolutely Perfect Sauce & Seasoning(View on map)
Absolutely Perfect Sauce & Seasoning have been used to win awards at the most prestigious barbecue events in the World including: USA Barbecue Championship, Memphis World Championship, and The World Series of Barbecue. It is with great pleasure that our portfolio of competition proven flavors are now available for the home BBQ cook!

Ace Stables(View on map)

Acorn Acres RV Park(View on map)

Across the Board Game(View on map)

Adam Puchta & Son Wine Company(View on map)
The story of the winery begins on May 25, 1839, when Adam Puchta, a lad of seven, along with his father John Henry Puchta, step-mother, brother and three stepsisters left the port of Hamburg, Germany for the United States. Upon the family's arrival in Hermann they settled on a 40-acre tract of land adjacent to the land on which the winery is located. Adam's father built a one-room log cabin, approximately 16' x 20' for his family and a small wine cellar with a press house over it. He purchased the land in 1841 and in 1849 purchased 40 more acres, which is now part of the winery farm. Adam and his brother worked on the farm until the spring of 1853, when the Puchta brothers left Hermann for California in quest of gold and riches. Less than two years after his departure from Hermann, Adam returned to Hermann. February 28, 1855, Adam purchased 40 acres of land from his father, built a small log cabin and began clearing land for crops and vineyards. In 1855 he produced his first wine using wild grapes and grapes from his father's vineyard. In the 1880s Adam's son Henry joined him in the family farm winery business and operated under the name of Adam Puchta & Son Wine Company. He began to expand the winery's production. During prohibition, Adam and Henry continued to make wine for family use from a few retained vines, elderberries, blackberries, and even dandelions. In 1989 Randolph and his son Timothy Puchta, began planning the reopening of the Adam Puchta Winery as a commercial enterprise. This was Timothy's dream, and with his father's encouragement and support, that dream was realized when sales and shipment of wine once again began in 1990. Today Adam Puchta Winery has a production capacity of 62,000 gallons. Adam Puchta wines have won many awards in Missouri, as well as nationally and internationally.

Adams' Osage Ridge Aronia Community Farm(View on map)

Addie Jane Originals, Inc.(View on map)
Addie Jane's is a fun gift/gourmet food/floral shop specializing in Missouri-made products from gourmet foods to Missouri grown cut flowers. We are a full service florist specializing in weddings and special events. We ship gift baskets nationally. In addition, we do professional photography for weddings, special events as well as Missouri landmarks.

Addison Biological Laboratory, Inc.(View on map)

Adenike AmenRa & Sasteh Meter(View on map)

Adventure Outdoors Canoeing(View on map)

Adventures Float Trips & Campground, LLC(View on map)

Adventures In Spice, LLC(View on map)
Adventures In Spice, LLC has been operating since 2010. All of our spice blends are gluten free. We produce custom spice blends as small as 1 pound, traditional spice blends using salts, sugars and preservatives, as well as an extensive line of no salt, no sugar, no preservative blends. We also offer retail, wholesale and private and semi-private labeling. We offer educational seminars on the history and uses of spice. We carry spices from around the world including hard to find specialty spices. Spices are cleaned and processed in USA and meet a number of government and other food related guidelines. We also offer fundraising options. We participate in several Farmers' Markets in the St Louis, MO area. We also exhibit at a number of fairs and festivals in MO. We recently moved to a new certified and inspected culinary kitchen in St Louis County called The Creative Cookery in Fenton. Our mailing address is our agent / co-owner's home. Please visit us at or we have 2 facebook pages one that is specific for recipes: And one that lists where we will be:

AFB International(View on map)

Agency Ford Museum(View on map)

Agri-Gro Marketing, Inc.(View on map)

Ajanaku Jewelry(View on map)

Akers Ferry Canoe Rental(View on map)

Albonee Country Inn & Winery(View on map)

ALDI Corporate(View on map)
National retailer

Alene's Garden(View on map)
Alene's Gardens is a personal greenhosue and garden experience. Families and children are welcome. In 2017, Alene will have U-pick strawberries and blueberries. Native Missouri plants, vegetables, and flowering plants are available from the greenhouse during the spring and early summer. Flowering plants (like iris, daylilies, or daisies) are available from Alene's established gardens through-out the year. Garden vegetables, like tomatoes and peppers, will be options for U-pick as the crop allows. Alene is available to share her knowledge and expertise as well; she has participated in the Master Gardner program since 1999 and is considered an Advanced Master Gardner. Alene delights in creating flower beds that are easy to maintain and enjoyable to view.

Alewel's Country Meats(View on map)
Randy Alewel is the third generation in the meat business and has been in Warrensburg since 1984. His Grandfather Hugo founded Alewel's Country Meats in Concordia, Missouri in 1932. Alewel's is not just a USDA custom processing plant it has expanded into many new areas in the past 20 years. Retail cuts of naturally aged choice steaks and lean pork is available everyday. Homemade sausages and prize winning cured meats are their specialty. Many new products have become available, as he loves to try new things from Cajun Bacon to Buffalo Summer Sausage and Jerky. Smoked hams, turkeys, brisket and ribs are always a treat, which lead to the catering business of today. Alewel's does a full catering service featuring specialty meats and side dishes. Last, but not least, you can't forget their Whole Roasted Hogs, now you can get these stuffed with your favorite sausage, what a feast. Alewel's' is located in the northeast corner of Highways 13 & 50. Orders can now be placed over the internet from our web page at or e-mail us at

All Breed Grooming(View on map)

All God's Creatures(View on map)

All Pro Cabinets and Countertops (View on map)

All The Best Countertops (View on map)

Alldredge Orchards(View on map)
We are a family-owned orchard and entertainment farm near Kansas City, Missouri. We grow peaches and other produce in the summer, mostly sold at a local Farmers Market. In the fall of the year we are open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays. We have u-pick apples (when the crop is good), a pumpkin patch in October, a barn store, a small cafe, farm animals and a playground. We do educational tours during the week in September and October, and weddings, hayride parties and events throughout the warm months of the year.

Alma Meats(View on map)
Alma Meats was founded on Febuary 23, 1944 by a group of one hundred interested farmers in west central Missouri who banded together to build a small country meat processing and locker plant. Even though times were uncertain, the need for such an enterprise was real as farmers in the area had no reliable, high quality meat processing facility available for their finished livestock. For a number of years, the cooperative functioned no differently than hundreds like it throughout rural areas of the United States with the exception of the fact that the cooperative began at a very early date adding value to its production by creating an extensive line of value-added sausage, bacon and primal products. The creation of high quality smoked bacons and sausages were made easier due to the ethnic German nature of the community and the fact that many high quality old world meat recipes had been brought to the area during the original period of German immigration. As the locker business began to change in the 1960's and 1970's, the Board and Management of the cooperative began to realize that new directions in marketing needed to be explored if the cooperative was to survive. By 1990, the cooperative had not only secured a stabile marketing base in west central Missouri but had expanded its product line to include nearly fifty value-added meat products - all of high quality and based on the cooperative's strong German heritage. In September 2010 Alma Meats LLC closed there doors. Terry and Darlene Kleoppel owners of Kleoppel Meats LLC purchased the processing plant and reopened it on November 1 2010, in doing this they are continuing to make the high quality old world recipes plus all of the favorites of Kleoppel Meats LLC. All of the livestock processed are grown by local farmers. Retail meats, cheeses and spices are currently sold at the processing plant

Almosta Farm(View on map)

Alpacas d'Auxvasse, LLC(View on map)
From our pastures to your needles and beyond, we are a small Missouri alpaca farm concentrating on fiber production. We offer tours of the farm where you can enjoy feeding and petting the alpacas and watch their fiber being spun into yarn. Our farm store carries everything from raw fleece straight off the alpacas to beautiful yarn, both hand spun and mill spun, to finished goods. Decide between natural or hand dyed colors and take home a beautiful scarf, pair of gloves or socks. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in our picnic area while watching the alpacas, or just wander around the farm. Hours by appointment only, so please call ahead to schedule your visit. Tour buses welcome!

Alpacas for Autism(View on map)
What is Alpacas for Autism? We are a nonprofit organization using alpacas and fiber arts to improve the quality of life for individuals with autism. What exactly does that mean? It means we are building an alpaca ranch with a training center and retail store. Where is your ranch? Currently our ranch is located in Adrian, Missouri What do you teach? Our training center has 3 areas of focus: 1) Ranching: alpaca handling and care. 2) Fiber arts: knitting, crocheting, weaving, felting, spinning, etc. 3) Entrepreneurship: business planning, marketing, and skills leading to self-employment. What products do you offer? We offer alpaca fiber, yarn and handcrafted products created by individuals and families living with autism. Where are your products sold? Products are sold in our retail store, online, at craft shows, and wholesale for resale. Why? Because we believe: 1) Ranching and fiber art skills offer opportunities for self-employment and improved social skills. 2) Improving social skills increases the likelihood of successful employment 3) Self-employment is a viable solution to earn income for individuals with autism 4) The ability to earn income improves the quality of life for individuals with autism. Is there a need for this kind of program? Yes. Currently 1.5 million Americans are living with Autism. Up to 85% of individuals with autism end up unemployed after high school. Supports for these individuals are costing $157 Billion each year. Programs which lead to an ability to earn income can help reduce this cost and unemployment rate. How is your program funded? We are a Missouri 501c3 nonprofit corporation. We are funded through donations from individuals and businesses, product sales, class fees and fundraising events. I know someone with autism would they fit into your program? We serve individuals 12 and older who are living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Alpine Park & Gardens(View on map)

Altai Meadows(View on map)

Alvin A. Schrock(View on map)

Amaizing-Acres LLC(View on map)
Amaizing-Acres founded 2011, Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch, and fall family fun attraction located in the northwest corner of Missouri between ST. Joseph and Maryville. Open to the public from mid September to the end of October.

Amayesing Acres(View on map)

Amen Par Ankh(View on map)

American Botanicals(View on map)
American Botanicals has been in business for more than 20 years offering bulk herbs at an affordable price. We work closely with the collectors to ensure quality product and sustainable harvest practices. We offer whole, cut or powdered material.

American Dehydrated Foods, Inc.(View on map)

American Grass Fed Beef(View on map)
American Grass Fed Beef is owned and operated by Mark and Dr. Patricia Whisnant along with their six children. The farm is near Doniphan in the rolling hills of southern Missouri. Grass-fed beef attracts consumers interested in choosing healthier, more natural foods. It is healthier, safer, represents a more humane, environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural product than industrial, feedlot beef. The health benefits of grass-fed beef include it being higher in omega-3 fatty acids, lower in calories and saturated fat, higher in CLA, higher in beta-carotenes, higher in vitamin E, and it is safer. Cattle are raised on open range rather than confinement with no growth hormones, no antibiotics, no animal by-products, no pesticides and no herbicides. This beef is produced on our local farm and is processed at our family owned and operated, organic certified plant in Jackson, Missouri. It represents the freshest, healthiest and most direct route from the farm to the table.

American Italian Pasta Company(View on map)

American Pasturage Inc(View on map)

American Walnut Company, Inc(View on map)
American Walnut Company, Inc has been producing and distributing the finest quality products since 1924. Since its founding the philosophy of the American Walnut Company, Inc has been to provide the highest quality and best service at a competitive price.

Ammon Miller(View on map)

Ample Industries(View on map)
Locally owned label company with 50 years of service to Missouri companies just like yours. Digital print, graphic design, nothing too small. Please give us a call. Thank you!

Anderson Blueberry Farm(View on map)
The Anderson Farm has been family owned and operated since 1980. We started out raising cattle, Christmas trees, honey bees, raspberries and blueberries. We have continued to expand and now specialize in our blueberry operation as we have been successfully participating through our local farmers' market and have experienced significant positive response to our u-pick operation.

Andoro & Sons Pizza(View on map)
Andoro & Sons Pizza is based in Wentzville, Missouri, and offers quality food and pizza products to retail, wholesale and fundraising customers. We currently service several hundred customers throughout Missouri and a portion of southern Illinois with our quality pizza products. We are a family run company, established in 1957.

Andy's Hickory Pit Bar-B-Que LLC(View on map)
History of Andy's Hickory Pit In 1991 we had a large hog farm. We started experimenting with barbecue, doing benefits for schools, nursing homes, families and friends. Everyone told us we should go into business. At that time we still had the hog farm and were continuing to develop our sauces and rubs, and passionate about barbecue. In 2001 we sold the farm to pursue our barbecue business. We built a large smoker and began doing fairs, festivals and catering. In 2005 we designed and built a large moble hickory pit unit and opened Andy's Hickory Pit Barbecue. We sold barbeque around the lake area and central Mo. Business was good and we quickly out grew the moble unit. In 2007 we opened Andy's Hickory Restaurant in Eldon, Mo., our home town. While in the restaurant our product line and sales continued to expand. In 2009 we sold the building, (due to the economy) and went back to the mobile unit, which we still operate at 1800 bus hwy 54 in Eldon, Mo. Through the last 20 years we have developed some unique sauces and rubs we think you'll love. Coming soon, you will be able to purchase sauces and rubs at and several local markets.

Angel Acres Farm, LLC(View on map)
Nature, as God provided it for us, is a great gift and our farming endeavor is focused on keeping the balance as it was designed to be kept by good stewards of the land and the creatures we enjoy.

Angelic Taste Sensations(View on map)
We are a company specializing in hand crafted bbq sauces, seasonings, and salad dressings. We also cater events for up to 100 people.

Angler's Resort(View on map)

Anheuser Busch Companies(View on map)

Ann & Allen Baking Company (View on map)
In August 2006 when we opened our cozy local coffee shop (Park Avenue Coffee in the heart of Lafayette Square, St. Louis) we started with two simple principals - good people serving good coffee. We quickly realized that a family favorite - our mother's traditional gooey butter cake - would be a good addition to that mix. We just didn't know how good! "Mom's traditional" quickly became over 70 flavors of gooey butter cake (and counting), acquiring numerous local "Best of" accolades. We started baking banana and zucchini breads, brownies, muffins and scones. We have shipped our baked goods to all 50 states and around the world. Our little coffee shop has grown into a bigger baking company. We hope you enjoy every bite of every slice.

Ann Grotjan(View on map)

Anna Marie's Ice Cream(View on map)

Anna's Bake Shop(View on map)

Anne's Acres(View on map)

Antique Logs Unlimited (View on map)

Antique Trunk Refinishing(View on map)

Anton's Beef(View on map)
Anton's Beef is a locally owned grass fed beef distributor. We only package and handle Missouri AGA certified beef. We work with ranchers that we can verify sustainable and humane treatment of animals and resources used. We package 1 lb packs of grass fed beef and 4 delicious natural jerky flavors. All these products are available for resale as they are processed and packaged under USDA supervision.

Anvil C Ranch(View on map)

Arcadia Valley Farmers' Market(View on map)
Open: End of May to Mid October Hours: 7am to Noon or sell out

Arcadia Valley Stables(View on map)
Arcadia Valley Stables provides a fun trail ride along a creek and through the woods. Riders ages 8 and up are accepted with all levels of experience. Just and hour and a half from St. Louis, Poplar Bluff and Cape Giradeau.

Arcadian Moon Vineyards & Winery(View on map)
Situated amongst four lakes on 75 acres, Arcadian Moon is truly a rustic paradise. Whether soaking up the views from the tasting room and deck overlooking the big lake, taking a relaxing walk on the grounds or having a picnic under a tree, once you’re here you’ll instantly be transported miles away from the hustle and bustle of the real world. Perfect for an afternoon or evening of wine tasting, Arcadian Moon is also the choice destination for your wedding; reception; engagement, birthday, anniversary or holiday party; class reunion; or business function. With ample grounds, a large deck and multiple event and meeting rooms, we have just the right space for the event you’re planning!

Arcadian Moon Vineyards and Winery LLC.(View on map)

Architectural Specialties, Inc.(View on map)

Arcobasso Foods Manufacturing Company(View on map)
Arcobasso Foods is a cold-blend manufacturer specializing in the production of salad dressings, sauces, and marinades. We work with customers to create custom sauces and salad dressings that can be packaged for food service, retail sales, or portion control. The company was founded in 1987 on the concept of customization, and that still holds true today.

Argyle Catering Company(View on map)

Arneson Timber Co.(View on map)

Arnold Farmers' Market(View on map)

Arrow Rock State Historic Site(View on map)

Arrowhead Woodshop(View on map)

Artesian Springs Winery(View on map)

AsAGlobal LLC(View on map)

Askinosie Chocolate(View on map)

At Home Farms / Pixie Pumpkin Patch(View on map)
Last week in September through October The Pixie Pumpkin Patch is open to the public every weekend. Free entry and activities. Large Pumpkin Canon to give you a real kick as you watch it launch. Hay Rides and Pony Rides. Military and Family Friendly. Located right next to Whiteman AFB.

At-Home Farm (View on map)
Pixie Pumpkin Patch was opened in 2011 to provide a Home Town Small Farm Experience to Military Families and local community. The owners are USAF Retired and currently work on Whiteman so Military Families are near and dear to our hearts. It is a place to take the kids to pick a pumpkin or two, go on a hay-ride and play in the hay-pit. You are welcome to take some awesome free family photos by our antique farm equipment. Leave with a warm feeling of fun and hanging with the kids looking for pumpkins that are still in the fields all without breaking the bank. We are dedicated to getting back to the basics where a pumpkin patch is a Real Pumpkin Patch. All of our pumpkin plants are hand planted from seeds right here on the farm.

Augie's Sauce and Spice BBQ Company LLC(View on map)
After years of grilling, smoking and barbequing, my wife Angie and I decided to produce the barbeque sauces and meat seasoning we use. What started as a hobby has now turned into a business. Like others, we could not find a sauce that we liked without mixing sauces and adding other seasonings. Taking the advice of family and friends we now offer our products to you. We currently have two sauces and two meat seasoning products with more on the way. Our company name and logo is lovingly dedicated and in honor of our rescue German Shepherd , Augie. For 12 years, Augie has been our friend and faithful companion. Occasionally, he samples the products and lets us know what he thinks. He definitely puts his paw of approval on all our homemade products.

Augusta Winery(View on map)

Aurora Local Farmers' Market - Summer Market(View on map)
The market gathers in the Sutherlands Parking lot at Highway 60 and 39 on Wednesdays at 8am until sell out and Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm, June through October and on Saturdays from 7am to 12pm from May to October.

Aurora Local Farmers' Market - Winter Market(View on map)
The market gathers from 9am until 12pm November through February.

Aurora's Grand Meat Company(View on map)

Autumn Blessing Farm(View on map)

Ava Growers' Market(View on map)
The market gathers Saturday mornings from 7am until 12pm, April through October.

Azomite Mineral Products, Inc.(View on map)
Are your soils and animals starving? Fight the Hidden Hunger with Azomite®. All plants and animals need trace minerals, but because most soil has become depleted through plant uptake and normal water erosion they aren't receiving them. Plants and animals may appear to be healthy, but production is being compromised by deficiencies. Azomite is a simple to use naturally mined product that is an excellent anti-caking agent and a unique re-mineralizer for soils. Assays reveal that the material contains a broad spectrum of metabolically active minerals and trace elements. Benefits of using Azomite® have been reported in Tree and Vine Decline, control of citrus blight, peaches, sugarcane, wheat, tomato, flowering plants, turf including golf greens, poultry, swine, tilapia, and shrimp. These results can be found at

B & M, Inc.(View on map)

B and K Manufacturing, Inc(View on map)
We have been in businesss since 1988. B & K Manufacturing has served customers in area cities, including Moberly, Monroe City, Centralia, Columbia and Jefferson City.

B Berry Farms LLC(View on map)
We are a second generation family-owned farm, and we have been in the berry growing U-Pick business since 2015.

B&B BBQ and Catering, LLC(View on map)

B. Hall's Family Grill(View on map)
Family owned and operated restaurant since 2002 specializing wings and burgers

B.K. Bakery(View on map)

B2B Farmers' Market(View on map)

BabyFaces - Pets(View on map)

Back Door Pottery(View on map)

Back Home Again(View on map)
A small independent business specializing in gifts and décor. Examples: 1) German Steins and Food; other European items 2) Art and Furniture 3) Jams, Salsas, Pickles, Sauces, and Loose Tea 4) Women's Boutique, Soaps and Lotions 5) Gift Baskets and Gift Registry

Backer's Potato Chip Company(View on map)

Bacon Acres Ranch LLP(View on map)
Bacon Acres Ranch LLP has been a reality since April 2016. We have been growing our breeding herd for a Farrow to Finish operation using organic, and natural principles to provide a happy pig therefore a tasty pig.

Bad Boobeniks(View on map)
In the early summer of 2013, we (brothers William and Joseph Bubenik) decided to begin honing our own recipe for a spicy bread & butter style pickle. After a few tweaks in our recipe, feedback from our friends and family encouraged us to produce more than what we required for our own consumption. Eventually, we began taking orders and decided that we could look towards a possible business endeavor with our product. With this in mind, we began expanding our product line. We currently have three varieties of pickled products that we have solidified recipes for: Our original spicy bread & butter style pickles, black pepper & honey dill pickles and a pickled pepper mix that is flavored with pears and cinnamon. As far as future products, we are planning to create products that are creative mixes of traditional and unique tastes, similarly to what we already have come up with.

Bader Farms, Inc.(View on map)
Like many youngsters growing up in the Bootheel region of Southeast Missouri, Bill Bader worked on peach farms each summer, picking, grading, packing, whatever was needed. That peach fuzz got under his skin and in 1986 he bought a 150-acre peach farm near Campbell, Missouri. Bader found the Crowley's Ridge soil fertile with good protection from frost. That good soil and Bader's hard work has since increased that small farm to over 1,000 acres with nearly 110,000 trees! Bill and his wife, Denise, along with sons Levi and Cody, and daughter Breana, proudly operate the family farm throughout the year. They are assisted by Tom and Steve Bader, Bill's brothers, cousin Danny and numerous other relatives and friends at harvest time. During the summer months, Bader Farms employs about 110 workers. They begin picking the peaches at 6:00 am and then the peaches are brought in from the field, washed, inspected, packed and shipped to your retail grocer within 24 hours. Bader peaches are fresh and delicious right from the tree to you!

Baer Brothers Woodworking (View on map)

Baers Pure Scents - B.P.S.(View on map)
In 1999, we started researching alternatives to mass-produced commercial skin care products that contain harsh chemicals, synthetic agents, dyes and fragrances. We found that by using our own raw beeswax, honey and propolis from the beehives of Baer's Century Farm with the finest certified organic botanical butters and food grade vegetable oils, pure healing essential oils, vitamin E & rosemary extracts, infused with our own organically grown herbs and wildflowers; we could create all-natural skin care specialties that cleanse, moisturize, heal, protect and renew your skin. All of our products are handcrafted in our studio workshop in Boonville, Missouri in small batches to assure the finest and freshest quality. No chemical additives, No chemical preservatives, No synthetic fragrances, No sulfates, No animal fats, No petroleum products, No artificial colors, No foaming boosters. We do not use animals for testing. Try our AromaTherapeutic or NonScents Body and Bath specialties. We have come this far because of your delight in our creations. Family owned and operated since 1999. ~ Great Feel ~ Great Therapy ~ Great Scents ~

Baetje Farms, LLC(View on map)
Baetje Farms is a pure farmstead artisan goat cheese company. This means that we are hand crafting our own goat cheese using milk solely from our own herd of registered Saanen dairy goats. We believe that the best cheese comes from the highest quality milk and that the highest quality milk comes from animals that are in the best physical condition possible. We feed our animals an all natural diet; whole grain ration free from antibiotics and hormones, alfalfa hay, pasture and organic minerals. They also receive supplemental kelp and herbal teas. Their water supply is unlimited filtered spring water, from a spring right here on the farm. Come and taste the difference in our French style cheese and see what good cheese from happy goats tastes like. Winners of over 50 national and international awards including being in the top 16 cheeses of the world at the 2011 World Cheese Awards in U.K. Where more than 2,700 cheeses from 35 countries competed. Our Bloomsdale placed a Super Gold, and was included in the final 16 to determine which would be the "Best of the World". We are committed to quality from start to finish. True artisan cheese and a true "taste of place". Producing French and European style cheeses with goat and sheep milk.

Bagnell Dam Farmers' Market(View on map)

Bain Custom Woodworking(View on map)

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.(View on map)
Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. is a Missouri company founded in 1998, specializing in pure, natural, non-GMO Heirloom seeds for the home gardener. Why Heirloom? Heirloom seeds can trace their ancestry back hundreds, even thousands of years and breed true year-after-year, whereas hybrids will revert to type. The main argument for Heirlooms is that they just tast better. Jere Gettle, the owner, is a leading proponent of the locavore movement, urging everyone to grow their own produce or buy from a local farmer. The economic and health benefits realized from native grown produce are enormous, providing local jobs and making sure our children get wholesome, nutritious food every day. Bakersville, our authentic pioneer village, is the site of our annual Spring Planting Festival, with recent attendance topping 6,600 and growing every year. Look for this major Missouri event on the first Sunday and Monday of each year. There are ten other Heritage Day festivals on the first Sunday of every other month except December. Our Village began with the original seed store where you can shop for over 1,300 varieties of seeds-plus, you can find books, CDs, tools, t-shirts, caps, and just about anything you'll need for your garden. Sometimes, we even have baby chicks! We sell our seeds all over the world and donate seeds to worthy causes everywhere--$320,000 worth of donations in one recent year. In 2009, we established our first out-of-state retail outlet-The Seed Bank of Petaluma, CA. In 2010, we bought Comstock, Ferre & Co., LLC in Wethersfield, CT, the oldest continuously operated seed company in the United States.

Balchem Corporation (View on map)

Balducci Vineyards(View on map)

Ball Bros Forest Products(View on map)

Balls Food Stores(View on map)

Baltimore Bend Vineyard(View on map)

Bandana's Bar-B-Q (Sauce)(View on map)

Bankhead Chocolates(View on map)

Barber Branch Originals(View on map)
We are a small farm in Harrison County. I make items for the kitchen and home decor primarily out of black walnut and red cedar. These items consist of cutting boards, table sleds, cookbook holders, wall art and other items of home decor.

Bardenheier Wine Cellars(View on map)

Barefaced Sauces(View on map)
Barefaced Sauces is a Kansas City-based eCommerce company focused on creating deliciously rebellious handcrafted sauces.

Barham Cattle & Fence Company(View on map)
Barham Cattle Company is an Angus influenced naturally raised beef farm in Kearney, MO. Our Farm has been in the family for over 100 years. Three generations help humanely raise and take care of our cattle. We avoid antibiotics and growth hormones to ensure you healthy and wholesome beef for your family. Our cows calve on grass and raise there calves on grass till around 5 months You won't believe your taste buds when you try Barham Cattle Company Beef, dry-aged 14 days, tender, juicy and succulent. We take great pride in our cattle. We offer a variety of options for you to enjoy our beef. You may purchase it by the cut, quarter, half or whole beef. We will work with you to provide beef that exceeds your expectations. Our chickens are raised without antibiotics and growth hormones. We receive day old chicks from the post office that we brood inside for 2 weeks, then are moved out side to our pasture shelters pioneered by Joel Salatin. These pens are moved morning and night. Our chickens are raised on grass, fresh air and wholesome locally grown grains, running around eating grass, bugs and other things. Our chickens have a superior, satisfying flavor. We also have free-range eggs. Our hens are housed at night for there protection and let out in the mornings to run, pick, scratch and enjoy free ranging. We feed a locally grown grain with no antibiotics or hormones. All natural exceptionally tasting farm fresh eggs, delicious and nutritious. Our chickens & eggs have the taste that your grandparents had when they grew up. You now can have that same wonderful taste. Visitors are always welcome. We are feeding Non GMO corn to our cattle and chickens.

Barn House Baskets(View on map)

Barna Log Homes of Missouri (View on map)

Barnett Meat Processing(View on map)

Barnival, LLC(View on map)

Barry Electric Cooperative-Kerry Mattingly(View on map)

Barry Hill Project(View on map)
I have given my friends and co-workers samples of my dad's barbeque sauce and everyone has loved it, so I decided to start producing it with the help of my cousin and will offer it for sale. This is a hobby for me as I am currently employed at a trucking company in Carthage, MO.

Bartley Farm(View on map)

Baruer Horticultural Services, LLC(View on map)

Bass' River Resort(View on map)

Batch-O-Brittle(View on map)

Bates Farm(View on map)

Battle of Athens State Historic Site(View on map)

Battle of Carthage State Historic Site(View on map)

Battle of Lexington State Historic Site(View on map)

Bavarian Smoke Haus - Dan's Country Meats(View on map)
Deli, Fresh Meats, Butchering, Smoked Meats, 6 Flavored Bacons, Snack Stix, Summer Sausages, Old Tyme, Summer Sausage, Jerky, Wisconsin Cheese, Hams, Smoked Pork Chops, German Bier, Hot Meals to go We have been in business since 1989 and are a full service Deli and Fresh Meats store. We have a hot meal each day, which can range from meat loaf to pork chop to lasagna.

BBL Buildings and Components, LTD(View on map)

BBL Construction Energy/ Panel Structures, Inc.(View on map)
Since 1975, BBL Construction has been manufacturing buildings for a wide range of applications with state-of-the-art design and flawless execution. BBL Construction is the area's leader in building quality custom homes, commercial and agricultural buildings and premium trusses. We provide complete building packages for a wide range of construction including garages, commercial office complexes, municipal, equestrian, agricultural, dairy facilities, pole barns, residential and many other building types. BBL headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Perryville, Missouri. In 2010, BBL became part of Energy Panel Structures, (EPS), which has enabled us to grow our product lines and enhance our technology and service areas. Learn more at

Bear Creek Farms(View on map)

Bearcat Getaway Resort(View on map)

Beast Bros Q LLC(View on map)

Beau Solais Mushroom Farm(View on map)

Beaufort Meat Processing(View on map)

Beaver Canoe Rental & Campground(View on map)

Beaver Creek Feed Co.(View on map)

Beaver Creek Paylake & Fish Fry(View on map)

Beck's Christmas Tree Farm(View on map)

Beckner's Peach Orchard and Vegetable Farm(View on map)

Bee Hive Farmers' Market(View on map)

Bee Merry Farms(View on map)
Bee Merry Farms is a growing apiary with beeyard locations in Cass and Bates County Missouri along the Kansas border.

Bee Naturals(View on map)
As a nurse, Barbara Chappuis developed Bee Naturals™ Skin Creme Bars to protect her own hands from the myriad of harmful substances in the hospital work environment. Her hands were cracked, raw, and nearly bleeding, even with constant use of virtually every commercially available creme and lotion. Many of those products also included chemicals that are as harmful to the skin as what she needed protection from, such as parabens. After much research and formulation with natural ingredients, and proof with her own hands healing, her Skin Creme Bar reached its final form. Because the creme was for her own use she refused to skimp on high quality ingredients, as she continues to do with all her products. There are no superfluous ingredients -- everything in Bee Naturals products have a specific therapeutic purpose. They protect and heal skin, period. Since the success of her Skin Crème Bars, Barbara has developed other all-natural skin care products, including Bee Naturals Lip Balm, Cuticle and Nail Oil, and a new Queen Bee line featuring an array of cleansers for all types of skin. Click here to view the entire line of Bee Naturals products. She's always developing new products, too, so check back often. And when you're in the St. Louis area, be sure to stop by and visit the Bee Naturals factory and retail shop in charming historic Clarksville, Missouri on the Mississippi River. Now you can relax and revive for a weekend, a week or a month at the Beehive Inn! Our unique and spacious inn is the entire second story of our luxurious Bee Naturals bath and body shop, one of many historic buildings in downtown, Clarksville, Missouri. The Inn is 1400 square feet of total comfort consisting of a spacious great room with dining area, facing the Mississippi River, complete gourmet kitchen, 2 master bedrooms with showers, high ceilings and skylights. Our Inn will comfortably accommodate a family or two couples.

Beech Manufacturing, Inc.(View on map)

Beggs Family Farm(View on map)
Beggs Family Farm is part of Beggs Melon Company, Inc., a real working farm that has been in business since 1895. We are proud of our farming roots and want to share the farming experience. Beggs Family Farm offers opportunities to observe a working farm at our school field trips and our seasonal festivals. Seasonal Festivals: Bring your group or whole family out for our Fall Harvest Festival. See a working farm, get lost in the The MAZE© cornfield maze the Miner Max® maze, relax on a wagon ride, interact with the farm animals, pick your own pumpkin right from the patch, eat delicious home-made fudge, and stock up on all your seasonal supplies.

Beggs' Orchards(View on map)
Beggs' Orchards is a family owned and operated orchard since 1947. Currently the orchard is operated by the fourth generation of the family. They continue to pride themselves on operating on the same business ethics, morals and values that has been handed down over the years.

Behind the Times(View on map)

Bellair Farm's Apothecary(View on map)
Bellair Farm is a small, chemical-free family farm located in Central Missouri and owned by Jeff and Nicole. We grow specialty crops such as strawberries, greens, tomatoes and more. You can find us seasonally at the Boonville Farmer's Market. We also produce jams and natural body care products scented with only real essential oils.

Belle Journee(View on map)

Belmont Vineyards(View on map)

Belton Thursday Nite Market(View on map)

Belvoir Winery(View on map)

Bender Farms(View on map)

Benedict Builders Farm(View on map)

Benne's Best Meat(View on map)
Benne's Best Meat is really a "farm in the city." One of the last farms in the area, the 127 acre farm is situated in the general vicinity of Highway 40/64 and Highway 94 in St. Charles County. Operated by Ron and Jolene Benne, the farm has been in Jolene's family for eight generations, since 1801. We sell beef (some 100% grass-fed), pork, free-range chicken and eggs. We also sell a few vegetables. Many of them are heirloom varieties and are grow to organic standards, but not certified. We have grown beans, beets, blackberries, collards, cucumbers, lettuce, salad greens, spinach, melons, okra, onions, peas, peppers, potatoes, squash, chard, tomatoes, and turnips most years. These products are available at our farmstand located on our farm. We also sell to restaurants.

Bennett Springs State Park(View on map)

Bentil's Community Garden(View on map)
Bentil's Community Garden is located on the corner of Enright and Clara in the West End Neighborhood of the City of St. Louis. This is our first year as a community garden. Our garden will grow organic produce for garden members, our community residents and local food banks.

Besser Woodworks(View on map)

Bethany Farmers' Market(View on map)

Better Bakery(View on map)

Better Lfie(View on map)

Better Lives Today(View on map)
Richland Farmers Market was formed January 2011 to provide an avenue for food producers to market the fruits of their labor directly to consumers. We promote and engage in sulf-sustaining community and economic development and revitalization projects.

BettyLou Mitten Co.(View on map)

Beussink Bros Woodworks, Inc.(View on map)

Beussink Farm(View on map)

Beussink Pecan Orchard(View on map)

Beyond Baubles(View on map)

Bias Community Garden(View on map)

Bias Vineyards & Winery, Inc.(View on map)

Big Bison(View on map)

Big Creek RV Park LLC(View on map)

Big D's BBQ Sauce(View on map)
Big D's BBQ Sauce was born in the kitchen of a Missouri family that loves BBQ. Unsatisfied with what was available, my wife (Debra) and I decided to make our own sauce. We came up with our own unique flavor of sauce thru trial and error. We tested the sauces and supplied family and friends with what we think is a winner. When now the word got out and the request for more came in, so with the help and support of my wife , we bring you a BBQ Sauce, I know you will love. We hope everyone will have the chance to try and buy our Sauce. In 2010 we entered our 1st competition and received 6th place out of 79 entries at the American Royal BBQ Competition.

Big Elk Camp & Canoe(View on map)

Big Hat Horse Camp(View on map)
Big Hat Horse Camp is designed for horsemen and horsewomen and their horses. Big Hat Horse Camp is available to private groups by reservation only. Your group will be the only occupants. Relax and ride at your leisure. At night reminisce in the warm glow of the kerosene lamps or around a crackling camp fire. Enjoy living as cowboys did in the 1800s.

Big Joel's Safari, LLC(View on map)
Big Joel's Safari Petting Zoo & Educational Park is a local family owned and operated agritourism attraction, located just south of Wright City, MO. Come see over 50+ species, including camels, zebras, bison, reptiles, birds, porcupines, farm animals, deer, antelope, ostriches and many more. Opened in July 2012, this petting zoo and educational park features a gift shop, safari bounce house, safari birthday party room, camel rides and parakeet feeding shack, plus numerous barns with animals to feed, pet and view. We also offer season passes, group tours, birthday parties, and animal rentals for events and promotions. This is a family oriented and educational experience for all ages that you won't soon forget. Open April 12, 2014 through November 2, 2014. Check out our website at and "Like" us on Facebook.

Big Lake State Park(View on map)

Big Oak Tree State Park(View on map)

Big Spring RV Camp(View on map)

Big Sugar Creek State Park(View on map)

Big Time Seasonings(View on map)
We are a newly formed company with our roots in the meat processing field. We tried many seasoning companies and found them to be adequate and therefore started developing our own seasoning blends. We have those seasoning blends and are developing seasonings and blends in other areas. We have worked with customers developing their own custom seasonings. We have seasonings and blends for retail sales and commercial sales.

Bigg Blue Farm(View on map)

Biltbest Products, Inc.(View on map)

Binder's Hilltop Apple and Berry Farm and also home to Mid Missouri Alpacas(View on map)
Binders Hilltop Apple and Berry Farm is a unique farm operation, open to the public sine 1995. We have u-pick apples from the last week in July to mid-October. We offer a 20 week CSA program (pesticide free veggies and small fruits) to a limited number of customers with weekly pick up on Wednesdays. Blackberries and peaches (not u-pick) are available in July. We have a herd of more then 70 colorful alpacas and make use of their luxurious soft fiber in finished products sold in our farm store. Our store also sells our seasonal fruits, herbs and vegetables as well as apple and peach butter, jams and jellies made from fruit grown on our farm. Tours are offered to groups of 10 or more and include a variety of activities. For more information see our website

BioZyme Incorporated(View on map)

Birch Meadow Farm(View on map)

Birds Botanicals(View on map)

Bittersweet Junction Maze(View on map)

Black Bear Bakery(View on map)

Black Birch(View on map)

Black Gate, LLC(View on map)
Our land and cattle are both Certified Organic. We have been Certified for 10 years and raise North American Red Devon which were brought to America with the pilgrims. Red Devon cattle has its origins from Devonshire, England and were the butchers' choice for the Royal Family. Red Devons are known for their taste, texture and tenderness. We raise our herd on grass and finished on grass as well. We never use chemicals or medications of any kind.

Blackberry Lane Gardens(View on map)

Blackney Farm(View on map)

Blades Farm(View on map)

Blair Cedar Novelty Works(View on map)
The company began in 1930 as a one man operation when the late Mr. John H. Blair, after using hand tools to make cedar tables chairs for his cafe, began turning out small souvenir items which he sold in the cafe.

Blessing Times Jams & Jellies(View on map)
Shipping nationwide with Missouri pride - a wide selection of jellies and jams with our featured raspberry jalapeno medley. Blueberry, pecan and raspberry syrups are a wonderful added treat to ice cream and pancakes

Blind Ref(View on map)

Bloom Baking Company(View on map)

Bloomfield Farmers' Market(View on map)

Blue Bell Farm(View on map)

Blue Finn Creative group(View on map)

Blue Heron Orchard(View on map)

Blue Mound Soap Company, LLC(View on map)
Blue Mound Soap Company is nestled in the small farm community of Blue Mound, Missouri. We pride ourselves on using all natural ingredients: essential oils, high quality food-grade oils, and mineral pigments. We have a variety of different bar soaps, salt scrubs, soaking salts and bath teas, and our product line is growing! We work with our customers to find out about their different skin types to ensure that the product they receive is the best suited product for them. With hours spent perfecting recipes and the pursuit of finding the finest all natural ingredients, we have come up with a product that is guaranteed to satisfy. We believe in using local and selling local. We depend on customers for this, but we have first made a commitment to put our best foot forward in these efforts, and will continue to do so for many years to come. Our motto is 'Be Local, Buy Local, Blue Mound.' We look forward to serving you soon!

Blue Springs Farmers' Market(View on map)

Blue Springs Ranch & Canoe(View on map)

Blue's Market(View on map)

Bluebird Composting LLC(View on map)

Bluebird Gardens, LLC Quilts & Gifts(View on map)
Bluebird Gardens Quilts and Gifts offers personalized and handmade quilts and gifts including honey. Started in 1998 as a family business, Bluebird Gardens represents more than 12 Missouri crafters making custom quilts and other home decor.

Bluefinn Creative Group(View on map)

Blues Hog Barbecue Company(View on map)
Blues Hog Bbq Sauce began more than 30 years ago as a hobby to raise money for those less fortunate. In 1998 we began to bottle and market our barbecue sauces and dry rub seasonings. We have now won more barbecue awards than any product in the world and our products are now sold in outlets all over the country as well as over seas. We started with support through the AgriMissouri program.

Blumenhof Vineyards & Winery(View on map)

Blystone Brothers Cabinets, Inc.(View on map)

Bob White's Processing(View on map)

Bob's Honey(View on map)

Boeckmann Family Farm LLC(View on map)
Boeckmann Family Farm is a family owned and operated farm located fifteen miles east of Jefferson City in Loose Creek Mo. Chris and Denise Boeckmann, along with their four children Rae, Eric, Kristen, and Paul work daily to produce their All Natural Grass-fed Beef. The beef is produced without the use of anitbiotics or added-hormones. Additionally, the cattle are not fed any grain or grain byproducts at anytime during their entire lifetime. The beef is truly grass-fed due to their management intensive grazing system that relies on a combination of cool-season grasses, warm-season grasses and legumes. Rotation of the cattle in the fresh pastures results in healthy and content animals which ultimately insures efficient production of premium quality All Natural Grass-fed beef and beef products.

Boedges Farms(View on map)
Family farm located in Montgomery county, MO. We have been raising beef and lamb in this area for over 20 years. We have been supplying friends and family with meat for several years and would like the opportunity to provide your family with a safe alternative to store-bought proteins. We hand feed all of our animals and treat them dignity and respect. All the livestock are raised outdoors and get lots of exercise and sunshine. We do not use any hormones, antibiotics, or steroids in the animals we raise for meat. We have all of our rations custom mixed for us to avoid any unknown ingredients. We raise our own hay and silage for the livestock also.

Boerding Farm LLC(View on map)
We are a grain farm and raise a natural low Cholesterol beef, from breeding Belgium Blue crossed with angus. A few times a year we have an educational tour of our farm for Agribusiness groups.

Boiling Spring Campground, LLC(View on map)
Boiling Spring Campground was established in 1991 as a full service 50 site family campground and canoe rental located on the Gasconade River in Pulaski County. We dedicate 15 acres of our 115 acre farm to camping allowing families to observe and enjoy Boiling Spring Missouri's 14th largest natural spring that flows 42-50 million gallons of crystal clear water into the Gasconade River each day. In addition, we utilize a portion of our farm to plant soy beans, 14 acre corn maze and 8 acre pumpkin patch. In 2011 we opened a 36 acre nature and walking trail where our visitors can enjoy the Ozarks’ wooded splendor...

Bollinger County Farmers' Market(View on map)
Our market has grown a lot in the last few years! Bring the whole family to the Bollinger County Farmers' Market. Visit with the vendors, who will be happy to talk to you about their products. Kids will love to see the animals.

Bollinger Farms(View on map)

Bollinger Mill State Historic Site(View on map)

Bommarito Estate Almond Tree Wiinery(View on map)

Bonne Femme Honey Farm(View on map)

Bonnots Mill Candle Company(View on map)
Bonnots Mill Candle Company 'filling your home with the aromas of yesteryear' Bonnots Mill, Missouri is a sleepy little river town nestled on a hillside near the confluence of the Osage and Missouri rivers. Established in 1808 and placed on the National Historic Register in 1993, Bonnots Mill is the home to the Bonnots Mill Candle Company, established in 2003 and located in a building on Main Street built in 1890. Family, history and the time honored traditions of hard work and a quality product were the driving forces behind the start of the Bonnots Mill Candle Company. Each candle is hand poured in a creamy vegetable, soy and paraffin blended wax accompanied by a paper wick to provide over 100 hours of aromatic burn time. Our candles proudly display a picture of downtown Bonnots Mill, circa 1920. If you visit our little town today, not much has changed since this picture was taken. We encourage you to take the time to 'smell the candles' and pay us a visitWe'll be busy making sure that you will be able to 'fill your home with the aromas of yesteryear'.

Booming Hills Nursery, llc(View on map)

Boone County Farmers Market(View on map)
The Boone County Farmers' Market was formed in 2003 in Columbia, Missouri.

Boone Hollow Farm, L.L.C.(View on map)
Boone Hollow Farm was founded on the premise that land is a major natural resource and as stewards we must use research based best practices to develop and maintain synergism between human need, land use, and sound environmental practices leading to a sustainable resource base. The major objective of the Boone Hollow Farm is to be a resource and mechanism for the development and utilization of research-based, tested strategies for the production of a variety of organically-based agricultural products by providing access to plots of arable land to entrepreneurial individuals and groups who have objectives to explore, research, develop, produce, sell and distribute agricultural products while leaving the land in better condition for future generations.

Boone's Lick State Historic Site(View on map)

Boonslick Farmers' Market(View on map)

Boonville Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Boonville Farmers Market, Inc., is a self-certifying market offering locally grown produce from Cooper and adjacent counties. The market accepts value-added products and original artwork, as long as these items are sold by the person who created them. The market will begin its season on the first Saturday of April and run through the last Saturday of October. It will be open from 8 am to noon. Those interested in participating in the market can download an application from our Facebook page or email us at

Border X'P(View on map)

Borgman's Dairy Farm, LLC(View on map)
Our History Our dairy's history is linked to Missouri’s heritage. Janet’s grandmother - 'grandma' was a pioneer of sorts. In the 1930s, the United States economy was in a depression which meant that jobs were scarce -- even in Missouri. Grandma had a family of seven children to feed. She was smart and she started with what she had. She opened Borgman'sDairy, a family owned (cow) dairy, and sold the milk from a milk stand in Kansas City, Missouri. It wasn’t a hobby, it was a business. Grandma was an entrepreneur and an inspiration to those who knew her. Many of her children were also entrepreneurs. When you think about it the times today are not much different than they were back in the 1930s. Just like then, the economy is in a recession and jobs are scarce. The good news is Borgman's is in operation and is providing real jobs to the state of Missouri. Janet, like her grandma, is continuing the family's entrepreneurial heritage. Through the years, Missouri's dairy farming has undergone significant changes. In the 1970s there were nearly 20,000 small, family-owned, dairy farms in Missouri. These dairies supported families and towns across the Missouri region. In the 1970s, with the introduction of new governmental regulations many family dairies closed their doors. Additionally, dairy families had trouble convincing their children to take on the responsibilities of a milking operation. Today, there are less than 1200 family dairies still operating in Missouri. Missouri's population still drinks milk, it's just that Missouri dairies are not providing that milk. Most of Missouri's milk comes from out of state. They say that if you support a local farmer you support the local economy. But it's more than that. It's about the continuation of heritage, providing quality products to Missouri's population and having a choice in the food you buy and serve your family. Please support your local farmers. If consumers only spent 3% of thei

Botanica Basics(View on map)

Botanical Tree Trail(View on map)

Bothwell Lodge State Historic Site(View on map)

Botkin Lumber Products(View on map)

Boucher Farms(View on map)
Boucher Farms is located in the Northern edge of the Ozark Mountains. We strive to provide high quality meats and vegetables to our customers.

Boulevard Brewing Company(View on map)

Bountiful Acres, LLC(View on map)
Our family farm is located near Middle Grove, Missouri, population 55. We are about 30 miles north of Columbia on the edge of Amish country. We purchased our farm in 2005, moving from Colorado. Since then we have been expanding our gardens and improving the pastures.

Bourbeuse Creek Mushrooms(View on map)

Bowen Creek Farm(View on map)
We are an orchard and veggie growers. Because our interests are varied, we often try new things and products. Our jams and jellies are sold at Farmers Markets and Festivals. We raise beef cattle for sale at the farm. We encourage folks to call or come by to see what is new!

Bowood Farms and Cafe Osage(View on map)

Boyd's Bees(View on map)

Boys Grow Corp.(View on map)

Branch Creek, LLC(View on map)
At Branch Creek, we produce high quality pellets located on our family farm in Vernon County, Missouri, In fact, most of our pecan pellets come from wood harvested from our pecan groves. We have over 400 acres of organic pecan groves and got into the pellet business as a way to utilize wood from the trees we remove. We also enjoy smoking meat and understand the importance of using only the best wood for smoking. You go to a lot of time, effort and expense to provide the best smoking results for your friends and family. Branch Creek is proud to be a part of your cooking success.

Brandkamp Industries, Inc. (View on map)

Branson Farmers' Market(View on map)

Bread of Life(View on map)

Bredehoeft Millwork, Inc.(View on map)
The Bredehoeft name has been associated with fine wood products for over 50 years. Founded by Edward Bredehoeft in 1957, the company has grown and expanded to meet the demands of high quality wood moulding and doors.

Breezy Hill Farm(View on map)

Briarcliff Farmers' Market(View on map)

Brick District Farmers' Market(View on map)
For more than 30 years the Fulton Farmers' Market has been helping the people of Missouri eat healthy. While the location within the city of Fulton has changed from our beginning, we still strive to provide our customers with the very best nature has to offer. Please visit us on Wednesdays at South Business Hwy. 54 (in the Sutherlands parking lot). Also be sure to check out the new Brick District Farmers' Market in downtown Fulton, Saturdays at 10 East 5th Street in front of the Courthouse to experience what fresh really means.You will be glad you did! -

Bringing Homegrown to U 2(View on map)

Bristle Ridge Farms(View on map)

Broadway Brewery(View on map)

Broadway Roasting Co.(View on map)

Brock Hops (View on map)
A truck where you will find a variety of great tasting items such as our very popular Bro-jitas (brisket fajitas), our Silly Philly (brisket philly), our Ol'Dirty Burger (peanut butter and bacon burger), our O.P.P (oven-roasted pulled pork with brock sauce) and our Chili Willy (1/4 beef hotdog, homemade chili). Do your taste buds a favor and contact us for all your lunch, dinner and catering needs.

Broken Wire Ranch LLC(View on map)

Broner Farm(View on map)
A Beginning Veterans Farm. We are learning as we grow.

Brookdale Farms(View on map)
Brookdale Farms is home to the St Louis area's largest corn maze. Our fall festival begins the second week of September and runs through mid-November. We have pumpkins, hayrides, pumpkin chunkin and many other farm activities. Our Eureka farm is also home to our Percheron, Belgian and Clydesdale draft horses that provide carriage rides in downtown St Louis.

Brookfield Farmers' Market(View on map)
We are nestled in a beautiful shaded park and offer shopping in a fun relaxing atmosphere. Our loyal customers know they will receive the finest locally grown produce and baked goods fresh from the oven. On the 2nd Saturday of each month we celebrate "Customer Appreciation Day" with hot dogs and sometimes even a little local entertainment to make their visit more memorable. Our vendors offer a wide variety of produce, baked goods, crafts, plants, jams & honey. They know their products because they made it or grew it. If you get a chance, come give us a visit. Your always welcome!!!

Brooks Bee Farm(View on map)

Brookside Farmers' Market(View on map)
We have a lively mix of local and certified organic farmers who provide freshly picked vegetables, fragrant herbs, delicious meat products, juicy sweet fruit, edible and cut flowers, eggs, prepared foods, and artisan baked goods, including vegan and gluten free. Our vendors grow and produce their products within approximately 100 miles of Kansas City. For more information, vendor applications, season calendar, and to sign up for the weekly market email which contains lists of the produce available from the farmers, recipes, guest chef information and more, visit our website, Andrea Shores, Manager Brookside Farmers' Market

Brother Produce(View on map)

Brown's Country Meats, LLC(View on map)
"Enjoy a Taste of the Country" with Brown's Country Meats. We raise and market our products from our family farm northeast of Centralia. Our meat is state inspected and individually packaged for retail sale. When we started Brown's Country Meats in October of 2002, we had actively pursued meat quality testing on our Chester White swine herd for several years. We wanted our pork products to taste good as well as be nutritious. By request, beef products were added in 2003 and come from our Shorthorn cattle. All our animals receive excellent care and balanced diets. Our mission statement: "We are committed to providing a high-quality meat product to the marketplace and the consumer. We will continue to emphasize our genetic lines to provide a tender and juicy meat product that will be a tasteful and enjoyable eating experience." You're always welcome at Brown's Country Meats!

Brown's Smokehouse Meats(View on map)

Browning Dairy Farm(View on map)

Bubba's BBQ(View on map)

Bubble Empire Soaps(View on map)
We started our 'Empire' in 2014, after my husband insisted that we could make homemade soap that was so much better for you than any soap that you could find in the store. . . and he was right!! So, I decided to turn our little hobby into something MORE! Beginning with soap, we have now branched out to handcrafting our won lotions, lip balms, bath soaks, bath fizzies and even solid bubble bath too!

Buccaneer Restaurant, LLC(View on map)
Captain Ron's is the premier Lakefront dining/entertainment establishment at the Lake of the Ozarks. Enjoy sand beaches, tiki bars, sand volleyball and even a pirate ship while enjoying steaks, seafood and sandwiches. Fun for all ages. Home of the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, the Number 1 boating event in the country.

Buck Mountain Winery & Vineyard(View on map)

Buck's Ice Cream Place(View on map)

Buckeye Acres Produce LLC(View on map)
Buckeye Acres is a family run farm operation that has been in business since 1983, started by Jim & Jeanne Counts. In 2009 the farm transitioned to Buck & Heather Counts (Jim & Jeanne's son & daughter-in-law) and the operation expanded to grow many acres of vegetables and small fruits to provide more fresh, locally grown produce to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality farm fresh produce. You can purchase produce on farm or find us at a Farmers Market in Warrensburg, or as part of our CSA program.

Bucks and Spurs Guest Ranch(View on map)

Bucksnort Trading Company LLC(View on map)
A shopping experience as unique as it's name. Step back into an 1890's store filled with wonderful unique treasures. The blended aromas of sage, sweetgrass, osha root, bearberry leaves and cedar will guide you to the herbal counter where you will find native herbal teas, bath products and balms. Sample Missouri-made products such as pickles, soups, dip mixes and dessert mixes. Marvel at the brightly colored textiles, rugs and saddle blankets. Touch the hand woven baskets, carved wooden baskets, bowls and walking canes. Try on unique hats for men, women and children. Shop for unique silver and turquoise jewelry and Native American made pottery. Browse the book and music section surrounded by beautiful art, originals and prints. Wonder at the living history clothing, patterns and supplies for mountain men, Civil War era, 1880's cowboy and the proud Native American.

Buffalo Farmers' Market(View on map)

Buffalo Lodge(View on map)
Buffalo Lodge offers indoor and outdoor settings for weddings and events up to 300 people. We also offer space for retreats, family reunions, and getaways with overnight stay for up to 13 people. We are located 45 minutes SE of Kansas City on a working bison ranch with approximately 50 animals. Our outdoor activities include buffalo tours, ranch tours, hiking, fishing, guided nature walks and plenty of scenic views. See our website at or call us at 816-597-3202.

Builders Stair Supply, Inc. (View on map)

Bulone Enterprises, LLC(View on map)
Bulone Enterprises, LLC established in 2013 following a family get together in Port Sanilac, MI on the shores of Lake Huron. Dan's brother Vince, a professional chef, made a large batch of his version of caponata based on an old family recipe handed down from their Grandma Domenica (Margaret) Di Domenico Bulone, a Sicilian immigrant. Everyone talked about how good it was and that we should market it. So Vince developed the recipe based on his recollections of Grandma's caponata. It was branded "Vince's" to recognize his contribution to the product development. Hence our signature product, Vince's Caponata, was born when Dan and Sharon made selling it a reality. We have added a second product, Vince's Roasted Red Pepper Pesto that was introduced in December 2015 and will soon add a third product to our line in Spring 2016.

Bunge Enterprises(View on map)

Bunny Rodina(View on map)

Burgers Smokehouse(View on map)

Burke's Produce(View on map)

Burnin R Farms(View on map)
Burnin R farms is a small family owned farm in Southwest Missouri. We are one of the few farms raising Ossabaw Island hogs for their excellent quality of meat. We also raise chickens for meat and eggs, and cows for occasional beef. Burnin R Farms raises pork without the use of vaccines, antibiotics, or additional growth hormones. We do not feed commercial hog feeds but prefer to custom mix our feed daily. Our hogs are finished with a custom mix of grains to enhance the quality and flavor of their meat. Burnin R farms raises all of our animals with a high level of detail and scrutiny. The health and welfare of our animals are a high priority on our farm.

Burris Fork Farms(View on map)
Burris Fork Farms is a small family farm owned and operated by Tim and Roberta Shikles 6 miles south of California and 20 minutes west of Jefferson City. Weekly deliveries of seasonal fresh produce to our members is our first priority with surplus produce being offered at local farmers markets. Our weekly share boxes include a large assortment throughout the season as different types of produce are available. Whole, half or quarter antibiotic free/no hormone added beef is offered to members at a fair market value at different times during the year as well as pork from another local farm. As our customer base grows, we hope to offer additional Missouri products to our members as well as family farm activities. We enjoy growing new types of produce, sharing new recipes and giving busy families in the area the same opportunity to feed their families nutritious, naturally grown, and chemical free produce.

Bushwhacker Bend Winery(View on map)

Butterfly Fields Nursery and Pumpkin Patch(View on map)
Terrie and I started Butterfly fields nursery 12 years ago after she told me she could "grow her own paycheck." I had my doubts but being from Missouri, I said "Show Me." We started with a handfull of seeds and started selling flowers and plants. Today we have several large plots of land where we grow vegetables and herbs as well as other things. We sell our produce at the farm as well as at the Lee's Summit Farmers' Market. My enterprising wife then suggested we do a pumpkin patch 5 years ago and here we are today. We really enjoy the children coming out to the patch and watching them enjoy themselves.

Bynum Winery(View on map)

Byrne's Mill Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Byrne's Mill Farmers' Market is sponsored by the Byrne's Mill Improvement Committee (BIC). It will be located on Lower Byrne's Mill Road in our City Park. We will have our Market on Fridays from 3 pm to 7 pm. We will start in May and end during September. Byrne's Mill is located in Northwest Jefferson County off Highway 30, between House Springs and High Ridge.

C & C Highland Ranch(View on map)

C and G Vineyards(View on map)

C Hwy Trout Farm(View on map)
We offer spring fed ponds in Annapolis, Mo., where we raise rainbow trout for fee fishing. We purchased the spring in 2010 and stocked the ponds with rainbow trout. This spring had been used by several different owners to raise trout for over 50 years. It is a beautiful park-like setting, great for small children and ponds are on level ground for access by handicapped individuals. We are located approximately 15 miles from the beautiful Black River at K Bridge, about 20 miles from Clearwater Lake at Piedmont, and less than 10 miles from Big Creek RV Park, a fantastic camping facility. In addition to our trout, you can fish for crappie, bass, and walleye.

C Street Market(View on map)
The market gathers on Saturdays from 8am until 1pm, April through October.

C W Price Enterprises, Inc. (View on map)

C&C Produce Company(View on map)
Family Owned Produce Company. Carry produce, processed produce and canned and dry goods. Distribute to foodservice and retail accounts in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Minnesota.

C&D's Kitchens(View on map)

C.F. Schweizer & Sons Inc.(View on map)
Nestled in the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River, Schweizer Orchards has produced and packed high quality River Bend Apples for over four generations. A family owned business, Schweizer Orchards continues this tradition with their retail market in St. Joseph, Missouri. We offer more than a variety of edible delights, you will also be welcomed by staff with a warm, friendly smile and have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors by picking your own fruit in season. We also have freshly picked fruit and produce available inside the market. The Schweizer Family has produced fine quality fruits for four generations and invites you and your family to come out and sample all the delicious specialties and unusual gift ideas.

Cabin & Creek(View on map)
Rustic-inspired natural soaps, lip balm, bath oil, and and other skin friendly products handmade in small batches from certified organic ingredients.

Cabinet Concepts by Design(View on map)
Cabinet Concepts by Design has built it's business on the tradition of using beautiful, high quality materials and expert craftsmanship and time tested cabinet building practices.

Cabinet-Mart, Inc.(View on map)

Cabool Area Farmers' Market(View on map)

Cabreda Inc.(View on map)

Cafe Berlin(View on map)

Cafe Europa(View on map)

Cajun Cabin (View on map)

Cajun Catfish House(View on map)
We are the Cajun Catfish House located in St. Martins Missouri. Offering the area some of the best catfish around. All our sides are made fresh daily as is our famous cajun cornbread. We make our own sauses and cajun spices in house for all our dishes.

Cake Pop Company(View on map)

Caldarello Italian Sausage(View on map)
Caldarello Italian Sausage has been making quality Italian sausage products for twenty years. We now include turkey Italian sausage and sommer sausage, not to mention our Italian saesoning. We have won numerous awards for our products ranging from baroque contests to chili cook offs. The owner Tony Caldarello is always available to customers for cooking suggestions and preparation of all his products. The website is also very informative and you may order any of his products online. Check out his blog and let him know what you think of his sausage or make a suggestion or let him know how you cook with it!

Calvin's Distributing Company(View on map)
Calvin's Distributing is a family owned businsess. Being a local distributor of carbanated beverages, beer and wine. Calvin decided to try his hand in developing his own Root Beer

Camp Tilden on Big Sugar, LLC(View on map)

Campbell Farms(View on map)

Campbell Farms(View on map)

Campbell's Maze Daze(View on map)

Campo Lindo Farms(View on map)

Camps Market, Inc(View on map)

Candlelight Creations, LLC(View on map)
Candlelight Creations, LLC began as a candle making company, and local craft/gift retail shop owned and operated by Su and Dick Thompson in Weaubleau, Missouri. After 20 years of operation, they have grown the business into a destination store for locally made products and many unique foods as well, including alligator, fresh ground horseradish, bulk spices, shrimp and other seafood. Su's husband, Dick, began making Dick's Wild Root Horseradish in 2003, which they sell in their store. In 2015, an addition was added to the main building to facilitate the processing of the horseradish roots. They are now FDA, state and locally inspected and approved to process Dick's Wild Root Horseradish. Candlelight Creations is open Monday through Saturday 9am to 5 pm. We are located on Hwy 54 in Weaubleau, Missouri. Phone # 417-428-3625.

Cane Pole Vineyards, LLC(View on map)

canihaveabite(View on map)
At canihaveabite, we believe in real food and eat the spectrum of choices. And, when it comes to food, we never see limitations; we see new ways of creating. So we prepare dishes that cover all diet choices - vegan, vegetarian, paleo and simply real food. We prepare dishes with local grass fed meats and pasture raised chickens. We use goat cheese, sheep's milk cheese and raw milk cheese. We use pasture raised eggs and real butter. We talk to the farmers. We can tell you the story behind every dish, from the raw ingredients to the final deliciously distinctive product. We joyfully taste and test every dish that is prepared. We love what we do, and it shows. We bring the farm to your table. Our dishes are made from local and organic ingredients. All entrees, soups, salads and sides are gluten free. A new seasonal menu is posted each month. Orders are available for pick-up the following day at between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm at 8011 Wornall, Suite B, Kansas City, MO 64114 and on Fridays at BadSeed Market 1909 McGee between 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Cannon Smoked Saloon(View on map)
Cannon Smoked Saloon is an 'Old West' experience that you won't forget. We have taken the 30-year tradition of great tasting, Lake of the Ozarks Bar-B-Q and made it better. Our goal was to make you feel like you were in the late 1800's, fending off cattle rustlers and kicking back in the old town saloon. We hope you enjoy what we found. As you pass through the saloon doors, with the peanut shells crunching under your feet, make sure and take the kids outside to sit by the chuck wagon or pretend like they're rolling into town on the stage coach. Sit for a spell in the buggy seat or pull up a saddle at the bar and enjoy the 'Old West' at Cannon Smoked Saloon.

Canoak USA, Inc.(View on map)

Canton Farmers' Market / Canton Community Center(View on map)
We are a local community center organizing a farmers' market to benefit the community. We were incorporated in 2014 and have been providing community events as fundraisers FREE OF CHARGE. This market has no set up fee. It is purely for the benefit of local producers and consumers. We aim to bring an organized market for distribution to benefit all local needs.

Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau(View on map)
Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau provides information and promotes area Farmer's Markets, Lazy L Safari Park, Conservation Nature Center, Jones Heritage Farm and other annual agritourism events that are within Cape Girardeau and surrounding counties.

Cape Girardeau Farmers' Market(View on map)

Cape Locally Grown(View on map)
Cape Locally Grown is a dynamic network of small farms, food artisans, wild crafters and gardeners located around Cape Girardeau, Missouri and founded in the fall of 2014. All members are dedicated to supplying their customers with the freshest and highest quality vegetables, herbs, baked goods, milled products, dairy, eggs, meats, fruits, flowers and transplants. Participating producers vary in size, farming methods and specialty, but all carry the common thread of dedication to creating a sustainable local food community.

Cape Riverfront Market(View on map)
The Cape Riverfront Market runs every Saturday morning between May 5 and October 27, from 8am to 12pm, in the parking lot at 35 S Spanish, next to Celebrations Downtown and across from Bel-Air Bar & Grill. Please note that the parking lot will be closed to vehicles from 5am to 1pm every Saturday to accommodate the market. The market includes approximately 26 seasonal vendors (every week) and additional daily vendors selling a variety of products including farm-fresh produce, organic products, meats, cheeses, baked goods, jams, honey and arts and crafts. All products are locally grown, produced or prepared. Weekly demonstrations and entertainments as well as a sitting area will also be available for patrons. Some of the vendors accept credit cards and the market has plans to provide EBT accessibility.

Capital City Farmers Market(View on map)
This is a brand new farmers market in downtown Jefferson City that is offering amazing local foods from our local farms. We are also an established EBT/SNAP market!

Caravan Ingredients(View on map)

Cargil (View on map)

Carol Lynne Essentials(View on map)

Carol Lynne's Essentials, LLC(View on map)

Carolyn's Country Cousins Pumpkin Patch (View on map)
Carolyn's Country Cousins is the destination for fall family fun in the Kansas City area since 1991. We grow 60 acres of pumpkins just south of Liberty for the public to come out and pick straight from the field. We have two country stores, a huge play area for all ages and a real petting farm. On weekends come see Uncle Lester's Pig Races and ride our very own Lil' Bud's Railroad. Our homemade goodies include kettle corn, fresh fudge, juicy burgers, cold cider slushes and our famous pumpkin doughnuts. The patch is open the third Saturday in September through October 31 We also have the Liberty Corn Maze- Missouri's largest Corn Maze which is open Friday - Sunday in September and October. Get lost in the fun

Carondelet Farmers' Market(View on map)

Carr's Canoe Rental(View on map)

Carrollton Farmers' Market(View on map)

Carte Farm(View on map)

Carter Farms(View on map)
Small farm locally owned and operated. Roy was raised on a farm so he brings a lifetime of farm experience to our small farm. We have slowly grown our farm to offer a variety of products to service our customers.

Carthage Farmers' Market(View on map)

Carthage Specialty Pallet, Inc.(View on map)

Carved in Stone(View on map)

Cary's You-Pick(View on map)
Cary's You-Pick is a produce garden where you can come and bring your family, chef,and friends and pick your own vegetables from sun up till sun down during the growing season. A Weigh and Pay station allows you to bag and pay for your items on the honor system. Check out Cary's You-Pick on Facebook and like us to receive updates on progress, what we have planted, and when it's ready for you to pick. How to see you soon.

Casa De Loco Winery(View on map)

Cass County Farmers' Market(View on map)

Cass County Meat Company(View on map)

Cassies K-9 Bakery(View on map)
At Cassie's K-9 Bakery you'll find all natural gourmet dog treats for your furry loved ones. All our natural dog treats are made with top shelf human-grade ingredients that will leave any pup begging for more. You won't find by-products and imported foods in this dog bakery. Here we hand mix, hand roll and hand cut dog treats for our precious best friends. Handmade the way it used to be. A strange and novel thought in today's world. Products hand made here in America with locally sourced ingredients like our stone-ground spelt. We believe our willingness to get down and use our hands conveys some special qualities and love into the gourmet dog treats we create. We make a special product and want to keep it that will not find our product in any chain store. You can buy mass produced dog treats anywhere, just like Wonder Bread, or you can spoil your dog with the canine equivalent of rustic organic artisan bread. We truly hope your best buddy enjoys our treats as much as we enjoy making them.

Castleview Bed & Breakfast(View on map)

Castlewood State Park(View on map)

Cave Hollow West Winery(View on map)

Cave Vineyard(View on map)

CCE Seeds(View on map)

Cedar Bluff Farms(View on map)

Cedar Camp(View on map)

Cedar County Farmers' Market(View on map)

Cedar Creek Hardwoods, Inc. (View on map)
We are a second generation family owned and operated business and pride ourselves in always providing quality products, personalized customer service and competitive prices.

Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center(View on map)

Cedar Hill Farms(View on map)
Upon retiring from our row crop operation in 2009 we set aside 22 acres and began our present small business of a Chinese chestnut orchard and elderberry plantings. During the transition to only chestnut and elderberries, we also grew 10 acres of pumpkins for wholesale distribution, this venture has been suspended due to overlapping harvest schedules. Our first chestnut planting consisted of 250 trees in 2009. Each year since, we have added trees and currently have a total of 1,000 trees. The first elderberries were planted in 2014 and consisted of 1 acre. We added plants each year and now have 5 acres of elderberries. Currently we are constructing a processing room for both chestnuts and elderberries. this will be used for sorting, cleaning, destemming, and packaging of both commodities. We ship nationwide, except for the states of California, Oregon, and Washington and do not do any international shipping. We are members of 'The Chestnut Growers of America'.

Cedar Ridge Wood Products (View on map)

Cedar Waters Farms, LLC(View on map)
Small diversified Farm; Expanding into Forestry, berries, mushroom and high tunnel vegetable production. Cow/calf operation

Centennial Farms(View on map)

Center Locker Service(View on map)

Central Crop Insurance Services, Inc.(View on map)

Central Dairy Company(View on map)

Chandler Hill Farmers' Market(View on map)

Chandler Hill Vineyards(View on map)

Charles Davis Organics(View on map)

Charleston Chamber of Commerce(View on map)

Charleston Power Family Garden(View on map)

Charleville Vineyard Winery(View on map)

Charlotte's Rib BBQ(View on map)
Charlotte's Rib BBQ is a family owned business. We have been in business for more than 30 years and counting. Serving award winning bbq, the best homemade side dishes; salads and desserts, St. Louis has to offer. Come in for a true bbq experience.

Chase Candy Company(View on map)

Chaumette Vineyards & Winery(View on map)

Cherokee Landing(View on map)

Cherokee Street International Farmers' Market(View on map)

Cherry Mash(View on map)

Chert Hollow Farm, LLC(View on map)

Chicks From The Sticks(View on map)

Chilhowee Main Street Farmers' Market(View on map)

Chillicothe Farmers' Market(View on map)
Since the Summer of 1986 the Chillicothe Farmers Market has traditionally gathered from the first Saturday in May through the last Saturday in October, rain or shine, from 8:00am until 12:30pm. The Market averages 12 vendors per day, 30 per season and is the largest in North Central Missouri. The Market is open to bonafide growers and craft persons from Livingston and the surrounding Green Hills counties, assuring customers a "Fresh from your neighbors" product. Market customers are notoriously loyal to the quality standards the Market has maintained. Market vendors are some of the nicest farmers, bakers and craftsman in the state of Missouri. Our vendors create a very personal and friendly community. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company(View on map)
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company is an award winning, family run chocolate company with a state of the art manufacturing facility in St. Louis, Missouri. The company was founded in 1981 by a husband and wife team whose three grown children now help run the company. In addition to our retail stores, we offer tours of our factory, so visitors can walk onto the factory floor and watch chocolates being made right before their eyes! We also have a gourmet wholesale division through which we sell our bulk and packaged chocolates to specialty stores and gift shops across the country. Our chocolates are Fair Trade Certified, and we use clean ingredients meaning our chocolates are free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and hydrogenated oils. Please visit us at for product and tour information.

Chopper Tree Service (View on map)

Chris' Pecans(View on map)
Chris' Pecans, located on the Missouri river bluffs near Waverly, MO, is owned and operated by Richard, Ronna, Kelly, and Katie Christopherson. Chris' Pecans grows, harvests, purchases, and processes Missouri Native Pecans. A pecan processing facility on site provides cracked, shelled, and blown pecans to local orchards, markets, stores, and boutiques. Southern Paper Shell pecans are also available, as well as specialty items such as cinnamon vanilla candied pecans roasted in a copper kettle. Wholesale only.

Christian County Fair(View on map)

Christian Lee(View on map)

Christmas Ranch Tree Farm(View on map)

Christmas Traditons, LLC(View on map)
Christmas is a magical time of the year. A time when families come together to celebrate the holiday season. Childhood memories of family outings in search of that special tree last our whole lives. When you share that Christmas Tradition with your loved ones, it too will become a treasured memory that lasts a lifetime! We invite you to create cherished memories with us at Christmas Traditions Tree Farm. Our choose & cut tree farm was established in 1996 and is family-owned and operated. We are located in Warren County, MO just 30-minutes west of St. Charles off Interstate 70 serving the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. We pride ourselves in offering value priced quality trees, wreaths, roping, swags, centerpieces, and other specialty items made from fresh cut greens. Visiting our farm is an affordable fun-filled family destination which includes a free hay ride to and from the field, where you and your family can select and cut your own tree, free visits with Santa (don't forget your camera), free coloring sheets, free hot chocolate, free candy canes, and a Gift Shop filled with treasures and gifts for everyone on your list!

Christmas Tree Hill(View on map)

Christopher Elbow Chocolates(View on map)

Chub Lake Tree Farm(View on map)

Circle B Campground(View on map)

Circle B Ranch, LLC(View on map)
Circle B Ranch is located in Seymour, Missouri, was started in 2010 by Marina and John Backes. The couple relocated from New Jersey to the Ozarks after falling in love with the landscape and people. Plus, the mild southwest Missouri weather was conducive for raising hogs. We are passionate about the food we produce and the welfare of our animals. Circle B Ranch aims to provide a clean and 100% natural environment to breed and grow Berkshire Heritage Pork for restaurant and consumer consumption. We accomplish our mission by growing the pork in a natural environment in the Ozark Hills of southwest Missouri. The pork are raised outdoors by using sustainable and humane production standards. All our animals are bred, farrowed and raised outdoors in the fresh air.

Circle J Campground & Canoe Rental(View on map)

Circle JD Ranch(View on map)

Circle P Ranch(View on map)
The Circle P Ranch is a small family owned and operated farm specializing in producing pork raised in a natural and humane environment on pasture ground.

Circle Y Ranch(View on map)

City Farm(View on map)
New farm/business. Indoor hydroponic produce focused on production of fresh produce. I have been researching, experimenting, writing a business plan, working on start up capital and am currently operating and selling out of my house to restaurants, chefs and directly to consumers through social media.

City Market(View on map)
Open daily and featuring an eclectic mix of dining, shopping, entertainment and attractions in a unique open-air setting, the City Market offers visitors a variety of fresh produce, meat, specialty groceries, flowers and gift items from nearby farms and around the world. Steeped in over 150 years of tradition, the City Market offers shoppers the region's largest farmers' market and the opportunity to purchase the best of the heartland direct from producers, every Saturday and Sunday, year-round. The City Market is owned by the City of Kansas City, Missouri, and managed and leased by KC Commercial Realty Group. City Market businesses are individually owned and operated. Please contact specific merchants for their hours of operation.

City Market - Kansas City - Winter Market(View on map)
The City Market is owned by the City of Kansas City, Missouri and managed by KC Commercial Realty Group. The City Market is the largest open-air market in the Midwest, and has been in operation since 1857. With more than 140 vendors actively participating in the Market and approximately 675,000 visitors per year, it is one of the most popular attractions for area residents as well as visitors to Kansas City. With the revitalization of Downtown Kansas City, the City Market continues to be the heart of the River market neighborhood. The Market is conveniently located just north of Downtown Kansas City at 5th and Walnut, and is accessible to all major interstates and highways.

City of Perryville(View on map)

City of Union Farmers' Market(View on map)
The City of Union Farmers' Market has been operating for approximately 4 years and has grown every year with additional vendors and customers looking for fresh, locally grown produce and handcrafted items.

City of Warrenton(View on map)

City of Wentzville(View on map)
Celebrating Wentzville's Railroad Heritage of 11 years.

City of Windsor Farmers' Market(View on map)

CJ's Garden Center(View on map)

Clara's Coffee(View on map)
Clara's Coffee is named in honor of my mother Clara, who is no longer with us but taught me to always follow my heart. I have always loved coffee, chocolate, collecting fun or vintage mugs, and reading books so I decided to build a mainly online business around just that! I also believe in taking care of our bodies and the earth so I use recycled paper products whenever possible. This is a new business venture (October 2012) starting primarily as an online business. However I look forward to bringing gift baskets to fairs and shows around Missouri.

Clark Produce Auction, LLC(View on map)

Clark's Hill/Norton State Historic Site(View on map)

Classic Buildings (View on map)

Classic Industries, Inc.(View on map)

Classic Lady Packaging, Inc.(View on map)
Classice Lady Packaging, Inc., is a contract manufacturer of many items including personal care products, seasoning blends, soaps and cleaners and herbal teas. We also provide various promotional products to promote businesses.

Classical Services(View on map)

Claverach Farm & Vineyards(View on map)

Claymalnay Vineyard and Winery(View on map)

Clayton Asset Management dba Baumann's Fine Meats(View on map)
Baumann's Fine Meats is a retail butcher shop, that was started in 1946. We are located in Brentwood, MO. We pride ourselves on our homemade sausages; in particular Andouille Sausage. We also make our own Beef Jerky. In addition to our fresh meat, pork and poultry offerings, we pride ourselves on our smoked meats--beef tenderloin, pork tenderloin, chicken and brisket. Baumann's also carries homemade Seafood or Chicken Gumbo and Pot Pies.

Clayton Farmers' Market(View on map)
Enjoy the Festivities and Experience the Bounty! Always Great Live Music and Fun Activities for Kids! Entering its thirteenth year, the Clayton Farmer's Market has become a Saturday morning tradition for many St. Louisans. A fun, festival-style atmosphere awaits Market-goers. Live music by local musicians and a children's play area with activities are weekly favorites. The mission of the Clayton Farmer's Market is to promote quality foods from locally grown producers and regionally branded products that appeal to dedicated Market-goers. The Market supports local farmers, spotlights organic and naturally produced foods, as well as other unique or seasonal specialties. Most items for sale are Missouri/Illinois-made and food-themed products with emphasis on the home-grown, home-made or hand crafted. Other unique specialty items, which round out the Farmers Market shopping experience, are also showcased. Where buying locally is a community event, topics of public interest, such as seasonal food preparation by local chefs, wellness education by area experts, and community information by local organizations are featured. We understand the role a Farmer's Market plays in the promotion of small businesses. We are an incubator for small farms and small food entrepreneurs and are pleased to provide a place where ideas take shape and dreams are realized. The Clayton Farmer's Market is located in the City of Clayton, a vibrant, suburban community with a metropolitan flair. We are within walking distance of residential areas, specialty boutiques, galleries and cafes, as well as a bustling business district. Because of its central location in the seat of St. Louis County, near leading businesses and three universities, Market-goers at the Clayton Farmers Market range from out-of-town visitors to college professors and students, as well as families and retirees living in the area. So, come on by for a relaxing stroll with your morning 'cuppa'. Pull up a lawn chair and sit for a spell under the sweet gum trees. Do a little shopping, say hello to friends. 'We're a stop along the road the road to anywhere.'

Clear Creek Rainbarrel Co. CCR (View on map)

Clinical Products, LLc(View on map)

Clinton Farmers' Market(View on map)
The community of Clinton is proud to support their Farmers' Market and hope you will enjoy visiting the Market on the Historic Square - the largest square in the state of Missouri and second largest in the United States.

Cloud's Meat Processing(View on map)

Clover Leaf Market(View on map)
The Clover Maket is a Farmer's Market managed by the Billings' 4H. The market is part of the liason between the cities Economic Development and the 4H Young Entrepernural Program. It is the hope of 4H to help build a viable economy and help local artists and growers by offering a Market in which they can show case their products.

Cloverby(View on map)
Moved from a Minnesota farm with cold winters to a Missouri farm with milder winters in 2003. In 2007, we bought black Wagyu embryos and began raising Wagyu beef also known as American Kobe. In 2013, we purchased North Devon cattle for their growth ability on grass and use New Zealand genetics that perform on grass even better. By fall 2014 will have embryos for sale of both the Wagyu and North Devon breeds.

CM Ranch(View on map)

CnK's Produce(View on map)

Coats High Ridge Farm(View on map)

Coffee Cereal Inc.(View on map)
Coffee Cereal Inc is a small business, which is committed to providing high quality gourmet cereals to our customers. Coffee Cereal, as the name suggests, is a coffee flavored cereal, which is also caffeinated. We use our premium blend of coffee and flavorings to coat corn flakes, creating a delectable new type of cereal. A Brief History: Coffee Cereal Inc was founded during the summer of 2010 by two Physics students at Illinois State University. After arduous weeks of traveling and studying, the students decided that they needed an efficient way to eat and stay alert while obtaining proper nourishment. One fateful night, they experimented with various breakfast cereals and coffee mixtures. They developed a brilliant concoction which we now call Coffee Cereal. The company moved to Columbia, MO where it is now distributed locally throughout Columbia and the surrounding areas. It is also distributed online.

CoffeeCakeKC(View on map)

Coker Metal Art & Welding(View on map)

Coldwater Ranch Resort(View on map)

Cole Camp Butcher Shop(View on map)

Cole Camp Chamber of Commerce(View on map)
Season 1: May 7th through October 29th, Satrudays, 8am - 12noon.

Cole County Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Cole County Farmers' Market began in 1992 and has become a valuable tradition. All vendors must be from Cole or any adjoining county, and produce all products they sell, no resale of purchased products will be allowed. Producers arrive 30-60 minutes before market opening to set up displays, but "no early sales" is strictly enforced.

Cole's Sweet Heat BBQ(View on map)
Making sauces started way before I had got into competition BBQ. While in High School I began experimenting with different glazes and sauces in order to make it easier for my mom to eat, since she was struggling with throat cancer. I specifically remember one occasion when we were cooking a steak and my mother was upset she would not be able to eat it. My brother, who worked at a banquet center, told her he saw them make a sauce that would hopefully allow her to eat it. He asked me to help him with it. I can't remember all the ingredients, but I am pretty sure we used everything in the pantry until it tasted great. I was so proud that I was able to help my mother, and that what we made was more than just a sauce. As the years passed, and my passion for cooking and barbecue continued to grow, I started smoking everything from pork steaks to cheesecake. I had read about competitions in books my brother gave me and decided I was ready to give it a shot. I convinced my brother to let me be part of his team in Kansas City for a competition to see how I could do. He agreed and told me I would be cooking a side category of wings and pork. My brother told me His goal for me was not to come in last; great advice from my older brother. I still remember the feeling when they announced the grand champion of the wings category and hearing our name! I am pretty sure the neighboring towns heard us. Cole's Sweet Heat was born! After numerous attempts and recipe changes I finally created the perfect sauce. My goal was to develop a true St. Louis style sauce, not overly thick and the perfect blend of sweet and tang.

Cole's Tree Farm(View on map)

College of the Ozarks Farmers Market(View on map)

Collins Enterprises(View on map)

Color My World Farm, LLC dba Pizza Crust Creations(View on map)
Our goal is to produce Artisan Baked Seasoned Pizza Crusts of the finest quality incredients, locally available, combined with delicious and varied flavor profiles and flours, free of preservatives or additives ... and, including something for everyone in the family. We welcome you to taste for yourself and discover how we will change the way you do pizza!

Colp's Produce(View on map)

Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture(View on map)

Columbia Farmers Market - ARC(View on map)
Experience the taste of mid-Missouri at the Columbia Farmers Market! Find us every Saturday from 8am to noon (April-October) in the ARC parking lot (1701 W Ash St.) and 9am to noon (November-March) at Parkade Center (601 Business Loop 70W). CFM has grown to become one of the premier year-round locations for locally grown and produce; offering a fun-filled afternoon with fresh vegetables & fruit, meat, farm fresh eggs, cheeses, honey, cut flowers, plants, artisan items & more. As a producer-only market, everything sold here is offered by the farmers and artisans who help sustain our region. Food Stamps accepted at all markets. Live music every Saturday! Rain or Shine! ARC: 1701 West Ash: Sa:8am-12pm (April-Oct), W:4pm-6pm (May-Oct) FORUM CHRISTIAN CHURCH: 3900 Forum Blvd: Th:3pm-6pm (May-Oct) WINTER MARKET: 601 W Business Loop 70 W: Sa:9am-12pm (Nov-March) Rain or Shine! 573-823-6889

Columbia Farmers Market - South(View on map)
Experience the taste of mid-Missouri at the Columbia Farmers Market! Find us every Saturday from 8am to noon (April-October) in the ARC parking lot (1701 W Ash St.) and 9am to noon (November-March) at Parkade Center (601 Business Loop 70W). CFM has grown to become one of the premier year-round locations for locally grown and produce; offering a fun-filled afternoon with fresh vegetables & fruit, meat, farm fresh eggs, cheeses, honey, cut flowers, plants, artisan items & more. As a producer-only market, everything sold here is offered by the farmers and artisans who help sustain our region. Food Stamps accepted at all markets. Live music every Saturday! Rain or Shine! ARC: 1701 West Ash: Sa:8am-12pm (April-Oct), W:4pm-6pm (May-Oct) FORUM CHRISTIAN CHURCH: 3900 Forum Blvd: Th:3pm-6pm (May-Oct) WINTER MARKET: 601 W Business Loop 70 W: Sa:9am-12pm (Nov-March) Rain or Shine! 573-823-6889

Columbia Farmers Market - Winter(View on map)
Experience the taste of mid-Missouri at the Columbia Farmers Market! Find us every Saturday from 8am to Noon (April-October) in the ARC parking lot (1701 W Ash St) and 9am to Noon (November-March) at Parkade Center (601 Business Loop 70W). CFM has grown to become one of the premier year-round locations for locally grown produce; offering a fun-filled afternoon with fresh vegetables and fruit, meat, farm fresh eggs, cheeses, honey, cut flowers, plants. Artisan items and more. As a producer only market, everything sold here is offered by the farmers and artisans who help sustain our region. Food stamps accepted at all markets. Live music every Saturday! Rain or Shine! ARC: 1701 West Ash Sat: 8am-Noon W: 4pm - 6pm (May-Oct) FORUM CHRISTIAN CHURCH: 3900 Forum Blvd Th: 3pm - 6pm (May-Oct) WINTER MARKET: 601 W Business Loop 70W Sat: 9am-Noon (Nov-Mar)

Commercial and Restaurant Equipment, Inc.(View on map)

Companion Baking(View on map)
Can a loaf of bread be a catalyst for a great conversation? We think so. We've been making craft breads and pastries since we pulled our first baguette from our stone oven in late 1993. By focusing on the 4C's - our Companions, our Customers, our Community and our Company - we have built a small bakery with strong reputation for doing things right. At Companion, we're in the business of baking bread. But we're also in the business of supporting small growers and producers, encouraging sustainability, pushing culinary limits, even fostering friendships. To us, the creative process and the many people it touches along the way are as important as the loaf itself. We place great care in our products and service. We source the best ingredients to prepare unique offerings for our customers. We enjoy excellent and long-standing relationships with our wholesale and retail customers. We offer a gathering place for customers to pop in or linger, to sit quietly or share in conversations and a meal. We treasure our St. Louis roots and are a vital member of the neighborhoods and communities we serve. The collective "we" of Companion is what makes it all possible.

Con-Tech Building Components(View on map)
Con-Tech has been providing services to the bi-state area since 1985, and we take great pride in providing a quality product and un-paralleled customer service.

ConAgra Foods (View on map)

ConAgra Foods(View on map)

Concord Cutting Butcher Shop(View on map)

Concordia Implement(View on map)

Confederate Memorial State Historic Site(View on map)

Conrad Farm(View on map)

Cool Canine Natural Dog Treats(View on map)
Cool Canine is a family-owned and operated business developed by Kim and Clifford Przybyl in Shell Knob, MO. The couple, who are pet "parents," founded the business on the vision that dog treats can be delicious, healthy and affordable. They believe the handmade, small batch quality of their treats will provide a safe product your pet will enjoy.

Cool Cow Cheese(View on map)
We are family owned and run a grass based dairy farm producing farmstead artisan cheeses that we sell in our farm store. Our cheese plant is located on our farm, which is listed on the national historic registry. Our bed and breakfast is in the hay loft of our post and beam barn. You can watch us make our cheese and follow the steps through windows into the milking parlor and cheese plant.

Cooper's Oak Winery(View on map)

Copper Canyon Coffee Roasters(View on map)

Copper Run Distillery(View on map)
Copper Run Distillery is a micro-distillery located ten miles north of Branson, Missouri and 20 miles south of Springfield, Missouri. Along with popular corn whiskey Moonshine, Copper Run Distillery also distills several whiskeys, rums, and other spirits made from locally grown and Missouri sourced products. Open seven days a week, Copper Run is available for distillery tours from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday and 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Sunday. The distillery features a tasting room with free samples and is available for private gatherings and events.

CORE + RIND(View on map)
Candi Tenney and Rita Childers are CORE + RIND. Like many, we were absentmindedly grabbing fast food or processed microwave meals on the go. We started to feel bad, really bad. We gained weight, were aching, tired, had acne and felt old in our young skin. We knew our bodies needed something different. We also saw family members get sick and heard countless stories of cancer. It was time for a change. As we made changes to our health and lifestyle we were both drawn to the Academy of Culinary Nutrition where we became certified Culinary Nutrition Experts. We were taught how to use food to nourish our bodies and heal. After our life-changing transformations, we had a burning passion to share what we've learned. Enter CORE + RIND! We are cheesy, real and fun just like our sauces. We want to nourish the community in St. Louis, our nation, our world, that needs more go-to, easy, health-building food options.

Cornett Farms(View on map)

Cotton Family Farm(View on map)

Coulter & Payne Farm Distillery(View on map)
Coulter & Payne Farm Distillery, (formally Mad Buffalo Distillery) is a small, family-owned farm distillery that is a leading small-batch producer of ultra-premium terroir and Estate-Grown Spirits. As a true Farm Distillery, we grow our own non-GMO grain, which we've selected, cultivated, grown, and ground to our own specifications, in order to ensure that our product is of the highest quality. With a focus on sustainability, environmental stewardship, and conservation, we only purchase locally produced products and supplies, operate in an environmentally conscious fashion, and treat our shareholders, employees, and customers like family.

Country Acres(View on map)

Country Creations by Judy(View on map)

Country Cupboard Restaurant(View on map)

Country Feeds(View on map)
Country Feeds

Country Girl Market(View on map)

Country Goodies LLC(View on map)
Country Goodies LLC is a small family owned and operated business in the heart of Missouri. Our family has been making jams, jellies and mustards for several generations. As a new business, we are excited to continue our family tradition in Missouri and want to share it with your family.

Country Greenhouse(View on map)

Country Home Collection (Unique & Unusual Lights)(View on map)

Country Home Inn(View on map)

Country Lane Cabinets (View on map)

Country Pines LLC(View on map)

Country Road Baskets(View on map)
Our team at Country Road is determined to provide solid, durable hand-made baskets that will last you a lifetime and provide an example of American craftsmanship for future generations. The company was launched by Debbie Spencer in the summer of 2005, when she converted her barn into a woodworking and weaving room. Several Mennonite women put together and weave the baskets by hand as well as sew all of the liners for the baskets.

Country Time Bunnies(View on map)

Countryside Bakery(View on map)

Countryside Cabinets(View on map)

Countryside Plants LLC(View on map)
We started a roadside flower stand in 2002 selling flowers from local growers. In 2005 we grew our own flowers in a new 5,760 sq ft greenhouse we built. Now we grow a huge variety of plants for ornamental, fruit, and culinary use in 9,024 sq ft of naturally ventilated greenhouses. In 2011, we added a completely new facet to our farm that has proven highly popular. This was the addition of a farm store where we sell fresh berries, fruit, and vegetables from local farmers, plus honey, jams, home baked goods and a line of food processing and preserving supplies. We have 5 children, Ethan (2004), Lavon (2005), Clayton (2007) Helen (2009) and Arlyn (2011). Stop in and meet our family. Warning! Our children may want to show you the ducks, pigs, fish or horse, and you may get dirty.

Cowboy Chris' BBQ Sauce(View on map)
At the strong suggestion of a friend from New York City, I started a business making & selling my own barbeque sauce. I started small, making the sauce myself, & selling it at local events. Soon, it grew to the point that I had to make it a legitimate business, register with the proper agencies, & get an FDA approved bottler. Then, I started selling my sauce to some grocery stores. Now... Cowboy Chris' BBQ is a family owned business that currently does business with specialty stores, gourmet shops, independent local grocery stores, small to medium sized independent local grocery chains, and with individuals. Our goal is to compete with the premium and gourmet barbeque sauces, not the cheaper ones. You will be getting a terrific product at a fair price. Cowboy Chris' BBQ is a young company that is looking to grow, and we're not afraid of working hard for that growth. We're fast and flexible. We'll give you the fast, friendly, and individualized service that you deserve. We can be found sampling our products at various county fairs, street fairs, festivals, rodeos, and craft shows in the counties surrounding St. Louis & Columbia.

Cox and Son Lumber Co.(View on map)

Crabtree Farm, Inc.(View on map)
Crabtree Farm is a controlled environment, soilless, hydroponic greenhouse located in Montreal, MO. We utilize a recirculating water, Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) system to grow a variety of leafy vegetables, including, but not limited to, Bibb lettuce, Romaine, Salanova(R), Kale, Italian Dandelion, Little Gem, and Basil. Our greenhouse is totally enclosed, and we strive to maintain a pesticide free approach to our crops so as to bring the consumer the freshest and healthiest produce we can. Our produce is harvested and stored in our coolers with the roots still attached. This allows the plant to continue to draw from the roots in a cold environment and giving it extreme shelf-life. Our customers include area schools, local restaurants and resorts, and area grocers. Please fell free to contact us for more information or questions about our product.

Crane Creek Market(View on map)

Crane Creek Vineyard(View on map)

Crane's Meat Processing(View on map)
We process meat, including deer. We also sell farm gronw beef, hogs, sheep and goats. Crane's Meat Processing is family owned and operated for more than 30 years. We are a Missouri inspected plant.

Crawford Dairy(View on map)

Created By Shari(View on map)

Creative Wood Products and Custom Cabinets(View on map)

Creve Coeur Farmers' Market(View on map)
This is a charming farmers' market located in the heart of St. Louis County. Citizens and community leaders set out five years ago to form a farmers' market to offer residents an easy way to purchase locally grown produce, meat, eggs and honey. They saw the importance of offering people easy accessibility to a healthy way of life while promoting community engagement. 2017 will be our fourth year of operation.

Crocker Farms LLC(View on map)
We have farmed for over 30 years, our fathers and forefathers farmed. The pride of our farm is our three sons and now our five grandsons and granddaughter. Farming is a way of life that instills qualities into the being of its caretakers. With challenges of traditional row crops, cattle and pigs and wishing to continue farming we started selling natural pork at the farmers' market in 2004, expanding to sell at Hy-Vee and a local pizza restaurant. We have over 200 regular customers and are very appreciative of their patronage. We support a small locally owned feed business and a locally owned processor. Keeping a thriving local economy is important to us.

Crockett's BBQ(View on map)
Crockett's BBQ, Born in the Ozarks, perfected with time, experience and creativity. Simply the best sauce creators and food designers available in the United States. In the beginning, Head Chef, James Sinden was told 'The world doesn't need another BBQ Sauce'. His response was that the 'World hasn't tried mine!'. That was 15 years ago. Since then, we have created over 75 products for retail sales, restaurants as well as individual BBQ enthusiasts. In 2003, James created two Pepper Sauces which received attention and interest from franchise owners, restaurants and BBQ guru's throughout the mid-Atlantic. After being offered thousands of dollars for the recipes, he decided to manufacture products under Laboe's, Inc. based out of Fredericksburg, VA. Laboe's provided Habanero, Jalapeno pepper sauces along with five BBQ sauces in the region with a sizable following.. Since the Laboe's era, new products were established, marketing approaches changed and the formulation of 'Battlefield Gourmet' was established and marketed in 2009 to enhance Laboe's operations.. With this re-focus, we added new and exciting products to our expanding line. One of the products was the addition of our 'Virginia Lightning Moonshine BBQ Sauce'. The creation of this product started a firestorm in the Virginia tourism in and around Williamsburg, Fredericksburg and surrounding states resulting in the partnership with Chuck Miller of Belmont Farms Distillery located in Culpepper, Virginia. After a couple years, both James and Chuck decided to dissolve the partnership moving to bigger and better things. Chuck was working on the hit TV show 'Moonshiners' at the time and James was working with CBS as a 'Guest Chef' on Richmond Virginia's CBS-6 'Virginia this Morning' show. The promotion was priceless and short lived appearing a couple of times cooking and promoting Battlefield Gourmet Products.

Crooked River Farm LLC(View on map)

Cross Creek Architectural Artifacts(View on map)

Cross Eyed Cricket Canoe & KOA(View on map)

Crow Steals Fire(View on map)
Crow Steals Fire offers unique and personalized jewelry headquartered in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri.

Crowder State Park(View on map)

Crown Valley Brewing and Distilling Company(View on map)
Crown Valley Brewing & Distilling features handcrafted brews made exclusively at the Coffman location by Brewmaster, Carl Wiersma. All beers are produced in the state-of-the-art 15-barrel microbrewery

Crown Valley Champagne(View on map)

Crown Valley Farmers' Market(View on map)

Crown Valley Organics(View on map)

Crown Valley Winery(View on map)

Crystal Lake Fisheries, Inc.(View on map)

Crystal City Farmers Market(View on map)

Crystal Creek Ranch(View on map)

Cuivre River Farmers Market(View on map)

Cuivre River State Park(View on map)

Culinary Connection Kitchen Rental(View on map)
Affordable commercial kitchen rental in the heart of Missouri! Perfect for creating value-added produce, baked goods, jams, jellies and more. Use as a base of operations for your catered meals or prepare food for a fundraiser. Approved by the Columbia/Boone County Department of Environmental Health, we have all the equipment and supplies to help you prepare fantastic food and comply with health department regulations. Conveniently located near the intersection of Providence Road and Nifong Boulevard in Columbia.

Culinary Provisions,Inc.(View on map)
During the winter of 20058, I made the first mustard guyere crackers at which point someone said, you should sell these. After many false starts, I first contacted Fadi M. Aramouni of the Food Science Institute on the Kansas State University campus in 2010. Again in 2012 and finally for the last time in 2016. I was then put in touch with the incubator kitchen on the Olatha campus of KSU whre, in 2016, the recipes were tested and re-tested until a line of five savory crackers were born. I grew up in a family-owned, 100 seat restaurant (the Pacific Café in Sedalia MO) with full-time summer employment and part-time high school and college employment. I have been an approved caterer for major event spaces, manager of a school food service program, executive chef in a private dining room, operations manager of a gourmet takeout shop and an instructor of cooking classes offerered through two culinary shops.

Cunningham Farm(View on map)

Cupboard Works, Inc.(View on map)

Cupcake Retro(View on map)

Curly Eye(View on map)
Curly Eye is a small alpaca farm located in Boone County outside Columbia, MO.

Current River Campground(View on map)

Current River Canoe Rental(View on map)

Current River State Park(View on map)

Custom Cabinet Connection(View on map)

Custom Cabinets and Furniture (View on map)

Custom Cabinets Co. Inc. (View on map)

Custom Laminates and Woodworking(View on map)

Custom Woodworks and Kitchens (View on map)

Cyclone Promotions, Inc. (Happy Dogs Hot Sauce)(View on map)
This unique gourmet hot sauce has already taken nine awards in 2 years. Including Best Product in Show at Houston Hot Sauce Festival, 2 years in a row! It literally is awesome on everything.

Cyndi Lou's Produce(View on map)

D H Schmidt Co. Inc. (View on map)

D&D Distributors(View on map)

Dahlquist Organic Farm(View on map)

Dains Custom Athletic Lockers(View on map)

Dairy Farmers of America(View on map)

Dairy House(View on map)

Dakota Cabinet Company(View on map)

Dameron Brothers(View on map)

Danisco USA Inc.(View on map)

DanJo Farms(View on map)

DAP's General Goods(View on map)

Date Lady, Inc(View on map)
Date Lady headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, is a supplier of USDA organic dates, date syrup, chocolate spread, caramel sauce and other gourmet date products with a mission to make American home cooks aware of the delicous possibilities of this nutritious ancient fruit and its honey-like syrup. All products are cane sugar, dairy and gluten free and make perfect gifts for the holidays!

Dave's Custom Woodworking, Inc(View on map)
Dave Stanley Started Dave's Custom Woodworking back in 1969. He was a man with a vision: fine, custom handmade furniture for your home and office. Today, Dave's Custom Woodworking builds to the same standards Dave started with. The business has grown, but every carpenter who works with Dave understands and believes in fine craftsmanship.

David Hull Corporation(View on map)
Mama Trujillo's Green Chile Sauce is a family owned product that has been sold to grocery stores for five years.

David Pine Patch(View on map)

Davis Farm(View on map)

Davis Meat Processing LLC - Pride of the Prairie(View on map)
Davis Meat Processing is a family owned and operated processing plant on the eastern edge of Montgomery County. The business was started by Joe & Cherilyn Davis in Jonesburg in 1984 and is still operated by them. We have been a state inspected facility for over 10 years for individuals and farmers. The plants main building was an old pole barn that was transformed into a processing plant. The plant has since then been added onto three times, the third addition was doene in 2005 to accommodate our increased business. We harvest and process beef, hogs, lambs, and goats. We do custom processing, custom inspected processing for farmers market customers, deer processing, wholesale and have a small retail area. Davis Meat Processing also produces high quality specialty sausages and bratwurst, ready to eat and pre-cooked. We pride ourselves on our high quality products and services as well as cleanliness in the plant.

Dawt Mill(View on map)

Daylight Woodworking(View on map)

De Soto Farmers' Market(View on map)
Cultivating Food and Community: The De Soto Farmers' Market The Saturday Morning Gathering Place The De Soto Farmers' Market was started in 2009 by Get Healthy DeSoto, a local nonprofit that focuses on getting people in De Soto healthy. This project has grown into a great community attraction. Our success is due to the support of the community, the City of DeSoto, University Extension and the Jefferson County Health Department. It has taken many volunteers, heavy lifting, and hours of organizational meetings to get where we are, but the support we've received has made it all worth it. Our market provides opportunities to socialize with neighbors, enjoy coffee, muffins, listen to musicians, enjoy the live animals, be entertained at " The Kid's Corner', and buy quality local products. By accepting EBT and debit cards, we are expanding our accessibility to everyone. Come visit us, become our friend and enjoy the market.

Dear Caramel(View on map)
Dear Caramel is a small family-owned business in which we make Deliciously Flavored Caramel Sauces, Caramel Candies and Pralines. We make our caramel in small batches to insure the depth and layers of flavor that we want you as our friends to experience each time you enjoy our products! We use simple, but quality ingredients in an old-style process that makes our delicacies a healthier option for the sensitive palate. No corn syrup or additives. Preservative and gluten FREE!!!

Deb's Gourds & More(View on map)

DeBourge House(View on map)
Bed and Breakfast in the heart of Missouri Wine Country, just a hop away from the Katy Trail and a few blocks away from historic downtown Washington.

Decker Cabinets(View on map)
Decker Cabinets specializes in start to finish design by designing, crafting and installing custom cabinets for homes and businesses.

Deems Farm Equipment(View on map)

Deeper Roots Farm & Bakery(View on map)

Deer Run processing(View on map)

DeFouw Farms(View on map)

Defreece and Sons, LLC(View on map)
Defreece and Sons began in 1987 specializing in custom cabinetry and woodworking. Over the years the business has grown into full remodeling, custom home & interior design and flooring. As a family run business, we strive to put our customers at ease and make their home improvement projects as beautiful and affordable as possible.

del Carmen(View on map)
del Carmen is committed to making black bean quality products with love, always searching for optimum flavor without sacrificing the inherent health attributes of beans, a super food. Whenever possible, we will use local ingredients. Our beans are like homemade, without adding any preservatives. They are also vegan/vegetarian. Once you taste them you will be wowed!...your palate will be clapping! They are sold fresh-frozen to preserve its natural attributes. This also makes our products convenient. Beans are a slow food. We take all the fuss out of it, making them the old fashioned way and transforming a super food into a meal fit for a king. Our fresh-frozen products are shelf stable for a year. This allows our consumer to control the freshness and avoid waste.

Delish Nutrish, LLC(View on map)
Delish Nutrish, LLC came about from the desire to add flavor to my healthy food.

Depot Store(View on map)
The Depot Store features Missouri Made Products, Railroad Rag Time, Katy Trail and Whiteman AFB Merchandise and Souvenirs. We offer food products from coffee to soup, gift baskets in the shape of Missouri, and other poplar shapes; these baskets are handcrafted in Sedalia, in a variety of sizes. Baskets can be custom filled and shipped. We have samples available daily featuring Missouri foods. Rotating exhibits and events are held monthly in the Depot Museum/Exhibit area. The Store offers local and Missouri Books, Local Made Jewelry and Gifts.

Designs that Last, LLC(View on map)
We began as a certified organic produce farm attending local farmers markets and now have our own farm store showcasing our products and other local farms' items. We also have a commercial kitchen where we make an amazing array of gluten free and allergy friendly offerings.

DeSoto Community Garden(View on map)

Detroit Coney (View on map)
We are Michigan natives who drove onto the Kansas City food truck scene in January 2013 and brought with us a Detroit legend to the Show Me State. A Coney Island hot dog (also known as a coney dog or coney is a hot dog (we use all beef), topped with an all-meat beanless chili, topped with chopped or diced onions and yellow mustard. A coney dog is not to be confused with a chili dog, or a more generic chili-topped hot dog. The "coney dog" preparation did not originate with Coney Island, New York, the name refers to the origin of the dog itself. The style originated in the early 20th century in Michigan. Detroit style uses a sauce with a smooth, creamy consistency and is made with a variety of spices. In Michigan, we take our coneys as serious as Missourians take their BBQ!!

Deutschheim State Historic Site(View on map)

Dexter Farmers Market(View on map)
Dexter Farmers Market has been in business for three years and continues to grow.

DHT Angus(View on map)

Di Olivas(View on map)
Di Olivas is St. Louis's premier Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar tasting emporium. We founded Di Olivas to bring you the freshest and best Extra Virgin Olive Oils from around the world. The founders of Di Olivas have a shared passion for good food and wide variety. We have had the opportunity to visit and live in many parts of the world, from Asian Pacific Islands to the Mediterranean to the Middle East... and we have taken a little bit of the cuisine from each of these places into our home and kitchen.

Diamond D Farm(View on map)
Small family farm in Neosho, Missouri

Diamond D Organics(View on map)

Diamond Pet Foods(View on map)

Dickel Farms(View on map)

Dillard Mill State Historic Site(View on map)

Dimensions in Wood, Inc(View on map)
Founded in 1977 by Bob and Gail Hoell. Dimensions In Wood, Inc. is a family-owned cabinet shop.

Dispensa-matic Label Dispensers(View on map)

Dixie Honey Company(View on map)
We started in 1998 with one hive and a dream. We offer educational classes for children and adults. We sell raw comb honey and processed liquid honey. Please contact us for more information.

DJ and B Woodwork(View on map)

Dodson Orchards LLC(View on map)
Dodson Orchards is a family owned orchard. This rustic farm is set in the scenic Ozark foothills. Along with growing apples, blueberries and peaches, we also host barn weddings in our historic barn. Visit for more information.

Dogtown Pizza(View on map)

Dogwood Hill Farm, LLC(View on map)
Dogwood Hill Farm, LLC is a developing sustainable agriculture unit. We raise animals under natural conditions with none or few vaccinations and no antibiotics. All our animals have access to pastures or outdoor pens, as well as shelters. We practice good stewardship of the land and water.

Don L. Reeves Sawmill Pallet and Lumber Co.(View on map)

Donna Keesee(View on map)

Dora Farmers Market(View on map)
Dora Farmers' Market was established in 2008 and is located on land donated by Roy's Store, Hwy 181 in Dora, Missouri. The Market has 12 vendors with 5-6 there each Saturday morning from 8:00 until Noon, April through October. Vendors have the usual variety of fresh produce, eggs, some small animals, honey, crafts, baked and canned goods. The local high school FFA also participates selling bedding plants. The market is a casual, friendly place to meet friends, buy fresh food and get some great gardening tips.

Double E Ranch(View on map)
Here at Double E Ranch BBQ Co., we are a great source for BBQ sauce and rubs for the do it yourself grill master. We use only quality ingredients in our spices and sauce and our products are used all over the US and Canada. Our rubs and BBQ sauces are second to none. From our original Ranch Rub which is the perfect Texas style seasoning to our Bourbon flavored rub for those who love to cook with Bourbon. Also, we have a great low salt seasoning, all of the great flavor but almost none of the salt. Don't forget our sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, it'll make your BBQ mouthwatering for sure. My Dad and I started this business and quickly gained a reputation for taste and quality. Traditional style BBQ sauce and seasonings just like Grandpa used to use. Find us on Facebook, twiter and at

Double G Brands, Inc.(View on map)

Double S Dairy(View on map)

Double Smoked Products, LLC(View on map)
Double Smoked Products LLC started out as a BBQ team, doing KCBS and local BBQ contests throughout Missouri. In that time we were able to develop our own BBQ sauces and Dry Rubs just the way we wanted them. Family owned and operated since 2010, we now produce and market our own BBQ sauce and have opened a restaurant, Double Smoked BBQ, located at Missouri Hwy 19 and Interstate 70, exit 175, New Florence, Missouri.

Down A Country Lane (View on map)

Down Home Butcher Shop(View on map)

Downhome Collectibles(View on map)

Downtown Lee's Summit Farmers Market(View on map)
Get the freshest produce in town by visiting the Downtown Lee's Summit Farmers Market, located at the corner of Second and Douglas streets in Downtown Lee's Summit. The Market is open from 7 a.m. to sell-out Wednesdays and Saturdays, and is made up of more than 50 vendors featuring a variety of fresh produce, plants, meat, baked goods, handmade goods and much more. The market is open April 1 through Nov. 18, 2017. Convenient parking can be found in the lot next to the Farmers' Market on Douglas Street, or at the City Hall parking garage at the corner of Second and Green streets.

Downtown Marketplace(View on map)
Downtown Marketplace located on the city square.

Downtown Poplar Bluff Farmers' Market(View on map)

Downtown Rolla Farmers' Market(View on map)
Open: May through September Hours: Tuesday - 7am to 12noon

Downtown Rolla Saturday Farmers' Market(View on map)

Downtown Sikeston Farmers' Market(View on map)
Downtown Sikeston Farmer's Market is held in the American Legion Square. We have a wide variety of products to offer - everything from standard produce such as squash, tomatoes, sweet corn, to honey products, jams & jellies, to occasional entertainment. Everything sold at the Downtown Sikeston Farmers' Market is locally made or home grown by farmers in the Sikeston area.

Downtown Washington, Inc.(View on map)
Now and in the future, Downtown Washington will serve as a center of commerce in Franklin County, offering numerous opportunities for people to enjoy the character of an historic riverfront town. Downtown will be a warm and friendly place, one which attracts businesses, past and present residents, and visitors alike. Providing a vibrant atmosphere, downtown Washington will be able to serve both as a center for civic activities and as a destination for tourists. Downtown will attract and retain a diverse mix of complementary retail and service businesses. The core of the city will be maintained downtown, taking advantage of the river location. Remaining a major viable economic force that contributes to a growing tax base, Downtown Washington will also retain its charm and rich heritage. Historic buildings will be preserved with economically viable uses. Equipped with a design handbook previously commissioned as part of a comprehensive plan, a committee will remain in place to help keep the downtown clean and well-maintained, incorporating attractive window designs and green space. Strong leadership supported by an enthusiastic base of volunteers will be the product of an alliance made up of united businesses, the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Washington, Inc., the City of Washington, and the broader community. This alliance will utilize a shared vision, a clear set of goals, and strong community financial support to drive the downtown revitalization program. Our Mission: To promote an attractive and financially stable downtown while preserving our historic resources and enriching the community

Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park(View on map)

Dr. Joyce's Honey Wellness, LLC (View on map)
Bakery incorporating regional honey and regional wheat to produce breads, hamburgher, hot dog and dinner rolls, cookies and granola.

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group(View on map)

Driver's Foods, BBQ and Products LLC(View on map)
Founded by father Clarence Driver. Products are Award Winning since 1960's. Legacy carried on by daughter Annette Driver. Quality products, also famous for Bar-B-Que products.

Drumm Center for Children(View on map)
Drumm Farm is currently the only working farm in the city of Independence. Established in 1919 as a home and working farm for orphaned and impoverished children, Drumm Farm has become a staple in the community for almost 100 years. Currently home to nearly 50 children, Drumm Farm helps children in foster care and homeless young adults build successful lives by providing housing, emotional support, educational services and resource development.

Drumm Farm Garden(View on map)

Dry Creek Cabin(View on map)
Grandpa Isaac Newton Wright built the original home in the 1940's by cutting down trees from the farm and dragging them by horse to the home site where he milled the logs into lumber. In 2008, we gutted his little 4-room homestead, changed the floor plan, and added an attic loft/balcony area for additional sleeping and multiple windows for viewing the landscape. We also included a private study/reading area off the master bedroom to thoroughly enjoy the solitude. With the rustic décor, it makes a perfect, secluded, romantic, hideaway to escape from reality. Dry Creek Cabin is nestled in a remote valley on Dry Creek Ranch. Once you rejuvenated and want to explore a little, there is a path through the pristine woods, and a dry creek for leisurely exploring. The of Eldon is right up the road, and Lake of the Ozarks is only a short 20 minute drive away, where you will find an endless variety of restaurants, activities, entertainment and shopping, you are sure to find something fun!

Duanes Cabinets, Inc.(View on map)

Duda-Lang Farms(View on map)

Dudenhoeffer Countryside Garden & Nursery LLC(View on map)

Duncan Family Farm(View on map)
'Our family is a team, where we work, play and pray together.' In 1932 during the Great Depression, Kevin's grandparents, Palmer and Lydia purchased the family farm. Together they raised their family on a very diversified and successful farming operation. Over the years the farm has grown and changed, however some things remain the same. The love to work the land and grow quality livestock together as a family is still a very strong family tradition. Today Kevin and I (Diana) along with our two little boys Gentry and Hayden farm with Kevin's parents Bob and Betty. We all enjoy working with in the fields, caring for the livestock and working in the garden together. Kevin and I both feel that there is no better place to raise our boys! We are very thankful for the opportunity to work side by side with his parents and watching Gentry and Hayden working, playing and relaxing with their Grandpa and Grandma. Our family has years of experience and excitement about the agriculture industry in Missouri. Our products are high quality and will keep you coming back for more, just give us a try! Don't forget to come and see us at the market, we would enjoy visiting with you! While crops and livestock are an area that we are all very experienced, we are expanding into a new adventure with growing different vegetables and fruits. This has been a wonderful learning experience in which we are thankful to other growers, Alice Longfellow at Longfellow's Garden Center, and Missouri State Fruit Experiment Station for helping us gain knowledge in this area, as we expand our farming operation. Find us on Facebook

Duncan's Berry Farm(View on map)

Dungan's B & B Meats(View on map)

Dunlap Pumpkin Farm(View on map)
We are a family operated pumpkin farm located in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. We have a large selection of pumpkins, winter squash and gourds along with corn stalks, straw and mums. Kids of all ages can explore our "Barnyard Friends" area which include pigs, turkeys, goats, bottle calves, a corn pit and square bale hay maze.

Durso Hills Vineyard & Winery(View on map)

Dutch Country Store(View on map)

Dutch Kountry Market(View on map)

E & E Acres, LLC(View on map)
Family Owned, Lovingly Cared for Fruit, Vegetables and Farm Fresh Eggs

Eagle Pass Winery(View on map)

Eagles Nest Campground & Canoe Rental(View on map)

Earth Angel Mushrooms(View on map)
Earth Angel Mushrooms grow the best specialty mushrooms in Missouri. We are a mushroom cultivator in St. Louis. We live in St. Louis and we grow in St. Louis. Come by the grow op to buy them freshly picked. They won't get any fresher than buying them from the grow op; I guarantee it. We also offer wild mushroom that are native to Missouri when available. We strive to educate the public to the kingdom of fungi and its benefits to the earth and to us as humans.

Earth Mother's Pantry & Farm(View on map)
Opened in 2015, We pride ourselves on all organic farming practices and free range heritage chicken & rabbit breeds. Specializing in small animal and fresh grown herbs. Expanding into Mushroom farming and greenhouse operations in 2016.

EarthDance Organic Farm School(View on map)
EarthDance is a non-profit educational organic farm dedicated to growing sustainable food, farmers and the community for the St. Louis region. EarthDance operates a part-time Farm & Garden Apprenticeship program in St. Louis, Missouri, on a historic 14 acre farm in Ferguson. (We use organic practices and grow in living soil, but are not yet certified organic.) First-year apprentices (or "Freshman Farmies") commit to a minimum of 10 hours/week to the program, between (1) weekly enrichment sessions that include field walks, classes that cover everything from farm-scale composting to selling at farmers' markets, and field trips to other local farms; (2) field work; and (3) selling at farmers' markets. Apprentices also participate in our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, not only producing and putting together the shares, but receiving one. In 2015, our 7th growing season, we are growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits on 3 acres. This will include +100 varieties of edible crops!

EarthStone Farm(View on map)
The farm was purchased from the Geatley Family in July of 2015. The Geatley's settled in the area in the mid 1800s and established the farm. They raised beef cattle and hogs. In 2016, we turned over the soil and planted strawberries, annual vegetables and purchased katahdin sheep. Once we grow our breeding stock, we'll be selling grass fed lamb - likely in the spring of 2018. We also raise chickens for eggs and meat. We are an educational farm and have an annual summer camp for kids.

East Wind Gardens, LLC(View on map)

East Wind Nut Butter(View on map)

Eastland Farmers' Market(View on map)

Eat Arepas (View on map)
Productos Doña Nora is a local family owned and operated business in Kansas City. We manufacture and distribute a traditional South American food product called an Arepa.

EATWISELY(View on map)

Echigo Farm(View on map)
Echigo Farm is an 18 acre organic farm located just west of Seymour, MO, about 20 miles east of Springfield, in the middle of an Amish community. Our farm features 4 acres of specialty beans and vegetables, a high tunnel, and a variety of small livestock and animals. Echigo Farm is owned and operated by husband and wife team Mark Frank and Kumiko Nagai, and assisted by our two young children. We started growing edamame and other Japanese produce in the Ozarks in 2009, and we moved to our current place in the fall of 2010. We started farming and studying organic agriculture in Japan. We met in 1997 in Niigata, one of the main rice and sake producing areas of northern Japan. After marrying in 1999, we moved to a small town at the foot of the snowy mountains where we began part-time farming, sake making in the winter, and making traditional fermented foods. Farming (and eating!) in rural Japan was a great experience. We really loved the efficiency and beauty of Japanese small-scale food production techniques, as well as the Japanese ideas of locality and seasonality. Combined, these offer a bountiful feast in every season. In Japan we found a wonderful sense of anticipation, with a feeling of 'here and now,' which made every meal, every mouthful of food unique and special, deeply meaningful and unforgettable. While in Japan, we became acquainted with the work of Masanobu Fukuoka ('The One Straw Revolution'). His ideas have also influenced our approach to farming. When we moved back to the U.S. in 2009, we knew that we wanted to farm and to introduce Japanese local food culture to the U.S. Our approach to our farm is to implement small-scale intensive and natural Japanese farming practices to the Ozarks, aiming for a sustainable, healthy blend of both cultures. We welcome you to try our produce, contact us, or visit our farm any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

Echo Hills Organic(View on map)

ECP Aerial Solutions(View on map)
ECP Aerial Solutions is a dedicated aerial data supply service. We provide detailed crop scouting analysis through NDVI photography on demand. Data that can be shared and distributed easily. ECP Aerial Solutions sUAS pilot and data provider comes from an electronics engineering background specializing in data acquisition and management, from Naval Defense to Mining and Renewable Energy. We are FAA Part 107 licensed and fully insured.

Ed's Meat Market(View on map)

Eden Agriculture Resource Enterprise(View on map)
Since year 2010, I make compost from Missouri natural forest woods,leaves and soil.

Edg-Clif Brewery, LLC(View on map)

Edg-Clif Farms, LLC(View on map)

Edg-Clif Vineyard, LLC(View on map)

Edg-Clif Winery, LLC(View on map)
This is a 3rd generation Farm repurposed into a vineyard and winery. We plant grow, tend, harvest and make our own wine. We specialize in chambourcin, a french-american hybrid wine grape. We also operate as a private party and country wedding venue.

Edgewood Creamery (View on map)
Edgewood Creamery is owned and operated by the Fletcher family in Purdy, Missouri. Edgewood Creamery produces handcrafted cheeses and fresh bottled milk from some of the finest grass-fed cows in Southwest Missouri. At Edgewood Creamery, we make delicious farmstead cheese. As a family we love what we do and we are proud to create products that make others smile. We strive to educate and inspire our consumers to understand and appreciate the agriculture industry as a whole. We want to have a personal relationship with our consumers, so that they know the source of their food. We aim to operate in a sustainable manner through social, environmental and financial aspects.

Edward "Ted" and Pat Jones - Confluence Point State Park(View on map)

Edwards Goat Farm(View on map)

Eichenberg Winery(View on map)
Opening in 2002, Eichenberg Winery is nestled in the small German-based community of Cole Camp. The first year offered a small variety of wines, but our winery now offers 10 wines, 9 grape varieties and 1 apple wine, all crafted on site. Selections range from sweet to dry, whites, reds and blushes. All of the produce used in our wines is grown in Missouri. The winery is open weekends, April 1 through Christmas each year. Our wines may be enjoyed on our covered patio, or indoors if preferred. Our guests are welcome to bring snacks, picnics or order food from our local restaurants. Come and discover the treasure of our winery.

Eicher Family Farm(View on map)

Eight Hooter Wildlife Calls (View on map)

El Chico Bakery(View on map)

El Tenedor (View on map)
El Tenedor mobile kitchen serves freshly prepared, locally grown, earth conscious, high quality Tapas, Spanish style. Ask for our private Paella parties!!

Elderberry Edge(View on map)

Eldon Farmers Market(View on map)
Find us at Rock Island Park along Business 54 and 8th Street in Eldon. Open Friday afternoons from 3 pm to 6 pm. Market opens Friday, May 6 through Friday, August 26. Be sure to find and like us on Facebook - Farmers Market of Eldon

Eldorado Springs Farmers' Market(View on map)

Elegant Raku Creations(View on map)

Elephant Rocks State Park(View on map)

Eleven Point River Canoe Rental(View on map)

Elixir Farm(View on map)

Eliza Mary Bakes, L.L.C.(View on map)
Eliza Mary Bakes is a baking company located in St. Louis, Missouri that was founded in February of 2012. My company specializes in pies, but I also make delicious galettes, bars, cookies, cakes and breads. I prepare and bake my products from scratch using locally grown produce as often as possible.

Elk River Soap Company(View on map)
Elk River Soap Company is a family owned and operated company. We are located in south west Missouri, in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. We strive to bring our customers products are free from parabens, petroleum, Sodium Lauryl & Laureth Sulfates, carcinogens, and other toxic chemicals that are widely used in commercial body care products. Our goal is to create high quality handmade soaps and bath products using only vegetable and nut oils and butters, essential oils, high quality scents, and botanicals. We take pride in having established a line of products and scents that you will love. Tested on friends and family, never on animals, our products are handcrafted in small batches with skin loving oils and butters. They are all vegan-friendly and biodegradable.

Ellbee's Garlic Seasonings(View on map)
Ellbee's Garlic Healthy ~ Delisious ~ Easy to Enjoy MSG and Gluten Free! The Best Buzz Your Food Has Ever Had! Made in the USA since 2008. Fresh Garlic Seasonings - 8 flavors in two sizes, Sauce and Dips

Elliott Custom Cabinets, Inc.(View on map)
We base our business off of quality, attention to detail and custom craftmanship.

Ellis Bakery(View on map)

Ellis Prairie Stock and Produce(View on map)
Family run cattle farm recently expanding to encompass a greater range of stock and produce. Maintained by knowledgeable and experienced herdsmen.

Ellisville Lawn Care(View on map)

Ellisville Produce(View on map)

Elsons Turkey Creek Craft Mall(View on map)

Elvis Pupsley Snacks, LLC(View on map)
Our basset hound 'Elvis' was always itching, scratching and just miserable. After guessing at foods, we decided to have the vet do a complete allergy test. Elvis was allergic to many foods, and to the outdoor environment also. After many allergy injections to boost his immune system and changing his complete diet Elvis now lives a happy allergy free life at 16-1/2 yrs old. That is why we started an all natural treat business called Elvis Pupsley Snacks, LLC. It started out as a hobby baking for all our friend's pets. After several years of baking and giving out samples we decided to have our treats tested and start a business. We live in the country and have dogs that travel miles and wait on the porch to get a treat. Everybody that has bought treats for their doggies have been repeat customers.

Emerald Acres Farm(View on map)
At Emerald Acres Farm, we believe in the power of working in harmony with nature-not against it. As scientists by trade, we know that our actions toward our environment are not without consequence, and we strive daily for a sustainable, ecologically-conscientious system. The backbone of our farm is permaculture that is, integrating a holistic approach to farming, where every action we take is carefully considered in respect to our environment. We grow all of our crops as naturally as possible. We know that high-quality produce in a chemical-free environment is possible with diligence and thoughtful planning. We value diversity, not only in life, but also in our diets. We love trying new things, growing new varieties, and we hope to introduce you to new favorites. In addition to modern hybrids, we grow many heirloom varieties. Heirlooms remain a wonderful source of genetic diversity for modern plant breeders. Kept generation after generation by gardeners and farmers alike, these cultivars are typically adapted to the local environment in which they're grown, often making them resistant to local pests, diseases and weather extremes. We value self-sufficiency and the rising trend of folks growing their own food. Whether you choose to buy from us, from another local producer or grow your own, know that we're always here to share advice and words of encouragement as we all strive towards more self-sustaining lives!

Emick Farms(View on map)

Eminence Canoes, Cottages, & Camp(View on map)

Emma Creek(View on map)
Emma Creek is a business that makes chocolate products with honey. All of the products are gluten-free and contain 40% honey, used both as a sweetener and natural preservative. Brittany Hemme is the business owner; a North Dakota native, she came to Missouri to attend college where she met her husband and settled in central Missouri. Brittany grew up making chocolate for her mom's small business, Honey Lover's Honey 'N Chocolate. Emma Creek is Brittany's dream of continuing her mother's tradition.

Endless Summer Winery(View on map)

Engine 51 Smokers(View on map)
Engine 51 Smokers, LLC began in 2007 with a strong desire to make their finest slow-smoked barbeque meats available to others. Engine 51 Smokers, LLC became a mobile vendor of smoked meats, including brisket, pulled pork, chicken and ribs in St. James, MO selling their products to customers at local businesses and community fairs and festivals. The business has grown into a Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) competitor and also a catering company which includes catering corporate and social events in surrounding communities, as well as the St. Louis area. During the process, we created two different rubs which are simple, yet very flavorful to be used on our award-winning meats for all catering and vending events, as well as use for KCBS competitions, and on vegetables and general cooking.

Enrich(View on map)
Enrich is a strategic design firm that specializes in developing branding programs for companies in the food and wellness industries that are providing healthier products and services.

Enrich Creative(View on map)
Enrich is a strategic design firm that specializes in developing branding programs for food and wellness companies whose products and services enrich the quality of life. Mission Our mission: to help companies and consumers to make healthier choices and create a better quality of life. Company Overview We want to help your customers make better choices and create a better quality of life. That's the core of our mission and that's why we are committed to helping companies in the food and wellness industries succeed and enrich the lives of others. We do this by designing clear and effective graphic communication systems that reveal your message and your purpose. We help you transform your brand â€" to ultimately enrich your business, your customers and your community.

Envisage Vintage Jewelry(View on map)

Epiphany Acres(View on map)
Small family operation with pastured meat birds and free range eggs for sale. We are developing our opportunity for a CSA that would include poultry products and garden produce.

Epple Haus Bed and Breakfast(View on map)
Discover this unique bed and breakfast in a valley close to the Gasconade River. Accommodations feature a 1920's prairie home and a 1960's ranch home, approximately 1/2 mile from the scenic Gasconade River. Furnished with antiques, both homes have fully equipped kitchens, and we provide a deluxe continental breakfast featuring "Homemade Caramel Rolls". When you reserve one of the houses you, your family or close friends are the only ones staying there. This has proven to be a central location for family and friends to gather. Enjoy the tranquility and the peaceful surroundings, or you may plan to use the river for fishing, swimming or canoeing. We also have farm ponds which are stocked. Hiking is available as well as bird watching and nature walks. There is an abundance of wild turkey and deer nearby. There are several restaurants within 3 miles and we are 20 minutes away from the wineries, shopping, museums and other historic sites in Hermann. Come and enjoy the ambiance of our "country bed and breakfast". Check our website!

Eschenbrenner Farms(View on map)
Eschenbrenner Farms is a family farm in Moniteau County.

Eshu Tea Company(View on map)

ESM Technologies (View on map)

Essner's Custom Butchering(View on map)

Ethan Butler(View on map)
A small farm working to produce a quality product

Evening Shade Farms Body Products, Inc(View on map)
Welcome to Evening Shade Farms. Our family has lived on this farm, located just south of where the Ozarks meet the plains, for more than 30 years. We believe in sound environmental practices - for we know nature provides all and holds many answers for healing. Our sole purpose is to provide fresh body care products that truly nourish and feed your skin, the largest organ of the body. We maintain a Nubian goat herd that provides fresh Non-GMO goat milk which we add to a variety of our soaps. We formulate and make all of our products; nothing is farmed out. Our products start from the ground up-all right here on the farm.

Evening Shade Organics(View on map)

Executive Wood Products, Inc.(View on map)

Exeter Corn Maze(View on map)
Started in 2000 with the haunted barn and has quickly grown into one of southwest Missouris favorite fall agri tourism place to visit!

F & R Farms(View on map)

F&R Farms Market(View on map)

Fahr Greenhouses Inc.(View on map)
Fahr Greenhouse has been serving St. Louis County and surrounding areas as a quality producer of bedding plants and specialty crops for over 56 years. Dorothy and Leonard Fahr established Fahr Greenhouse in 1950. The business is still operated by family members Dorothy Fahr, Patrick and Mary Bellrose and Larry Fahr. We are located on St. Albans road (highway T) in scenic Wildwood, Missouri (West St. Louis County). We have approximately two acres of greenhouses where we produce quality poinsettias, golden mums, a wide variety of annual bedding plants as well as perennials and flowering shrubs. Our market includes both wholesale and retail sales. In Summer months we have home grown produce. We conduct educational tours for preschool thru high school. We have a Christmas open house every year the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Fahrmeier Farms and Vineyard(View on map)
Fahrmeier Farms was founded in 1947 and began as a diversified livestock and row crop farm in Lafayette County near Lexington, Missouri. In 2001, the family began the transition to a farm garden and greenhouse business. In 2005, the produce business expanded to include production of several acres of homegrown produce along with a greenhouse business that flourished. In 2008, the business was expanded to include Fahrmeier Family Vineyards. One of the old barns on our property was converted into a tasting room and gift store featuring one of a kind gift items and locally sourced products. We welcome guests of any age at our farm and love to share our family story of Missouri agriculture.

Fahrmeier's U-Pick & Produce Market(View on map)

Fair Grove Farmers Market(View on map)
The Fair Grove Farmers' Market began in 2000. It is held on the grounds of the historic Wommack Mill. EBT and Debit Cards accepted at the market. Open: April through October Hours: Wednesday - 3:00pm to 6:30pm

Fair Share Farm LLC(View on map)
In 2003, we began growing organic fruits and vegetables on Rebecca's family farm in rural, northeastern Clay County, Missouri. We focus on building the soil through biological farming methods, including extensive cover cropping. The farm is home to 2 farmers, 2 cats, 60 hens, 1 rooster and countless frogs, butterflies, birds and insects. The 200+ acre family farm is planted in native grasses, good habitat for deer, turkey, quail, coyotes and many other species of wildlife. At the heart of Fair Share Farm are the 150 families that join us in our efforts through Community Supported Agriculture. More than 40 different vegetables, fruits and herbs are grown for the CSA. Each family contributes between 8-16 hours per year to the CSA either by helping at the farm during the weekly harvests or on the Core Group which guides decision-making, holds member events, conducts the annual survey, coordinates the distribution sites and keeps the CSA running smoothly. We welcome you to join our community of happy eaters! In addition to our CSA we produce a variety of fermented vegetable recipes using the produce raised on our farm. Sauerkraut, kimchi, cucumber pickles, jalapenos and other delicious, nutritious and live-culture products will be available in 2017 as we begin operation of our Farm to Ferment facility.

Fair Weather Farms(View on map)

Family Nutrition Education Programs(View on map)

Fancy Paws Couture(View on map)

Farm Fresh Cupcakes(View on map)

Farm to Market Bread(View on map)

Farm Wife's Table LLC(View on map)
Farm Wife's Table LLC is a farm and farm market located outside of Smithville, Missouri. They feature locally raised produce, eggs, meat, Amish baked goods as well as locally made products and antiques. The Farm Wife's Table LLC is open each year from May - December. An Egg CSA membership as well as a traditional CSA are available at their farm.

Farm2Fork Ranch(View on map)
We are a family run farm in the northwest corner of Missouri. We hand raise our cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and chickens to provide you with good, wholesome meat and eggs. We also raise bees for honey as well as offer 'straight from our farm' items for your life.

Farmboy Garden LLC(View on map)
Welcome to Farmboy Garden, where we work hard to create a direct relationship between you and our farm. Although not a certified organic farm, we grow all our produce with organic practices in mind following strict USDA and GAP regulations. Our goal is to provide only the finest quality produce and more to health conscious people like yourself. To better serve YOU our customer, we provide a variety of methods for you to order and receive your farm fresh produce. Ordering is available at the farm, online at or via one of our many CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership packages. We also provide a next day home delivery service.

Farmer Brown Beef(View on map)
Farmer Brown Beef is located near Warrensburg, MO, about 50 miles southeast of Kansas City. Our family has been raising and eating grass fed Polled Herefords in a closed herd for about 50 years. Recently we have begun to give the cattle fresh grass daily through rotational grazing mimicking natural herd behavior. This makes for happy cows. We do not use grain, hormones or feed them antibiotics. Our carbon footprint is quite small and through our rotational grazing management we expect will become highly carbon sequestering (we are already seeing the benefits) as the soil awakens with life and begins building topsoil naturally at a vigorous rate. This delicious (our customers tell us so!), healthy, environmentally and humanely raised, pastured, 100% grass fed beef is available as wholes, halves or split halves.

Farmer Girl Meats(View on map)
After a corporate career, three babies, and a stint as a stay-at-home mom, I decided to pursue a personal passion: Getting more good meat onto more city plates. I'm a 3rd generation farmer girl that grew-up eating good meat, raised right on my family's farm. I discovered that I'm lucky: unfettered access to meat from a small farm allows me to nourish myself and loved ones with wholesome meat all the time. I started Farmer Girl to give fellow seekers of good health and clean food unfettered access to good meat, EVERY DAY. Great meat is out there folks! We farmers just have to get it to you in an easy, convenient way. Hence, Farmer Girl. We bring clean, grass fed and pasture raised meats to porches around the St. Louis area via home delivery.

Farmers Alliance of Rural Missouri (FARM)(View on map)
The Farmers Alliance of Rural Missouri (FARM) is dedicated to promoting interest and knowledge of farming and rural life. One way is through Farmers Markets where there is direct contact with people. FARM sponsors the Farmers Market at the Lake of the Ozarks. A popular area for people escaping congested cities, it serves not only as a place to buy fresh produce, but a resource. The farmers not only sell their products, but teach children the origin of their food. It is a place where adults, who were raised in the city, can get advice on a variety of topics related to rural living; where adults raised in the country, can trade information. The Farmers Market is where friends meet friends, make new friends and learn while being able to get quality goods at a reasonable price. FARM also provides speakers to schools and other groups.

Farmers Apothecary(View on map)

Farmers Gastropub(View on map)

Farmers Market of the Ozarks(View on map)
Farmers Market of the Ozarks combines farm fresh goodness, hand-crafted products and local eateries, all in one location that is easily accessible to the Ozarks community. Customers can shop for their weekly groceries, find unique gifts that are made from local artisans, enjoy musical talents of local artists and enjoy breakfast and lunch, all within the market's laid back atmosphere. FMO provides vendors from a 150-mile radius of Springfield, MO, the opportunity to bring the best from the county to the city. Additionally, consumers have the ability to 'Put a Face to Their Food' each week with a visit to the market. In July 2013, FMO became the first farmers market in the region to be housed in a year-round pavilion, inside the Farmers Park Development. The pavilion serves as an open air facility when the weather is pleasant, with fans and a kitchen. During the winter months the pavilion is furnished with roll down doors and radiant heat inside, making the market a year-round facility. FMO has been named the Number 6 Farmers Market in the County in 2015 by and was voted as the Best Farmers Market in 2015 by Feast Magazine. When you purchase foods from our vendors you can trust that your products are local and made/grown by local producers. FMO inspects our vendors to ensure food safety and integrity behind our product brand. Purchasing FMO products helps strengthen the local economy by supporting locally grown food, local food growers. Producers prosper by finding local marketplaces for their products and residents have access to high quality, nutritious, locally grown food.

Farmers' Market in Camdenton(View on map)

Farmers' Market in Fanning(View on map)

Farmers' Market of Laclede County(View on map)

Farmhouse Collectables(View on map)

Farmington Farmers' Market(View on map)
Baked goods, all vegetables, bagged compost, pumpkins and gourds, mums, bedding plants, hanging baskets, melons, fruit, cherries, apples, peaches, eggs, and cut flowers.

Fayette Farmers' Market(View on map)
Summer Market Open: May, June, July, August, September and October Hours: Tuesday - 4 pm to 7 pm Winter Market Open: November, December, January and February Hours: 4 pm to 6 pm Look for us on Facebook

Fazio's Bakery(View on map)

FDS(View on map)

Featherstone Creations(View on map)
Featherstone Creations is a part-time endeavor begun in 2007 to utilize the creative skills that I have had since I was a young child as well as more recent skills in fabrication and welding obtained from adult vocational school courses and practice. I also have hobbies such as jewelry making, candle making, and soap making in which I have created items for sale at local craft shows occasionally. I have an online store where some of my items can be purchased. One of my horseshoe wine rack designs (the 3-bottle vertical design) was featured on page 78 of the March 2013 edition of Every Day with Rachel Ray magazine.

Feed Our Future(View on map)
Non-profit elementary school nutrition/produce education

Felicity Glass - A Cause of Happiness(View on map)

Felix Valle House State Historic Site(View on map)

Femme Osage Apiary(View on map)

Fence Stile Vineyards & Winery(View on map)

Ferguson Farmers Market on the Vine(View on map)
The market gathers onf the third Saturday of the month from 9:00am to 11:30am, November through April.

Ferguson Farmers' Market(View on map)
Founded in 2002, the award winning Ferguson Farmers Market is now celebrating it's 10th Delicious Season. This Saturday morning tradition brings you fresh, local fruits and veggies, picked within 24 hours of our market and brought to you directly by the friendly farmers who grow them. Enjoy live music each week in a fun and festive atmosphere. Discover a wide variety of edible delights including breakfast, lunch and made to order omelets, from our great food vendors. Special events each week include farmer sample fests, chef demos, food contests and much more. Check the weekly schedule for the season at and on our Facebook page. Ferguson Farmers Market is a great gathering place each Saturday morning, bring the family and visit with friends and neighbors. Come join us. Open: May through October Hours: Saturday - 8am to noon

FFF Meats LLC(View on map)
FFF Meats LLC is a family-owned meat retail business located just outside of Iberia at 61 Tavern Creek Road. My family and I decided we wanted to be able to offer home-raised beef and pork to others at affordable prices. With my wife Jane and my four children Stella, Kaye, Loren and Charlie we strive to raise quality meat raised on our farm. We welcome everyone to come by our location and check us out.

FGL Woodworking and Audio-Video, Inc. (View on map)

FGM Inc d/b/a The Crackd Crock(View on map)
It started with a recipe for sweet n spicy pickles that was perfect on pulled pork sandwiches. The recipe was tweaked, perfected in our kitchen and tested by our friends and family. Some became slightly addicted to the product, and so we make more!

Fiberlite Technologies, Inc.(View on map)
Fiberlite Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1974 by P.K. Maitra. This family owned business is headquarted in Joplin, Missouri, and has been serving the insulation industry since 1974.

Fieth Family Farm(View on map)

Finger Lakes State Park(View on map)

Finish Line BBQ LLC(View on map)
An exciting new bbq sauce made right in the heart of Missouri.

Finney Farm(View on map)

Finns Farm(View on map)
To supply farm fresh products to other families

Firmenich Inc.(View on map)

First Fruits Orchard, LLC (View on map)

First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site(View on map)

Fischer's Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze(View on map)

Fishbowl Pottery(View on map)

Fitz's Bottling Company(View on map)
Fitz's Root Beer was first created in 1947 at the Fitz's Drive-In located on Clayton Road in St. Louis County near what is today The Galleria Mall. Noted for incredible smoothness and thick creamy texture, Fitz's Root Beer quickly became the root beer of choice among St. Louisans. When Mr. Fitzpatrick retired in the early 1970's the Drive-In closed and Fitz's Root Beer disappeared from the St. Louis scene. Then, in the late 1980's the original recipe was found and Fitz's Root Beer was reintroduced to St. Louis. Today Fitz's offers a variety of different flavors all packaged in traditional long neck bottles. All of the Fitz's sodas are made at Fitz's American Grill and Bottling Works located on Delmar Blvd., in the popular Loop area of University City. Restaurant guests can watch as Fitz's sodas are bottled on fully operational but vintage equipment originally built in 1940's.

Fitzgeralds' Pecan Orchard, LLC(View on map)

Five Bistro(View on map)

Flavor Trade(View on map)
Flavor Trade has a range of co-packing capabilities, which allows us to precisely tailor solutions to meet your individual recipe needs. We provide the right equipment and the right expertise to complete your recipes and create unique economical solutions to fit your products.

Flick Seed Company(View on map)
Missouri imports millions of pounds of birdseed product each year, thereby giving farmers in other states the majority share of the fast growing wild bird food market. Recognizing the strong growth of the wild bird food industry, and the production capabilities of Missouri farmers, Flick Seed Company is partnering with local producers to capture and increase our respective market share. Sunflower is congruent with Missouri's climate and has displayed the best overall crop performance of the birdseed products. In Missouri, it has surpassed the average yields realized in most other traditional cropping areas of the United States. Flick Seed Company operates a processing facility approximately 30 miles southeast of Kansas City, Missouri, giving us proximity to the Kansas City Metro area. As the largest domestic processor of Missouri-grown sunflower, reduced freight costs offer a definite price advantage to the consumer in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Flickerwood Farms, Inc.(View on map)

Flintrock Bison Ranch(View on map)

Float Trip Pickles, LLC(View on map)
Float Trip Pickles, LLC was officially started in March 2011 but the idea behind Float Trip Pickles, LLC began in 1992 when Jerry and his brother took their father, Jerry Sr., on his first float trip. The float trip became an annual ritual for 'Senior' and five others, which included Senior insisting on a red canoe, frosty beverages, good food and a gallon of 'float trip pickles'. The sweet and spicy 'float trip pickles' combine the crunch of a dill slice, the savory taste of Grandma's homemade sweet pickles, and the sassy heat of jalapenos. 'Float trip pickles' are now regularly enjoyed by friends and family at home, picnics, tailgating parties, BBQ events, and float trips, of course. Our fans tell us the love 'Float Trip Pickles' with burgers, brats, BBQ, sandwiches, salads, nachos and more. Try them also in a Martini or Bloody Mary.

Floating Farms(View on map)
Greenhouse run hydroponically 1 mile south of Licking, Missouri on US Highway 63. Current products are basil and lemon basil with a variety of peppers and other culinary herbs used for cooking.

Florences HomeStyle Inc(View on map)

Foley Custom Cabinets(View on map)
We have been in business since 1968, building quality custom cabinets for Mid-Missouri homes.

Food Ideas LLC(View on map)

Foods of Liberty(View on map)

Forest 44 Canoe Rental, LLC(View on map)

Forever Together(View on map)

Forrest Keeling Nursery(View on map)

Forrest Meat Processing(View on map)

Forsyth Farmers' Market(View on map)

Fort Bison Ranch(View on map)

Fort Davidson State Historic Site(View on map)

Fort Niangua River Resort(View on map)

Foster Farms(View on map)

Fouch's Christmas Tree Farm(View on map)
Fouch's Christmas Tree Farm is a choose and harvest operation, located on 20 acres in Adair County. It is a three-generation business with many family members participating. In addition to Scotch pine trees, beautiful wreaths with handmade bows are available. Especially popular items are the elder Mr. Fouch's hand-carved Santas and Amish-made candy.

Four J Group, LLC(View on map)
I just started my company. I have been a chef for 40 years. It is a line of seasoning blends made from my own recipes.

Frankenfeller, LLC(View on map)
It was a Saturday morning in 1983. The pig was in the smoker, the keg was on ice and everything was set for a great party, except the BBQ sauce! My dad went to the kitchen and started mixing some items together in a large pot. No recipe, just a mixture of ingredients that we had on hand! I was a bit skeptical but the result was Fabulous! Fast forward to 1992, again the ribs were on the smoker and I decided to try to replicate the sauce that I had helped my dad make years ago. It took all day of tasting, adding ingredients, tasting, adding more. At the end of the day, the result was an AWESOME sauce that is good on almost anything. I have been making this sauce for friends and family since then and many have suggested 'you should bottle this stuff!' Well now we have. I hope you enjoy eating this sauce as much as my family has enjoyed creating it! Oh yeah Dad... Thanks for the inspiration!

Franklin Farms and Vineyard(View on map)

Freddie Lee's Gourmet Sauces(View on map)
Freddie Lee's Gourmet Sauces consist of two unique sauces the first is Freddie Lee's Ghetto Sauce and the second is Freddie Lee's American Gourmet Sauce. Both are operated and owned by a husband and wife team Freddie L. James Jr. and Deborah James. Both were born and raised in the city of St. Louis, MO and have a fun flare to create new dishes with there gourmet sauces. Freddie Lee's Ghetto Sauce started in North St. Louis at their home. Freddie and Deborah were making sauce for family and friends and then went outside for a much needed break. They were sitting on the front porch when they witnessed a police chase on Kossuth Ave and then Freddie said to Deb, 'Honey one day GOD is going to bless us and get us out of the Ghetto.' Deborah replied, 'Name your sauce Freddie Lee's Ghetto Sauce.' Freddie went to our local Schnucks to ask them to carry Freddie Lee's Ghetto Sauce, and they stated they didn't want any negative feedback, but if the name is changed they would carry the product. So we changed the name to Freddie Lee's American Gourmet Sauce which is now being sold at 24 Schnucks stores in the St. Louis area and Freddie Lee's Ghetto Sauce sold at 48 local stores in the St. Louis area. Thank you and may GOD continue to bless you and your family.

Freedom Products Co. Inc. (View on map)

Freemans Scrolled Knots (View on map)

Fresh Beets Artisan Pops(View on map)

Fresh Pickins(View on map)

Frey Farms(View on map)
Frey Farms is a Certified Woman Owned business which has been operating under its current structure since the year 2000. We are grower/packer/shippers of Watermelons, Cantaloupes, Sweet Corn, Pumpkins, Squash and Fall Ornamentals. We consider these our "core products" and we grow them in several states to keep our customers stocked with fresh produce from April thru October.

Friday Night Farmers Market(View on map)

Friends of the Atkins-Johnson Farm and Big Shoal Cemetery(View on map)

Friends of the Garden(View on map)

FrogsHair Baskets(View on map)

Frolic-Inn(View on map)

Fromage Gourmet(View on map)

Frostbite Gourmet Ice Cream, LLC(View on map)

Fruitland American Meat(View on map)

Fulk Farms(View on map)
Fulk Farms is a sixth generation century farm in Platte County.

Full Features Nursery & Landscape Center(View on map)

Full Plate Farm(View on map)

Fulton Farmers' Market(View on map)
For more than 30 years the Fulton Farmers' Market has been helping the people of Missouri eat healthy. While the location within the city of Fulton has changed from our beginning, we still strive to provide our customers with the very best nature has to offer. Please visit us on Wednesday afternoons on Court Street in the First Christian Church parking lot next to the library. Be sure to check out the new Brick District Farmers' Market on Saturdays at 10 East 5th Street in front of the Courthouse in Fulton to experience what fresh really means.You will be glad you did!

Fun Time Farms LLC(View on map)
Opening a corn maze in 2007, we have continued to add attractions every year. There is the corn maze, haunted maze, hay rides, hay jump, super slide, cow train rides, corn cannon, corn box and many numerous outside games! We are family friendly event to offer people a farm experience and some old fashioned fun!!! We are a family owned and operated business.

Funny Farm Petting Zoo(View on map)

Fusion Wines(View on map)

G & B Todd Farms, LLC(View on map)

G&W Bavarian Style Sausage Company, Inc.(View on map)

G's Orchard(View on map)

G-Foods, LLC(View on map)
G-Foods, LLC is a Saint Louis based company providing highest quality, fresh vegetable based salsa here in referred to as "Zalsa" (salsa with zing). The brand name of our salsa is "Zalsa". Our objective is to promote and encourage consumption of vegetables among kids and adults. The product has no preservatives . It is all natural.

G-W Lumber Co. (View on map)

G4 Farms(View on map)

Galena Farmers' Market(View on map)

Ganche's Chocolate(View on map)
Ganche's Chocolate is a company that combines the well known, great tasting, American Native Organic Pecan with a smooth, all natural dark and milk chocolate. Ganche's chocolate is a new company that is gaining speed and will soon be in a retail store near you.

Garden Complements(View on map)
We've been producing flavorful sauces, condiments, marinades and dressings for leading restaurants, retailers and food service companies for nearly 40 years. We also provide a variety of services including research and development and fulfillment and distribution.

Garden Sass Farmers' Market(View on map)
Season 1 Open: April through November Hours: Tuesday - 2 pm to 6 pm and Saturday - 7 am to 11 am

Garnett Wood Products, Inc.(View on map)
Garnett Wood Products is a full service wood products company. It was founded in 1965 with the purpose of providing quality products and superior service.

Garouttes Farm Fresh Produce(View on map)

Gary's Farm(View on map)

Gas From the Past(View on map)

Gasconade Hills Resort(View on map)

Gastineau Log Homes, Inc.(View on map)
We have been in business since 1977 and our staff has over 200 years of log home construction experience. We provide a fully engineered and proven construction system that will give you a lifetime of trouble free enjoyment.

Gates Bar-B-Q(View on map)

Gateway Greening(View on map)

Gateway to Memories & More(View on map)
Gateway Antiques was established in 1988 in downtown Salem in the former Cumberland Presbyterian Church which was built in 1886. In May, 2011 my husband and I purchased the business/building from the original owners. We continue to uphold the dream that they had and are diligently working to make it even better. We are creating an area to carry a few select AgriMissouri products and so far the response has been great. We have renamed the business Gateway to Memories & More as we own another business in downtown Salem called Memories & More..At Gateway you will find we have over 40 vendors with many handmade, homemade, new and used, antique and primitive, flea market and other items. You name it...we may just have it. If you are ever in the area it is a great place to shop and many people love to photograph the old church as the exterior still has the original look as it did in the 1800's.

Gateway to Memories & More II(View on map)

Gen. John J. Pershing Boyhood Home State Historic Site(View on map)

Gerke's Osage Valley Farm(View on map)
Gerke Osage Vally Farm is proud to bring our community quality products free from hormones, antibiotics and chemicals. Making available locally grown pastured beef, pork, poultry, lamb, and eggs from pastured chickens. After years of business travel Darin Gerke felt inspired to return to working the family farm. With wife Diana ('Creations by Diana' ), sons Blake and Lucas and daughter Caitlyn, the Gerkes are committed to a way life that benefits the animals, the soil, our environment and our community. Darin Gerke is available to provide educational presentations to area schools and organizations on the benefits of Polyculture Practices and Sustainable Agriculture. Darin Gerke encourages all he encounters to support the Boonville Farmer's Market and to buy local. Darin also pens a featured column, 'Living in the margin', in the Cooper County Voice. To others words like 'sustainable agriculture' or 'polycultural practices' may be new fangled terms. But at Gerkes Osage Valley Farm they are not just words, they describe our way our life. We believe that using polycultural practices improves our farm by reviving the living soil while at the same time producing the highest quality of meat.

Get A Grip Soap Co.(View on map)
We'd like to introduce you to our fresh fruits, vegetables and artisan soaps made and grown here on the farm. Our specialty is lots of variety for your table. You can enjoy many fresh vegetables from April through December. Keep in mind, we aren't a large scale producer but tend several gardens here on the farm that produce generously.

Get Drizzled Custom Wine Drizzle and DBA- Wine Drizzle(View on map)
Get Drizzled was established in 2012 by Carol Rodriguez. Wine Drizzle is an old world recipe from the late 1800's. It is produced in a Lafayette County certified kitchen and has been sold via craft fairs, the internet and retail locations. It is a Missouri made product utilizing Missouri raised fruits and veggies and wine when possible. Carol also produces custom wine drizzle for local wineries using Missouri wine.

Gholsons Woodworks(View on map)

Gibbons Bee Farm(View on map)
Sharon Gibbons has been an established beekeeper since 1980. What started out as a hobby is now a full-time business. She manages 700 colonies of bees in Central and Eastern Missouri, which produces about 80,000 pounds of honey a year. She markets a light, mild clover honey, along with a darker, more flavorful honey that the bees gather from wildflowers. As her business grew, her husband and son have joined her. She lives in the St. Louis area, while her son moved to the farm and takes care of the business from Rocheport. Gibbons Bee Farm has been accepted by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc.

Gibson General Store(View on map)
We are a big fan of local, Missouri, Amish grown products. We are a destination stop just outside of Lee's Summit. We have BP Gas and a very large convenience store with Missouri grown bedding plants and homemade jams and jellies. Our deli features barbecue and regular American favorites.

Gibson Packing(View on map)

Giddy-Up Soy Candles, LLC(View on map)
Giddy-Up Soy Candles, LLC is owned by Brenda K Rehagen purchased in 2007 from two women who started pouring soy candles in Nixa Missouri. I had purchased my first Giddy-Up Candle from St. Luke's gift shop and I loved the way it burned and smelled so wonderful. When it was gone I called them and told them I could sell these candles and became an Independent Wholesale Distributor in 2003 under Tin Shack Distributing. I take great pride in supporting the American farmer, not the foreign oil industries and producing a quality healthier product.

Gieringer's Produce(View on map)

Gifted Gardens(View on map)

Giles and Kendall, Inc.(View on map)

Gillard Family Honey(View on map)
Gillard Family Honey is owned and operated by Grant and Nancy Gillard. With over 200 hives, we produce honey to sell from our honey house and farmers' markets in Jackson and Cape Girardeau. Pollination services available, as well as bees and nucs for sale in season. We also raise our own queen bees.

Gingerich Brother's Organic(View on map)

Gingerich Dutch Pantry Restaurant & Bakery(View on map)

Gingerich Farms(View on map)

Giofre Apiaries(View on map)
Started beekeeping in 2009 and built a commercial kitchen in 2014. We just started the ice cream business, but we have been making soap, lotion and lip balms since 2007.

Gladhour Farm(View on map)

Gladstone Farmers' Market(View on map)
Open: May, June, July, August and September Hours: Wednesday - 2 pm to 6 pm and Saturdays - 7am to 12pm

Glanbia Nutritionals(View on map)

Glass Compositions(View on map)

Glen Trantham Sawmill (View on map)

Glenn's Cafe(View on map)

Goatsbeard Farm(View on map)

Goff Greengate Farm(View on map)

Golden City Meats(View on map)

Golden Valley Produce & Crafts Market(View on map)
We are a group that raises everything we sell. We don't buy and re-sell. We are also open for crafters.

Golden Valley Pumpkin Patch(View on map)
A family owned pumpkin patch in Washington, Missouri.

Gooey Louie(View on map)

Gov. Daniel Dunklin's Grave State Historic Site(View on map)

Graber's Greenhouse & Produce(View on map)

Graham Cave State Park(View on map)

Grand Court Farmers' Market(View on map)

Grand Gulf State Park(View on map)

Grand Valley Farms & Route A Country Store(View on map)

Grandma & Grandpa Kennedy's Farm Fresh Produce(View on map)
We continue the Missouri farming legacy started by my great grandparents, grandparents and parents. My late father believed that the hard work of farming and gardening was a noble calling. Together with my mother, my wife and I continue this proud tradition providing the freshest garden produce, using traditional heirloom varieties whenever possible. We also make available to residents of south central Missouri, plump juicy blackberries and fresh whole Jersey milk bursting with cream. My mother lovingly continues to make available whole goat milk for those having difficulty drinking cow's milk or that simply prefer it for their health.

Grandma Barb's Pies(View on map)

Grandma Ding's Fudge & More(View on map)
Made with real cream and butter

Grandma MB's Baked Goods(View on map)

Grandma's Nuts(View on map)
Grandma's Nuts is an all natural mixture of nuts, fruits, and seeds designed to keep you healthy. Our motto is "eat smart and stay healthy". Although Grandma Marcia brought the delicious mix to market five years ago, it all began almost 40 years earlier when her teenage son became a vegetarian. Focusing on nutrition became the goal for the family, and through trial and error a delicious and healthy mixture came to be. Creating a food (Grandma's Nuts) with the highest nutrition with the least amount of "stuff" which we shouldn't be consuming much of, is what we offer. Grandma's Nuts contain No peanuts, No gluten, No trans fat, No additives or preservatives, low sodium, low sugar, high percentages of minerals, anti-oxidants, omega 3s, Vitamin B (especially Folate), as well as Vitamins A, C, E, & K. We also recommend combining or topping Grandma's Nuts with many other foods-it's delicious!

Grandview Farmers' Market(View on map)

Granny Good's Naturals & Nostalgic General Store(View on map)
Granny Good's Nostalgic General Store is home to the Granny Good's Naturals Product Line. Granny Good's Naturals is a family owned and operated all-natural hand made body care product line including body creams, oils, salves, foot treatments, soaps, and much more! All organic ingredients are sourced in the USA including 100% soy sax used in our exclusive soy wax candle product line. Granny Good's Naturals is a proud member of the Natural Products Association and AgriMissouri and has been noted "Best of Missouri Market" for two years. Granny Good's Herb Farm, located in Galena, Missouri is one of a few select naturally grown herb farms. Supplying medicinal herbs used in Granny Good's Natural Products. Granny Good's Nostalgic General Store is located on Highway 265, Branson, Missouri.

Granny's Antiques & Gifts(View on map)

Granny's Country Cottage B & B(View on map)
After my parents passing, I wanted to do something special with the farm they loved so much. The cottage I was born and reaised in I decorated country style and made it into a Bed & Breakfast fourteen years ago. The grain bin which sits across the driveway was developed into another unit know as The Round House and is a very popular couples retreat. We retained all the historical out buildings such as the barn where we milked, hen house, cellar and latrine. There's a pond at the edge of the yard welcoming anyone who likes to fish. Our place is known as Granny's Country Cottage Bed & Breakfast. The web site is or google Jack and Donna Thieme, Humphreys, MO

Grapes of Held(View on map)

Graves Farm(View on map)

Gravois Planing Mill Co. (View on map)

Graybill Farm(View on map)

Great Harvest Bread Co.(View on map)

Greater Polk County Farmers' Market(View on map)
We are a farmers' market and have been in operation for fourteen years.

Greater Springfield Farmers' Market(View on map)
Season 1: April 12 through October 31. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays 8am-12noon. This market will accept credit and/or debit cards and participates in the Supplemental Nutrion Assistance Program (SNAP).

Green Acres(View on map)

Green Acres Urban Farm and Research Project(View on map)

Green BEAN Delivery(View on map)

Green Cabinet Shop, LLC (View on map)

Green Dirt Farm(View on map)

Green Gate Farm(View on map)

Green Gate Farm(View on map)

Green Hill Vineyard & Farm(View on map)

Green Hills Harvest(View on map)

Green Meadow Barn Company(View on map)

Greene's Country Store and Feed(View on map)
Greene's Country Store and Feed is family owned and operated, with a wonderful staff of great people. We are the blending of the traditional feed and the new understanding of the natural foods store, for those who are truly living a sustainable and healthy life style. From soil tests and the products to help fix your soil we can help you work on a better way to manage your garden, turf grass, or potted plants naturally and more economically. We also sell locally raised and 'clean' meats as well as we work with thirty different producers in supplying our CSA program Come on in we would love to see you --- Randy Greene call if you have any questions 636-561-6637

Greenscape Gardens & Gifts(View on map)

Grein Valley Pallet Co. LLC(View on map)

Grey Bear Vineyards & Winery(View on map)

Grindstone Valley Winery(View on map)

Grunhauer Kansas City(View on map)

Guardian Oak Growth by Giving(View on map)

Gunter Farms Pumpkin Patch(View on map)
We are a working dairy farm. During October we welcome guests to our pumpkin patch and corn maze. We do an educational session on farming in general and specifically for our school groups. We also do special tours by appointment. We have done some on site programs for schools by special arrangement. We try to be flexable so that we can meet whatever the public desires.

Gwendolyn's Kitchen "Treats and Sweets"(View on map)
Gwendolyn's Kitchen is family owned and operated. It began as a home based business, selling gourmet cheeseballs and pecan tassies to family and friends. In 2000, the business held its ribbon cutting ceremony at its current location, 624 First Street in Kennett, Missouri. Other items have been added over time. The business now features three gourmet cheeseballs- Original, Savory Deli Smoked Turkey and Firecracker Jack. Another local favorite is the NM Brownie and Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole. As a customer appreciation gift, they packaged their seasoning and dry rub last year.

H & M Country Store(View on map)

H&D Grain Farms LLC(View on map)

H-Bar D Ranch(View on map)

Ha Ha Tonka State Park(View on map)

HADES HONEY LLC(View on map)

Half Crocked Chef(View on map)
The Half Crocked Chef is Christina Hesse, a MO native, born and raised. She spent 20 years in the restaurant field from Executive Chef to General Manager. She formed Half Crocked in 2013 wanting to flex creative muscle while focusing on all natural ingredients. Half Crocked Chef blends all natural and organic spices, rubs and salts. We also make infused honey blends using local raw honey perfect for all your meats, sauces, soups and dressings. All items are gluten, soy and GMO free. We are FDA registered and State inspected. We also have an all natural hair and body line called Bee Well. We have shampoo, conditioner, lotion and sea salt scrubs. No mineral oils, sulfates, parabens or surfectants. The products are just made with organic oils and local raw honey.

Hall Farm(View on map)

Hall's(View on map)

Hallsville Farmers' Market(View on map)

Hamilton Missouri Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Hamilton Missouri Farmers' Market is a locally grown, handmade community farmers' market.

Hammons Products Company(View on map)
Our Story in a Nutshell: Ralph, Dwain and Brian are the three generations of Hammons entrepreneurial leaders whose company has kept the world supplied with Black Walnuts for over 70 years. The year was 1946. Ralph Hammons couldn't keep enough black walnuts on his grocery store shelves in the little town of Stockton, Missouri. Seeing the future potential of this local crop, Ralph bought a cracking machine and began buying wild nuts from the hard-working Ozarks people who gathered them each fall. Since then the company has survived short crops, fad diets and a destructive tornado to become the world's leading supplier of American Black Walnuts. Hammons Products Company still buys its nuts from the wild in this nostalgic tradition. Across 16 states thousands of people in our family of nut lovers have worked together to make the American Black Walnut an integral piece of Midwest culture.

Hampshire Pet Products(View on map)

Hampton Alternative Energy Products LLC / Hampton Feed Lot Inc.(View on map)
Hampton Alternative Energy Products, LLC operates in conjunction with Hampton Feedlot, Inc. to proudly boast Missouri's first anaerobic digester. This digester allows us to utilize the cattle waste to produce electricity, making us a green and self-sufficient feedlot. In turn, a large portion of our waste is diverted from the lagoon, which greatly benefits the environment. Hampton Alternative Energy Products, LLC has also created an organic fertilizer as a by-product of the digester. This fertilizer is nutrient rich and produces the optimum growing conditions for your plants. By processing the cattle manure through the digesters and drying, Nature's E.N.V. is 99.9% free of pathogens and weed seeds. The process has passed the scrutiny of Organic Materials Review Institute and is listed as organic. Nature's E.N.V. is also a USDA Certified Biobased Product. Hampton Feed Lot, Inc. is a custom cattle feeding company, since 1972, that has great team that you will want working for you. We are located in northern Missouri where feed resources and markets are easily accessed. The 4,500 head feedlot is designed with outside lots, open front building concrete lots, slatted floors, and excellent handling facilities. Nutritional experts formulate rations providing the most efficient feeding program available. Hampton Feed Lot can background and/or finish your cattle, giving each animal the personal attention it needs for top performance and competitive cost of gain. As we continue to progress, we will have our fertilizer available in stores. We look forward to continuing to serve our current customers as well as serving our future customers in both the cattle feed industry and the fertilizer industry.

Hampton's Hilltop Orchard(View on map)
Hampton's Hilltop Orchard is a small family farm in southern Randolph County about 45 minutes north of Columbia, Missouri.

Hamra Farms(View on map)

Handcrafted at Wit's End(View on map)
Handcrafted at Wit's End features repurposed vintage feed sacks, flour, grain and seed sacks that are made into purses and totes. I have been designing and making them for 5 years now, and my items have been featured in several publications: Country Home magazine, Backyard Poultry magazine, MaryJane's Farm magazine and Rural Missouri magazine. They are carried by several shops around the country, including Lehman's Hardware in Ohio. Custom work and wholesale orders happily considered. I can also make something from the customer's own feed sack. Always looking for more vintage feed sacks.

Hanley Fold Farm(View on map)

Hannah Creek Mill and Lumber (View on map)

Hannah's Better Beef(View on map)
This is a family farm where I produce my product. Beef and poultry are raised here and fed non-medicated feed. 'The farm to the plate' is my favorite saying. Know where your food comes from, raised with care. Happy means healthy livestock, better for you and your family.

Hannibal Custom Processing(View on map)

Hannibal Farmers' Market(View on map)
Season 1: May 21st through October 29th, Saturdays, 8am-12noon.

Happy Apples(View on map)

Happy Hollow Farm(View on map)

Happy Hollows Pumpkin Patch(View on map)
Happy Hollows Farm and Pumpkin Patch is a family owned and operated Pumpkin Patch located in Northern Pulaski County, We offer a petting zoo and a animal observation area which includes a variety of farm animals, including a wallaby, yaks, rabbits,bottle calves, goats and chickens. During the visit at Happy Hollows groups will take a tractor drawn hay ride down to the Pumpkin Patch and will be able to pick the pumpkin of their choice from the patch. After returning from the Pumpkin Patch we have a list of activities for the kids to enjoy, some of which include Water duck races, A Jungle gym made of hay that you climb up, and then slide or jump back down, Corn Hole, Hillbilly Golf, Pumpkin Slingn, a Corn Box (A sand box with corn instead of sand), a Catapult and Zip-Line, new this year at Happy Hollows is a Pnuematic Corn Cannon. We will continue to create and add more games and actives to the list between now and September 26th.

Hardwood Designs(View on map)

Hargrave Family Farms(View on map)
Hargrave Family Farms is owned by John and Lisa Hargrave. Located in Denver, Missouri at the site of Worth County's Poor Farm. The farm is planted with Aronia Meloncarpa (Black Choke Berries) a rediscovered 'Super Fruit'. We also have a small apiary and produce local honey, comb honey and pollen. In the future we will diversify our berry production with other native berries (elderberry, gooseberry and so on) and expand the apiary.

Harley Hostetler(View on map)

Harmony Farms(View on map)
Thank you for taking time to learn about our heritage pork! We're positive you'll enjoy our pork as much as we do. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality pork that is raised outdoors with the freedom to express their natural habits. Our 63-acre family farm is nestled in the northwest corner of Johnson County, MO, centrally located between I-70 and 50 hwy. We utilize electric fencing and intensively rotate pigs through our farm's lush pastures and woodlands throughout the year before resting in our winter pastures. In addition to pasture pigs, we raise goat, lamb, and poultry. Our diverse livestock combination symbiotically uses the farm while improving pastures and soil fertility. At Harmony Farms, our sows give birth in a peaceful setting chosen by them. We provide shelter and nesting materials (straw, hay, pasture/forage) to keep their young warm and dry. Our animals are never restricted or crated during labor. We breed the hardiest of livestock with superior mothering abilities. These mothers can farrow without crates or heat lamps in outdoor inclement weather, which is one of the reasons we raise delicious, old fashioned, heritage genetic pigs. Diverse food sources are a part of our recipe to pork perfection. To start, we feed produce year-round from Buckeye Acres Produce in Warrensburg, MO. The variety of feed the pigs enjoy from day to day are: tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, watermelons, peppers, apples, cucumbers, eggplant and sweetcorn. In addition to the vegetables, our pigs recycle non-alcoholic grains from making whiskey from Restless Spirits Distillery and beer from Cinder Block Brewery. On the farm, this warm treat is known as "pig oatmeal". Waste bread, hard boiled eggs, and free choice pasture and hay are also farm favorites. To balance the buffet variety in their diet, we have a custom, antibiotic-free feed mixed for our farm by Vast Feeds in Warrensburg, MO. The significant assortment in their nutrition contributes to tastier pork along with heritage genetics. The longer growth time for these "non-commercialized" psig allow for further flavor development and richer color of the pork. When you're ready to take your pork to the next level, call us. Our family farm is ready to provide you with superior tasting pork raised humanely and fed for flavor. We offer finished hogs monthly and have roasters available for special events. We can sell you a pound of bacon or a whole hog for your freezer. Thank you for your support! Thank you, The Harphams

Harmony Hill Goat Farm, LLC(View on map)
Small, family farm passed down to the second generation. We raise registered Kinder goats, a small dual purpose goat which we sell for breeding stock. We use the milk from our goats and produce goat milk soap and moisturizing cream to help support our farm.

Harmony Hill Trees(View on map)

Harris Cabinets(View on map)

Harris Unlimited, LLC(View on map)
Family owned business here to change the way people look at jerky and snack sticks.

Harry S. Turman Birthplace Historic Site and State Park(View on map)

Hart Apiaries (View on map)

Hartman's Heritage Community Market(View on map)

Hartmans' Custom Meat Processing(View on map)

Hartville Farmers' Market(View on map)

Hart|Beet Farm LLC(View on map)
Hart|Beet Farm is a small, diversified farm in northern Lincoln County, MO. From our fields we grow a variety of vegetables with the promise to never use pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. From our forest we harvest wild mushrooms, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, and maple sap. Our mission is to provide sustainably-produced, high quality foods to our community while improving the land and upholding our values of social and ecological justice. For more information, please visit our website at or visit us on facebook at

Harvester(View on map)

Harvey's Alley Spring Canoe Rental(View on map)

Harvey's Pecans(View on map)
Harvey's Pecans is a family owned Pecan Processing Facility. Pecans sold by Harvey's Pecans are grown on the family farm or purchased from local growers in the Brunswick, MO area. Some southern pecans are processed on an as needed basis. Pecan specialty products and various nut products are stocked in the retail store. The pecans house is open in season (October through December), M-S, 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., and 12:00 noon-5:00 p.m. on Sundays. Whole, cracked and shelled pecans are available in season and throughout the year. Custom harvesting, custom cracking and private labeling are a few of the services offered by Harvey's Pecans. Harvey's PEcans was opened in 1981 by Harvey and Mary Swan at the same location it is today. The facility is owned and operated by Harvey's and Mary's children. Harvey's Pecans processes pecans in accordance with the State of Missouri's guidelines.

Hatfield Locker(View on map)

Haue Valley Weddings and Events(View on map)
After 125 years of cherishing the 246 acre Haue Valley Farm, the descendants of the Haue family set out to share this little piece of heaven with close friends and family. The charming 7,000 sq ft. venue was built using cedar from the farm, and sawed on a mill built by the family.  With the help of many, many good friends, the venue hosted its first event in April 2013. The venue was opened to the public in 2014 and has played a small part in many large events since its inception.  We look forward to playing a part in yours too. 

Hautly Cheese Co., Inc.(View on map)
Hautly Cheese is a family owned and operated company, serving Missouri since 1934. We specialize in getting new and unique products to market.

Havco Wood Products, LLC(View on map)

Haw Creek Hideaway(View on map)
Our farm is uniquely located where the prairie meets the Ozarks. It is 250 acres of remote Ozark wilderness with a beautiful creek. With a balance of open areas and old timber, bluffs, valleys and ponds. The wildlife is abundant, and ranges from eagles to otters. Our domestic animals are varied, cows, horses, chickens, ducks and goats. Our cabin offers a special opportunity to experience native first hand. Hiking trails and quite unspoiled places to blend in and view nature.

Hawes Farm(View on map)

Hawgs's N Heat(View on map)

Hawks Family Maze LLC(View on map)
Seasonal Corn Maze

Hawks' Produce(View on map)

Hawn State Park(View on map)

Hayes Organic Farm(View on map)

Haymazing Farm Festival(View on map)

HDB & Company(View on map)

HDE Enterprises(View on map)

Heady Honey(View on map)
Heady Honey is a family owned honeybee and honey producer. In addition to honey and honeybees, we have eggs from free range chickens.

Healthy Harvest Gardens(View on map)

Healthy Harvest Productions(View on map)
We sell soybean meal to hog producers and the organic,non gmo,oils after refining we sell gourmet cooking oil.

Heart of the Ozarks Farmers' Market(View on map)
Newly open Farmers Market with over 30+ years of market experience. Ease access, producer only with local upscale quality products. A very friendly and unique outdoor market to visit.

Heartfelt Alpaca Creations(View on map)
Heartfelt is a small company founded by four women from the American heartland. Heartfelt products range from pet beds and dog coats to house wares that include rugs, wall art, coasters, and hot pads. Heartfelt's most successful product has been the felted alpaca insoles for which a patent is being sought. The seed for Heartfelt was sown a number of years ago when a handful of mid-Missouri alpaca breeders formed a cooperative outlet for their alpaca products. The Heartfelt owners raise their alpacas for their fiber, which is cloud soft yet remarkably strong and warm. Alpacas are shorn once each year and are not harmed in the process. They are gentle, stoic, largely defenseless creatures who live very lightly on the land. It is easy to see their therapeutic presence and their comforting fleeces giving rise to Incan myths of alpacas saving humans. The early cooperative marketing effort matured when the four Heartfelt partners acquired a FeltLoom in 2010. Heartfelt is truly an American business. The FeltLoom was invented and is manufactured by an alpaca breeder from Kentucky. The Heartfelt owners™ alpaca farms are in mid-Missouri. The mill that processes the fiber into batting is in Michigan. And the final products are produced by the Heartfelt partners themselves in Columbia, Missouri.

Hearthstone Foods(View on map)
Hearthstone Foods is a producer owned company specializing in gluten-free flour and flour based seasonings and products. The base for the flour and products is white food grade grain sorghum, a grain that is somewhat bland in taste but accepts flavors very well. Sorghum flour has been described as the most under utilized grain in the human market. Gluten-free is an essential element for those affected with the digestive disorder of Celiac Sprue. The company operates in a dedicated facility that only processes the food grade sorghum utllizing a stone mill and sifted thru fine mesh screens to provide the highest quality flour.

Heartland Barn Quilts(View on map)

Heather Hill Farms, LLC(View on map)

Heaven On Earth(View on map)

Heavenly Acres(View on map)

Heberle's Packing Co.(View on map)

Heinrichshaus Vineyard & Winery(View on map)

Heins Family Farms(View on map)

Heintz Processing(View on map)

Helm Family Farms(View on map)
Helm Family Farms was established in May 2006. We have always raised cattle, but we decided to start beekeeping in 2009. We started with only two bee hives and we have steadily grown from there. We are hoping to expand to almost 100 bee hives this year. We have two daughters that are both active on the farm and help out when and where they can. We all have a bee suit so everyone stays protected while we work. We have multiple locations that we keep our bees including a local blueberry farm. It is our desire to produce an all-natural honey, encourage others to start bee keeping, supply bees and produce other beehive products.

Hemman Winery(View on map)

Hemme Brothers Creamery(View on map)
Four Brothers. Getting up at 4 am. In the heart of the Midwest. Taking farmstead cheese a bit further. From crop to cream to curd, and now to you. Using milk fresh from the cows raised on the family farm. They say cream rises to the top. Well, so do creameries. Hemme Brothers. Where we make cheese- and today- even better.

Hendrickson's Inc.(View on map)
Hendrickson's Original Dressing was first developed in the 1930s at Hendrickson's Cafeteria in St. Louis, where it was used as a salad dressing, coleslaw mix and seasoning for many recipes. Although the restaurant closed in 1967, we have manufactured the dressing continuously with no change to the formulation since that time. Our manufacturing plant is currently located in St. Charles, Missouri.

Henry Blessing(View on map)

Henry Evers MFG Co. (View on map)

Henry Meat Co.(View on map)
The Henry Family Farm was established on August 1, 1949 by Wintha and Verna (Valle) Henry. They began raising a small herd of cattle, and the tradition continues with the addition of hogs and sheep. The multi-generational farm continues to grow as the family works to hold fast to the traditions of the independent rancher. In order to continue the tradition, some added value businesses have been added to the cattle ranch. These include custom feed sales, sale of live animals, butcher beef, pork and lamb, and custom cuts of meat. Henry Feed and Henry Meat Co, LLC are all under the umbrella of the Henry Family Farms.

Henson Farms(View on map)

Herb'n Garden(View on map)

Herbaria(View on map)

Herbs en' Route(View on map)
Herbs en' route is a wholesale grower located in Farmington, Missouri. Our products are pesticide free. We grow fresh culinary herbs and bedding plants. Herbs en' route is locally owned and operated.

Herbs, Heirlooms & 'Shrooms(View on map)

Heritage Valley Tree Farm LLC(View on map)
Heritage Valley Tree Farm is a 75-acre Missouri Century farm that has been family owned for over 160 years. The original family log house is situated in the middle of our lovely Christmas tree farm. The first seedlings were planted in 1983 and the tree growing family tradition continues. With a U-pick apple orchard, a pecan grove and choose & cut Christmas tree farm, Heritage Valley is situated just south of Washington, Missouri, and invites you to experience it's simple country setting.

Hermann Farm Farmers' Market(View on map)
With the garden season in full swing and a spanking-new venue for the farmers market, there is now more than ever an opportunity for residents to take advantage of the best produce the area has to offer What is soon to become Saturday and Wednesday traditions will bring you fresh fruits and veggies, picked within 24 hours of our market and brought directly to you by the friendly farmers who grow them. As the market develops you'll soon enjoy live music in a festive atmosphere, and enjoy a wide variety of edible delights, including everything from homemade jelly, to farm fresh eggs and meats with local honey in hand blown glass containers. Market planners are seeking gift and specialty vendors to add to those selling everything from cut flowers in unique artsy pots, pretty ceramics, and wonderful containers. Herbs, grasses and perennials all combine into bouquets that look like still lifes! We are looking for more vendors to offer bedding plants, hand-painted garden artwork and small-batch soaps, nuts, spices, and organic meats. The purpose of the Hermann Farm Farmers' Market is to reconnect area residents with local, naturally produced food and to foster a sense of community. The market also helps to educate and inform customers about healthy and natural eating. What's special about it, is that all the farmers grow their own produce and product in the Hermann area. You can talk to them about what they have grown and see a different variety of produce and hand made goods than what you can typically get in a grocery store. The Hofgarten venue is under roof and tables will be covered in red and white gingham cloths. Colorful banners were designed for the entry. Music will be performed live every Saturday starting at 1 PM. As the market develops future plans include wellness activities, 5K Bike Runs, Bird Walks, sales of art and craft. f you are interested in selling your produce, dried florals, herbs,home made jams, jellies, garden baskets or aprons, free range fowl, eggs, cheeses, breads or quilts contact Market Masters Kim or Linda at 573-486-FARM or stop by and visit with them at the market

Hermann Hill Vineyards Inc(View on map)
Built in 1995 as a Bed and Breakfast, Hermann Hill has been offering exceptional guest service with first class amenities. Our spa and spa features affords guest a luxurious Bed and Breakfast feel in a spa atmosphere. Our Mission is to have every guest who walks through our door leave better than they arrived.

Hermann Hills Apiaries(View on map)

Hermann Wurst Haus(View on map)
With more than 60 years of combined experience, owners, Mike and Lynette Sloan have dedicated their lives to producing and making world-class bratwurst and sausages. Success for the Sloans has been sweet and long-lived. Mike's career began at a young age at his parents' meat processing business in Swiss, Missouri. This is where he perfected his skills and recipes, working his way to the president and operating manager of his family's business, Swiss Meats & Sausage Company. In June 2011, Mike and Lynette ventured out on their own; purchasing an old auto parts store in downtown, historic Hermann, Missouri. With the help of friends and contractors, they began renovating immediately and opened the doors to the Hermann Wurst Haus in only 74 days. Today Mike and Lynette are living and breathing their true passion, owning their own business where they are creating award-winning bratwurst and sausages for everyone to enjoy.

Hermannhof Winery(View on map)
Historic winery in downtown Hermann, MO. Producer of estate grown fine wines. Local sausages and fine unique cheeses offered in the deli. Dining room with fireplace. Beautiful outdoor courtyard. Gift shop with many unique items.

Heroes Coffee(View on map)

Hetherington Meats(View on map)

HG Johnson Wood Products LLC(View on map)

Hi Ho Sheep Farm LLC(View on map)

Hickory Acres(View on map)

Hickory County Farmers' Market(View on map)
We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. We began our first season on May 1, 2015. We are located under a metal pavilion on three acres with plenty of parking. Our purpose is to provide healthy fresh produce and other healthy foods to the residents and visitors of the community and surrounding area. We also provide an educational setting to the community as well as students to learn the uses and benefits of quality, locally grown produce.

Hickory County Industries(View on map)

Hickory Grove Aromatics(View on map)

Hicks Produce Farm, LLC(View on map)
Just 10 miles South of Maryville, MO on Highway U. We have been growing tomatoes, potatoes and sweet corn for the Maryville Farmers' Market for 8 years. We have a passion for growing heirloom tomatoes and 4 years ago expanded into high tunnel growing. We now have 3 high tunnels filled with home grown goodness.

Hideout Bar and Grill(View on map)
A locally owned and operated restaurant using nothing but the freshest ingredients, started up by three local friends who want to serve the best local food.

High Springs Farm, LLC(View on map)
High Springs Farm, located on the outskirts of Buffalo, MO, began as a typical cow-calf operation that raised and sold black angus cattle direct to other cattlemen or through sale barns. Beginning in 2013, the business model was modified to meet the growing demand for grass-fed/grass-finished beef raised without the use of growth hormones, antibiotics or grains. We then redesigned our marketing plant to sell directly to health-conscious consumers via our website, farmers' markets and at our farm, where visitors can tour our farming operation and buy our beef products.

Highland Agricultural Consulting Services, LLC(View on map)
If you need a value-added grant written for MASBDA, please consider an experienced grant writer that understands your needs. We have written MANY federal and state grant proposals and can help YOU seek funding for your business for business plans and operational expenses. Shirl Luczak has written over 40 Federal and State Grant Proposals to various government funding agencies: - USDA Value-Added Producer Grants (USDA/VAPG) - Missouri Agricultural & Small Business Authority Grants (MASBDA) - Rural Business Enterprise Grants (RBEG) - Rural Business Opportunity Grants (RBEG) - Rural Cooperative Development Grants (RCDG) - Source Reduction Assistance Grants (SRA) - Technical Assistance & Training Grants (TAT) Highly experienced in the research and writing of feasibility and marketing studies in the agricultural field. Call for a FREE consulation and assessment: Shirl Luczak: 314-401-0895

Highland Blueberry Farm(View on map)

Highway H Highland Cattle Ranch(View on map)
We are a Missouri Farm raising highland cattle for grassfed, grass finished beef. We began our business in 2011 with the intent of providing consumers with the highest quality beef using no added hormones or antibiotics while treating our cattle in the most human way- giving them room to range and graze in beautiful natural pastures. We chose highland cattle, a heritage breed, which is naturally lower in fat and cholesterol and high in protein, iron and omega 3s because our family had a long history with the breed.

Hilkemeyer General Store(View on map)

Hill Valley Organics(View on map)

Hillermann Nursery & Florist, Inc.(View on map)
Hillermann Nursery and Florist is a family owned and operated business since 1951. The company's diversification is what sets this nursery/garden center apart from all others. Florist, gift, garden center, nursery, greenhouses, lawn and garden, power equipment sales and service as well as landscape irrigation, lighting patio and walls design and installation. We do complete lawn maintenance including mowing, mulching and snow removal. We are a short trip to incredible and invite you to visit. You won't be disappointed.

Hilltop Acres(View on map)

Hinch Creek Farm(View on map)
We are a family owned farm for 65 years in Crawford county. We specialize in raising honey bees and goats organically.

Hinkebein Hills Farm(View on map)

Hippie Chow Natural Foods(View on map)

Historic Downtown Liberty Farmers' Market(View on map)

Historic Soulard Market Merchants Association(View on map)
Open since 1779, Soulard Market operates 147 stalls that attract the biggest crowds on Friday and Saturday. The market is open Wednesday-Saturday year round. This open-air market is equipped with fresh produce, meats, spices, snacks, baked goods, flowers, and many other unique items.

HJ Design(View on map)
HJ Design is a marketing firm located in Pleasant Valley, MO. Lynn's background experience includes agricultural communications and marketing, lifetime member of ALOT (Ag Leadership of Tomorrow/class IX), and past NAFB member. Her current role at HJ Design is agricultural marketing specialist...creating websites and marketing plans for 'Missouri Made' ag products. Hj Design offers numerous marketing skills and strategies.

Hochstedler Farm(View on map)

Hoeckele's Bakery & Deli(View on map)

Holdems Company(View on map)
Holdems is a small local family business. Each member has a special talent and niche. We each offer something unusual on our website.

Holden Farmers' Market(View on map)

Holden Locker(View on map)

Holiman Farms(View on map)
In business since 2005, our primary purpose has been to house University of MO owned research swine. We were responsible for caring for the swine and following protocol and procedures which included feeding pigs different diets. The facility is currently set up for pigs but is open to reconfiguration for other species.

Hollow Woodworks, Inc. (View on map)

Holy Crepe!(View on map)

Holy Grail Winery(View on map)

HomeGrown & Happy LLC(View on map)
HomeGrown & Happy is a pickled foods company dedicated to convenient joy, naturally! We offer a variety of pickled foods and related spice, beverage and sauce products.

Homestead Creamery - A Taste of Nature(View on map)

Homestead Hill Farm & Nursery(View on map)
We are a family farm in north Missouri working hard to provide locally grown food and nursery plants for our community.

Homestead Hill Nursery(View on map)

Homestead Woodworking, LLC(View on map)

Hometown Market(View on map)

Honey Creek Pecans(View on map)
Honeycreek Pecan Company was established in 2013 in an effort to further diversify our farm operation. We were inspired by the 'We Grow You Eat' campaign at the Missouri State Fair and felt this was a logical next step for our farm as we already had several pecan trees established. Like us on Facebook at Honey Creek Pecans.

Honey Heaven and the Bee-Stro Café(View on map)

Honey Hive Farms(View on map)
Honey Hive Farms has been providing bulk honey and packages of bees to Missouri and surrounding states for over 8 years. Check out our website for more information Tim 602-330-8468 "Saving the world one bee at a time."

Honey Locust Hills, LLC(View on map)

Honeysuckle Acres, LLC(View on map)
We started keeping bees in 2007. As soon as we had a surplus of honey we began to sell it. Today we attend farmers' markets, craft shows & other events in our area, across the state & even travel into nearby states selling our products.

Honor Branch Farm(View on map)

Hoover's Bulk Food Store(View on map)

Hope Haven Industries, Inc. (View on map)

Hopkins Farms(View on map)

Horns Butcher(View on map)

Horrmann Meat Company(View on map)
We are a small processing/slaughter plant. Over the years, we have developed many of our own products in addition to custom butchering for local farmers. Some of those products include meats such as brats, meatloafs, summer sausage and more. Other products we have made are products to put on meats such as BBQ sauce, relishes and seasonings. We have been in business since 2003 and continue to expand with two retail stores in Springfield, Missouri.

Horrmann Meats & Farmers Market(View on map)

Horst Farm(View on map)

Horton Farm Market(View on map)
Farm market for a group of produce growers

Hoss's Market & Rotisserie(View on map)
Opened in 2002, Hoss's is a gourmet market and restaurant featuring high quality, unique groceries, wines and cheeses, U.S.D.A. Prime grade beef, Patchwork Farms pork, house smoked and roasted meats, made form scratch meals and catering services. We are also purveyors of fashion themed MIZZOU apparel.

Hostetler Farm(View on map)

Hot Charlie's(View on map)
Hot Charlie's is a St. Louis company that prides itself on delivering extreme flavor packed with heat.

Houligan's Berry Farm(View on map)
Houligan's Berry Farm is a family owned and operated business. The property itself has been well know in the Dixon area for many years for blueberries, pumpkins & Christmas trees. Since The Houle's purchased the property in 2016, they have continued cultivating blueberries and are expanding to blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. In the winter months they hope to bring back Christmas trees. You can look them up on Facebook as well!

House Handle Company(View on map)
The House family has been selling handles for over 70 years. The House Handle Company is one of Cassville, Missouri's oldest industries.

Houston's Home Grown(View on map)

HPKY - Hand Painted Knitting Yarns(View on map)

Huckleberry Hollow Farm(View on map)
Huckleberry Hollow is a U-Pick farm with over 2 acres of blackberries and blueberries (four varieties). The plants are over 20 years old and over six feet tall. No sprays are used.

Huebert Fiberboard(View on map)
Huebert Fiberboard, Inc. was founded by Cornelius Huebert and his sons, Jake and Harry. The company was incorporated in the state of Missouri in January 1960.

Huffstutter Orchards(View on map)

Hufstedler Farm(View on map)
Hufstedler Farm is a family-owned and operated farm located in the beautiful Southern Missouri Ozarks. Seasonal produce such as corn, blueberries and pumpkins are the main crop at this stage in the farm's development. Karl is an experienced welder and metal products designer who can build custom high tunnel doors upon request, as well as other possible custom metal features for your farming needs. Among Karl's past projects are custom tunnel design jon boats, high tunnel end frames with/without doors, iron porch swing bracing kits and plant hooks. Portable welding is also available.

Hufstedler's Canoes & Campground(View on map)

Humble Bumble Primitives(View on map)

Humble Hill Heirlooms(View on map)

Humdinger Drive-In Food Truck (View on map)

Hummingbird Kitchen(View on map)
Started in 2006, we have created or adapted interesting recipes to cater to local tastes. We have 2 large gardens on site and produce as much of our raw materials as possible. We supplement from other local producers when available, then go regional or global as necessary. Our motto is 'Life is too short to eat bad food.' We currently support local businesses, Swiss Farmers Market and New Haven Farmers Market. We share retail space at the Rockin' W Country Store.

Hungry Hollow Brewing Company(View on map)

Hunt Industrial Service Corp.(View on map)

Hunt's Orchard(View on map)
Hunt Orchard opened in 1906 and is still family owned and operated today. Our family took the reins in 2016, and we are looking to renovate and reinvigorate the orchard. Wholesale and retail sales will continue, as previously offered. We are expanding our endeavors with over 500 trees, several thousand berry bushes and several large gardens planted in our first year. There are over a thousand trees ordered for next spring's planting season. We are looking into what other areas may be of interest to our customers, including farm fresh eggs.

Hunter Valley Winery(View on map)

Hunter-Dawson State Historic Site(View on map)

Hut Products(View on map)
We were established in 1991, initially as a souce for woodturners to purchase quality wood finishes that we manufacture.

Huzzah Valley Resort(View on map)

Hyatt's Processing(View on map)

I SCREAM CAKES(View on map)

I-70 Farmers' Market(View on map)
Odessa I-70 Farmers' Market opens Saturday, April 18 in the Outlet Mall just off exit 37. We are a new market and excited about the opportunity to serve both our community and I-70 travelers being located parallel to I-70 at exit 37.

I. B. Nuts(View on map)

Ice Pond Farm(View on map)

Iliniwek Village State Historic Site(View on map)

Ilus Davis Park Farmers' Market(View on map)

Ima"Gee"nation Farm(View on map)
Family farm where our pet chickens and ducks roam free during the day. We decided that the pet chickens and ducks could help supplement our retirement income so we purchased more in the fall of 2013. The specific breeds that we chose to raise are very friendly and make great pets. We will be selling our eggs starting in the spring of 2014.

Imo's Pizza(View on map)

In A Twist(View on map)

Independence Farmers Market(View on map)
City Farmers Market and Craft Market for more than 40 years. More than 60 market selling spaces. Fresh produce, plants, fruits, eggs, honey, baked goods, and jams and jellies available. Local productions (100 mile radius). Market accepts EBT (SNAP) and offers match dollars through "Double Up Food Bucks". Also, debit cards accepted. Lots of close parking available and carry out service available for 2017 season.

Independence Regional Ennovation Center(View on map)

Indian Creek Winery, LLC(View on map)

Indian Hills Winery(View on map)

Indian Springs Resort(View on map)

Indie Mats(View on map)

Industrial Technologies, Inc.(View on map)
Industrial Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1973 as a distributor of specialty industrial and environmental equipment to meet the demands of a wide range of industries including farming, mining, food & beverage, fabrication, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. We are dedicated to providing quality products and professional engineering services that will produce maximum value to every customer.

Infamous BBQ(View on map)
We are a brother and sister BBQ team.

Inn at Clover Hill(View on map)
Welcome to the undisturbed calm of Missouri farm country. The Inn at Clover hill is a place to relax and recharge your life. Your visit to this fully functioning farm will include a stay in the recently renovated 80 year old farmhouse. Opportunities to interact with the farm livestock (sheep, cows & chickens) will be a bed and breakfast experience at it's best. We invite you to enjoy the many pleasures of farm life, perhaps a serene moment on the garden patio or a walk to the white barn to watch the sheep and cattle graze. Three charming rooms will be available. The Inn at Clover Hill also has a carriage house that can be used for weddings, reunions and parties large or small.

International Dehydrated Foods, Inc.(View on map)

International Farmers Market(View on map)
Our goal here at International Farmers Market is to bring farmers and consumers together. We want to provide fresh, local or organic produce to our customers. We also carry organic or non gmo snacks, health beverages such as kombucha, homemade soaps, grass-fed beef, pasture raised chicken, Alaskan wild caught salmon, as well as specialty European products such as cheeses, sausages, sweets and beverages.

Invermos Valley Farms(View on map)
At Invermos Valley Farms we having been selling beef at farmers markets for only a few years, but our family has been raising cattle in Callaway County for nearly 200 years and now we are back to the future! We take pride in our cattle and do not feed them antibiotics or inject them with hormones, but raise them naturally, free range, much like they were generations ago, but now with better genetics, better nutrition, and better treatment and processing. The cattle are grown on the fertile river hills and bottoms near the confluence of the Missouri and Osage Rivers. We provide individual and world-class care of our stock to provide you with outstanding and tasty beef! You will be consuming healthy beef from healthy cattle. Come experience a taste of the original Old West!

Invisible Fence Co.(View on map)

Iris Collectibles(View on map)

Iron Mountain Market(View on map)
A market for artists, crafters, musicians, writers, dancers, bakers, craft beverages, cooks, growers, etc. to gather to display and sale their wares.

Irons in the Fire(View on map)

Ironwood Greenhouse(View on map)
Ironwood Greenhouse came about by accident. I love starting plants from seed so Garrell built me a Greenhouse to start our garden plants. The first year I started plants I had a lot of extra plants and could't even give them away. Someone suggested that I take my plants to farmers market, so I did. The next year I started even more plants, and returned to farmers market. After a few years I was going to 2 farmers markets. I decided to try selling a few plants from home but we had a really wet season that year and the plants got too wet being outside all the time so the next year we built a second greenhouse. Well we out grew that real fast so the next year we built a third greenhouse. We now contunie to expand every year to meet the needs and wantrs of our customers. When customers com to me requesting items we don't have I try to add them the next year. So come Grow with us!

It's a Good Earth, LLC(View on map)
It's a Good Earth, LLC started when Sandra bagged some worm castings and needed, then subsequently created a label for these bags. With her permission, I registered her company with the state. Since then we have started selling some produce at the North Kansas City Farmer's Market and other places. What we are unable to sell generally is given to food pantries, neighbors, friends, and family. We have 55 acres, most of which is in hay and woods. Our small greenhouse allows us to start our own seeds and get them off to a healthy, productive life. We use pond water for our plants and gardens. We enjoy meeting customers and hope to continue this for a few more years.

Ivanhoe Farmers' Market(View on map)
Established in 2012 as an extension of the Grown In Ivanhoe program, Ivanhoe Farmers' Market provides an outlet for Kansas City area growers and makers to vend while providing the community with a food-centric gathering space.

Ivans Fig Farm(View on map)

Izzy Fashions(View on map)
My name is Sarah Jones, I graduated from Stephens College with a degree in fashion design and product development. I have been blessed with three wonderful K9 children Izzy (my boxer mix), Bones (my mini pitbull) and Titan (my border beagle). Back in 2015, I was looking for a sewing project and found a dog hoodie pattern. Suddenly a light went off. I made the pattern for Izzy (who needed a 2x due to her chest being so big), and she couldn't move in it. I decided I needed to make my own pattern and everything went from there. Izzy fashions then donated 9 hoodies to the Humane Society and got the ball rolling. I have found a way for my two favorite things to come together. I run the business and make all the products myself, all products are made with love and all sizes have been fitted to several different dogs. Let Izzy Fashions share our passion with you and let your K9 show off their paws.

J & J Soaps and More(View on map)

J & T Country Store(View on map)

J&J Processing(View on map)

J&L Custom Processing(View on map)

J'Adorable Designs(View on map)

J. Huston Tavern(View on map)
Step back in time to Arrow Rock's frontier heyday when you dine at the J. Huston Tavern at Arrow Rock State Historic Site. The tavern was built in 1834 by Joseph Huston, Sr. an early Arrow Rock settler and civic leader from Virginia. Built as a four-room, two-story brick structure with a summer kitchen, it was originally the Huston family home. Thousands of immigrants heading west passed by the tavern and Huston began offering lodging and meals to travelers and local citizens. The tavern is the oldest continuously serving restaurant west of the Mississippi River with 180 years of continuous service. It is the centerpiece of Arrow Rock State Historic Site and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors today can enjoy a drink in the mercantile store and dine in one of three dining rooms: The Sappington Parlor, Huston Room and Bingham Room.

J. McMullen Studio(View on map)
Jean has a M.A. in Art Education from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois with extensive gradute work in a variety of educational and art courses. She recently retired (June 2008) from teaching art in Ritenour School District but, gives private and group lessons to adults in her home. Jean continues to take watercolor workshops with nationally known artists to broaden her own personal artistic experiences. She owns and operates J. McMullen Studio, specializing in original watercolor floral, land-scapes, lighthouses, and food and wine collages.

J. Rae Pottery(View on map)

Jackman's Meat Processing(View on map)

Jacks Fork Canoe Rental & Campground(View on map)

Jackson Country Connection(View on map)
Jackson Country Connection, developed by Bob and Andy Jackson, is an outdoor agricultural entertainment center that provides family fun activities during September and October each fall. Activities include a corn maze, pumpkin patch, wagon rides, giant slide straw pile, corn box, corn cannon, bounce house and bale maze. A Country Store provides mums, yard & home interior items, and locally produced crafts, jams and jellies. Many photo opportunities are available with board cut-out props. Located in northeast Missouri, 9 miles south of Kirksville, and 3 miles north of LaPlata, the facility is open to the general public on weekends and is available for school and youth groups, church and community organizations, birthday parties, family gatherings, and corporate retreats by appointment on weekdays and evenings. The mission is to provide education and understanding of the agriculture industry and allow individuals to enjoy time together in the creation of a fun memory.

Jackson Country Orchard(View on map)
The Jackson Country Orchard is a local, family owned, seasonal operation.

Jackson Farmers' Market(View on map)

Jackson Frozen Food Locker(View on map)

Jacob's Vineyard & Winery(View on map)

Jacoby Farms(View on map)

Jadwin Canoe Rental(View on map)

Jadwin Trim and Lumber, LLC(View on map)
We have been in the hardwood business from the stump, to now the trim moulding end for more than 40 years.

JAG Food Company(View on map)
JAG Food Company makes a sweet Kansas City style barbeque sauce called JAG Sweet-n-Spicy Garlic.

Jag's Italian Meats, LLC(View on map)
Jag's Italian Meats, LLC was started in 2015 with passion to get our family's style of sausage out to the public to enjoy.

Jailhouse Jalapeno Brew or Kill-Kim Foods, LLC(View on map)
In 2003, Kim Jones obtained a recipe from a family member that was different from any other recipe she had used. She began experimenting with the recipe, changed some of the ingredients and created Jailhouse Jalapeno Brew, a truly unique and delicious grilling and mixing sauce. The unique name Jailhouse Jalapeno Brew was selected because Kim is employed by the Missouri Department of Corrections. She started her service in 1994 at the old Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City, MO, the oldest operating maximum security prison west of the Mississippi River. It was opened in 1836 and was decommissioned in 2004, and hosted some of the most infamous criminals in the country, such as, Pretty Boy Floyd, James Earl Ray, and Sonny Listen. M.S.P. inherited the nick name "the bloodiest 40 acres" because of the violence that took place between convicts housed inside its walls. After Kim created the Jailhouse Jalapeno Brew she continually cooked up batches to sell locally and to give away to friends and family. It was with their encouragement and the positive feedback from customers that she out-sourced its production for national distribution. Jailhouse Jalapeno Brew can now be found in grocery stores, gourmet and specialty stores, coo-ops and specialty retailers across the country.

Jake's Creative Woodworks(View on map)

James Maberry(View on map)

Jamesport Country Store(View on map)

Jamesport Farm Supply(View on map)

Jamesport Farmhouse(View on map)

Jamesport Harness & Supplies(View on map)

Jamesport Inn & General Store(View on map)

Jamesport Mercantile(View on map)

Jamesport Tavern & Grill(View on map)

Jasbo's Salsa(View on map)
Jasob's Salsa is a relatively new company. We began producing our product for public consumption in 2003. We use a recipe I obtained from an elderly Mexican gentlemen in 1982. This recipe was passed down through his family for generations in Mexico. Our company is a small company - just my wife and myself. But in the last 6 years, we have established a name for ourselves in Missouri and Southern Illinois areas. We've done this through festivals, craft shows, home shows and other events to where large crowds are drawn. Currently, our salsa is produced at Ozark Bottling in Lake Ozark, Missouri. We use locally grown produce obtained through Restaurant Depot in St. Louis.

Jasper Products, LLC(View on map)

Jazzy B's (View on map)
Welcome to the future of mobile cooking! Jazzy B's Bar-B-Que, a restaurant and catering company on wheels. Jazzy B's brings to the Kansas City community a breath of fresh air to the food and catering industry. By combining old fashioned values, going the extra mile, and using proven menu items exclusively from the owners recipe collection, Jazzy B's will lead the market, providing the same quality results every time by presenting a new and different way of cooking in the Kansas City area.

JED Cattle, LLC(View on map)

JeffboyardeeLLC(View on map)
I can pickles and sell pickles, salsa, relish, make seasonings....just started this year and am trying to launch in hyvee and pauls markets by Christmas.

Jeffs Custom Kitchens(View on map)

Jeffs Woodworking and Custom Cabinets (View on map)

Jen's Baskets, Crafts, & Other Gifts(View on map)

Jenkins Cedar Company, Inc. (View on map)

Jenkins Family Farm(View on map)

Jennings Premium Meats(View on map)

Jenny Walker Jewelry(View on map)

Jerry's Custom Cabinets, Inc.(View on map)

Jersey Dogs(View on map)

Jerusalem Café and Hookah Bar(View on map)

Jerusalem Cake (View on map)

Jesse Wagler Farm(View on map)

Jewell Cemetery State Historic Site(View on map)

Jimbo's "The Good Stuff" and Plants-N-Produce(View on map)

JJ Farms(View on map)

JJ's Berry Patch(View on map)
We added berry plants to our farm in 2007 and keep expanding every year. We have 2 acres of a mix of blackberries, blueberries, concord grapes and black and red raspberries. We are trying elderberries and goji berries. Our fruit is pesticide free.

JJJ & M Organic Farms(View on map)

JJR Family Farm(View on map)
We are a certified organic livestock farm located on the bluffs of the Missouri River. Our inventory includes various types of pork and beef products along with eggs. Call or email for current pricing and availability.

JNE Farm(View on map)

Joe Hutchinson Farms(View on map)

Joe's Cabinets(View on map)

Joe's Natural Produce(View on map)
Joe's Natural Produce is located in Northern Boone County on 6.5 acres. All of our produce is 'Certified Naturally Grown.'

John Borntreger(View on map)

John Michael Originals(View on map)

John Rufenacht Associates, Inc.(View on map)

John's Butcher Shoppe(View on map)

Johnson Ag, Inc.(View on map)
When you buy from Johnson Farms you're supporting a local farm miondful of the environment, passionate about sustainable living and all the while offering beauty for the home at affordable prices. We're proud of our farm and look forward to your taking the opportunity to escape to the country, but still be close to your home.

Johnson Gardens(View on map)

Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park(View on map)

Jolliff Farm(View on map)
Jolliff Farm is a family owned, four season farm located in West Plains, Missouri, dedicated to providing clean, healthy, local food to our community. Our business started in 2013 at the West Plains Area Farmers Market and has since expanded to include a wider variety of outlets.  It has also expanded to include a wide selection of homemade artisan breads and a weekly delivery plan. Our goal is to grow a wide variety of high-quality produce for you to enjoy. Jolliff Farm produce is always grown without the use of synthetic chemicals of any type, sustainably grown and is non-GMO. We believe that these practices make it better for your health and tastier too. We also try to make as small of a carbon footprint as possible by using largely machine-free methodologies, minimal packaging, and keeping our produce as 'local' as possible.

Jon El's BBQ, LLC(View on map)

Jonas Yoder Farm(View on map)

Joni Miller & Sons(View on map)

Joplin Farmers' Market(View on map)

Jordon Foods(View on map)

Joseph's Shop, LLC(View on map)

Josephville Meat Processing(View on map)

Josie's Original Soap Co.(View on map)

Journey Snacks(View on map)
Missouri Made Beef Jerky

Jowler Creek Winery(View on map)
Jowler Creek is Missouri's first green vineyard and winery. We use green technologies, such as solar power, to make our wine and use sheep to control weeks and chickens to reduce insects in our 7-acre sustainable vineyard. We currently make eight award-winning wines in various styles ranging from dry to sweet. We're located just 30 minutes north of downtown Kansas City, and our on-site tasting room is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for free wine tastings. You can also find our wines at more than 75 locals stores in Kansas and Missouri.

JSK Lumber, Inc. (View on map)

Jungermann Store(View on map)

Jurgensmeyer Farm(View on map)

Justice Furniture MFG Co. Inc.(View on map)
Originally founded in 1957, Justice Furniture & Bedding has grown through the years by offering a superior product at excellent prices throughout the Midwest.

K & K Custom Cabinets(View on map)

K & S Wood Products(View on map)

K & W Popcorn(View on map)

K T Sauce Distributing, LLC(View on map)
In August 2013, my son strongly suggested that since I came from Japan and cook a lot of Japanese food for people, who especially enjoy the sauces I use, I should start a Japanese or Asian sauce distributing company to market these sauces. I have been using these sauces at home, at school and at church for many years. On January 7, 2014, two of my friends, retired teachers (myself included), and my son formed an official partnership and created our company, KT Sauce Distributing, LLC. We had to maneuver through the mountains of government regulations and procedures at every level to get that accomplished. One of our partners attended a two day class at the University of Missouri and passed to obtain the required Bioengineering Certificate in the Division of Food Systems. Our hope and objective is to distribute these sauces throughout the state of Missouri and eventually across the United Sates!

K. Holly Designs(View on map)

Kahoka Meat Processing(View on map)

Kaitlynn's Deli and Ice Cream Shop(View on map)
The origin of Kaitlynn's goes back to 2006 when Kaitlynn Reichert, just 16 years old, began baking delectable cheesecakes and playing around with recipes in her home kitchen. The hobby grew and soon a dream of owning a restaurant where she could share her sweet treats took shape and the planning began. Having been the 5th generation to grow up on her family's small centennial farm just outside of Brunswick, Kaitlynn decided to stay where her roots were and Kaitlynn's Deli and Ice Cream Shop opened its doors in 2011.

Kakao Chocolate(View on map)
All-natural, handmade chocolates and confections, including sea salt caramels, hand-dipped chocolate truffles, and marshmallow pies. We source local ingredients as often as possible, including Missouri pecans, local honey and lavender, and fruits from farmers markets. We think you'll notice the extra attention we give our candies with your first bite!

Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Co.(View on map)

Kandles and More(View on map)
Scott and Viola Whiting are a "mom & pop" business. We have been married for more than 30 years, and in business together for over 20 years. We work together as a team to make our soy candles and soaps. Our 2 daughters are both married, and we now have three grandchildren. They have busy schedules, but do help out when they can. Scott has done a lot of research to insure that we make the best quality soy candles and soaps, and still be able to sell them at an affordable price to the consumer. We really enjoy meeting people and introducing them to the many benefits of soy!

Kate and Ally's New York Pizzeria(View on map)
Local family owned restaurant. Est. 2003. Fresh made pizza dough daily, salad dressing, marinara sauce, pizza sauce, spice and our own sausage.

Kate's Gourmet Salsa, LLC.(View on map)
Kate's Gourmet Salsa was an idea that was born out of our love for salsa. So into the kitchen my wife goes brewing and mixing. After four batches we had the 'perfect batch', thus the original recipe was born. Well 7 years later and on October 6, 2009, we decided to sample market it to friends and family to see how it would hold up. Well, it has held up and we created the 3 Salsa's.The jelly was an idea that came to Kate by her mother, who loved the hot jellies. Into the kitchen my wife goes, hoping to impress her mother and the Jalapeno and Crasberry Jalapeno were created. We are very blessed to have been given this opportunity. 'One Bite & You're Hooked!'

Kate's Jams and Jellies(View on map)

Kathy Allison(View on map)

Kathy's Krafts LLC(View on map)

Kathy's Teddy Bear Shoppe(View on map)
I recycle fur coats into custom teddy bears.

Katy Trail State Park- Statewide(View on map)

Katy's Kreations(View on map)

Kautz, LLC - Mexicali Blues(View on map)
Mexican Restaurant and Cantina

KC BBQ Truck (View on map)
We are on a mission to feed the hungry and we are taking our passion for all that is smokey and delicious to the masses! The KC BBQ Truck is a Liberty, Missouri-based company and is merely the latest culmination in a series of hobbies gone out of control. My first encounter with smoked meat was a chopped burnt-end sandwich some 20 years ago. It was love at first bite. My passion and desire for truly decadent meat grew from a kettle grill turned smoker into a hole in the back yard and a cute pink pig properly iced in a bathtub. Long story, but entertaining none the less. This passion later became the monstrosity which is the KC BBQ Truck. The KC BBQ Truck combines my love of cooking, meeting people, helping people and bragging. We feel life is too short to eat mediocre food. Bad BBQ abounds, and we are the remedy for both these problems. When the KC BBQ Truck arrives on site, you can be assured you will be eating some of the best BBQ Kansas City has to offer.

KC Fudge, Inc. dba Chip's Chocolate Factory(View on map)
Chip's Chocolate Factory is not just an average candy store. Kansas City's, and many argue all of Missouri's and the entire mid-west's, richest, most creamy hand-made fudge and confections are made fresh daily, right before your eyes. Delicious hand-made creamy fudge using only the finest ingredients, with no preservatives, butter, or marshmallow cream. Tempting Chocolate confections hand-made using imported Swiss chocolate. Celebrating 26 years as the "sweetest" place in Kansas City, we'd love to welcome you for a visit, a sample, and certainly something to take home and remember us by. Can't make it down? Visit us online to find an extensive online catalog. Don't settle for the mundane and ordinary. Visit Chip's for a unique experience and taste that you won't find anywhere else!

KC Organics and Natural Market(View on map)

KC Smoke Burgers(View on map)

KC's on the Current(View on map)

Kearbey's Lake Road Farm Market(View on map)
We started in 1980 raising strawberries only, then in 2000 we expaned to include homegrown & locally grown. In 2009 we added pumpkins, gourds, fall decor & hanging baskets. Pick your own strawberries in May. Lee & Karen Kearbey

Keiser's Konfections(View on map)
We have different types of 16 Flavors of Fudge and 5 Flavors Candied Nuts. I have been producing Fudge and Candied Nuts since 2001. I use my Grandmother's recipe for my fudge, and I add no corn syrup or marshmallow fluff to my fudge, so with my fudge you will get a taste that will bring back memories of what your grandma's fudge tasted like. I also make peanut brittle and chocolate covered toffee.

Keltoi Vineyard & Winery(View on map)

Ken's Pepper Works(View on map)

Kenmar Timber Co. Inc. (View on map)

Kennedy's Country(View on map)
We are a family owned operation working off a small acreage just outside of Lees Summit, Mo. We currently have Christmas Trees. We planted an orchard and blueberries in 2013 with plans to expand in the future.

Kennett Community Farmers' Market(View on map)

Kenney Family Farms(View on map)
Come tour our diversified farm! In the spring and summer we offer a U-pick berry patch with a variety of berries to choose from and in the fall we offer a pumpkin patch and corn maze where you can take amazing pictures with sunflowers and mums or the beautiful Sac River bottom ground as your backdrop. We pride ourselves in raising good quality products that have fed our own family for generations.

Kenny Duzan Grower(View on map)
Kenny Duzan has been growing quality produce since 2011. Kenny and his wife Becky are both great cooks and eat what they produce. Kenny is quick with an easy recipe to introduce his customers to vegetables they many not be familiar with. Kenny's farm is the home of the "Worlds Best Spinach" brand spinach.

Kenrick's Meat & Catering(View on map)

Kerry Inc.(View on map)

Ketrina Seasoning LLC(View on map)

Kevin's Wood Shop(View on map)

KG Foods LLC(View on map)
KG Foods manages all levels of the food supply chain such as project management, supply chain solutions, warehousing and quality control. We source ingredients and products from farms and food manufacturers to distribute to clients all over the world. We have distribution centers or representative offices all across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Kiefer Pallet Co, Inc(View on map)

Kim's Kitchen, LLC(View on map)
Small family owned-just getting started.

Kimsey Valley Farm(View on map)

King Beany, Inc.(View on map)

King Tree Farm LLC(View on map)

Kingsford Manufacturing Company (View on map)

Kingsley Bros.(View on map)

Kirksville Kiwanis Farmers Market(View on map)
Open: May through October Hours: Saturday - 7am to noon

Kirkwood Farmers' Market(View on map)
Kirkwood Farmers' Market is located in the heart of Downtown Kirkwood and is open daily. The season runs from April - September with a Harvest Market and Pumpkin Patch in October and a Christmas Market late-November through December. Please visit our web site for a list of participating vendors and operating hours.

Kirkwood Stair and Millwork(View on map)
With roots in Highland, Illinios from 1899, our company moved to Kirkwood, Missouri in the early 1900's, where it took on the same name of Kirkwood Stair Company. Since 1994 Kirkwood Stair and Millwork has been owned by Berger and Barr families. For over 110 years our creative designers, craftsmen, wood carvers and installers at Kirkwood Stair and Millwork have created handcrafted one of a kind stairs.

Klapmeyers Berries and More (View on map)

Knob Noster State Park(View on map)

Knowlan Family Farm(View on map)
Knowlan Family Farm aims to provide local fruit, vegetables, grass-finished beef and family fun. We opened our doors for the first time in 2016 and are looking forward to offering more products and activities as we continue to grow. The years to come will also bring more activities for kids and families as we continue to grow. We look forward to seeing you on the farm!

Koenig Country Corner(View on map)

Koenigs Greenhouse(View on map)

Korzendorfer Bick Picture Frame(View on map)

Koupps Koffee(View on map)
Koupps Koffee was started to bring customers delicious roasted coffees from around the world - but roasted in our own backyard. Started as a hobby in 2007, we worked to turn our passion for coffee into our family's small business. We purchase our coffee as raw beans and roast them to create different roasts suited to the type of coffee bean and our own taste tests. It has been a fun and interesting experience to taste test different types of coffee from different world regions and climates. Family and friends have aided us in our experiment and have given us feedback about which types of coffee they prefer. Again, we would like to thank you for showing your support of our small family-run business. We hope you enjoy your coffee and look forward to hearing back from you.

Kozy Kamp(View on map)

Kraft Foods(View on map)

Krone Creatives(View on map)

Kuhns Bros Log Homes(View on map)

Kuntry Bulk Grocery(View on map)

Kurzweils' Country Meats(View on map)

Kuva Coffee Company(View on map)

L & R Farms(View on map)
Located in the rich soils of the Missouri River bottoms, L & R Farms is a third and fourth generation family owned and operated business developed for local produce production and marketing. Over the past few years, we have added 6 high tunnels to our operation, extending our growing season. We, as a culture, have been dependent on sustainable agriculture to feed our families; therefore, we are dedicated in our mission to provide a wide variety of top quality, fresh locally grown produce to meet the needs of our community. In 1999, we began selling our produce at a local farmers' market; today, we have expanded to four farmers' markets, local grocers and to some wholesale outlets.

La Fontanella Foods(View on map)
We are a locally owned Kansas City company! We private label and custom manufacture pasta sauce, salsa, jams, bbq sauce, sald dressings and seasoings. We produce retail and instutional pack sizes. We have been in business for 15 years and manufacture some of are areas most successful products. We look forward to working with you Victor Cascone

LaBella Vineyards & Winery(View on map)

Ladd's Family Farm(View on map)

Ladoga Ridge Winery(View on map)
We are a new family operated boutique winery in Smithville, MO conveniently located just north of Kansas City, MO. Ladoga Ridge Winery produces quality hand crafted wines and offers a variety of locally produced products in our gift shop. The winery offers inside and outdoor seating and is surrounded by vineyards providing panoramic views and breathtaking sunsets. Scheduled tours are available. Sandwiches and soups available Wednesday-Friday, 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Parties of 5 or more, please call ahead,

Lady Bugs & Baby Hugs(View on map)

Lafayette County Farmers' Market - Concordia(View on map)

Lafayette County Farmers' Market - Higginsville(View on map)
Fresh seasonal fruits, herbs and vegetables grown locally. Bedding, herb and vegetable seedlings and plants. Homemade jams, breads and baked goods. Assorted handmade crafts. Demonstrations and entertainment are held throughout the season.

Lafayette County Farmers' Market - Lexington(View on map)

Lafayette County Farmers' Market - Odessa(View on map)

Lage Cabinet Shop(View on map)

Lahms, Inc.(View on map)
We are a family business located in Springfield, Missouri. We have a certified processing facility to produce our dips, sauces, and acidified products. We can produce 1,000 to 1,500 twelve ounce containers per week with the capacity of double this production if we have the market.

Lake of the Ozarks Area Off-Road(View on map)

Lake St. Louis Farmers & Artists Market(View on map)
The Lake St. Louis Farmers Market started as a small collection of local growers who aimed to provide better food at a fair price to the surrounding community. Through this direct marketing effort, our market has allowed customers to better connect with their own local food system and growers while providing growers with an honest living wage by avoiding heavy distribution costs. We have grown into the large diverse market that we are today by building customer retention through high customer satisfaction.

Lake Wappapello State Park(View on map)

Lakeview Farm(View on map)

Lakeview Farm(View on map)

Lakey's Custom Cabinets, LLC(View on map)

Lakota Coffee Company(View on map)

Lamb Custom Millwork, Inc.(View on map)

Lamme Farm Service LLC(View on map)
Grain Bin Sales and Service Since 1964 3 Generations

Lamps by joanna(View on map)

Larm's Farm(View on map)

Larry Conaway Sawmill(View on map)

Larrys Meat Market(View on map)

Lasco Foods, Inc(View on map)

Lathrop Farmers' Market(View on map)

Lathrop Feed and Grain(View on map)

Latino Taste(View on map)
Original and Unique South America Seasoning and Chocolate Mix with spices. No MSG, No Chemicals or Artificial flavor added. I have always tried to have a little bit of my country here with me in the U.S. I was always asking my family in Venezuela to send me my favorite seasoning and chocolate, and everyday it was getting more complicated for them to send it. So, one day I had an idea to create my own Latino seasoning and chocolate using a secret, family recipe. I've shared my own creation with my relatives and friends, and they like too. Now, I'd like to share a little taste of my country with you. The seasonings are all purpose, you can use before or after cooking, good in meat, chicken, pork, turkey, vegetables, salads, hamburgers, fish, soup and more... Following traditional Latino culture with the right blend of ingredients to create healthy seasonings and chocolate mix for you and your family.

Laughing Stalk Farmstead(View on map)

Laura Miquelon(View on map)

Lawson Farmers' Market(View on map)

Lay Z Canoes & Camping, LLC(View on map)

Lazy L Safari Park(View on map)
Perched on the banks of a slow-moving creek, Lazy L Safari Park is not your typical zoo. The park was initially established in 1988 as a family-owned and operated alternative livestock ranch. After years of fielding questions from local people about the animals, the family decided to open the park to the public and allow visitors to enjoy the animals in a comfortable, safe and natural setting. Filled with hundreds of exotic animals with over 50 different species, visitors are offered a completely self-guided experience.

Lazy T Alpaca Farm(View on map)

Lazy W Farms(View on map)
Lazy W Farms is a small scale farm that provides farm fresh goods at low cost to the community. Lazy W Farms was founded by Donald and Marilyn Wilson in 1970. They owned and operated this farm until their deaths. After their passing the farm was taken over by their grandchildren.

Leaky Roof Meadery, LLC(View on map)
Leaky Roof Meadery is a family-owned business producing honey fermented beverages.

Lebanon Farmers' Market(View on map)

Lee's Summit Parks and Recreation: Sylvia Bailey Park(View on map)
Lee's Summit Parks and Recreation opened Sylvia Bailey Park for fall agritourism activities in 2015. Sylvia Bailey Park opens each fall for the month of October for fun fall activities including a hay mountain, hay slide, corn box, pumpkin bowling and yard games.

Legacy Chutney LLC(View on map)
Our company sells Chutney. It is great on crackers, used like a salsa, on sandwiches, and more. We have been making these products for years, and we have finally decided to share it with others. People have often told us it is amazing and soon become addicted! We have 4 delicious flavors that are all VEGAN. Chutney is no more an 'add' on but an essential ingredient for all foodies who want to enhance the flavors of their palettes in a unique and satisfying way.

Legacy Vacation Home LLC(View on map)
Welcome to the Legacy where the dream of family togetherness comes true. Our family has made lifetime memories here, and we now invite you to make your own wonderful family memories in the home our family treasures - the home families come back to year after year. We welcome you to relax and breathe free here in the serenity of the Ozarks. The Legacy is nestled among the hills of our 450 acre Triple-G Ranch. It's peaceful and quiet here, yet The Legacy is located only twelve minutes north of Branson and thirty minutes south of Springfield. We are ideally situated for quick and easy access to Silver Dollar City, Shepherd of the Hills, and Table Rock Lake via the new Ozark Mountain High Road (bypassing congested highway 76). Closer still, are Branson Hills with the new Payne Stewart Golf course, Branson Landing, music shows and outlet malls; a relaxing twelve minute drive south on Highway 65. The TRIPLE G RANCH is a family-owned working cattle ranch. The property features panoramic views, secluded meadows, broad pastures, and expansive hardwood forests. Wildlife is plentiful with numerous wild turkey and whitetail deer and recent bear sightings. There are many farm animals to be enjoyed including horses, cattle, goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, dogs and cats. There are babies year round. You won't want to miss this unique opportunity to interact with the animals of the Triple G Ranch. Meandering through the middle of the ranch you will find beautiful Bull Creek known as the clearest creek in Missouri. Not merely a trickle, Bull Creek flows year-round accommodating canoeing and boasting trout in the Spring. Explorers will delight in discovering scenic cliff overlooks and little hidden waterfalls. The historic Harrison to Springfield stagecoach road also passes through the property. Still standing is one of the homesteads that flourished on this land many years ago.

Legendary Stair and Woodworking (View on map)

Lehman Family Orchard, LLC(View on map)

Leinbach Farm(View on map)

Len's Old Tyme BBQ Seasonings & Sauces(View on map)
Len's Old Tyme BBQ Seasoning & Sauces is a operated mobile, stand alone, food service operations catering to specific culinary demand or request and to compete in BBQ Contest through out the Midwest. We anticipate expanding our product, with new seasonings and sauce line, manufactured by the Ozark Bottling in Ozark, Missouri to accommodate the demand of our customers.

Les Bourgeois Vineyards & Winery(View on map)
Known for its spectacular bluff top view of the Missouri River Valley, Les Bourgeois Vineyards is one of Mid-Missouri's premier cultural and recreational attractions. A family owned and operated winery, Les Bourgeois offers visitors a taste of some of the Show-Me State's finest award-winning wines, exquisite bistro cuisine and beautiful scenery. Les Bourgeois offers a unique combination of rural quaintness and convenient accessibility. Located just one mile off I-70 about halfway between Kansas City and St. Louis, Les Bourgeois is a popular destination for tourists drawn to Rocheport by its fine antique shops, world-class bed and breakfasts and easy access to the Katy Trail. Les Bourgeois offers full service, bluff-top dining year-round at the Blufftop Bistro, which opened in November of 1996. The original bluff-top outdoor wine garden (the "A-Frame") is a favorite warm-weather retreat for picnickers from surrounding communities. The winery and adjacent gift shop located just off the Rocheport Exit (115) are a popular stop for travelers seeking a respite from 1-70 or unique souvenirs their friends will appreciate.

Lettuce Dream(View on map)
Lettuce Dream, a social enterprise engaged in hydroponic farming, exists to provide meaningful employment and job training programs for persons with cognitive or developmental disabilities, so that they may enjoy the benefits of living, working and fully participating in our community. Lettuce Dream is a 501©(3) organization.

Levi and Malinda Petersheim(View on map)

Lewis and Clark State Park(View on map)

Lewis Winery(View on map)

Liberty Blueberry Farms(View on map)
Liberty Blueberry Farms is a pick-your-own blueberry and blackberry farm. Pre-picked berries are available as well. Our farm is approximately 35 years old with nine acres of blueberries and three acres of blackberries.

Liberty Farmers Market Association(View on map)
The Liberty Farmers Market hours are 7 am - noon, every Wednesday morning from May - October. All produce is grown within 100 miles of Liberty. With several vendors, we offer both conventional and organic grown fruits and vegetables. If you're searching for local grown produce, a CSA, heirloom tomatoes and other heirloom vegetables, fresh eggs, herbs, flowers, baked goods, homemade jellies, pickles and crafts, stop by and see us. We have many friendly farmers waiting to greet you.

Liberty Wednesday Farmers' Market(View on map)
Open: May, June, July, August, September and October Hours: Wednesday - 7 am to Noon

Lincoln University Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Mission of the Lincoln University Farmers' Market is to provide an open and accessible meeting place that brings together families, neighbors, visitors, local food producers and artisans with the purpose to create a sense of community, encouraging social gathering, to enhance the quality of life of the members of our local community and to strengthen our local economy.

Lindwedel Wine Garden(View on map)

Linn Farmers' Market(View on map)

Linnenbringer Farms, LLC(View on map)
Linnenbringer Farms, located 20 miles east of Columbia, is a third generation family farm that is continuously progressing to meet today's environmental and consumer needs. Our belief is that farming should be good for the land, the animals and the farmers. We are taking our conventional agriculture systems and transitioning them into land rejuvenating systems. Using planned, rotational grazing management we run a calf-cow to grain finished operation with laying hens following our cow herd. The majority of our livestock feed needs comes from grain grown on our farm.

Lion's Light Farm and Stable, LLC(View on map)
We are a new farm (founded as an LLC in Oct 2014). Once operational we will grow certified organic produce and provide limited equine services.

Little Green Garden LLC(View on map)

Little Hills Winery & Restaurant(View on map)
Little Hills Winery, Restaurant, and Wine Shop is located in historic St. Charles which overlooks the Missouri River. The award winning winery makes up to 21 local wines each using Missouri and Illinois grapes. These wines are paired with an eclectic menu which is served everyday at Little Hills Restaurant. Wine and dine outside at our outstanding patio which is open all year long featuring fire pits and a live pond. Enjoy our 1850s historic building and shop in our wine shop specializing in custom labels, baskets and wine accessories. Book your next event or just relax and enjoy the historic district. Contact us at and Like us on Facebook.

Little Italy (View on map)
Little Italy, K.C. is a local food truck and catering company in Kansas City food truck scene. We offer an array of easy to eat traditional Italian food.

Little Niangua Campground(View on map)

Little Pleasures Foods(View on map)
I started making the soups several years ago when a friend of mine, who is physically challenged, told me that she could no longer stand at her kitchen counter for long enough to prepare meals. She is particularly fond of bean soups. This was further complicated because, at the time, I lived in New York and she lived in Illinois. But off to the kitchen I went and started "tweaking" her recipe so she could try them, and after numerous attempts (and lots of postage charges) she told me that my soup was better than the original. After my first success with the French Market Soup, she said I should try some original. After my first success with the French Market Soup, she said I should try some different kinds of bean soups. There were more failures but in time I developed all the soups on this website. Initially, we gave them as gifts at Christmas and House Warmings. Our family and friends kept asking for more and eventually someone suggested that we make them available to everyone. The dips soon followed when another friend kept asking me to make dips for her. She still asks for the Dil-liteful Dip - her personal favorite. Shortly after starting, we were given the opportunity to participate in the Best of Missouri Market, an annual event at the Missouri Botanical Garden that features only Missouri made products. The rest, as they say, is history. We welcome your comments, so please let us hear from you.

Lizzy Jeanne's, LLC(View on map)
Lizzy Jeanne's Jams and Jellies is a family owned business operating in the heart of the Ozarks. Our jams and jellies are made in small batches to ensure their finest quality and freshness. Our original recipe for emerald green jalapeno jelly made in our household for many years and requested by friends and family. This is the recipe that inspired us to start our business. So many people asked for a jar during the holidays to serve, it prompted us to make jams and jellies to sell from there. Our business expanded to the fruit flavor jams and jellies that we create from fruits and berries native to our area. The name of our company 'Lizzy Jeanne's' is derived from this mother-daughter team's middle names 'Elizabeth' and 'Jeanne'.

LJL CATTLE(View on map)

Lloyd's Pumpkin Patch(View on map)

Local Harvest(View on map)

Lochhead Vanilla Company(View on map)
Lochhead Vanilla Company, LLC is a third generation family business. We make wonderful flavors and extracts, specializing in Pure Vanilla Extracts. We also make vanilla powers for coffee toppings and baking mixes and natural almond extract. All are available in 4 oz. (118 ml) glass bottles and in bulk. Our extracts are pure and natural and made using our cold process extraction. They are the best extracts in the world.

Lock Pallet and Warehouse(View on map)

Lockwood Packing Co.(View on map)

Locust Creek Covered Bridge State Historic Site(View on map)

Lodge at Mark Twain Lake(View on map)

Loganberry Inn Inc.(View on map)
Loganberry Inn is a nationally recognized award-winning Inn in Historic Fulton Missouri, just 5 minutes off I-70 about 2 hours distance from Kansas City. The Inn is a grand Victorian built in 1899. Many renowned guests including Margaret Thatcher, Scotland Yard detectives, and Polish President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Lech Walesa, have chosen to stay here. Guests come from all over the world, but most come for a get-a-way weekend retreat from St. Louis or Kansas City. Graciously decorated and furnished with English and French antiques, the Inn features stained glass, marble fireplaces, Ultra Spa bath, outdoor gazebo with hot tub, and private baths. The Inn offers Girlfriend Get-a-ways, Weddings and Romance Packages and amenities for the business traveler. Located in the historic Brick District, the Inn is strolling distance from great restaurants, the Art House, Brick District Playhouse, specialty shops and antiques. Start your day with a full gourmet breakfast by a celebrity chef. Breakfast is served on fine china and crystal in the elegant dining room, or if you prefer, served in your room.

Loganbill Enterprises, LLC(View on map)
We are a family business and have been making shavings and mulch since 1996. We do pine and oak shavings, dyed mulch and dyed baled shavings for livestock shows, which we can ship all over the US. We are currently expanding our business and are making biochar. And in the process to be certified organic.

Lois A. King, Artist(View on map)

London Farm and Gardens LLC(View on map)
London Farm and Gardens LLC and All Things Local Farm store is family owned and operated. We are located just a few miles from Mt. Vernon and Aurora Missouri and are only a few miles off of the Ozark Scenic Mountain Parkway (HWY 39). We extend our growing season by using raised beds with row covers and are adding a high tunnel and greenhouse so we can grow fresh, seasonal produce year-round. It is our mission to grow and sell locally produced meats, poultry, eggs, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, plants and products.

Lone Cottonwood Farm(View on map)
Lone Cottonwood Farm is located on a small acreage just northeast of Columbia, Missouri and all our bee hives are placed within a 30 mile radius. Our beekeeping adventure began in 1974 with the purchase of a single hive of bees at a farm auction. Although many things have changed over the years, our passion for working with bees and producing the highest quality honey remains the same.

Lone Star Farmers' Market(View on map)
Lone Star Farmers' Market started in a small parking lot with tailgates down and drive-through customers. It has grown to be a good place to say hello to neighbors as customers browse the displays set up under a copper-top pavilion. Amenities have been made for customers and vendors alike with public restrooms, certified kitchen, walk-in cooler and community room availability.

Long Branch State Park(View on map)

Long Creek Herbs(View on map)
We have been in business since 1987. We manufacture Jim Long's Herb Formulas including Herbal Nail Soak, and publish herb and gardening books. We sell retail and wholesale through our catalog and website nationwide as well as to Canada and several European countries. We give garden tours by reservation and fee. Several national catalog companies carry our products as well. We host and train garden interns during the growing season. We trial new plant introductions, write, photograph them for various garden publications. Jim is a magazine columnist for several gardening publications and a member of the Garden Writers Association

Long Farms(View on map)

Long Time Gone Antiques & Colectibles(View on map)
We sale wholesale and retail antiques and collectibles

Longmeadow Rescue Ranch(View on map)

Longview Farms Natural Soaps(View on map)

Looper Farms/Jed's Jack O'lanterns(View on map)

LoRusso's Cucina(View on map)

Los Tules Mexican Restaurant(View on map)

Lost Branch Blueberry Farm(View on map)

Lost Cabins Resort, Inc.(View on map)

Lost Creek Vineyard (View on map)
Lost Creek Vineyard is a quaint family-owned winery and vineyard. With vines over twenty years old, the 12+ acre vineyard is home to three grape varietals. Chardonel, Noiret and Vignoles grapes are harvested annually to supply grapes for our wines. The winery produces nine wine varieties for sale. The award winning wines are sold in the winery and are also available to ship in the state of Missouri. Lost Creek Vineyard's current wine offerings are Chardonel, Whistle Stop White, All Aboard Blush!, Whistle Stop Red, Chambourcin, Proprietor's Choice, Peach, Raspberry and Late Harvest Chardonel. Each wine is made with Missouri grown grapes. Located just .3 miles off the Katy Trail and only eight miles from Historic Hermann, it is a perfect destination for a day trip. The beautiful rolling hills of the vineyard and wraparound porch make the perfect setting for reunions, corporate events and even weddings.

Loud House Farm(View on map)
Loud house Farm is a seven acre working farmstead located in Kansas City, Missouri. We are devoted to time honored and earth friendly methods of cultivation and preservation. Promoting healthy eating, creating native bio diversity and providing education to our community

Louis J. Swacker Woodworking(View on map)

Louisiana Farmers' Market(View on map)

Love2Nourish LLC(View on map)

Lucky Clover River Resort(View on map)

Lucky Falling Star Ranch(View on map)
My name is Greg Brown. Along with my wife Karol, we own the Lucky Falling Star Ranch, where we raise registered Texas Longhorn cattle. We needed to come up an alternative marketing strategy on how we could fillet these horns. When you take the horns and hide off you have a marketable lean beef. Our decision was to try to sell our beef one pound and one ounce at a time. We started raising longhorns in 1991. Starting with one cow and one heifer. We have grown into over 60 head. In 2012, we started selling USDA inspected packaged meat and beef sticks as a value added product to the farm. We market our product within 100 miles of the farm and also at My wife's new adventure is "Mrs. Farmer Brown Eggs". The chickens are raised on rotating pastures.

Lucky Snipe LLC(View on map)
'Outdoor Products by Outdoor Enthusiasts - Like You!' For Lucky Snipe's owners, enjoying the great outdoors is a way of life. The business was formed as a means of sharing their love of nature and outdoor sporting by bringing new and unique products to buyers at a reasonable cost. We offer many products that cannot be found elsewhere, and many of them are made right here in Missouri.

Lucy Lamb's Farm Stand(View on map)

Lumber Specialists, Inc. (View on map)

Lumley Locker(View on map)

Lutfi's Mobile (View on map)

Lutz Jams and Jellies(View on map)

Lutz's Famous BBQ(View on map)

M-Power Enterprises LLC.(View on map)
M-Power Enterprises LLC is 100% woman owned. We make Primal Cry Hot Sauce, Sweet Peanut Sauce and Thai Beef Jerky. We are the authentic Thai food. Our exotic, flavor-filled cuisine has various spice levels and never burn, but instead usher in smooth, rich warmth to the senses and palate. We are located in the Northland of Missouri.

Maa Pies and More LLC(View on map)

Mackey Produce and Maxwell Gardens(View on map)
We are currently building a high tunnel and will offer a full line of vegetables and some berries.

Mad Jack's on Wheels(View on map)
People often ask who has the best fish. My theory is fish is like chicken, there are a lot of places selling it. Either you want the flavor of Kentucky, the spicy of Churches, the Cajun of Popeyes, can't describe but it's good of Go Chicken Go. It all comes down to what you have the taste for.

Made Fare Co.(View on map)

Made of Clay Pottery(View on map)

Made With Love by Rita(View on map)

Madewell Meats(View on map)

Madison Co. Saturday Farmers' Market(View on map)

Madison County Farmers' Market(View on map)

Madison County Wood Products, Inc. (View on map)

Maggard Tree Farm(View on map)

Maggard's Canoe & Corkery Campground(View on map)

Maggie Mae's Tea Room(View on map)

Maggie's Bar and Grill(View on map)

Magic Moments Riding Therapy(View on map)

Main Street Market of Carrollton(View on map)
This business is in the start up phase. One of my goals is to sell as many Missouri produced products as practical.

Main Street Moberly, Inc.(View on map)
A producers' farmers' market venue open to everyone adjoining and living in Randolph County marketing farm produce, products, local crafts and/or an entrepreneur that promotes a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for our community and its citizens.

Mallow Farm, LLC(View on map)

Mama Jane's Designs & Creations(View on map)

MaMa Jean's Natural Market(View on map)

Mama Mendez Salsa's(View on map)
Family recipe passed down and now a family owned salsa company. Business formed out of a love for cooking and a love of Hispanic foods.

Manitou Farms(View on map)

Mann Farms, LLC(View on map)

Marceline Farmers' Market (MABCC)(View on map)

Marceline's Finest Cocoa & Coffee(View on map)
Nestled in Walt Disney’s boyhood hometown you will find Marceline’s Finest. Our 30,000 square ft facility is located just outside of town set in a beautiful field with horses galloping in the pasture nearby. Inside we create something special that sets us apart from all large commercial roasting companies today. We roast on Victorian Era Fire Roasters completely by hand. This is the same way coffee was roasted when Walt Disney was a boy and lived in Marceline. And just as Walt Disney captured the old world feel of life with movies such as Lady and the Tramp, we capture the taste and aroma of times gone past in every cup of Marceline’s Finest. All other coffee roasters use the same type of commercial roasters and the same techniques to roast their coffee. They may go on and on about how their coffee is different, but they all the same roasting styles and machines and limits the variables. Our coffee is always TRULY hand crafted in cast iron roasters have perforated drums that expose the beans to the fire, thus caramelizing their natural sugars, all the while adding a smoky body that cannot be duplicated with modern roasters. The resulting coffee is rich, full bodied, and has a smooth finish with subtle chocolate undertones. Enjoy a cup of Marceline’s Finest today! We promise to deliver only fresh roasted coffee never stored or warehoused.

Mark Hall Cabinetry(View on map)
Mark Hall Cabinetry has manufactured custom cabinets in Mid-Missouri for over a decade. We design and build cabinetry from small & simple to sprawling & lavish, for individuals or contractors.

Mark Twain Birthplace Historic Site and State Park(View on map)

Mark Twain Forest Products(View on map)

Market in the Loop(View on map)

Market on Main - Winfield's Farmers & Artisans Market(View on map)
The City of Winfield Farmers Market will hold it's first season for Market on Main Winfield's Farmers and Artisans Market in 2017.. The market's mission is to improve the health of our residents while providing a venue where local farmers, producers, crafters, and artisans can come together to provide a variety of fresh produce and related products directly to our residents and visitors. We have a committee working hard to bring this initiative to our community and the surrounding areas!

Marr Enterprises LLC(View on map)
We manufacture and sell Barbeque Sauce and barbeque related items.

Marshall Custom Woodworks, LLC (View on map)

Marshall Market on the Square(View on map)
Open: May through September Hours: Saturday - 7:30am to 12noon

Marshfield Farmers' Market(View on map)
This farmers' market has everything for fruit and vegetable lovers to bird lovers with bird houses and bird feeders. The market has eggs, and baked goods of all kinds. There is something for everybody young and old.

Marti's Kitchen LLC(View on map)
Marti's Kitchen was started in 2010. Our Jalapeno Mustard is professionally bottled and is now being distributed into stores and sold on the web. We are in the process of creating other mustards. Besides the mustard we make seasonal jams, jellies and fruit butters. Our best sellers are apple butter, cranberry-orange, jalapeno jam, and cranberry-jalapeno jelly. We now have a horseradish mustard on the market. Our cranberry-jalapeño jelly has been sent to the bottler and should be on the shelves this summer. We do a 'cook to order' business, preparing home cooked foods and doing gift baskets for all occasions. We enjoy preparing good tasting wholesome food, without preservatives hydrogenated oils, or high fructose corn syrup, for people to enjoy.

Martin City Farm and Outdoor Market(View on map)

Martin Dairy(View on map)

Martin Farm(View on map)

Martin Rice Company(View on map)

Martin's Cherry Farm Bakery(View on map)

Martz Farm(View on map)

Marvin Huenefeld - Woodturning Artist(View on map)

Marvin White Cabinet Shop(View on map)

Mary's Little Lambs Products(View on map)
Mary's Little Lambs Products The pioneer spirit is alive and well in my soul. I am in my 23rd year of raising sheep and using their wool to produce warm woolies. My spinner's flock of ~24 sheep is known as 'my friends', which are producing nice warm, soft wool. The breeds are Romney-Merino crosses and Rambouillet. Each year I introduce products made solely from my sheep's wool raised on my Ozarks Farm. Most of my inventory is spun on industrial machines but I design everything. In the past few years I have incorporated recycled materials in my inventory. I weave rugs and create hats and mittens using recycled sweaters and other various materials. All rugs are woven on my Schachts Mighty Wolf loom. You can find my fun woolies for sale on my Mary's Little Lambs Product Facebook page, or website or call (417) 257-2307 or email

Marydale Inn(View on map)

Mast Family Farm(View on map)

Mast Family Farms(View on map)

Mastodon State Historic Site(View on map)

Matanda Wood Creations(View on map)

Mateker's Meat Market & Catering(View on map)

Mathiot's Paradise Nigerian Dwarf Goats(View on map)

Mathis Farms Pumpkin Patch(View on map)

Mathis Farms Pumpkin Patch(View on map)
We have a seven generation family farm, we started Mathis Farms Pumpkin Patch in 2009. We have kept the real farm experience in what activities we include each year during the month of October.

Matney Custom Cabinet Doors(View on map)

Matt's Backyard Farm(View on map)
We are a micro urban farm. We grow fresh produce without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Although our product are not (yet) certified as organic we do use earth friendly growing practices. We also practice small scale aquaponics for produce production.

Maull's Smoky Barbecue Sauce(View on map)

Mauller Family Farm(View on map)
Mauller Family Farm was established in 2014 with the planting of blueberries and blackberries. We are continuing to expand our fields each year. Come by and watch us grow.

Maven Boutique(View on map)

Max's Meats & Deli(View on map)

MCB, Inc.(View on map)

McCarthy Spice & Blends(View on map)
Established in 1994, McCarthy Spice & Blends has been providing reasonably priced, high quality spices in quantities our customers need. We sell bulk spices and spice blends to our customers with a minimum requirement. We will custom blend spices to our customers specifications. We can package in jars, bags and bulk boxes. We work with our customers to produce their dry spice products for market.

McGinnis Wood Products, Inc.(View on map)

McGraw Hilltop Pecan Farm(View on map)
In 1992, we purchased 15 acres of land on the bluffs of the Missouri River in south-central St. Charles County. We built a new home on the property but did not know what to do with the remaining land. What we did know is that we wanted to make the land productive in some way. My father-in-law suggested we plant pecan trees, which we did in 1993, after completing the necessary clearing and preparation of the land. My father-in-law, now at 91, has lived to see the hundreds of trees he helped plant and nurture become abundantly productive, which never ceases to delight him! As a dentist, I am able to sell our pecans to my patients, which is very unusual but great fun. My patients constantly tell us how much they love buying pecans from us and how big and beautiful our pecans are and how sweet and delicious they taste. We also offer decorated containers of pecans for most holidays that make much appreciated gifts. Many times, nice folks come in the office to buy pecans and end up being patients! Our whole family helps us with the harvest every year and we enjoy spending time outside in the beautiful fall weather while we work together to 'bring in the crop.' We never cease to marvel at nature's bounty and remember thankfully how special our pecans are to so many folks.

McKaskle Family Farm LLC(View on map)
McKaskle Family Farm, LLC sells processed and packaged organic popcorn, long-grain brown and white rice, brown basmati rice, popcorn cornmeal, popcorn polenta, white corn stone ground grits and white corn cornmeal. All farm products are grown on the farm in the Braggadocio, Missouri area.

McKenna Family Farm(View on map)
We are a family farm with a stand at our barn in which we sell the produce that we raise. We also sell locally grown produce and fruit that we don't produce. In the fall, we turn into a awesome pumpkin patch. We open in May and run through November for fall fun.

McQueens Wood Ranch(View on map)
McQueens Wood Ranch is a home improvement business. Cabinet building and Installation.

McWilliams Pumpkin Patch(View on map)

Meadowlark Farm LLC(View on map)
Meadowlark Farm is its own brand of happiness and health, from the farmers to the plant and animals who inhabit it. Most people recognize our pigs before they recognize us. They are fairly famous having been visited by Congressman, school aged children on field trips and a chefs throughout their existance as the Nutty Pig. We proudly steward a polyculture, believing strength lies in diversity. Culture consists of pastured cows, pigs, poultry, rabbits and produce. Permaculture and organic practices are embraced as we are committed to preserving our farming heritage and protecting endangered breeds such as red wattle and large black hogs, the staple at our farm.

Mean Greens Farm(View on map)
We are a new farm offering a wide selection of vegetables.

Mean Vegan Products, Inc.(View on map)
Mean Vegan Products creates, manufacturers, wholesales and distributes Unbelievably Vegan Food. Jack Tamales, Kansas City Jack Bar-b-q, Smoky, Herbed Chick-Un and Funguy Jerky are currently available for sale in many Missouri and Kansas retailers, delis and restaurants.

Meert Tree Farms, Inc.(View on map)
Meert Tree Farm is a family business dedicated to sharing our farm with our customers and friends. We offer a variety of activities throughout the year and are available for groups field trips, hot dog roasts, wagon rides, farm viewing and nursery service. There are natural attractions such as a 250 year old Burr Oak Tree, rock ledges, wooded paths, ponds, and just a chance to visit nature.

Meier Horse Shoe Pines(View on map)

Meier's Smokey Meat Company(View on map)
Meier's Smokey Meat Company has been making jerky and blending spices for domestic meats, jerky and sausage for over 15 years.

Memory Lane Dairy Store, Inc.(View on map)
Memory Lane is a family owned and operated bottling plant. We have been in production since March 21, 2001. The operation shut down for 14 months because a tornado hit our processing plant but we started bottling again July of 2010. We would like to invite all to come see our new building. We are open Mon. Tues. Thurs. and Fri. 9:00-6:00. We have a viewing window at our plant when we are bottling - call for bottling times.

Memphis Realty(View on map)

Merallie Bags(View on map)

Meramec Bison Farm, LLC(View on map)
Meramec Bison Farm, LLC has been in business since 1993. We are a family owned farm and sell most of our bison meat to health food stores, restaurants, CSA's and individuals. The bison are mostly grass fed on cool season and native warm season grasses. Pasture rotation results in healthier bison and better tasting meat. All our animals are processed by state inspected facilities and are 100% bison with no added meat byproducts.

Meramec Caverns Canoe Rentals(View on map)

Meramec State Park(View on map)

Meramec Vineyards(View on map)

Merbs Candies(View on map)

Mercer County Farmers' Market(View on map)

Merritt Sawmill(View on map)

Mervin Martin(View on map)

Messia Foods(View on map)

Metamorphosis Landscape Design, LLC(View on map)

Metzger Forage and Livestock(View on map)

Mexico Farmers' Market(View on map)
Mexico Farmers' Market Inc. is a "producer only" market. Our products are all locally grown by area farmers to bring wholesome and nutritious food to your family. Come see and taste the difference!

Mexico Meat Market(View on map)

Meyer Tree & Berry Farm(View on map)
We are a farm of 50 acres located three miles South of Dixon on Highway D. We grow three acres of blueberries, for pick your own or pre-picked.

Michael Muzinich(View on map)

Mid-MO Growers Group(View on map)

Mid-Town Rec., Inc.(View on map)
Mid-Town Recreation was started on April 1st, 1973 as a recreation center. Now we are a BBQ restaurant with 90% of revenue coming from Food and BBQ Seasoning and Sauces. Doing business as Strawberry's Restaurant.

Midland Interiors(View on map)

Midtown Farmers Market(View on map)

Midwest BBQ Creations(View on map)
Midwest BBQ Creations, LLC is a Missouri family-owned business that was started in 2016 because of our love of all things BBQ. Our roots are based in a family BBQ team that led to local private parties and catering. As one of our seasoning blends became more and more popular, we decided to have it commercially produced so that everyone could give it a try!

Midwest Exchange(View on map)

Midwest Herb Company(View on map)

Midwest Pasta Company(View on map)
With over 50 years collective experience in many aspects of food service from dish washing to owning restaurants, the Midwest Pasta team understands the needs of a successful operation. Serving the best tasting, highest quality food in a pleasing environment at a competitive price is the goal of every food service professional. When Midwest Pasta decided to produce fresh pasta for the food service industry, we knew that this goal was central to our manufacturing business. Midwest Pasta exists for one reason: to produce the highest quality product at the most competitive price. We combine the freshest ingredients (such as locally milled flour made from the finest "new crop" Durum Wheat) with Old World techniques to create a variety of laminated and extruded pastas with distinctive texture, shapes and flavors. Our overall goal is to make quality product or to make none at all. The way that we create our fresh pasta insures an outstanding product at a competitive price for the customer. With these goals in mind, Midwest Pasta invites you to sample our product with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Call Midwest Pasta to arrange for your own custom designed pasta or for a price quote on any of our standard pasta products. We look forward to serving you.

Midwest Veneer Co.(View on map)

Midwest Wine Tours(View on map)
Midwest Wine Tours specializes in sharing the joy of wine in the Midwest. There's no need to travel to Napa, there's plenty of scenic, award-winning wineries in the Midwest that are just waiting to be experienced. Midwest Wine Tours currently offers tours from Kansas City to beautiful Hermann, Missouri. We will take care of everything, lodging, food, and of course the wineries. Just sit back and enjoy yourself. Current tours will leave on Friday around noon and returning Sunday by 5pm. Tours to other areas of the midwest will be expanding soon.

Midwest Worms(View on map)
RAWkin Worm Farm started approximately one year ago growing and selling Composting Worms, Fishing Worms and producing Vermicompost for those who want the world's best organic soil builder.

Mike Shannon's Steaks and Seafood(View on map)

Mild to Wild Acres(View on map)

Miles Farms(View on map)

Miller Creek Ranch, LLC(View on map)
We have a local small farm in Callaway County Missouri.

Miller's Audrain Farm(View on map)

Miller's Berry Farm(View on map)

Miller's Cabinet Shop(View on map)

Miller's Custom Cabinets, Inc.(View on map)

Miller's Honey(View on map)

Millsap Farm Pizza Club(View on map)

Millsap Farm, CSA(View on map)

MiMi's Candied Jalapenas(View on map)
Started MiMi's Jalapenos about 8 years ago. Mainly sell out of family restaurant in Branson, Missouri.

Mission Hills Honey Company(View on map)
Mission Hills Honey Company is going into its third year! We produce pure, unfiltered raw honey. Year two was a learning challenge as we had many situations to contend with; admittedly, we lost some hives but have learned from these different expierences and can offer the finest in pure wildflower honey straight from the hives.

Mississippi River Hills Association(View on map)

Missouri Alpacas(View on map)
Missouri Alpacas began in 2004. Looking for a way to use our land and diversify we decided to raise alpacas in addition to Angus Cattle. Alpacas are environmentally friendly and are ideal for small acreage. They produce wonderful fiber which can be used for a wide range of products from clothing to rugs. With over 22 natural colors you are only limited by your imagination. The alpaca's average weight is 150 pounds and their gentle temperament make them an ideal choice for families or individuals looking to venture into animal husbandry and a farm lifestyle. We believe there is still a place for small farms in Missouri. We offer starter and mentoring to new alpaca owners. It is our pleasure to introduce you our lifestyle of raising alpacas.

Missouri Bees(View on map)

Missouri Botanical Gardens(View on map)
Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis' mission is 'to discover and share knowledge about plants and their environment in order to preserve and enrich life.' Today the Garden is a National Historic Landmark and a center for science and conservation, education and horticultural display. The Garden's 79 acres of horticultural display include the Climatron conservatory, the Japanese Garden, the Chinese Garden, and the English Woodland Garden, among others. The William T. Kemper Center for Home Gardening includes 23 residential-scale demonstration gardens. The Garden has many highly regarded education programs, including classes for students, adults and families, professional development for teachers, and community outreach classes. The Garden's annual events include the Orchid Show, Whitaker Music Festival, and Best of Missouri Market (R) , just to name a few. The Garden also encompasses a family of attractions including Shaw Nature Reserve and the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House. For more information go to .

Missouri Cajun Products(View on map)
Nolte Hills Nursery grows greenhouse tomatoes and is the maker of Missouri Cajun Product's Cajun Catsup and Ross Sauce. Our sauces are bottle and sold to novelty shops and stores.

Missouri Chestnuts(View on map)
Fadler Farm is a family run orchard that is located in Chariton County Missouri. Our chestnuts are delicious and great to roast or add to any recipe for a special touch.

Missouri Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture(View on map)

Missouri Fibre Corp (View on map)

Missouri Food Bank Association(View on map)
The Missouri Food Bank Association is a coalition of the six Missouri Food Banks working to provide hunger relief to every county (and St. Louis City) in the state. Collectively, we distribute over 95 million pounds of food each year through a network of more than 1,500 community feeding programs.

Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association(View on map)
Wishing to preserve the type of horse that had long been selectively bred in the Ozarks, in 1948 a group of interested horse breeders incorporated and secured an organization charter for the purpose of maintaining an accurate stud book. The Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association exists to record and preserve the integrity of the breed registry. Representing Missouri Fox Trotting Horse owners around the world, the MFTHBA promotes the horse through membership participation in expositions, fairs, horse shows, trail rides and other venues; provides beneficial services for members to enhance and encourage ownership of Missouri Fox Trotters; and generates growth of the breed through marketing, promotion, advertising and publicity of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse. On June 4, 2002, the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse was officially recognized as the state horse of Missouri. The World Headquarters for the MFTHBA is in Ava, Missouri, where the Association hosts two world shows each year. The Spring Show and Three Year Old Futurity is held in June and the World Show and Celebration is held each September. The MFTHBA World Headquarters and Showground is located on 130 acres in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in Ava, Missouri. The showground has 334 full service RV sites, five arenas, 850 covered stalls, three bathroom/shower facilities, a merchandise store, Hall of Fame, and a restaurant seating 200. RV spots are available to rent from April through October.

Missouri Hardwood Products, LLC (View on map)

Missouri Harvest, A Guide to Growers and Producers in the Show-Me State(View on map)

Missouri Hay & Straw, LLC(View on map)

Missouri Highland Berries(View on map)

Missouri Legacy Beef, LLC(View on map)
We are a third generation family of cattlemen, returning to the free-range practices of Mark's grandfather William Mahnken, who started feeding cattle in Lafayette County around 1902.

Missouri Life Magazine(View on map)
Missouri Life magazine reaches 106,000 readers -- 91% want to buy local food, products and services. Missouri Life was just awarded 'Magazine of the Year' by the International Regional Magazine Association's Annual meeting.

Missouri Made & More LLC(View on map)
Missouri Made & More is a cooperative of artists and crafts people from throughout the state. It offers a wide variety of products produced in Missouri and is always looking for additional quality, handcrafted creations. The Versailles store opened in October 2011.

Missouri Mercantile(View on map)
We carry only products made in Missouri. Gift baskets and gift boxes are a specialty. We have Missouri shaped baskets also. We carry wines from 17 plus Missouri wineries, dips, salsa, jams, jellies, sausage, rice, fudge, bbq sauces, seasonings, etc. Please visit our web site at

Missouri Mines State Historic Site(View on map)

Missouri Mulch(View on map)

Missouri Natural Beef Inc.(View on map)
Missouri Natural Beef grows and also purchases pasture finished, grain fed beef that is antibiotic free for sale to restaurants and grocery stores.

Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, LLC(View on map)
Here at Missouri Pecan Growers we strive to produce the finest quality organic pecans available. These pecans are grown by local farmers on land that has been passed down through multiple generations and some of our ' Old Mama' trees are 300 years old. America's Native pecans have been enjoyed by people all across this world for many years and their future is looking exceptionally bright.

Missouri Pacific Lumber Co.(View on map)

Missouri Pork Association(View on map)

Missouri Pride(View on map)

Missouri River Monument Co.(View on map)

Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Assn.(View on map)
Missouri River Valley Steam Enginwe Ass, started in 1964 2013 will be the 50th back to the farm reunion allways held Thur-Sunday after Monday (labor day) We are an educational Organization related to farm history, Threshing grain with tractor and steam engines, baling straw with stationary Balers, Antique gas engines Quilting demonstrations, house tour with 1900 equiped furnitue of that period, blacksmithing, molasses making,Draft horse demonstrations, lumdber sawing and large displays of steam tractor and farm tractor dating back to the early1900's, historical life skills. Our web site is

Missouri Specialty Meats, LLC(View on map)
The company purchases meat products and adds value by processing it into ready to eat fajitas under the brand name Fiesta Dave's.

Missouri Spirits House(View on map)

Missouri Star Quilt Company(View on map)
On a shoestring budget, we bought a building in Hamilton (two minutes away from mom and dad's house) and started the Missouri Star Quilt Company, selling a few quilting supplies and primarily offering machine quilting services. It soon became apparent that in a town of 1100 people it would be difficult to produce enough revenue to employ our parents and also make a decent profit. This was the impetus behind growing our business online. Alan approached his best friend and former LDS mission companion David Mifsud to get involved in the business. They had served together for eight months in the Kyiv, Ukraine mission and had always dreamed of going into business together. With Alan's technical background (having run several tech start-ups out west), David's financial and marketing background and my expertise in the quilting industry, we had the ingredients to start a successful online business. I ran the physical shop and the day to day operations of the company while Alan and David focused their efforts online. As owners, our variety of talents and ability to work harmoniously together would help propel the company forward. The company now ships hundreds of packages every single day to customers all over the globe. Due to our popularity on YouTube, the brick and mortar shop has become a quilting destination attracting quilters from all over America and around the world to the small town of Hamilton, Missouri. Not long ago, we even had a bus tour of women from Australia roll into the shop! The company now employs more than 25 people, which is the largest employer in Caldwell County, including single and retired mothers, students, and others. What started off as a family business has now grown to include an entire community, and even though not everyone who works for Missouri Star is related, we sure feel like family.

Missouri State Fair(View on map)

Missouri State Museum(View on map)

Missouri Table and Chair(View on map)

Missouri Tie, Inc. (View on map)

Missouri Wildflowers Nursery(View on map)

Missouri Wine and Gift(View on map)

Missouri's Best Beef, Inc.(View on map)
A member owned and managed, vertically integrated beef marketing Co-op created to retain profits from each phase of cattle production for its members. Missouri's Best Beef, Co-Op, is a vertically integrated - from birth through marketing - beef operation created to generate and retain profits for its member/owners. The independent Co-Op utilizes existing member facilities at each step and requires no capital investment. This Co-Operative functions as a true, agricultural cooperative, not for profit, corporation formed and owned by its members - one member, one vote - governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. We are truly unique - no other company in the United States offers this entire program and single ownership, single source and single responsibility from birth to the consumer's shopping bag. We know our cows. We breed them naturally; we raise our calves naturally on grass; we supplement their diet with natural corn, soybeans and minerals; and they are all cared for as the living, feeling beings they are. We really care about our way of life, our families, our animals, our environment and allowing the equally caring consumer the benefit of the best quality beef raised the way it should be - Naturally. The Beef Co-Operative member delivers preconditioned (to Co-Op requirements) feeder calf stock to a Co-Op owned and operated Feeding Facility. The animals are then trucked to, and processed at, a Co-Op owned and operated Processing Facility to customer specifications - the entire operation by Co-Op members. At product delivery, the Invoice lists the members name and animal tag number(s) being delivered. All procedures for breeding, identifying, vaccinating, feeding, handling, general husbandry and processing are in accordance with Co-Op Bylaws that meet or exceed all State, Federal and established standards. The entire operation is one of true natural, source verified beef - no antibiotics, implants, feed additives or chemicals of any kind, at any time - ever. Animal's not meeting grade requirements for our Natural, Co-Op private label (or having been treated with antibiotics) do not enter the product stream.

Missy's Country Woodcrafts(View on map)

Misty Gardens(View on map)
We are a North Kansas City urban produce garden offering fresh and dried herbs, potted herbs, fresh vegetables during the season, garlic braids, herbal teas, and seedling starter plants. During the growing season we also offer pick by appointment. We never use chemicals on our produce at any stage of growing or harvesting. Most of our products are unusual or specialty produce that you don't find in grocery stores or farmers markets.

Mizzou Meat Market(View on map)

MKS Distributors(View on map)

MO-Wood Products, Inc. (View on map)

Mockingbird Gardens(View on map)

Moder Valley Nursery(View on map)

Modern Log Homes(View on map)

Modest Goats LLC(View on map)
We are a family farm located near Green Ridge, MO. We have a small dairy goat herd, and since 2013 we have been making bath and body products from the goat milk. From the milking to the packaging all of our products are produced here on the farm. We invite our customers to meet the goats behind our products.

Mofu Soy(View on map)

Mom and Me: Queen Bee Creations, LLC(View on map)
I am a country girl who was raised on a farm by parents who produced the majority of food consumed by the livestock and the family. I observed the hard work of planting, production and preservation of their harvest. I learned from experimenting with a receipe put together in my kitchen by adding my own touch to it, and with my daughter's help I have created a barbecue sauce. This sauce has brought only positive reactions from all who tried it. It is because of this and all the encouragement that I have established our business. We use the most pure and natural form of ingredients to enhance flavor and provide the best products for every customer.

Mom's Originals, Inc.(View on map)
Impress from first glance, to last bite with Mom's Originals Gourmet Pretzels, created by the dynamic mother-daughter team from St. Louis, Jody & Taran, in late 2007. Jody, "Mom" had been making her gourmet pretzels for over many years. Friends and family finally convinced her they were just too good not to share with everyone. Taran's marketing ability and salesmanship along with Jody's unique knack for making the most delicious gourmet pretzels, combined to create the certified Women-Owned business, Mom's Originals, Inc. We are confident you will find Mom's Originals a refreshing unique choice and your favorite stop to satisfy many of life's cravings!

Monett Area Farmer's Market(View on map)

Monk's Roast Beef (View on map)

Monroe County Farmers' Market(View on map)

Monster Corn Maze(View on map)

Monster Corn Maze LLC(View on map)
We have operated a haunted corn maze for the last 9 years.

Montauk State Park(View on map)

Montelle Winery(View on map)

Montgomery Organic Farm(View on map)

Montserrat Vineyards, LLC(View on map)

Moon Woodturning, Inc.(View on map)

Moon-Bee Honey(View on map)
Moon-Bee Honey is a small business operated by three sisters living on the 168 acre family farm that has been in the same family for over 50 years. The farm also produces Angus cross beef cattle, Show-me Select Heifers, Hamp-Suffolk cross sheep, Cherry Egger pullets, hay, soybeans, and wheat.

Moose Bros. BBQ(View on map)
Moose Bros. BBQ is owned by Jim and Jason Morris. We started as a competitive team, moved into catering, and now own a restaurant in Russellville, MO.

Morgan County Seeds(View on map)

Morgret Farms(View on map)
We have owned our farm for 4 years now. It is a small acreage that is home to many small animals. We love the outdoors and being surrounded by nature.

Moriah Acres(View on map)

Morris State Park(View on map)

Moss Double Tone, Inc.(View on map)

Mott Packing Co.(View on map)

Mount Pleasant Winery(View on map)

Mount Pleasant Winery(View on map)

Mount Vernon Farmers' Market(View on map)

Mountain Creek Campground and Canoe Rental(View on map)

Mountain Grove Cellars(View on map)

Mountain Grove Farmers' Market(View on map)
Mountain Grove Farmers' Market started in 1998 on the square. We are a growers only market with a 50 mile radius of the market. Being a grower only market, customers will definitely have the Know Your Farmer Know Your Food connection when buying directly from the farmer, baker, beekeeper or grower. You can find us at our NEW location at 9871 East 20th Street (Earth Outdoor Complex/old sale barn) just up the road from Pizza Hut. Also check us out on

Mountain Mushrooms, LLC(View on map)
Our company of 27 years, Mountain Mushrooms, LLC., grows organically certified (ODAFF) shiitake and oyster mushrooms. We are a locally owned mushroom farm located in southern Missouri on Bull Shoals Lake. Our company of 30 employees, consistently grow 8000 lbs. of premium quality #1 shiitake and oyster mushrooms per week for much of the Midwest. In 2010, we expanded with the help of a loan from WRVEC and Department of Economic Development. It is truly a success story for a small business. We pay above minimum wage and offer health benefits. We grow 5 lb. bag cultures and inoculate on site. We produce 10,800 bag cultures a week but will increase production within two months. We enjoy a 100% approval rating with the USDA. Our state of the art facility is scheduled for our GFS audit on 10/01/2014. We currently have two established routes that run twice a week. One route is through southern Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas and the second route is through St. Louis to Northern Illinois. We are pursuing potential routes through Kansas City and to Tennessee. We offer scheduled tours for pleasure and education. We sell mushroom oyster and shiitake logs, mulch, dried mushrooms by the ounce, retail and wholesale mushrooms by the pound or bulk. Mountain Mushrooms is interested in retail and wholesale vendors: grocery stores, farmer markets and online sales from our 'under construction' website. Please contact us at or 417-273-2244. Our website is One look at our product and you will become an instant fan! Diane Hudson

Mountain Springs Trout Park(View on map)

Mountain View Farmers' Market(View on map)

Mr. Dell Foods, Inc(View on map)
Mr. Dells develops products that are unique to the industry. Unique in that the product flavor, health and convenience to the customer were paramount concerns in the development of Mr. Dell products. Beyond the nutritional benefits of Mr. Dell's products, the convenience and flexibility has won the hearts of individual consumers, ingredient users and the restaurant trade. Our product's versatility as ingredients in almost any type of food product recipe is just one of our strengths. Our famous "Mr. Dell's Original Potato Casserole Recipe" has become a staple around the dinner table of most of our customers.

MSF Farm(View on map)

Mule Barn Berries(View on map)
Mule Barn Berries is a U-pick blackberry farm. Our goal is to provide outstanding fruit, a fun family experience for our customers, and a forum to teach our children how to work and manage money. We have over 1 1/2 miles of row of blackberry plants, approximately 2 acres, 10,000 lbs of fruit.

Mule Tree Farm(View on map)

Mulnix Industries, Inc(View on map)
We are dedicated to building quality custom hardwood presentation furniture for businesses, organizations, schools, universities and service clubs.

Murphy Orchard(View on map)

Murray Custom Millwork Cabinet (View on map)

Mushroom Factory(View on map)

My Charming Designs(View on map)
Operating since 2009

My Lily's Letters(View on map)
My Lily's Letters began as a creative outlet for a new stay-at-home mom. Starting with one pattern and lots of ideas, My Lily's Letters has significantly and quickly grown. We feature year-round items perfect for baby showers, birthdays, and holidays and will soon be adding seasonal and home decor items. With the exception of one item, all of My Lily's Letters items are original custom designs by the owner, Kaylin Bade.

My X Broke Me Ranch(View on map)

Nadler's(View on map)

Naked Bacon(View on map)
1861 JUST CALLED, THEY WANT THEIR BACON BACK. Our Great-Grandfather Kreilich first authored the recipe when he came from Germany to Ste. Genevieve, Missouri over 150 years ago. Using his recipe that tastes like bacon did back then, John Kreilich has further perfected it into what you taste today. Unlike those big bacon companies that inject water and chemicals to make less bacon seem like more bacon, we produce our gluten-free bacon in extremely small batches and strictly adhere to traditional methods to ensure the highest quality. From dry curing each batch by hand for a minimum of 7 days with a secret blend of spices and herbs, to smoking it slowly over fruit and hardwoods to impart even more flavor, our goal is for our bacon to taste the way it did over 150 years ago. So go ahead, experience 1861 with your own mouth.

Natasha's Eatables(View on map)
Established in 2014. Natasha's Eatables offers Catering and Personal Chef services. We also plan to release a lactation cookie and ready- made lunchboxes. Pre-Order Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners

Nathan Boone Homestead State Historic Site(View on map)

Natural Elements, LLC.(View on map)

Naturally Produced Honey(View on map)

Nature Calls Outdoor Experience(View on map)
Nature Calls Outdoor Experience provides a family friendly opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Families, small groups and organizations can take a hayride, pick out a pumpkin or gourd and challenge their sense of direction in a five acre maze. Also available are field trips for pre-school and elementary age students. Schools can arrange field trips during the fall maze time from September through early November or in the spring time from mid-March through mid-May.

Nature's Aglow(View on map)

Nature's Bounty(View on map)
Organic vegetables and berries grown on a family farm owned by family since 1852.

Natures Lane Farm(View on map)
Natures Lane Farm started in 2008 by growing every vegetable from A - Z. Since then we have become more focused on leafy greens for salads, a few vegetables that compliment salads and locally processed products such as jams, jellies, tamales and flat bread products. We farm and process the old-fashioned way without sprays or chemicals. We believe the more natural, the better!

Neal Farms(View on map)
Our farm has been in the Neal family since the mid 1940's. We have been producing agricultural products since the mid 1980's on the farm. At the present time we are into goat and hay production and sale. We are currently in the process of transitioning to organic goat and hay production. We are in the process of establishing a high tunnel operation for extended year sales of vegetable, herb, and flower plants.

Neco Seed Farms, Inc. (View on map)

NeighborGood Foods(View on map)

Nemo Custom Cabinets(View on map)

NEMO Foods(View on map)

Neosho Box and Wood Products Co. Inc. (View on map)

Neosho Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Neosho Farmers' Market was established in 2009 to provide consumers a reliable source of locally produced foods available direct from the grower/producer. The Neosho Farmers' Market is for producers only. A market manager or representative will visit the garden, farm, kitchen or shop of any producer applying to sell at the market in order to verify the applicant is producing the goods to be sold at the Market. To harness the sense of community and cultural richness that a community market can provide, this market will also feature art displays and music performances.

Nestle Purina Co.(View on map)

Nevada/Vernon County Farmer's Market(View on map)

Never The Same(View on map)

Nevin Martin and Sons(View on map)

New Chapter Foods, LLC(View on map)
Growing up on a farm in Illinois, I learned long ago about our emotional connection to food. A sense of sharing and trying new things also developed for me on those prairies, and it taught me many lessons about entrepreneurship. Don's Happy Apple Snacks and Don's Kale from New Chapter Foods is the latest of many ideas that I have brought to life to share with customers who like honest, clean, locally made food. Our kitchen is located in Southwestern Missouri, in Mount Vernon, a small town that is home to a cluster of locally grown or locally made foods marketed nationally. Our company was officially founded on July 27, 2012. Since then, interest in our products has become huge. We love making these chips in all their forms--original flavor chips, caramel apple chips or cranberry apple chips plus Don's kale. We offer clearly labeled organic apples in some of our chips or regular apples used in others. Look for more to come, especially as awareness of healthy eating becomes part of our everyday lives again.

New Era Agricultural Sciences, Inc.(View on map)
New Era Agricultural Sciences, Inc. has conducted USDA-sponsored research into improving all-natural (AN) and organic beef production. We are now implementing many of those research results on our farm located in Leasburg, Missouri. Our operations are in the three-year certification period that will eventually lead to full organic meat production and sales according to USDA protocols and approval in 2016. Our business currently includes a cow/calf operation for producing USDA inspected all-natural Angus beef for sale to grocers, restaurants, individuals, and food cooperatives. Our product is marketed under the trade name of “Angus Royale” beef. Our cow/calf and finishing operation is on 136 acres on two parcels of land in the St. Louis 90-minute market area of East-Central Missouri. Our herd is 100% Black Angus out of registered stock with traceability to precise lineage. Angus traceability and lineage records are strictly verified and maintained. We are currently implementing a herd improvement program (Angus Plan â€" American Angus Association) with targeted 100% Angus-only genetics for high grade premium carcass quality in the metrics of rib eye area, marbling, and tenderness. We anticipate a good percentage of our production will meet Certified Angus specialty standards for both genetics and grading. We anticipate 2016 as our “Certified Organic” initial operating year with All-Natural compliance in the interim.

New Haven Farmers Market(View on map)
The New Haven Farmers' Market, organized and operated by the Riverfront Cultural Society, is located along the levee walk in downtown New Haven, Missouri. The market is open every Thursday - 4:00 pm to dusk, from May to October. Shop the market of produce vendors and artisans in an outdoor shaded area, offering a picnic setting along the river, live music, and prepared food made with fresh produce, one site, every week.

New Traditionalist Artisan Bread(View on map)

Newberg Woodworking (View on map)

Newberry Furniture & Kitchen Accessories(View on map)

Newman Farm Heritage Berkshire Pork(View on map)
We are a 250 sow family farm raising Heritage Berkshire Pork totally on pasture. Our goal is to produce a high quality, juicy, flavorful Berkshire Pork. All animals are raised according to Certified Humane Raised and Handled guidelines. One taste of Newman Farm Heritage Berkshire Pork and you will see why some of the nation's top chef's are recognizing us for producing Berkshire Pork that is superior in flavor and tenderness.

Nicolay Ent. Inc.(View on map)
Distributor of Time Out Natural made with Real Fruit Thirst Quencher, vitamin, mineral, and healthy shake and smoothie mixes.

Niobrara Farms Bath and Body(View on map)
Come with me down the gravel lane, up the drive and to our little homestead in the country in Missouri. Where time slows down and the atmosphere in its beautiful simplicity inspires one to create timeless crafts and utilize skills of yesteryear, though with the technology and materials of today. Niobrara Farms is nestled in the heart of Missouri just west of Columbia and is where I handcraft all natural goat milk soaps, aluminum-free deodorants and sugar scrubs. Soap making was one of the skills I long desired to learn how to do and especially when I had developed eczema on my hands. That was the leading impetus for first learning how to make soap as well as the desire to produce a healthful product for my family to use that wasn't laden with all of the synthetic and harmful chemicals. I wanted something nourishing and healthy for our skin! I can remember so well the time that I nervously and excitedly made my first batch of soap . . . and I knew I had found something I loved. Working with the oils, blending essential oils and finding the perfect combinations, infusing oils with herbs and spices for natural colorants, cutting a freshly molded batch of soap . . . each step of the process I love. Making soap quickly branched into developing other natural bath and body products such as sugar scrubs and deodorants. The deodorants took about a year in careful development to create a stick that worked effectively and was also firm, yet soft enough to glide on smoothly. It was exciting when development was finished and this new product line was added! Beyond even the enjoyable processes of making these, it is important to me to carefully handcraft to a high standard of quality, natural and healthful products . . . products that you can use confidently, knowing that they are not only enjoyable to use on your skin, but are also safe, healthy and beneficial.

Nixa Area Farmers' Market(View on map)
We are a grower/producer farmers' market located in Nixa, Mo since 2003. The market is located at the junction of Highway 14 and Main Street. Our season opens April 22nd this year. Hours are 9 am to 1 pm.

NO CO MO Industries, Inc. (View on map)

Noboleis Vineyards(View on map)

Nolt Farm(View on map)

Norman's Handcrafted Furniture(View on map)

North City Farmers' Market(View on map)
For the past five years, the North City Farmers' Market has operated on Saturday mornings, June though mid-October. The North City Farmers' Market is the only farmers' market on the North Side of St. Louis City, and provides easily accessible, fresh, local, fruits and vegetables in an area with limited access to healthy food options. In addition to providing fresh fruits and vegetables, the north City Farmers' Market also builds community cohesiveness by providing a gathering space. The North City Farmers' Market is a project of the Old north St. Louis Restoration Group. To learn more about the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group visit More information about the North City Farmers' Market can be found at

North Kansas City Farmers' Market(View on map)

North Missouri Produce Auction, LLC(View on map)

North Pacific Lumber(View on map)

North Village Arts District Farmers and Artisans Market(View on map)
The North Village Arts District Farmers and Artisans is Downtown Columbia's destination for farm fresh produce, hand crafted art, informational workshops and great entertainment. From April to October the market's goal is to create a gathering place for Columbia's community of local food and art supporters. Our mission is to support local farmers and astisans by fostering meaningful relationships between them and the community. To provide the community access to fresh nutritious produce, quality goods, and unique crafts. To further enrich our community through fellowship and education with activities, events and workshop for all ages. Open: April through October Hours: Sunday - 9am to 1pm

Northern Prairie Alpacas, LLC(View on map)

Notch Berry Farm(View on map)

Now Structures, Inc. (View on map)

NRO Niangua River Oasis Canoe Rental(View on map)

Null Farms Produce(View on map)
Null Farms Produce grows produce and plants to sell on the farm and at local farmers markets. We grow sweet corn, tomatoes, and potatoes, as well as a variety of other produce. We also offer vegetable transplants, tulips, perennials, and fall mums. We are available to do hayrides for the public. Advance reservations are necessary.

Nuwati Herbals, Inc.(View on map)
Nuwati Herbals, Inc. began operation in January 2003 primarily as a wholesale business. We are a natural herbal company producing several lines of products from our own recipes. All are handmade in the USA and in the state of Missouri. The products are influenced by the founder, Rod Jackson's, Cherokee ancestors and are 'Natural Remedies from the Medicine Cabinet of Mother Earth'. Nuwati products can be found in businesses in 47 states, Bermuda, Canada and France. The packaging is earthy and appeals to both men and women. All products wholesale for 10.00 and under and retail for 20.00 and under.

O'Brien and Associates Brokerage Co.(View on map)
O'Brien and Associates is family owned and operated food brokerage company. We aide our clients in developing sales strategies for selling to the retail grocery trade.

Oak Ridge Furniture, LLC(View on map)

Oak Ridge Pallet and Lumber(View on map)

Oak Springs Farm(View on map)
Our small farm is located in northeast Henry County. The production of healthy food that tastes good, accompanied with a healthy lifestyle is our goal, so we limit our use of pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotics. Currently, we are working on livestock rations that will increase the percentage of omega-3 fatty acids: such as, a pastured - based concept of production. Keeping up with research on livestock rations and the pastures - based philosophy, marketing what we produce, plus feeding and caring for our animals keeps us very busy. Many of our livestock breeds are listed with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, and we attempt to use heritage breeds when possible and practical.

OakGlenn Winery, LLC(View on map)
SAVOR HISTORY . . . TASTE TRADITION . . . IN A SETTING THAT TAKES YOUR BREAT AWAY . . . In Hermann Missouri there's a place where the deep roots of history blend with the fruit of the vine to bring you the perfect setting for your next social gathering or visit to mid Missouri. The spectacular bluffs of the Missouri River help create the ideal setting for the place once called "Schau-ins-land" or "Look into the Country", because of its spectacular view. George Husman, internationally renowned horticulturist, established a vineyard and winery on this site. Mr. Husmann is considered by most to be the primary influence in establishing the wine making industry in America from Missouri to California. The property was purchased in 1997 by Glenn & Carolyn Warnebold. They named the property OAKGLENN for the majestic, large oak tree that marked the driveway entrance. The log from that tree now resides at the approach to the George Husman Wine Pavilion and is the photo backdrop for many OakGlenn guests. The winery is open year round and features a variety of wines in addition to beer, other alcoholic beverages and food. Live entertainment is offered weekends March through October. Our website is and email is

Oakwood Industries, LLC (View on map)

OakWoods Farm(View on map)
OakWoods Farm is a diversified, small-scale Market Farm located north of Granby, Missouri along the Shoal Creek bottom. We follow National Organic Standards and use only sustainable, organic practices to manage our market gardens and livestock operations. We aspire to produce the highest quality local, fresh, organic food for our customers while practicing sustainability and good stewardship of the land and livestock. We currently have one acre under vegetable cultivation including high tunnels for year round production. Our farm is also home to Boer goats, free range chickens, and Limousine/Charolais cross cows.

Oberle Meats(View on map)

Odessa Country Winery(View on map)

Of The Earth Farm Distillery(View on map)
Of The Earth is located in the gently rolling hills of Ray County in northwest Missouri. During the season, the orchard produces apples, Asian pears and peaches. Spent mash from the production of premium spirits is fed to Berkshire hogs to produce flavorful pork and supplemented to the Katahdin sheep to make an especially happy flock. Apple brandy, from Of The Earth apples; Ray County Rye Whisky, made with rye grown in Ray County; and Grappa created from Missouri Norton grapes were released in December 2013. Blackberry and Raspberry Liqueur from fresh, local berries were added to the offerings in August 2014 and 2015. Pommeau was also released in 2015. This is a unique blending of apple distillates and fresh apple juice aged in a recycled Apple brandy barrel.

Off Track Events(View on map)

Okrams Farm(View on map)
new tree planting

Old Brick House Inc.(View on map)
The Old Brick House Deli opened its doors in the fall of 2000. Owned and operated by the Burkemper Family we hope to share our vision of providing our customers with great food and a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. So come on by to "Jefferson City's only Real Deli" for breakfast or lunch. We'll be happy to help you any way we can, so don't be a stranger. Thank you, The Burkempers

Old Cove Canoe & Kayak, LLC(View on map)

Old Kinderhook(View on map)
Old Kinderhook Resort is a master-planned full service resort and lake community offering custom home sites, homes, golf course cottages and multi-level condominiums for sale and rent. These properties are situated adjacent to Missouri's top-rated Tom Weiskopf Signature Public Golf Course and Hotel. The community features upscale amenities such as The Trophy Room Restaurant; casual dining at the hook; Specialty Coffee at the hearth room of The Hotel; The Cabana located outside by the pool and volleyball courts/ice rink area; The Spa; Fitness Center; Multiple Swimming Pools including Saltwater Pools; Tennis Courts; Sand Volleyball Courts (seasonally); Outdoor Ice Rink (seasonally); Fishing Pond; Lake Access; and lots of On-Site Activities.

Old Oak Farm(View on map)
Old Oak Farm began officially in 2007; however, we have been involved in agriculture for many years. Our farm is named after the massive oak tree that sits directly in the center of our front pasture shown in the picture on the right. After searching for the types of livestock that work best for our farm, lifestyle, interests and the conditions in Southeast Missouri, we settled on combination of Dexter cattle and honey bees. We are members of the American Dexter Cattle Association, Missouri Dexter Cattle Association, Missouri State Beekeepers Association, and the SEMO Honey Producers.

Old Peacedale Farm(View on map)

Old Towne Fenton Farmers Market(View on map)
The Olde Towne Fenton Farmers Market is a community-based market supporting local farmers and serves as an accessible outlet to purchase a diverse selection of fresh, high quality produce. The market is located under the Olde Towne Pavilion which was constructed in 2012.

Old Vienna, LLC(View on map)

Old World Spices & Seasonings(View on map)
Old World Spices & Seasonings is a premier custom blender of dry seasonings and mixes. Its gourmet brand, Laurie's Kitchen, includes soup mixes, dip and cheeseball mixes, sauce mixes and dessert mixes for the specialty-gourmet market. Old World packages seasonings and dry mixes for the gourmet food industry, food service, dairy, deli and bakery industries. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Old World provides the secret ingredients used by top barbeque restaurants throughout the Midwest and produces gourmet products for well-known private label customers. Learn more about Old World's retail gourmet and private label production capabilities by visiting or calling 816-861-0400.

Oldani Brothers Sausage Company, Inc.(View on map)

Olde Town Spice Shoppe(View on map)
Olde Town Spice Shoppe™ has been making life delicious for over 30 years. Our fabulous staff of both creative home cooks & food industry professionals bring helpful knowledge and a passion for food to our shop. We offer a wide array of spices, herbs, seasonings, teas and specialty foods along with many local & Missouri-Made products. Located on historic Main Street St. Charles, in our shop you will find an endless bounty of deliciously creative and traditional additions for all your recipes and menus!

Oldfield Packing(View on map)

One More Cup(View on map)

Onesto Pizza and Trattoria(View on map)
We support local farmers by buying organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables. We use antibiotic-free and hormone-free proteins, which we butcher, smoke, cure, roast or braise 'in-house' to perfection. Onesto is committed to only using seafood that is not in threat of becoming endangered. We strive to do our best for our planet's future. We proudly reduce, reuse, recycle and compost. All 'to-go' containers and utensils are reusable, recyclable or compostable. We do not use any bottled water. At Onesto we believe that the world can be a better place one meal at a time!

Onondaga Cave State Park(View on map)
Onondaga Cave State Park located in Leasburg, Missouri, is home to Onondaga Cave, a national natural landmark. We offer cave tours, camping, interpretive programs and a quaint museum and gift shop. The Meramec River is easily accessible for day use activities. Our campground offers electric/water and basic sites and free WiFi is available.

OOVVDA Winery(View on map)

Ordelheide Farms(View on map)
Opened in 2012.We are a family owned and operated pick your own or pre-picked berry farm.

Organian Farms LLC(View on map)

Originals by Dennis(View on map)
I live in Pleasant Hope, Missouri, and am retired. I grow ten different varieties of heirloom tomatoes-I save my own seeds, ferment, dry and sell them. There are 30 to 50 seeds per pack for $3.00. These are non-GMO seeds. I enjoy passing on these seeds to tomato lovers as these tomatoes are some of the best eating and cooking tomatoes to be found. Heirlooms are truly a tradition, if you want a truly delicious tomato call me at 417-759-7090. Leave a phone number and I will call you back.

Ornamental Lathe(View on map)

Orscheln Farm and Home(View on map)

Osage Beach Farmers Market, LLC(View on map)
A farmers market in Osage Beach designed to support the local community and economy.

Osage River Popcorn Company(View on map)
Osage River Popcorn was opened by David and Amy Bird in 2007 with the help of Tom Altman, who, over a 40 year period formulated the best gourmet popcorn recipes found anywhere. We make all our flavors on location and they are made fresh daily in our store.

Osage Village State Historic Site(View on map)

Ott Food Products, LLC(View on map)
Ott's is small regional company located in Carthage, MO. The company was established in 1947 with the Original Ott's Famous Dressing they still make today. From there, over the years the company has expanded its product line to include a full line of dressings, several different BBQ Sauces and an outstanding Wing Sauce. Ott's Quality and R & D department are always ensuring they provide the best product possible with quality ingredients and looking for new formulas.

Our Garden(View on map)

Outback Steak & Oyster Bar(View on map)

Overland Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Market is located in the downtown area of an inner ring suburb of St. Louis. The Market is in its first year. Our by-laws state that 80% of our vendors grow their own products the other 20% can be resellers. The resellers this year include a pet treat business, citrus vendor, and jelly and jams.

Overlook Farms, LLC d/b/a Overlook Farm(View on map)

Owensville Farmers Market(View on map)

Ozark Belgian Blue Beef(View on map)

Ozark Bottling, LLC(View on map)
We provide private labeled bottled water to businesses as an advertising tool.

Ozark Cedar Hives(View on map)
Ozark Cedar Hives is a small family operation dedicated to serving anyone who desires to produce their own honey. Local unprocessed honey has an endless list of benefits to health and allergies. Beekeeping is a fast growing pastime and family activity which we strive to offer quality equipment.

Ozark Country Chic(View on map)

Ozark Country Fixin's(View on map)

Ozark Custom Crates, LLC(View on map)
Ozark Custom Crates began in 2006 providing custom and standard crating in Southwest Missouri. We now have customers throughout the Midwest.

Ozark Custom Wood Crafts and Oil Painting (View on map)

Ozark Expedition Outfitters(View on map)

Ozark Farmers Market(View on map)
Since 2012, the Ozark Farmers Market (OFM) has provided a lively venue for our neighbors to shop from the area's top growers, producers and food truck vendors.

Ozark Fisheries, Incorporated(View on map)
This company was founded in 1926 by Lawrence Bailliere. Today it is run by the third generation grandson Lawrence Cleveland. The company produces live ornamental goldfish and koi as well as a herd of black angus beef cattle.

Ozark Forest Mushrooms(View on map)
Ozark Forest Mushrooms grows and distributes organic and wild mushrooms and products to many restaurants and supermarkets and specialty stores in the St. Louis region. Our family owned farm is located in the Missouri Ozarks, an area rich in vast tracts of oak forest and clear springs. This microclimate provides ideal conditions for growing wild simulated shitake mushrooms on oak logs (18,000 logs). We provide year round production with our new in ground solar greenhouse. Your support of our product contributes towards the sustainable rural economic development of the Missouri Ozark bio-region.

Ozark Handspun(View on map)

Ozark Hardwood Treenware(View on map)

Ozark Mountain Baskets & Rugs(View on map)

Ozark Mountain Creamery, LLC(View on map)
Ozark Mountain Creamery, LLC, located in Mountain Grove, Missouri, is a family owned business that processes and bottles the milk from the Fry family dairies. The Fry family has been producing Grade A milk since 1957. The milk is packaged in returnable recyclable glass bottles.

Ozark Mountain Dessert Coffee & Bread(View on map)

Ozark Mountain Hardwood, Inc. (View on map)

Ozark Mountain Log Homes(View on map)

Ozark Mountain Orchard(View on map)

Ozark Organics LLC(View on map)

Ozark Outdoors Riverfront Resort(View on map)

Ozark Pickle Pantry(View on map)
Our products are made in small batches, using secret old-time family recipes with the freshest ingredients and just the right blend of spices. Once tried, you'll be amazed at our pickles crispness and unique gourmet taste. All our products are home-made at the Lake of the Ozarks, MO.

Ozark Structures, Inc.(View on map)

Ozark Valley Christmas Tree Farm(View on map)

Ozark Valley Weddings and Events(View on map)

Ozarkaeology(View on map)

Ozarks Farmers' Market(View on map)

Ozarks Fresh Meats(View on map)

P&D Honey Farm(View on map)

P.T. Lehmann Farm(View on map)

Pa Pa's Pumpkin Patch, LLC(View on map)

Pa's Best Kettle Corn(View on map)

Painted Pasture Farms(View on map)
Painted Pasture Farm is an exciting new company that meets an insatiate need for premium quality, sustainably and responsibly produced vegetables, herbs, pears and eggs. Painted Pasture Farm is a start-up grower and distributor of heritage products for restaurants and individual consumers. We are located in Wildwood, MO and serve the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Painter Farm(View on map)
Family farm. Wildlife paradise.

Pallet Lumber, LLC(View on map)
Pallet Lumber, LLC is unique by having our own lumber mill which enables us to cut precisely the sizes we need and the ability to make custom sizes.

Pallo Povitica(View on map)

Pamela's Pantry(View on map)
Gourmet food mixes uniquely packaged and designed for convenience in cooking. Simply add two to three ingredients for a great tasting homemade treat. Pamela's Pantry products are tailored for the busy cook and gift giving. Our mixes make great gift baskets! Retailers may request wholesale pricing. Seasonal and new products are always available. All products carry a bible scripture. MC, Visa and Discover are accepted.

Pampered Pooch Pantry LLC(View on map)

Pancho's Mexican Food(View on map)

Panera Bread(View on map)

Papa Harts Pickles and Katie Maries(View on map)

Papa Rock Bar-B-Que(View on map)

Papa Shrubs, Inc.(View on map)

Pappy's Gourmet (Shop & Cannery)(View on map)
Located on the riverfront in historic Washington, Missouri, Pappy's Gourmet is a family owned and operated Specialty Foods Company. We produce three different brands of specialty foods - Pappy's Gourmet, Liz & Linda's Pepper Jelly and Aunt Kiki's. We recently opened a small retail shop in our facility for customers to buy our products as well as other small Missouri companies that we package for. We have opportunities available for co-packing and private labeling. We use the freshest ingredients possible and work with local farmers during our growing season for the best Missouri produce!

Pappy's Smokehouse(View on map)

Paradise Locker Meats(View on map)
USDA Processing Plant. Do custom work for local farmers; beef, hogs and lamb. Also, deer processing of BNLS meat and we participate in 'Share the Harvest' to distribute donated deer from this plant to our local food pantries. We are processing under USDA, weekly hogs (140-150) for Heritage Foods, USA , and 20-30 a month for our local farmers and our retail store. We do 30-40 beef per month under private label and custom for our local farms. We specialize in 'quality' products that aren't found in most local stores. We produce many quality smoked 'heat and eat' products. We have won several awards on our smoked products.

Paradise Parasail Inc.(View on map)
Paradise Parasail has been providing family fun on Lake of the Ozarks for 32 years! We have time-proven experience and safety you can trust. You won't meet a more energetic captain/owner than USCG Captain Neil Newton! Neil was born and raised in Eldon, Missouri and has been a part of the Paradise Parasail team for over 20 years! He has spent the last 3 years working closely with top leaders in the industry, including the USCG and WSIA (Water Sports Industry Association), to develop safety standards and bring awareness to other parasail operators. As owners, he and his wife are focused on making Paradise Parasail the safest and most exciting adventure at Lake of the Ozarks!

Paris Brothers, Inc.(View on map)

Parisi Artisan Coffee(View on map)

Park Avenue Coffee(View on map)

Parker Farms All-Natural Meats(View on map)

Parks Bluff Campground & Canoe Rental(View on map)

Parks Cabinet Shop, Inc.(View on map)

Parkville Farmers' Market(View on map)
Parkville Farmers' Market is an established market, over 20 years old, growing to approximately thirty vendors. We are seasonal beginning in April on Saturday morning from 7:00 am until sold out and starting in the month of June, Wednesday afternoons from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm or until sold out. We are located in Parkville near "The English Landing Park" which offers a beautiful walking trail. Come visit us on Saturday morning and spend the day in the historic town of Parkville, home to Park University. You can enjoy the ambiance of a small town while enjoying coffee and a cinnamon roll made by our own market baker. On Wednesday you can get the same friendly service and visit the farmers and producers of the food you will enjoy. SPECIAL EVENTS ARE PLANNED THROUGHOUT THE SEASON. WATCH FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Parnell Studios(View on map)

Pastime & Carlyles(View on map)

Pasts Italia Co.(View on map)

Pastvina Acres Farm(View on map)
Located in the rolling hills outside of Smithville, Missouri, Pastvina Acres focuses on providing free-range, GMO-free meats for local customers. Pastvina Premium Pork will be available in 2016. Pastvina is Czech for open pasture, but for owners, David and Christy Borrowman it means so much more. David and Christy both grew up on small, diverse family farms. Christy was raised on a grain, pig, cattle and hay farm near Smithville. David is a 5th generation pig farmer who grew up working on a grain and pig farm in Pike County, Illinois, which was once known as the “Pork Capitol of the World”. Small-scale, local agriculture is good for the environment, for consumers and for rural America. Our animals will be raised with one goal in mind: to produce delicious pork you can feel good about serving your family and friends. To achieve this, our heritage breed pigs will be given the best life we can possibly give. A life outdoors, fresh pasture rotations, premium non-gmo feed, no artificial hormones and the ability to express their “pigness”.

Pat Moore Baskets(View on map)

Pat's Cabinets(View on map)

Pat's Produce(View on map)

Patchwork Produce(View on map)

Pates Orchard and Produce(View on map)

Patric Chocolate, LLC(View on map)
Patric Chocolate is a micro-producer of fine, bean-to-bar, dark chocolate. Currently, there are fewer than 10 such artisanal companies in the USA.

Paul Pezold's Produce Farm(View on map)

Paulsmeyer Brothers Produce(View on map)

Paws Place Inc.(View on map)

Payne's Farms(View on map)

PBR Custom Meat Processing LLC(View on map)
PBR Custom Meat Processing LLC established in 2010 is a custom meat processing facility for all custom meat processing needs. We process cattle, hogs, and deer during season. We cure and hickory smoke your hams and bacons. We can make summer sausage and snacks sticks of many flavors out of your meat as well. We do not sell retail. We are strictly a custom meat processor and our #1 goal is to provide a superior community service with excellent customer service.

Pea Ridge Forest, Inc.(View on map)

Peaceful Bend Vineyard(View on map)

Peaceful Hills Farm(View on map)
Peaceful Hills Farm was started in April of 2015. We started raising pastured pork our first year while we rented the farm. We were able to purchase the farm in March of 2016. Our 20 acre farm is just north of Grain Valley, MO. We currently raise the pastured pork, free range eggs, and raw dairy. We hope to expand into free range chickens and turkeys in 2017. Although we are not certified organic, all our animals are raised according to organic standards and we do not use antibiotics or growth hormones. We believe in using natural, homeopathic treatments on our animals. We find though in raising animals in their natural environment (grazing fresh grasses and legumes, breathing fresh air, etc.) that common problems disappear. We feed only non GMO feed and our hogs are Animal Welfare Approved. You can find us at the Mission Farmers Market and Parkville Farmers Market during the summer. You can also purchase our products at our farm store.

Peacock Farm Kitchen LLC.(View on map)

Peacock Stained Glass and Gifts LLC(View on map)

Pease Farms(View on map)
1631 acres year round hunting with fish pond. Includes four camp sites with some amenities. Two have farm houses to camp in. Excellent deer, turkey and small game. Restricted to no more than 20 members. Some food plots and deer stands.

Peculiar Farmers' & Artisans' Market(View on map)
The Peculiar Farmers and Artists Market has been established for the benefit of both producers and consumers. The Peculiar Farmers and Artists Market provides producers with the opportunity to sell fresh locally grown produce directly to the consumer. The market will feature farmers, vendors, craftsmen and artists selling products that are grown, raised and produced within a 100 mile radius of the market.

Peighton's Place Handmade Soap LLC(View on map)

Pennington Seed, Inc.(View on map)
We are 'The Grass Seed People,' and we've been dedicated to provide you with the best grass seed on the market since 1945.

pennyRae(View on map)
pennyRae is a small, family owned business whose mission is to provide all natural, pure bath and body products as well as products for the home. We have designed our items to be hypo-allergenic, gluten free, soy free, vegan and free of harmful chemicals.

Perfection Growers(View on map)

Perryville Pumpkin Farm(View on map)

Perryville Stave Co. Inc.(View on map)

Pershing State Park(View on map)

Persimmon Hill Farm Gourmet Foods(View on map)
Martha and Earnie Bohner began Persimmon Hill Farm in 1982 planting blueberries. Since that time the farm has grown to include blackberries, gooseberries, elderberries and shiitake mushrooms. The bulk of their produce is picked by farm guests (U-Pick.) They also have a small restaurant on the farm serving locally grown produce. This is the home of the "Thunder Muffin" a huge blueberry muffin enjoyed by guests by itself or as a super desert with ice cream, whip cream fresh blueberries and a drizzle of their blueberry syrup. There is also an on farm kitchen that produces a number of jams, sauces and syrups available for purchase at the restaurant.

Persimmon Ridge Vineyard(View on map)

Pete's Produce(View on map)

Pete's Pumpkin Patch (View on map)
If you're looking for some fall family fun this season there is much to be had at Peter's Pumpkin Patch in Rolla, Missouri. Conveniently located just off Highway 63 South at LedgeLand Acres Farm, the Peters Family has created a must see Aitourism destination. Families are making memories by the wagon load, says owner Tara Peters. We like to think we offer so much more than just coming to the Pumpkin Patch and picking a pumpkin, we are allowing kids and their families the opportunity to spend time together, playing and laughing and enjoying each other in the beautiful outdoors, free of TVs and computers and video games. Peters says it's this simple farm- life atmosphere, you know the last outdoor hoorah before people are trapped indoors for the winter, that attracts the masses to a Pumpkin Patch. And the scenic outdoors it is, nestled on 68 acres that is part of the Mark Twain National Forest area, the farm is home to not only owners Chris and Tara Peters, but also to their two young boys Landon and Ledger and the many animals such as Magic the miniature horse and Blackjack the mini-donkey, and pigAgatha, Beatrice and Clementi just to name a few. Pete's Petting Zoo is just one of a handful of activities the Pumpkin Patch boasts. The newest attraction this year is a trackless choo choo train fittingly named, Pete's Express. Also new to the farm is a gigantic wooden Jack-O-Climber that kids can climb in and on and through. The new stuff is in addition to the already existing list of corn maze, hay tower, barrel cars, bounce house, wagon ride to the pumpkin patch, corn pit, water pumps, and handfuls of photo opportunities that include the giant black cat, the enormous orange chair, and the larger than life spiders with their web. Pete's Pumpkin Patch is open every weekend from from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays are from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Schools and other large groups are by appointment only through the week. You can check out all Pete's has to offer by going to, or by calling 573-724-7383 and they also have a Face Book page.

Peters Market(View on map)
Peters Market is the seasonal roadside market for Peters Orchards, Inc. This family owned apple orchard has over 450 acres of fruit trees in production. Apples and peaches can be purchased retail or wholesale at our market for all your fresh fruit needs. Fruit purchase quantities can range from one piece of fruit to a semi-load. We also sell locally grown produce that is in season. Our fruit butters (apple and peach) and jams are made in our own certified kitchen on-site. We feature our own line of jams, jellies, honey, sorghum, salsas, nuts, snack mixes, and more made especially for Peters Market. We offer market tours for organized groups by appointment and have a free kids' playground and picnic area adjacent to the market. Free samples of fruit and cider! Ample parking for RVs and buses welcome! For the latest information or to schedule an orchard tour check out

Peters Orchards, Inc.(View on map)
Peters Orchards, Inc. is a family owned orchard located in Waverly, Missouri. With more than 450 acres of wholesale apples and more than 15 acres of fresh market peaches, the orchard is in production from July 10th through the end of November. Wholesale peaches will be available from July 10 - August 20. Wholesale peach purchases are sold through our market at 660-493-2368 and ask for the wholesale manager. Wholesale apples in quantities greater than 40 bushels are available from our packing house located in Waverly. For pricing and to reserve your order, contact Jeff at 660-493-2368.

Petersheim Farm(View on map)

Peterson Wood Products (View on map)

Petite Saline Chestnut Farm(View on map)
We have been growing chestnut trees for 20 years. Our first trees came from Holland,and we have planted many of our trees from those original nuts. We then bought trees from Ohio, and crossed them with our Dutch trees, resulting in large sweet chestnuts. We have about 40 large trees and 60 that are also producing but not to their full potential yet. We use no chemicals, do not spray and we rely on our Guineas to eat the grasshoppers. We are a retired Air Force family. I am from England and grew up with chestnuts in my area of Kent, the so called Garden of England.

Petticoat Pies(View on map)

Pettit's Canoe Rental(View on map)

Pevely Flea Market & Farmers' Market(View on map)

Phoenix Farms Inc(View on map)

Phoenix Winery & Vineyards(View on map)

Photo Art, LLC(View on map)

Pick-A-Pepper LLC(View on map)
Our mission is to serve as an interface for farmers, gardeners, and food artisans to sell their products to individuals, restaurants, grocers, and institutions within their community and serve as a grassroots way to transform our food system to one that is more sustainable, seasonal, and local.

Pickin' Patch Farm, LLC(View on map)
We are a family owned and operated farm offering Fall Fun for your entire Family. Pickin’ Patch Farm has been independently owned and operated since 1993. We take pride in supporting local farmers and small businesses. The Home of the White Squirrels, Marionville is a agricultural center for southwest mo. known for its orchards and fruit stands.

Pierce Century Farm, LLC(View on map)
Pierce Century Farm is a fifth generation family farm, operated in Hillsboro, MO, just a few miles from Highway 21. An easy drive from St. Louis, guests can enjoy a casual experience of apple picking from August through November or have fun at our Fall Festival in September and October.

Pierce City Farmers' Market(View on map)
Beginning in May expect to find baskets of crookneck and zucchini squash, green beans, turnips and beets. Throughout the season additional items such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and potatoes will be available. Bouquets of basil, mints, and fresh herbs will liven up your creations. Bakers, stock up on honey and farm fresh eggs. The Art Festival is May 17, 2014. The museum is Harold Bell Wright.

Pierpont Farms(View on map)

Pig Pin's BBQ(View on map)
I come from a family of cooks, my grandfather, my grandmother, my uncles, my mom, etc. Everyone around me had and still has a passion for food. At backyard BBQ's, birthdays, family reunions and sporting events there was always family, friends and good food. My passion for BBQ grew four years ago. During the summer of 2012, my wife and I attended our first BBQ competition. To see large crowds of families from all walks of life attend an event like this reminded me of my childhood and the grand memories of family cookouts!! That's why here at Pig Pin's BBQ, we are focused on providing the best BBQ experience. Our pit masters pride themselves on using a creative combination of spices and sauces to provide the best BBQ experience.

Pigwich (View on map)
Pigwich is a most excellent sandwich shop on the east side of the Local Pig. We use the best locally-sourced meats and breads to make our signature sandwiches 7 days a week!

Pimped Out Pickles(View on map)
Pimped Out Pickles manufactures gourmet crunchy mouth-watering pick-o-licious pickles in unique flavor combinations. After years of pickling for family and friends, Michelle has decided to share her recipe with the world and brings a gourmet twist to America's pickling tradition and is honored to let the family's recipe become your family's favorite.

Pin Oak Farms(View on map)

Pin Oak Hill Game Management Area, Inc(View on map)
Pin Oak Hill was established in 1993 as a gun club and hunting preserve. The club was put in place by two brothers and in 1999, they wanted to expand their business. They began serving food and due to the increase in traffic, the restaurant was expanded in 2005. It currently makes up 75% of the company's business. The club is now owned and operated by Scott Luetticke. Pin Oak Hill offers amazing food as well as great hunting and shooting facilitiies. They are open to the public

Pin Oak Ranch(View on map)

Pinckney Bend Distillery(View on map)
Pinckney Bend Distillery produces hand crafted spirits in small batches. The business was launched in 2010 by three friends who shared a common interest in brewing beer and drinking strong spirits. We currently offer 5 spirits products and a tonic syrup. Our products are distributed in 5 states and exported to Singapore and Italy.

Pinetree Lane Berry Farms (View on map)

Piney River Brewing Company(View on map)
Piney River Brewing Company was founded in 2010 by Joleen and Brian Durham on their 80-acre farm in South Central Missouri. The award-winning brewery is dedicated to making distinctive craft beers that celebrate the Ozarks. They revived a 1940's era barn made from red and white oak trees harvested off the property to hold the original brewery and the brewery tasting room. Piney River Brewing was the first microbrewery in the state of Missouri to can beer at their brewery, and today Piney River's canned craft beer can be found across Missouri and Arkansas. Piney River Brewing has also won several awards for their handcrafted beers including a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival and a Gold at the World Beer Cup. The brewery is located on an 80-acre working beef cattle farm owned by the Durham's. The cattle eat some of the spent grains from the production brewing facility.

Pink Pony Farms(View on map)

Pink Tub Boutique(View on map)
Pink Tub Boutique is a small business that handcrafts unique, all natural artisan soaps and bath and body products.

Pint Size Bakery & Coffee(View on map)

Pioneer Homestead & Village(View on map)
Pioneer Homestead & Village at Zelch Farms is a work in progress homestead and educational center focusing on nearly forgotten early american skills. Such as the art of log cabin building, making lye soap and apple butter and bringing the focus back to family . We offer workshops for individuals, families, groups and schools. We have a roadside farm stand, general store and trading post filed with homemade goodies for your purchase. We have many buildings of interest such as a marshals' office, blacksmiths' shop' and an active one room log school house, where we homeschool our children. Currently, we are rebuilding an historic log church to be used for weddings, vow renewals, church services and for our educational workshops . We offer a bed and breakfast in our trappers ' cabin and our indian teepee. We charge no entrance fee to our Pioneer Homestead & Village and welcome your visit soon.

Piper Enterprises, LLC (View on map)

Pirtle Aronia Plantation(View on map)
We started with just a few bushes, but now we have around 4,000. About 9 years ago I was told that I had macular degeneration, a blinding eye disease. My husband did some research and found the aronia berries (chokeberries) and began our Aronia Plantation. We started a small experimental juice operation for our personal use and for friends that might be interested. We are a very small company. We grow all our own berries and produce our juice at the Pirtle Winery in Weston, MO.

Pirtle Winery(View on map)

Pisciotta Farms(View on map)

PJ's Mushroom Farm(View on map)

Planters Seed Co(View on map)
This unique company was founded in 1924 as a Commision House selling farm & garden seed in Kansas City's Historic City Market area. In 1928 Planters moved to it's permanent location just a few doors down the same block and expanded into 5 adjoining buildings. Many items have been added to satisfy the customer needs over the years. One of the first items added was fresh bulk spices. The same tradition of bulk spices, coffee, teas and most importantly farm & garden seeds still exist today. In the 1950's Planters began to add more and more functional and decorative garden items along with birding supplies to our product selection, and still today maintain our offerings of farm, grower and greenhouse supplies.

Platte City Farmers' Market(View on map)

Play Power LT Farmington, Inc. (View on map)

PlayHaven Farm LLC(View on map)
PlayHaven Farm LLC is east of Kansas City MO, a few miles north of I-70. A sustainable farm and we welcome new client-friends! Our website abounds with information about the farm and this journey into the world of healthy food. We do not ship at this time and would LOVE to have you come visit us at the farm to enjoy a little nature when you pick up your food.

Pleasant Valley Guest House(View on map)
A studio style guest house/cottage located on a private family farm,especially suited to lodging a large family or small group by the night or weekend/week. Ideal location just 6 mi from Mansfield,MO and 2 mi from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co,and 7 mi from Laura Ingalls Wilder Home & Museum. The Gasconade River runs through the property for unique recreational opportunities. Call 417-924-2246 or visit

Plowboys Foods(View on map)
BBQ Catering and Foods Company. Winners of over 350 awards including the 2009 American Royal Invitational.

PM BBQ(View on map)
We are a locally owned restaurant specializing in hickory smoked barbecue. With roots in Tennessee, Kentucky and the Missouri bootheel, we serve sides made from scratch and desserts from recipes passed through generations.

Poco's on the Boulevard (View on map)

Polk's Food(View on map)
Polk's Food is a business that we started on our own. My boyfriend, Ed Polk had become diabetic and it was then that we decided to change our food habits and Ed loves bbq sauce and cooking a lot. So he was one day in the kitchen and decided to try to make his own bbq sauce. So he put it together and took it to Kansas City State and it was tested and they really liked it.

Pomerenke Provisions(View on map)

Pomme de Terre State Park(View on map)

Pony Express Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Pony Express Farmers Market brings area farmers and crafters together to sell the freshest produce, eggs, meat, baked goods, plants and flowers along with varied handmade items, directly to the consumer. The farmers and other vendors meet and know their customers, becoming an important part of our local economy - the way it should be. This helps ensure farmers can continue the tradition of agriculture in our local community. Come see and taste the freshness. Enjoy a safe, family-friendly gathering place to go to for the freshest, local produce and value added items available.

Poohs Corner(View on map)
We have a family garden that we use to share with others in our fruit stand stand hours are generally Wed. - Sat. 8-8 with some slight variation. We recommend you call first allowing us 24 hours to respond. While here you can visit the historical marker ; the cup tree, and the shoe fence be sure to bring with you a coffee mug and old shoes., to add to the collection. The stand is located at the cuptree when operational and often left unattended using the honor system. Pick your own is available when produce is ripe only, call first.

Poplar Bluff Garden Club(View on map)
Poplar Bluff Garden Club has been established for 74 years. Twenty One members meet monthly and then various committees meet weekly. Each member is actively involved in some time of gardening project. Some members are also Master Gardeners.

Poppy Js Meat and Deli Market(View on map)
We are a fresh meat market / we feature Boars Head Deli Meats and Cheeses, we have sandwiches, sodas, pastas and an assortment of spices and sauces

Porter's Pet Pantry(View on map)
Porter’s Pet Pantry Unique Pet Treats At Porters Pet Pantry we specialize in creating unique, fun, and healthy treats for your dogs and cats that you cannot find anywhere else. We believe in treating our animals with only USA made products of the finest human grade ingredients. Porter’s Pet Pantry offers a wide variety of unique treats that are sure to delight and make your dogs go crazy! Our mission, through our bakery and website, is to be the most trusted provider of high quality pet treats and toys that provide unique, healthy, and American-made fun!

Possum Hollow Creations(View on map)

Powell Gardens(View on map)
Powell Gardens, established in 1983, is a not-for-profit botanical garden located on Highway 50 in Johnson County, MO. Powell Gardens contains numerous display gardens; Perennial Garden, Rock and Waterfall Garden, Island Garden, Fountain Garden and Annual Display Garden. The Gardens are also known for their collections of flowering trees and shrubs. A variety of seasonal festivals and events are scheduled throughout the year. Youth education programs are available for organized groups and the general visitor. The newest addition is the Heartland Harvest Garden, a 12 acre edible landscape, the largest in the nation. The garden is home to over 2,000 different edible woody ornamentals, and over 500 herbaceous annuals are grown each season. A variety of classes, drop-in programs, chef's demonstrations, garden dinners and special events are scheduled throughout the growing season. Fresh tastings are available at the Tasting Stations. For more information visit

Powell's Country Guest Home(View on map)
Recently refurbished, Powell's Country Guest House provides self-catering, exclusive-use, comfortable accomodation, offering privacy, but not isolation being located just a hefty stone's throw from a main highway on a working farm.

Prairie Herb Farms(View on map)

Prairie State Park(View on map)

Prairie Township Natural Products, LLC(View on map)
Prairie Township Natural Products, LLC is a family operated agricultural business dedicated to providing others with the quality food our family has enjoyed for generations. Our family has been grain and livestock farming for generations and our farm is a Missouri Century Farm. Our pork production began as a FFA project and has continued to grow strong for the last 45 years. Our products are produced and processed in Montgomery County, Missouri, located near I-70 between Saint Louis and Columbia. Our products are natural, with no additives, hormones or antibiotics. Our livestock are raised full range with no confinement, so that they are allowed to exercise at their free will. In addition, this allows them to obtain the natural resources the soil has to offer. Our products are processed locally by a family operated processing facility located in Jonesburg, Missouri.

Prairie View Bakery(View on map)

Preacher Boys Secret Sauce(View on map)
CASA Distributing LLC is a family owned company that is taking a family recipe for BBQ and producing it for retail.

Precious Petals & Pepper Berries(View on map)

Precision Woods, Inc.(View on map)
Precision Woods, Inc. was founded in January of 1996 with the simple concept to provide our customers with the most affordable high quality custom cabinetry available. We truly think we have accomplished that with each and every set we've built. Put us to the test, and see what we can do for you!

Premier Builders Supply, Inc. (View on map)

Prenger Farms(View on map)

Prestige Millwork, Inc.(View on map)

Prestige Wood Products (View on map)

Price Acres(View on map)

Price's Perfect Poultry(View on map)

Prieto Glass(View on map)

Primitive Rug Hooking Instruction and Supplies(View on map)

Primmer Pasture Pork(View on map)
The Primmer family operates a small family farm in Northeast Missouri that specializes in raising registered Hereford hogs for breeding and meat sales. The hogs are raised using old fashioned practices of open sheds and fenced in pastures. No growth hormones are used. The Hereford breed of hog originated in Northeast Missouri and Iowa in the early 1900s. Herefords are a heritage breed and known for their docile disposition, maternal emotions, weaning large litters and high quality meats. Besides selling processed pork, the Primmers actively support their local fair and every spring sell pigs for 4-H and FFA projects.

Protein Solutions(View on map)

Proud Hills Nursery(View on map)

Providence Farms(View on map)

Pulaski County Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Pulaski County Farmers' Market is working to support local agriculture and spread the word about the goodness Pulaski County farmers has to offer. It is our goal to encourage consumers to enjoy the benefits of eating local and eating fresh! All vendors are required to have made or grown what their products. We take pride in providing a convenient market place for all growers both large and small to showcase the variety and quality that exists in Pulaski County.

Pumpkins Etc.(View on map)
A family owned business established in 1984 by the four Wright children, currently it is run by Bill and Kathy Wright. The children are grown, living in four different states. The parents have taken over the business; four of the eleven grandchildren live close and help out. Our season begins with herbs in the greenhouse. Available at Kansas City Rivermarket on Saturdays and some Sundays: potted herbs, cut herbs, lettuce, mustard greens, heirloom tomatoes, summer squash, cut herbs, luffa sponges, dried large gourds. Mid summer: hardy mums, asters, and Montauk Daisies are available. A certified kitchen in our home creates creamy delicious fudge made with real cream and butter. Mid September, Pumpkins Etc. opens east of Platte City. Our sales center is an old barn surrounded by pumpkin patches. We have u-pick and "picked" pumpkins, gourds, numerous kinds of winter squash and fall decorations. We grow over 40 varieties of hardy mums and asters. All ages enjoy our two free mazes, haystack and picnic area. There is NO admission to Pumpkins Etc. Weekday educational tours are available by appointment, $1.00 per child; they pick their own pumpkin off the vine after an explanation about growing pumpkins and gourds, etc.

Purdin Processing(View on map)

Pure Lean Homegrown Beef, LLC(View on map)
The Ragsdell Family Rockin' R Ranch was established in 1984. We raise purebred and full blood Limousin Cattle. Pure Lean Homegrown Beef (Pure Lean Meats, LLC) is a wholly owned subsidiary. We sell low fat beef products directly to the public nationwide, through mail order and on our website.

PurKleen LLC.(View on map)
PurKleen is an innovative new company that was started in 2010. We take pride in the fact that all of our products are enviromentally safe. We have a wide variety of products to meet your needs ranging from descalers and degreasers to gels that remove graffiti and teflon coating. Purkleen products have been proven successful in many areas such as marine, automotive, residential, and industrial. We encourage your questions and unique situations so feel free to contact us and we will work hard to find the solution

Putnam County Farmers' Market(View on map)

Quail Pointe Popcorn(View on map)

Quality Products, Inc. (View on map)

Queen Bee Enterprises, LLC(View on map)
My husband, son and I realized a dream come true in opening the Deep Woods Farm and Pumpkin Patch in October 2011. The "deep wood" was a place that Grandpa Pitts took his grandsons when they were small for a picnic of buffalo tongue (Vienna Sausage) and root beer. The name of the company that owns DWF is Queen Bee Enterprises, LLC. That name also originated from Grandpa Pitts (my daddy). Since I am the oldest of his and mother's children, he referred to me at times as Queen Bee or Boss Cow. I kinda liked Queen Bee over Boss Cow. The Deep Woods Farm and Pumpkin Patch was originally owned by my father...a veteran of WWII, Korean and Vietnam wars. It is now owned by his daughter and son-in-law who is a veteran of the Vietnam and Desert Storm wars.

Queen's Family Farm(View on map)
A Missouri Century Farm, carrying on the family tradition of supplying good food, from our farm to your table.

Quixotic Farming, LLC(View on map)

R & R Agronomics, Inc.(View on map)

R Butts R Smokin(View on map)
We started competing in KCBS BBQ contests as a team in 2004. We have 9 KCBS Grand Championships, numerous individual category awards, and Reserve Grand Champions of the prestigious 2011 American Royal Invitational BBQ Contest. We are still competing in contests, distributing our rubs and cook for parties and events.

R-N-R Farms, Inc.(View on map)

R. Evolution(View on map)
R.Evolotion planted in Spring of 2002 as an idea of cross pollinating organic gardening with aromatherapy. We use raw, pure ingredients from reputable suppliers which have been cultivated with respect to the environment. We have an organic garden on-site which provides some of our ingredients. Our specialty is aromatherapy consultation, holistic nutrition and organic gardening. We love sharing ideas and recipes.

Rain Crow Ranch - American Grassfed Beef, Rain Crow Ranch - American Pasture Por(View on map)
Rain Crow Ranch (RCR) is a sustainable family farm that raises grassfed beef, heritage breed pasture pork and pasture raised poultry. Rain Crow Ranch is owned by Mark and Patricia Whisnant who work the farm along with their 6 children. Additionally, they own and operate Fruitland American Meat where they process their beef. In 2000, RCR began to sell directly to customers on the Internet and continue to do that today. The operation has grown to include additional farms in its supply chain and primarily sells wholesale to restaurants and retailers such as Schnucks and Whole Foods.

Rainbow Flavors, Inc.(View on map)
We are a producer of soda flavoring extracts. Our recipes were developed by Robert Bruner, the founder of the company. Incorperated in 1976, we sell to retailers, distributors and soda manufacturers across the nation and in Canada.

Rains Natural Meats(View on map)

Raised Right Meat(View on map)

Ranch Run-A-Muk (View on map)
Ranch Run-A-Muk has been raising free-range chickens since July 12, 2012, and we have been inspected/audited annually by the AWA ( ) The AWA has the strictest guidelines in the business. We have an assortment of hens, including: Black Australorps, Barred Rock, Welsummer, Rhode Island Red and others, so each carton of eggs have a variety of color, even an occasional green egg from our Easter Eggers.

Randy's Famous Salsa(View on map)

Randy's Roadkill BBQ & Grill(View on map)
Randy's Roadkill BBQ & Grill is a family owned and oriented restaurant. The restaurant is located on the corner of Randy's farm in Rolla, Missouri. All the meats are prepared with a dry rub and cooked 4-12 hours depending on the cut of meat. The restaurant gives a true country dining experience/view.

Rasa Orchards(View on map)
Rasa Orchards is a commercial apple and peach orchard. Apples are grown and packed on the farm at our commercial packing house. We operate a seasonal roadside market where we sell apples, peaches and other fall related items. The roadside market operates from mid-July through November. The retail market is located eight miles east of Lexington, Missouri on Highway 24.

Ray J's Bar B Que(View on map)
We distribute products with origins in Missouri. Our business is selling and delivering food products to local retail stores, restaurants and specialty retail stores.

Ray's Custom Butchering(View on map)

Ray's Donuts(View on map)
Ray's Donuts is a family-owned donut shop with locations in Springfield, Republic and Branson.

Ray's Farm to Market, LLC(View on map)
This will be our first year of operation. While we are not currently certified organic, we make every effort to ensure that our products are grown with organic standards. Some of our products will be grown by other local farmers. We encourage them to follow organic processes. We are GAP certified.

Ray's Woodworking and Crafts(View on map)

Raymore's Original Town Farmers' Market(View on map)

Raytown Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Raytown Farmers' Market is sponsored by the Raytown Main Street Organization. 2014 is our first season. The Raytown Farmers' Market features a variety of produce, plants, baked goods, handmade crafts and more. The market is a grower/producer only market, so the items are sold by the grower/producer, a family member or an employee of the farm or garden. All produce and products sold are grown within 120 mile radius of downtown Raytown. The Raytown Farmers' Market accepts SNAP/EBT.

RCW & Company LLC/Chef Leron(View on map)
We produce and wholesale Chef Leron's Strawberry Salad Dressing with offices located in Blackwater, Missouri. We are bottled in Kansas City. Missouri. Distributed by Paris Brothers in Kansas City.

Ready to Grow Gardens(View on map)

Real Farm Foods(View on map)

Rebel Coffee Roastery(View on map)
Coffee Roasting in South West Missouri since 2005. Uniquely roasting coffee with an air roasting coffee machine.

Red Barn Food & Wine, LLC(View on map)

Red Barn Ranch(View on map)

Red Cedar Log Furniture (View on map)

Red Fox Winery(View on map)

Red Guitar Bread(View on map)

Red Moose Vineyard, LLC(View on map)
Red Moose Vineyard is a small family business established in 2006. They began planting Norton and Chambourcin grapevines at their beautiful site located in the Ozark Highlands AVA. Currently, they have 1.5 acres of each varietal and plan to expand in the Spring of 2012 to include a block of Cayuga vines. The vineyard is carefully maintained by family and friends. They have contracted with a local winery to produce their wine--with the first release due out in early 2012.

Red Roof Farm(View on map)
Red Roof Farm Pumpkin Patch is a family owned Pumpkin Patch that has been opened since 2012. We are located in the small beautiful Village of Caledonia. Our pumpkin patch is a pick your own pumpkin patch.

Red Top Oven, LLC(View on map)
Red Top Oven is dedicated to producing delicious high quality food for our customers. We love locally grown produce and the farmers whose love goes into growing our food. Located in the high prairie region of southern Dallas County, we are 20 miles north of Springfield. Red Top Oven, LLC opened for business February 8, 2013. Our commercial kitchen creates unique products with superb flavor profiles!

Red Valvet Sweet Shoppe(View on map)

Redbeard's Ranch(View on map)

Redbuds(View on map)

Redneck Nutz(View on map)
Redneck Nutz is an Ozarks manufacturer of healthy seasoned peanuts, cashews, walnuts and pecans. Our nuts are all gluten-free and MSG-free. We use non-GMO oils and nuts. We have a factory direct store on Route 66 in Springfield and are also available in more than 50 retail locations, mostly in Southwest Missouri. You can view our products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at We have a commercial kitchen that is gluten free and can be rented.

Reed Lumber CO. LLC (View on map)

Rehana Enterprises, LLC(View on map)
Rehana Enterprises, LLC was established in 2012. The company makes healthy food products.

Reiff Farms(View on map)

Reindeer Lane(View on map)

Reis Meat Processing, INC.(View on map)
The business was built in 1972. Revis Reisenbichler acquired the business in 1999 and renamed the business Reis Meat Processing, INC. Custom exempt and deer processing until 2011, became Missouri inspected facility 168, in 2012. Majority of business still custom processing and deer processing. Retail store. 8 full time employees 5 of which are family members from Missouri. Future plans are to offer Missouri made meat products to wholesale customers and farmers market.

Reische Farms(View on map)

Reisner Ranch(View on map)

Rembrandt Foods(View on map)

Remer Meat Company(View on map)

Renaissance Bath & Body(View on map)
Renaissance Bath & Body ~ After 20 years of being disappointed with natural deodorants, I finally started making my own in 2012. At the time, I was working in the local health food store and observed that most health food store consumers were still searching for an aluminum free deodorant that deodorized as well as an antiperspirant. Even with dozens of natural deodorant options on the shelf, not one kept us fresh and clean. So I created Rosemary & Sage Extra Protection Deodorant & it was met with enthusiasm at the farmers' market & in direct sales. I decided to open Renaissance Bath & Body in 2013. My present product line includes many of my favorite products that have proven themselves year after year. My customers are thoughtful consumers who are educated and researched, as well as those who are just starting their search for more natural products. Nutiva organic unrefined coconut oil & NOW brand, 100% pure, steam distilled essential oils are in most everything I handcraft and I am always working to create cleaner products that are safe and effective for my family and yours.

Republic Farmers' Market(View on map)

Restoration Farm(View on map)
Restoration Farm was a dream for 2 years before being established outside of Stover, MO. Kat and Larry have been building the farm since 2012 and are now reaping the benefits of the pre-work done to get the farm established. We chose the name Restoration Farm because our farm is restoring the land and people's lives through the products and services we offer.

Rethemeyer Custom Woodwork, Inc.(View on map)
In 1990, Tom opened Rethemeyer Custom Woodwork in his backyard garage. Today, the business occupies a 3,750-square-foot building in the Hermann Industrial Park.

Rhea Farm(View on map)

Ribbon Road Farms(View on map)

Rich & Charlie's(View on map)

Rich's Last Resort, LLC(View on map)

Ridenhour Acres(View on map)

Riechers Truck Body and Equipment Co.(View on map)
Riechers' Truck Body & Equipment Co. has been manufacturing the highest quality truck beds since 1934.

Rigazzi's(View on map)

Riggins(View on map)

Riggs Creations(View on map)

Right Choices Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch, LLC(View on map)

Rio Syrup Company Inc.(View on map)
Manufacturers since 1940 of beverage flavors for Shaved Ice, Slush drinks, Malts and Shakes, Sno Cones, Liquid Food Colors, drinks such as Lemonades and Punches.

Ripley County Farmers Market(View on map)
The goal of the Ripley County Farmers Market is to enhance the quality of life in Doniphan, MO by providing fresh, high-quality, locally grown produce, small livestock and hand-made artisan works to create a vibrant, educational marketplace for the community benefit. Come shake the hand that grows your food!

Rising Creek Nursery(View on map)

Rita Mae's(View on map)

Ritter Perennials(View on map)
Ritter Perennials is a wholesale only business. I do not sell to the general public. But my website www, will give you the retail location to buy my locally grown plants! My family history of growing plants since 1920 Please visit my website for all the details!! I personaly select hardy and unique plants that I think will do well in Missouri! Also you'll see a page of plants that are resistant to deer and rabbits.

River Bend Specialties, LLC.(View on map)
Grandpa Spencer's Sweet & Spicy Mustard was created in 1935 by Grandma Adora Spencer, and it soon became Grandpa Harry Spencer's favorite mustard. This family recipe has been passed down through the generations, and now we'd like to share it with your family. River Bend Specialties was formed in August of 2010, so we could bring our family mustard recipe to market.

River City Smokehouse(View on map)

River Hills Farmers' Markets - Troy(View on map)

River of Life Farm(View on map)

River Ranch Camp & Canoe Resort(View on map)

River Ridge Winery(View on map)

River Town Foods Corp(View on map)
River Town Foods began simply as a private labeler, but has since become a full-service custom manufacturer of food products. Today, we're leading the region in producing and marketing sauces, dressings, and many other products, boasting clients throughout the Midwest. Through all the growth River Town Foods has experienced, one aspect of the business has remained consistent- a commitment to producing only the highest quality products, along with a dedication to providing responsive, friendly customer service. For 40 plus years, we have helped companies build their name on the retail and institutional food service market in St. Louis by manufacturing sauces, dressings and other products they could truly call their own.

Riverbluff Farms, LLC(View on map)
Riverbluff Farm was honored to be in the first AgriMO "Best of Missouri Farms" catalog. Our farm offerings include some of our original recipes for goat milk soap and other herbal products. We have expanded into Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) with other farm partners and raise pastured poultry. Our children have joined us in our farming venture to continue growing and evolving our product lines.

Riverfront Campground & Canoe Rental(View on map)

Riverhills Harvest(View on map)
Riverhills Harvest offers naturally healthy, good tasting, locally processed juice, cordial and jelly made from the ripest Elderberries grown in the mid-west by farmers you know. Products are available at many local grocers and health food stores. If you would like to purchase products in a store, please request that they contact Terry Durham at, where you may also purchase the products online.

Riverport Market - Taste of Missouri(View on map)
River port Market - Taste of Missouri is a diverse market highlighting Missouri made products. Located in the historical town of Glasgow, the shop opened on October 2007, in a newly restored 1800's building. We feature a variety of products from gourmet food products to wine and natural personal care items. Our specialty is custom gift baskets for any occasion. While visiting the store you may enjoy choosing from our wide selection of gourmet coffee beans, or cooling off with an ice cold smoothie.

Riversedge Campground & Canoe Rental(View on map)

Riverside Canoe Rental(View on map)

Riverside Smoke House & Grill(View on map)
Riverside Smoke House was founded in 2009 in Canton, MO

Riverwood Winery(View on map)

RJ Custom Woodworks, Inc.(View on map)

Roam Sticks(View on map)
At Singing Prairie Farm, we strive to create the highest quality, most nutritious pork you can find by rotationally grazing our hogs on fields dedicated to forage crops. Turnips, peas, sorghum sudan, Jerry oats, rye hairy vetch and clover are most commonly utilized. Almost 100% of our pork is processed into shelf stable snack sticks. Please see our website

Roaring River State Park(View on map)

Robert's Pallet Co. Inc. (View on map)

Robert's Wood Products, Inc.(View on map)

Robertson Family Farm(View on map)

Robertsville State Park(View on map)

Robin Lynn Inc.(View on map)
The idea of this product came from owning and operating a metal polishing business for over 20 years. It was designed to maintain and protect the products that we polished.

Robins Apiaries(View on map)
Established in 1922 and operated by members of the Robins Family since. We are producers of honey and bee products.

Robust Wine Bar(View on map)

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park(View on map)

Rock Island Marketplace(View on map)
This is a locally owned business that uses as many locally produced products as we can find. From grass fed beef to local bread and jams/jellies. We are new to the area but it is not an unknown location.

Rock Island Trail State Park(View on map)

Rockaway Beach Farmers' Market(View on map)

Rockin' W Alpaca Ranch(View on map)

Rocking P Ranch(View on map)
Rocking P Ranch is a small family farm located in Moniteau County, near Jamestown, Missouri. We breed Simmental cattle, raise chickens and operate a small commercial garden. Growing up on family farms in the Midwest, we learned to appreciate the value of hard work. We have college degrees in agriculture and have between us many years spent working both on and off the farm in the agriculture industry. Our passion for raising livestock and our commitment in doing so while maintaining the solid ethical standards with which we were raised, keeps us motivated. We believe in and practice sustainability and stewardship of the land, air, water and livestock. Practicing animal welfare was from the very beginning an integral part of our philosophy for raising cattle and chickens. It was and is, an inherent part of who we are.

Rocky & Rolling Organic(View on map)

Rocky Bay, Inc. Northwest Coffee(View on map)

Rocky Ridge Farms(View on map)
Rocky Ridge Farms will be making its debut in 2015. As a family owned business, Rocky Ridge will provide a large selection of quality, locally grown produce to Licking and surrounding communities. Besides produce, Rocky Ridge Farms will provide flowers, ornamentals, baked goods, farm fresh eggs, pork on the hoof and a variety of other items needed by every cook, whether beginner or gourmet. Rocky Ridge Farms are located east of Licking, MO on Bean Creek Road. For more complete directions or other questions, email

Rocky River Resort(View on map)

Roger Pryor Pioneer Backcountry(View on map)

Rogue Hoe(View on map)

Rolling Acres Dairy(View on map)

Rolling Hills Farm(View on map)

Rolling Hills Store(View on map)

Rolling Meadows Vineyards(View on map)

Rolling Ridge Nursery(View on map)

Rombach Farms(View on map)
Rombach Farms is family owned and operated by three generations of the Rombach family beginning in 1914. We are located at the west end of Chesterfield Valley in Chesterfield, Missouri. We started out as a roadside fresh vegetable stand and have grown to be the largest pumpkin farm in the Midwest, if not the US. Weekdays we host field trips for school age children. Each child receives a pumpkin and a trip through our haunted house for a small charge. We also have a haunted tunnel, wooden maze, wooden fort, farm animals to look at, pumpkin picking, hot apple cider, candy and such. Sat/Sun activities include barbeque, hayrides, face painting, pony rides, haunted house, blow up dragon, funnel cakes, etc. in addition to pumpkin picking! There is no admittance fee nor fee to park. You just pay a small fee at most of the attractions as you go! Events range from $2 to $5 each. Many generations of families visit our farm in October. Searching for the perfect pumpkin in over 100 acres of pumpkins is just the start of your enjoyment. A spook house, a blow up `Seaweed The Dragon', pony rides, hayrides, barrel rides, fort, maze, playgrounds, etc. all add to the excitement while browsing through the many Halloween displays! The aroma of freshly cooked brats, hot dogs, and burgers wets your appetite as you spend many hours at Rombach Farms (bbq offered on Sat/Sun only). Rombach Farms also offers educational opportunities for school and community groups while providing them a unique farm experience. Children have been enjoying trips to the pumpkin patch for over 40 years. We also offer birthday party packages as well as corporate parties for a nominal fee. We open mid September with our grand opening being the first weekend in October. Open seven days a week, 9 am to 6 pm daily. We accept cash, credit card (Master and Visa), cheeks and have an ATM on site. We are located at the west end of Chesterfield Valley, Chesterfield, Missouri. Rombach Farms 18639 Olive St Rd Chesterfield, MO 63005 636.532.7265 Take Hwy 40 to Exit #16 Chesterfield Airport Rd, Turn right... go about 2 miles and turn left on Olive St Rd. Follow this for 3/4 mile and farm is on the right

Root Cellar(View on map)

Roper Farms(View on map)

Ropp's Country Variety(View on map)

Rose & Lou Soap(View on map)
A creative spirit, I have always enjoyed crafting. Over the past few years, I have mastered soap making. Flavors and scents fill my kitchen as I create a truly magical product.

Rosewood Farms / Grandpa Joe's Chocolates(View on map)
Enjoy a day in the country at Rosewood Farms Gift Store nestled in the heart of the Ozarks. We are the home of Grandpa Joe's Old Fashioned Chocolates. Home decor, gifts, antiques, coffee, candles, and bath & body also await you in this shopping paradise. Fall in love with Grandpa Joe's Old Fashioned Chocolates. We offer over 100 varieties of old fashioned chocolates, caramels, toffee, fudge, brittles, and nuts that are made using four generations of treasured recipes and the finest ingredients available. We specialize in corporate and special event chocolate customization and also ship worldwide. Be sure you are one of the thousands of people that visit us at our annual 'Christmas in the Ozarks' event. There is sure to be something for everyone at Rosewood Farms. We pride ourselves on quality products and customer service and hope to become your favorite shopping destination.

Roth Ridge Farm(View on map)

Rothbrick Vineyard and Winery(View on map)

Round Barn Soaps, Candles & More(View on map)

Round Oak Woodworking(View on map)

Round Spring Canoe Rental(View on map)

Route 66 Canoe Rental, LLC(View on map)

Route 66 Farmers' Market(View on map)
Open: May through October Hours: Saturday - 8am to 1pm

Route 66 Sodas, LLC(View on map)

Route 66 State Park(View on map)

Route B Cafe(View on map)

Rovenstine Greenhouse(View on map)
Rovenstine Greenhouse has been serving south west Mo. for 20 years now.

Roy E Duenke Cabinet Co.(View on map)

RQL Farms(View on map)
RQL Farms was established in 1995 and moved to mid Missouri in 2016. We raise registered Tunis sheep for breeding stock, processed lamb, fiber and yarns. Our breeding stock is a nationally recognized show flock.

Running River Canoe Rental(View on map)

Russellville Farmers' Market(View on map)
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Russellville Locker(View on map)

Rustic Valley LLC(View on map)

Rutherford Farm(View on map)
Rutherford Farm was established in 2005 as a small family farm, created to provide the public and eateries with organically produced agricultural products. We raise pastured heritage breeds: Red Wattle Hogs, Black Mottled Miniature Turkeys, Blue Swede ducks along with free - range laying hens.

Rutledge Farmers' Market(View on map)

Rutledge Meat Locker(View on map)

Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park(View on map)

Röbller Vineyard(View on map)
Röbller Vineyard is a grape growing and wine making operation with 17 acres of vineyard on the 85 acre family farm. Close by the tasting room is open daily for customers. In summer there are special events like the Bar-b-que and Blues Festival and Reggae Sun Splash. Harvest takes place in September and folks are welcome to sample freshly picked wine grapes and stroll through the vineyard.

S & J Herbs and Heirlooms(View on map)

S and S Store Fixtures, LLC (View on map)

S&S Farms(View on map)

S.O.L. Foods(View on map)

Sadie's Body Potion(View on map)

Sainte Genevieve Winery(View on map)

Salem Farmers' Market(View on map)

Saline Valley Tree Farm(View on map)

Salisbury Meat Market and Processing(View on map)

Salume Beddu(View on map)

Sam A. Baker State Park(View on map)

San-Man Gardens(View on map)

Sand Creek Vineyard(View on map)

Sand Springs Resort(View on map)

Sandhill Farm Inc(View on map)

Sandy Creek Covered Bridge State Historic Site(View on map)

Sandy View Acres, Inc.(View on map)

Sano Springs(View on map)

Sassafras Valley Farm(View on map)
Sassafras Valley Farm is the only farm in Missouri specializing in geese and ducks. All of our products are USDA processed and certified, allowing us to ship cross country. All of our animals are certified AWA (Animal Welfare Approved) making us the only AWA goose farm in the country. Our farm is strictly family owned and operated by siblings Bob & Connie Cunningham. We raise Geese and Ducks on our pastures, utilizing rotational pastures and supplimented with grain and fruits in season. Our animals are protected from predation by our three livestock guardian dogs 24/7/365.The use of Livestock Guardian Dogs also allows us to be predator friendly as well, encouraging the surrounding habitat of woods and forests to be as healthy as possible. We only do a limited number of birds each year, up to 400 Geese and 400 ducks in order to keep both the birds and their pastures healthy. We accept pre-orders on our birds and encourage early ordering for the Holidays.

Sassy's Goodies, LLC(View on map)
I started Sassy's Goodies 5 years ago after losing my pet while my husband was deployed. When I found a new puppy she was born that same day, I took it as a sign to make my healthier treats for others and start a business. We also teach how to cook for your dog so they live longer and healthier lives. As a female veteran-owned business I have met many obstacles, but my first goal is to always provide healthy, tasty dog treats for your pet.

Sawyer Creek Artistry(View on map)

Saxon Lutheran Memorial(View on map)

Sayersbrook Bison Ranch(View on map)
Established in 1928, SayersBrook is located in the Missouri Ozarks and has evolved form Apple Orchard and Cattle Ranch to Bison Ranch/Resort and Retreat Center. We revolve our attraction around our all naturally fed Bison and our unique outdoor activities such as off-roading, sporting clays, machine gun range, water activities, golf and team-building and leadership training. We focus on upscale retreats and tours, while producing a first class bison meat product for sale in our country store, distribution in the largest bison mail order catalog, or wholesale distribution to restaurants and supermarkets nationwide. Our meat products include every cut you can get from beef, plus a variety of frozen pre-cooked dishes such as stews, soups, lasagna, bar-b-que bison, pizza, and Mexican pies. We have won many taste-testings for our flavor and quality. Bison is the healthiest of all meats, lower in fat and calories, and higher in protein then chicken, fish, turkey and beef.

Scarlett Garnet(View on map)

Scenic Rivers Industries(View on map)

Schaller Hardwood Lumber Co.(View on map)

Scheffer Five LLC(View on map)
We are a restaurant. Scheffer Five LLC dba DiTrapani's Italian Bistro. Located near Dixon, MO on Hwy 28, north of St. Robert and Fort Leonard Wood. Providing mostly Italian cuisine and steaks. We have been in business a little over a year and serve a fantastic salad.

Scherer Farms(View on map)

Scherf Meat Processing(View on map)

Schlafly Beer(View on map)
Schlafly Beer is made by The Saint Louis Brewery which started in 1991 with the opening of the Schlafly Tap Room brewery/restaurant. The company continued to grow and in 2003 opened Schlafly Bottleworks with a larger packaging brewery and restaurant. Schlafly beer is now sold in seven states and the District of Columbia and is ranked the 41st largest Craft Brewery in the US. At our Bottleworks location we host a weekly Farmers Market form April through October, featuring up to 25 local farmers and food producers (monthly indoor Winter Markets in the off season) We also gorw produce for use in our restaurants in our 1/7 acre restaurant garden

Schlafly Farmers Market(View on map)
Know where your food comes from by buying direct from the farmer or local food purveyor who grew, raised or produced it. Schlafly Farmers' Market's producer-only market has been your destination for local food and beer for over 10 years in suburban St. Louis County. Visit us on Wednesday afternoons from 4 to 7 pm April through October in the hear of Maplewood's gourmet food row.

Schlafly Winter Farmers' Market(View on map)

Schmidt Meat Processing/Voss Packing Company(View on map)

Schmitt Tree Farms(View on map)

Schneider Farms(View on map)
Our family farm raises corn, soybeans, wheat, cattle and pigs in Lincoln and Gasconade counties. Our children are active in 4-H and FFA and have been showing pigs for several years. We raise crossbreds as well as registered Berkshires and Spots. Our swine operation is farrow to finish, and all of our pork products are processed at a USDA inspected facility in Swiss, MO. We are very proud to be a part of Missouri agriculture and take pride in raising high quality pigs that will allow us to provide high quality product to our customers.

Schneider Farms(View on map)

School House Bed and Breakfast Inn(View on map)
The School House Bed and Breakfast is a wonderfully restored school house building listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The perfect starting point for your relaxing Rocheport, Missouri retreat! Located midway between St Louis and Kansas City and only 15 minutes from Columbia, Missouri, the School House Bed and Breakfast provides a relaxing overnight getaway from the stresses of daily life or a romantic setting to celebrate a special occasion! The quaint town of Rocheport (pop. 239) offers fine dining, the Les Bourgeois winery, scenic Katy Trail and unique artisan shops.

Schranz Nut and Honey Farm(View on map)

Schrock's Country Store(View on map)

Schuessler Woodworks(View on map)

Schuyler County Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Schuyler County Farmers Market offers locally produced pumpkins, fruit and vegetables, baked goods, egg noodles, eggs, honey and gourds and jams and jellies. All products must be produced within a 50 mile radius of the county.

Schwartz Farm(View on map)

Schwede Farms(View on map)

Scotland County Farmers' Market(View on map)
The first year as a county farmers' market was in 2009. Our hours are Thursdays 3:00pm until 6:00pm, May 16th through September 26th, on the Courthouse Square in Memphis. In addition to local produce, baked goods, meats, etc., we typically have one or two of the local non-profits represented and we often have musical entertainment. We hope to soon be able to accept foods stamps and WIC.

Scott Joplin House State Historic Site(View on map)

Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy(View on map)
Industrial Hemp harvesting and processing, biodiesel, seed supplies, information, green building with natural & sustainable materials, custom harvest crew, mobile processing equipment. Seeking share cropping avenues.

Seasonable Sales(View on map)

Sedalia Area Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Sedalia Area Farmers' Market was created in 2009! It is a Grower Only, Local Only Market held on beautiful MO State Fairgrounds! It is a friendly environment promoting family and local farmers and producers! The market is open the first Friday of May through the last Friday of May being open on Tuesday's 3-6 and Friday's 3-7! Friday's in September and October the hours will be 3-6! The market accepts cash, Debit and EBT.

Seed Sowers LLC(View on map)

SeedGeeks(View on map)
SeedGeeks is an independent, family-owned heirloom seed and sustainable living company dedicated to supporting sustainable agriculture and responsible seed stewardship. All of our seeds are open-pollinated, untreated, and 100% non-GMO.

Seeds of Happiness(View on map)
Seeds of Happiness is passionately committed to bringing the smiles that bring happiness to our world. Every day, we strive to make the world a better smile at a time! We hand make ALL of our clay smiles, faces and specialty seeds in our studio in Kirkwood, Missouri. Whether you're looking for a sunflower, apple, strawberry, peapod or pumpkin just to name a few, Seeds of Happiness cheerfully has them all!

Seeds of Hope Farm(View on map)
We are a small diversified farm established by the Community Action Agency of St. Louis County to increase local access to fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables and improve food security for the low-income families of Spanish Lake.

Seep Water Farms(View on map)

SELECT Brands, LLC(View on map)

Sellmeyer Farm(View on map)
We have been growing and selling produce and eggs to sell from our farm and at local farmers' markets since 2000. In 2000 we added a CSA option to our customers.

Seneca Locker(View on map)

Sentinel Lumber and Hardware(View on map)

Sequin Moreau Napa Cooperage, Inc.(View on map)

Serenity Valley Winery(View on map)

Serious Que Barbeque, LLC(View on map)

Settler's Inn(View on map)

Seven Cedars Farm(View on map)

Seven Springs Winery(View on map)
Seven Springs Winery is the Lake's newest reception facility. Offering complete culinary services and Missouri wines. An experienced event planner is provided to handle various aspects of your event here at Seven Springs Winery. Our spacious property boasts a beautiful atmosphere for up to 300 guests. Every detail of your event is custom designed for you. Nestled in the Ozark Hills, it is the perfect setting for your wedding or event.

SGB Farms(View on map)

Shady Acres(View on map)

Shady Beach Campground & Canoe(View on map)

Shakespeare's Pizza, Inc. (View on map)

Shannon County Farmers' Market(View on map)
Shannon County Farmer's Market providing locally grown produce and baked goods, along with meat products. Established 2012.

Share-Life Farms(View on map)

Shatto Milk Company(View on map)
Shatto Milk Company is a small, family owned and operated, dairy farm located just north of the Kansas City metropolitan area. Our family has been farming here for more than 100 years and began a dairy farm more than 60 years ago. In June 2003 our family began processing our own milk on the farm. We decided to bottle our own milk for the purpose of providing our customers with the freshest and best tasting dairy products possible. Shatto Milk Company products can be described by one simple statement that we have adopted as our motto, MILK AT ITS FINEST. Our family goes to great lengths to insure that the products we sell are truly the freshest and best tasting. - The milk sold by Shatto Milk Company comes from cows not treated with rbST (recombinant bovine somatotropin) or recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbGH).** - Shatto Milk comes only from the cows located on our family farm. - Shatto Milk can be from the cow to the store in as little as 12 hours. - All of us at Shatto Milk Company have made it our top priorities to (1) limit the number of times the milk is handled, and (2) to process our milk in a manner that maintains its superior taste. To give you a true feel for where our milk comes from, how it is processed, and our packaging methods, we made a concerted effort to create a transparent processing plant. Our processing plant is a place where everyone is invited to visit and see firsthand how Shatto Milk Company produces the freshest milk around. We invite you, your family, and all of your friends to visit us on our farm, take a tour or just check-out our country store anytime Monday through Friday 8 AM to 6 PM, Saturday 8 AM to 4PM and Sunday 9 AM to 4 PM. Many people ask and are excited about our packaging methods. We at Shatto Milk Company have decided to provide our milk in glass bottles. The reasons for this decision are very simple. First, the glass bottle tends to keep milk colder, and colder milk is more desirable. Second, glass bottles are environmentally friendly. Our glass bottles can be washed and reused as many times as they are returned. Thus, recycling and reusing our bottles lowers the amount of material dumped in area landfills on a daily basis. Third, unlike paper cartons or plastic, glass imparts no foreign odor or flavor. Fourth, glass bottles are most notable in history for containing farm fresh milk from the local family farm, and that is exactly what you are getting from us. Let there be no doubt - our product is different - it is handled with the utmost care and packaged in the best container available, glass. On behalf of our family and those who work for Shatto Milk Company, we would like to express to you our sincere appreciation for visiting our website and purchasing our products. All of us at Shatto Milk Company hope you; your family, and your friends visit us at our farm store and processing plant. Until then, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please contact us via email at or via phone at (816) 930-3862. We are committed to providing you with the finest products available and earning your business time and time again.

Shawnee Bluff Winery(View on map)

Shawnee Mound Orchard(View on map)
Small, family owned and operated orchard since 2002. We strive to produce quality fruit and sell at a reasonable price direct to consuming individuals. We do not wholesale.

Shelby County Economic Development(View on map)
The Shelby County Farmers' Market, sponsored by Shelby County Economic Development, is an opportunity for local growers, producers and vendors to sell their home-grown produce, plants or crafts. Booths at the Farmer's Market are open to individuals in Shelby and adjoining counties.

Sheltered Workshops, Inc.(View on map)
Sheltered Workshops, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation whose purpose is to employ persons with developmental, mental and physical challenges in Franklin County.

Shepherd Farms Inc(View on map)

Shepherd's Way Arts & Crafts(View on map)

Shepherds Crook Dairy(View on map)

Shepherdsfield Country Store & Bakery(View on map)
Shepherdsfield Bakery began in 1984 as an effort to share with others the delicious Whole Wheat Bread that had provided a hearty staple to a modern Christian Community since 1979. Located in the heartland of Missouri the bakery grew its product line in response to requests from friends and patrons for additional high-quality products. Some of the recipes are handed down through several generations. Relying on natural, organic grains and flours, and maintaining rigid control over the baking process, the bakery now produces a diverse array of baked goods to satisfy the most discriminating palates. From breakfast to supper and desserts, the purely natural, no preservatives added product line reminds one of the good old days, when the soils that grew the grains were pure and the food real and substantive. The old timers might say we make food that "will stick to your ribs".

Sherman Produce(View on map)

Sherwood Quilts(View on map)

Shiloh Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a The Smashed Chefs(View on map)
Gourmet Class from Recycled Glass The Smashed Chefs is an innovative manufacturing company that takes pride in creating beautiful dining, decorative and gift pieces from recycled materials. The Smashed Chef products are all distinctive one-of-a-kind items, kiln-fired and artisan crafted from recycled bottle glass. All products are hand-crafted in Missouri and given a personal stamp of approval by Doug and Sandy Nash. The Smashed Chefs was founded in 2002 by two creative women, who turned their hobby into a unique and thriving business. Doug and Sandy Nash acquired The Smashed Chefs in 2004 and have been moving forward expanding product lines and distribution channels, adding their own touch of class to every piece.

Ship & Dip(View on map)
Ship & Dip is a subscription service to a monthly box of condiments. We help people discover their next favorite condiments by locating the best up-and-coming small-batch condiments from across the country. Each month, our customers receive 3 different full-sized products delivered to their doorstep. In addition to the subscription service, we sell all featured products and more in our online shop. From living in multiple cities across the United States, we know there are delicious condiments made all across the country that cannot be found outside of certain cities, states and regions due to the lack of a national distribution channel. At Ship & Dip, we are strong supporters of local business and want to continue helping small business owners gain the national exposure they deserve.

Shirahaze Gallery(View on map)

Show Me Energy Cooperative(View on map)

Show Me Farms Born Tender Omega Beef(View on map)
Began selling all natural beef and eggs in 1998. All beef Snack Sticks added in 2000. Added Chickens in 2008, Breakfast Burritos in 2009, Berkshire Pork in 2012. We sell at the Columbia Farmers Market from April through the end of October. From November through March we sell out of our Farm Store. We also supply restaurants and grocery stores. We can ship any place in the United States. We have state inspected cooking and packaging facilities.

Show Me Produce(View on map)
We are a family-run farm growing a wide variety of produce items; we grow pesticide free. Our growing methods include hydroponic and more conventional methods. We use an assortment of tunnels and field production to be able to harvest year round. We specialize in lettuce and other greens and herb production.

Show-Me Gunstock(View on map)

Show-Me Shop(View on map)

Show-Me Zip Lines, LLC(View on map)
Our farm is a Missouri Century Farm purchased in 1910. It is nestled in the hills of Northwestern Ray county. The youngest family member represents the fifth generation to be on the farm. It has survived the years by various means of work, mainly agriculture and livestock, but also custom work such as cutting coal mine prop sand trusses, Grade A dairy, and custom butchering to name a few. The farm is still full operational today and now through AgriTourism, we plan to add a zipline park through the hills of the farm. We will offer eight lines with different payment plans and discounts. Soft drinks and snacks will be available as well as home grown produce, sweet corn, tomatoes, and cucumbers. T-shirts and hats will also be available. This farm plans to do this to promote country living and agriculture through AgriTourism and AgriMissouri!

Shriver Companies, LLC (View on map)

Shrock Farm(View on map)

Shrock's Country Butchering(View on map)

Shyrocks Corn Maze(View on map)

Sierra Cabinets, Inc.(View on map)

Sierra's Homemade Jams & Jellys(View on map)
Sierra Rose Bruse homemade jelly and jams just like grandma used to make with love.

Sign Craft, Inc.(View on map)

Silver Arrow Canoe Rental(View on map)

Silver Brooks Farms(View on map)

Silvio's(View on map)

Simons Garden LLC(View on map)
Small family farm selling produce, fresh eggs and honey

Simple Blessings Farm(View on map)

Simple Life Farms, LLC(View on map)

Simpson and Sons, Inc(View on map)

Simpson's Family Farm(View on map)
The Simpson family started in commercial grape production in the early 1970s. Simpson Family Farm continues to grow grapes for award winning wines produced by Stone Hill Winery at Herman, MO. Simpson Farm grows a large variety of fresh fruits and produce for farm sales and several Farmers' Markets around the Mountain Grove area. Simpson's Farm is a leader in plasticulture strawberry production in Missouri. With three acres of Chandler strawberries in production, Simpson's offers U-pick and pre-picked strawberries for their customers Simpson's also offer U-pick and pre-picked blackberries. Simpson's Farm specializes in tomato and sweet onion production. From hybrids to heirlooms, Simpson's grow a large variety of vine ripened commercial beefsteak, paste and salad tomatoes. Onions, so sweet you can eat them like an apple, are available in red, yellow and white varieties. Stop by the farm or visit us at the Farmers' Market and check us out at

Singer Locker Service(View on map)

Single Creek Draft Horse Farm(View on map)

Singley Woodworking(View on map)

Sirkil Dubba-U Ranch(View on map)
Sirkil Dubba-U Ranch is a homestead type farm promoting sustainable agriculture practices and raises Boer Meat Goats, Nubian Dairy Goats, Netherland Dwarf and Satin Siamese Rabbits and a variety of Ratites and Poultry including Rheas, Peafowl, Red Golden Pheasants, Sebastopol Geese, Muscovy Ducks, Homing Pigeons, Plymouth Barred Rock Laying Hens and Belgian Bearded d'uccle Mille Fleur Bantams.

Sisters Garden Gate Recipes(View on map)
Our sweet & sour dressing originates from the family restaurant we owned from 1984 to 2000, called Chicken King. When customers would come to get their chicken dinner, there was always a cup of coleslaw alongside. The family recipe wasn't only in a dinner box, but also in gallons for gatherings within the St. Louis communities. It was always a staple at our own family gatherings and continues to be. We continue to provide our finished salad products wholesale to the Midwest region and look forward to new additions to our bottled dressing.

Sisters Homestyle Vittles(View on map)
We are a locally owned and operated farm producing pastured lamb, domestic quail, quail eggs, chicken eggs and heritage breed rabbits. Our sister company is Sisters Homestyle Vittles. We bake over two dozen varieties of artisan breads, make spice blends for oil dipping sauces from home grown herbs and produce, manufacture honeysuckle jelly and other seasonal jellies from local produce, hickory syrup and apple cider vinegar.

Sisters In Thyme Deli Bakery(View on map)
I started at the C-Street City Market, located at 321 E Commercial St., Springfield, MO, selling herbs and teaching customers how to use them. After four years I moved to a building on C Street and after 3.5 years, moved to a larger building on C Street. It has now been nine years, and I have grown into retail having seven products in grocery stores. We are now buying the building we are in and placing solar panels on the roof to offset electricity cost. We also rent our kitchen to other businesses and small producers.

Skidmore Lumber, LLC(View on map)

Slava Bowman Photograpy(View on map)

Sloppy's BBQ(View on map)
Sloppys BBQ is a competition bbq team and catering business serving Missouri customers since 2007. We started out doing competition bbq in 2005 and have since won many awards. Awards to note are grand champion Johnson County fair, Warrensburg and the 2010 grand champion of the Great American BBQ, Kansas City. These accomplishments have led us to sharing our bbq with many customers by catering their special events such as weddings, birthday parties, and company parties.

Slow Food Saint James(View on map)
Slow Food Saint James is a nonprofit Eating Education organization. We are a Chapter of Slow Food USA. A better, cleaner and fairer world begins with what we put on our plates and our daily choices determine the future of the environment, economy and society. Slow Food USA is part of the global Slow Food network of over 100,000 members in more than 150 countries. Through a vast volunteer network of local chapters, youth and food communities, we link the pleasures of the table with a commitment to protect the community, culture, knowledge and environment that make this pleasure possible. Our mission as an international grassroots membership organization is good, clean and fair food for all. We grow Ark of Taste: The Ark of Taste is a living catalog of delicious and distinctive foods facing extinction. By identifying and championing these foods we keep them in production and on our plates.

Smakn Jacks BBQ(View on map)

Small Farms Network Butler County Market(View on map)

Smart Savor Foods(View on map)
Makers of Gold Star low sodium barbeque sauce, selling to resellers and institutional users only.

Smith Farms(View on map)

Smith Flooring, Inc.(View on map)
Smith Flooring is a family company now in its third generation of family ownership. With deep roots in the Missouri forest products industry, our history goes way back to the 1920s.

Smithville Farmers & Makers Market(View on map)
We are a local farmers and makers market located in between KCMO and St. Joseph, MO. Sponsored by the local Lions Club, we strive to promote Missouri grown and handmade products only. We also have live music every week as well as special programming on occasion. We are a community and economic building initiative.

Smoke This BBQ & Catering(View on map)
We started in 2004 competition in bbq competitions with a bbq sauce that we created and it was winning so we thought we would market it. From competition our business formed into making our own line of sauces and rubs to catering and vending it has been a great opportunity for us.

Smokin Bones BBQ Restaurant(View on map)
This is a new restaurant that offers BBQ and full menu serving the public. Also offering catering and a 'to go' menu.

Smokin Chicks BBQ(View on map)
Smokin Chicks BBQ is a full service dine in restaurant. All the meats are prepared inhouse with a special dry rub then smoked for hours to tender perfection. Smokin Chicks BBQ offers dine in, take out, catering, concessions and now jerky to sell in your retail locations!

Smokin' Butt's(View on map)

Snail Creek Farm(View on map)

Sneaky Greens, LLP(View on map)

Snicky Snaks LLC(View on map)
Snicky Snaks LLC is an all natural gourmet dog treat company. We are a St. Louis based company providing a natural and healthy treat that follows strict production/baking requirements. We have been providing these treats to our local community for the past year and now find ourselves and Snicky Snaks ready to enter the wholesale/retail market. This healthy alternative has developed a strong following and we're very excited about the future of our company. Our ingredients provide a treat that contains no salts, artificial preservatives, colors, or sugars.

Society of St. Andrew(View on map)
Society of St. Andrew is a hunger-relief nonprofit that works with the produce industry to get fresh, nutritious produce that is not marketable to feed people who cannot afford to feed their families. SoSA West and its volunteers work with farmers and growers in Missouri to glean fields and orchards after the harvest, and deliver the fresh food to food banks, pantries and other feeding agencies serving hungry people. SoSA West also works with truckloads of excess, graded-out and rejected produce. Using an extensive contact database, it quickly locates nearby recipient food banks and agencies that will accept and use the unsaleable produce after culling the spoilage. Additionally, SoSA West tracks all donations to provide accurate donation receipts at the end of the year for tax purposes.

Soil Service Nursery(View on map)

Solomon Farms(View on map)

Soulard Market(View on map)
Historic Soulard Market, owned and operated by the city of St. Louis, is one of the oldest farmers market in the country. Farmers and other vendors sell their products from a series of outdoor and indoor stalls Wednesday through Saturday. Some stalls have been in the same family for several generations. Reminiscent of an old train terminal, the Market, which is on the National Historic Registry, has two outdoor wings under roofs supported by steel girders. The wings are linked by a building that houses butcher shops, a bakery, a spice shop and a snack shop. Each Saturday, the busiest day of the week at Soulard, the Market is a cacophony of colors and sounds with mounds of red, yellow, orange, and green fruits and vegetables on display, caged live chickens and merchants yelling from their stalls. People come from all over the St. Louis metropolitan area to take advantage of the Market's low prices and fresh produce. The surrounding neighborhood has many interesting restaurants, clubs, and shops.

South Hampton Farmers' Market(View on map)
South Hampton Farmers' Market is in the Heart of the Macklind Avenue business district. It serves families in the neighborhood as well as surrounding areas such as St. Louis Hills. It is a small local market promoting fresh fruits and vegetables and locally grown and produced foods from a 100 mile radius of St. Louis.

South Kansas City's Farmers' Market(View on map)

South Side Lumber Co.(View on map)
Our sawmill was established and has run continuously since 1948. Ron Jones purchased the business from the Westover family in 2007, and we continue to be a family-owned company.

South St. Joseph Development Corporation(View on map)
Established to revitalize a declining commercial area of St. Joseph adjacent to the Stockyards known as The Junction. Initial project was to engage local farmers in a farmers' market to provide healthy fresh foods to the tables of residents in a readily-available underserved location of town. The ultimate goal is to develop an arts & entertainment destination for residents & visitors. The farmer's market has been a success since it began.

South US 63 Farmers Market(View on map)
Open: April through Sept Hours: Saturday - 7am to 1pm

South View Kitchens(View on map)

Southern Boone Farmers Market(View on map)
Southern Boone Farmers Market in Ashland is a farmers' market vendor site. We rent booth space for vendor's of farm products. Space available to vendors who grow, raise or make from Missouri product's, and home crafts made for home use.

Southern Temptations LLC(View on map)

Southside Farmers' Market(View on map)
Southside Farmers' Market was started in 2005, located at 1404 S Missouri Street in Macon, Missouri, offering various vendors of produce and craft items. The market is open Fridays and Saturdays from 8:00am until 5:00pm, April through October.

Southwest Sustainable Farmers' Market(View on map)

Soy Cottage LLC(View on map)
Soy Cottage LLC is a family based company focused on providing quality products utilizing natural ingredients so as to maintain environmental friendliness. Having grown up on a beef cattle farm, we know the meaning of working hard for life's aspirations. With our entrepreneurial spirit and passion for our product, we at Soy Cottage LLC are intent on catering to the men and women who work with their hands. We make and hand pour soy lotion that makes your hands feel soft, not greasy. As well, we realize that many today are sensitive to fragrances, and have therefore developed a fragrance free product line along with our other (2) product lines for men and women. Soy Cottage LLC is newly formed in 2009 and determined to provide the public with quality products for years to come.

Sparkle Dog Grooming(View on map)
We offer a wide range of services to fit all your animal needs. I have been grooming for 5 years and I love every minute of it.

Special D Meat(View on map)

Specialty Grocery Store(View on map)

SpiceLife Jams(View on map)
SpiceLife Jams is the creation of John Rogers of O'Fallon, MO. John became dissatisfied with the run of the mill pepper jellies that were available at the time, and sought to introduce to the marketplace a gourmet spice jam, or spicy gourmet jam that was head and shoulders above the competition.

Spiceman Enterprises LLC(View on map)
We are Spiceman Enterprise LLC, a manufacturer and distributor of specialty seasoning and flavoring food products since 2004. We market our products in grocery stores, specialty stores, foodservice industry and industrial marketplace. We are seeking representatives for Missouri and Kansas and other business opportunities including national and international. Contact us for more information at Spiceman Enterprise LLC. 913-396-2290 W.G. Lester President. Email Thank you for interest.

Spicewine Ironworks(View on map)
Spicewine Ironworks opened for business in 2004. We build meat smokers and have a line of 12 BBQ related products. We sell online and can also be found in major grocery markets. We are working currently with an exporter to go international.

Sprague's Locker(View on map)

Spring Branch Acres LLC(View on map)

Spring Creek Antiques & Tea Room(View on map)

Spring Creek Farm(View on map)

Spring Creek Ranch(View on map)

Spring Hill Pumpkin Patch(View on map)

Springfield Hot Glass(View on map)

Springhill Dairy(View on map)

Springhill Pumpkin Patch(View on map)
We are a family of seven who enjoy working together on our dairy farm. We milk twice a day, seven days a week and it allows us to spend quality time together. We have a grazing herd and milk approximately 130 cows. We are also starting to make farmstead cheeses. We started the pumpkin patch in 2008 so that others could enjoy the farm experience. We hope to market our cheeses in the near future. We enjoy having people come and experience farm life.

St. Charles Hardwoods, Inc.(View on map)
St. Charles Hardwoods has been supplying the St. Louis area with a large selection of quality hardwood products since 1988.

St. Charles Lions Club Farmers' Market(View on map)

St. Francois State Park(View on map)

St. Francois Vineyards & Winery(View on map)

St. James Farmers' Market(View on map)

St. James Tourist Information Center(View on map)

St. James Winery(View on map)
For more than 40 years, St. James Winery has been producing unique regional wines. We make wines that reflect the natural character of each of our grape varieties and of the special place they are grown: the Ozark Highlands. Constant research and development, plus a splash of innovation, in the vineyards and throughout the winemaking process brings us excellent results. From the handling of the grapes in the vineyards, where our unique grape varieties are matched with each microclimate and soil type, to the choice of yeasts, which are carefully selected to complement our varietals, our winemakers test, taste and fine tune. From the barreling and aging to the bottling of our wines, we work to make sure the one-of-a-kind flavor profiles of our distinct varietals shine. Our hard work in the vineyards and winery has paid off. St. James Winery is consistently one of the top gold medal winning wineries in the country. Our customers' love of our fruit forward style has made us one of the top selling regional wineries in the United States.

St. Joe State Park(View on map)

St. John's Gallatin Flea Market(View on map)

St. John's Wood Works, Inc.(View on map)

St. Jordan Creek (View on map)

St. Louis Community Farmers' Market(View on map)

St. Louis Sash Corp(View on map)

St. Louis Wine and Beermaking(View on map)

Staley's BBQ, LLC(View on map)
It all began simply enough with a used barrel smoker and a dream. Several smokers later our hobby grew into a business that allows us to provide our award winning barbecue and barbecue sauce to anyone with a hankerin for mouth waterin' barbecue. Staley's BBQ is a family-run catering and vending business, featuring delicious smoked meats with all the fixin's and award-winning Staley's BBQ Sauce.

Stan Bader Wood Truss Co.(View on map)

Stanton Brothers Poultry and Eggs(View on map)

Stark Brothers(View on map)

Starkenburg Vineyards(View on map)

Starr Pines Christmas Tree Farm(View on map)
Choose and cut Christmas Trees. Wholesale Create All Natural Skin Care Products Distill Aromatherapy Hydrosols - Aromatic Waters Wreaths A complete Christmas experience Beehives

Start Right Foods(View on map)
Start Right Foods is offering a unique product in the crowded food retail space! Start Right waffles will target three key focus areas to bring value to customers: high-quality protein ingredients, gluten-free offerings and convenience-centric products. Start Right is able to achieve these three metrics with first product the Start Right Waffle. It is loaded with high quality protein; it is a good source of fiber and is gluten free. It will be available in retail grocery stores in both a fozen waffle and dry mix.

Ste Genevieve Industries, Inc.(View on map)

Ste Genevieve MFG Co.(View on map)

Ste. Genevieve Butcher(View on map)

Ste. Genevieve County Farmers' Market(View on map)
Ste. Genevieve County Farmers' Market was organized in 1990 for the purpose of having an outlet for locally grown produced goods. This will be the 12th full year of providing fresh and value added products to local as-well-as visiting consumers.

Steele Crest Winery(View on map)

Steelville Silkscreen Studio(View on map)

Steinberg Skating Rink(View on map)

Steve Bunton Stoneware(View on map)

Stevinson's Produce(View on map)

Sticky Pig Barbecue Sauce(View on map)

Still Small Voice LLC(View on map)

Stinger's Honey & Beeswax(View on map)

Stockton State Park(View on map)

Stoddard County Seed Service(View on map)

Stone Creek Cabinetry, LLC (View on map)

Stone Creek Woodworks(View on map)

Stone Hill Winery(View on map)

Stone Hill Winery(View on map)
Stone Hill Winery in Hermann is one of Missouri's top tourist attractions and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. With a commanding view of the town, the 13-acre complex consists of the stately main building built in 1869, inviting gift shop, 165-year-old arched underground cellars, a fine restaurant and state of the art production facilities that produce over 260,000 gallons of wine.

Stone Hill Winery(View on map)

Stonehaus Farms Vineyard & Winery, LLC(View on map)

Stones Signs (View on map)

Stoney Ridge Custom Processing(View on map)

Stonie's Sausage Shop, Inc.(View on map)
Stonie's Sausage Shop, Inc., located in Perryville, Missouri, was founded in 1959 by Stanislaus (Stonie) Wibbenmeyer. Stonie's heritage in the meat business goes back to the early 1900's when as a boy he worked at a meat market in Perryville. In 1930 he went to work at the Duerr Meat Market and managed the market until it closed in 1959. Two months later he opened Stonie's Sausage Shop on the western edge of Perryville. His son, Don joined there in 1962. After Stonie's death in 1975, Don's son Roger joined the business and the two continued the business through 1997, when Don retired. Carrying on the family tradition, Roger's son Tyson, joined the business that same year. Please visit our web site for more information. In addition, Roger and Tyson would like to invite you to stop by their retail meat store and sample their fine quality, award winning smoked meats.

Stony Crest Urban Farm(View on map)

Storie's Pumpkin Patch (View on map)

Storm Rider Farm(View on map)

Storment Apiaries(View on map)

Straub's Grocery Store(View on map)

Strawberry Lane Farm(View on map)

Street Wings (View on map)

Stringbean Coffee Co.(View on map)
Stringbean Coffee is a small, artisan coffee roaster located in St. Louis. Peter Cohen started roasting coffee as a hobby and eventually left his 15-year banking career in 2011 to persue his passion for coffee. Roasting is done in small batches using a non-computerized roaster with old school traditions. Cohen provides coffee to multiple locations and farmer's markets around the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Stuart Farm, LLC(View on map)

Stubbs Staples(View on map)

Stutzman Farm(View on map)

Such and Such Farm(View on map)
Such and Such Farm specializes in fresh, local produce, farm made foods and handcrafted up-cycled furniture and art. We believe in growing produce and raising livestock in a natural and environmentally responsible way, without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Our goal is to make a positive impact on our surrounding communities through our fresh food and partnerships with urban farming and agriculture.

Sugar Creek Piedmontese(View on map)
Piedmontese beef is nature's perfect combination of nutrition and taste. It is tender, juicy, full-flavored beef with less fat and cholesterol than traditional beef. Based on nutritional analysis carried out by an independent laboratory in Illinois, Piedmontese beef is dramatically lower in fat and calories than choice-grade conventional beef. Piedmontese beef has about 15% fat content and 65% of the calories in conventional beef round and roughly 60% of the fat content and less than half of the calories in conventional beef rib-eye. Animals on our farm are raised with no hormones or steroids. We market out lean, tender, delicious beef y the quarter, half, and individual cuts at farmers markets. Our beef is processed by an inspected butcher, vacuum wrapped, and fresh frozen to preserve quality.

Sugar Creek Vineyard & Winery(View on map)

Sullivan Area Chamber Of Commerce(View on map)
Sullivan Farmers Market

Sullivan County Farmers' Market(View on map)
Open Thursdays 3:30-6:00pm

Sullivan Farms(View on map)

Sullivan's Berries(View on map)

Summerfield Landscaping(View on map)
Summerfield Landscaping, Garden and Gifts started out as a full service landscaping business and has grown into much more. We opened our retail shop and have offered the Columbia community unique gifts, fresh produce and funky collectibles for almost ten years. We offer a variety of dried arrangements and wreaths made from hydrangeas, black eyed susans, lavender and many other flowers. In the spring through late fall we offer locally grown produce, complimented by other goodies like pesto, fresh herbs and eggs. Fall is a favorite season for many and we can help you decorate with cornstalks and mini hay bales. The Christmas season brings fresh greenery to the shop. We offer garland and holly for your Christmas decorating needs.

Summersville Cutstock, LLC (View on map)

Sunburst Ranch(View on map)

Suncrest Farms(View on map)

Sunflower Savannah(View on map)

Sunny Acres Farm(View on map)

Sunny Acres Farm(View on map)

Sunny Creek Farm LLC(View on map)

Sunny Lane Farm(View on map)
Our farm is a Southwest Missouri grass based family farm, raising pasture grown broiler chickens and 100% grass finished Hereford beef. We believe that livestock should be naturally raised in a healthy and respectful way, and we enjoy interacting with our animals daily. We also strive to be good stewards of our land. In keeping with our beliefs, we are members of several organizations that promote sustainable agriculture. We do some things the old-fashioned way, but also incorporate new ideas to improve our farm, and enjoy attending classes and conferences held by people who can help our farm and us to grow. We are proud to bring a healthy and flavorful product from our farm to your table.

Sunridge Forest Products, LLC (View on map)

Sunrise Farm Market(View on map)

Sunrise Farmers' Market(View on map)

SunRise Gardens LLC(View on map)
SunRise Gardens LLC offers high quality container nursery products, as well as landscape consulting and garden design services for the Mid-Missouri area. SunRise Gardens LLC specializes in theme gardens and sustainable landscapes with an emphasis on organic solutions and environmentally responsible practices.

Sunrise Pastures(View on map)
Sunrise Pastures is a part of my parent's farm which has been in my dad's family since 1854. I began in earnest when, at the age of 9, I wrote and received a grant from the Missouri Department of Agriculture's Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Award which was used to start with my backyard gardening and raising hens on pasture. Since then, I've added Shetland sheep. Farming and ranching is enjoyable, provides family involvement and is a source of continual education. Land stewardship and sustainable agriculture is high calling which we take seriously and hope to share our naturally raised products with others.

Sunrise Strawberries(View on map)

Sunset C Ranch, LLC(View on map)

Sunshine Produce(View on map)
Sunshine Produce is owned by my wife Sheila and I. We grow a wide variety of all natural fruits and vegetables. Our produce patch is on our family farm, Changing Acres, owned and operated by Tom Craft. The Farm is nearing it's Century mark and has absolutely lived up to it's name. Have to, to be able to run a small farm in today's corporate farm world. Our veggie's are raised using now toxic or harmful chemicals. We are not certified as the cost of being certified is too high, and I can't see paying for a piece of paper that says we do things naturally. We do apply organic methods, We sell at 3 different Farmer's Markets. City Market (Kansas City MO), Lee's Summit Farmer's Market and Downtown Harrisonville Farmer's Market. We may start selling locally delivered to you if interest is high enough. Until then, we'll see you at the market!

Sunshine Valley Farm(View on map)

Surveyors Materials, Inc.(View on map)

Susie's Grass Fed Lamb(View on map)

Suspence Food Group / RLS Hospitality(View on map)

Sutton At Home Alpaca Farm(View on map)

Suyame Images(View on map)
Susan Tonarely began her interest as a photographer through her childhood as the daughter of Kentucky equine artist Allen F. Brewer Jr. She would go on photo shoots with her father to horse farms and watch him photograph famous horses to paint. This would later become her passion for photographing landscapes and wildlife. Susan has become know for her extraordinary images of the Missouri State Capital as well as her ability to capture the graceful beauty of the Ozarks. She has been featured in magazines, calendars, and hospitals in California and Missouri. Recently she has begun transforming images into ceramic tiles, cutting boards, coasters, clocks, and ornaments.

Sweet Anny's Soaps(View on map)

Sweet Home Ranch(View on map)
Brad and Heather Nelson manage Sweet Home Ranch with their sons Caleb and Jedidiah. Caleb and Jedidiah are the 4th generation to live and work on Sweet Home Ranch. Heather's Father, Eric, and Grandfather, Edward, still contribute to the Ranch's success whether it is helping to build fence or remembering where that old water line is buried. Their guidance has set the stage for Sweet Home Ranch to continue through the generations. We strive to produce the healthiest animals while improving the quality of our land at the same time. Healthy soil, makes healthy grass, grows healthy animals, produce healthy meat and milk = healthy families. We would love to help your family live healthier. Call us anytime, we would love for you to visit our farm. To be truly sustainable we must provide for today without taking away from tomorrow.

Sweet Little Things(View on map)

Sweet Meadow Farms(View on map)
We operate an Aquaponics Farm in Southeast Missouri, and we are certified to sell organic lettuce. We currently grow many types of bibb, butterhead and romaine. We received our certification from Ecocert, LLC., in October 2015.

Sweet Spirits Farm Goat's Milk Soap(View on map)

Sweetwater BBQ LLC(View on map)
We are a small self service bar-b-que restaurant. Serving slow cooked smoked meats using a dry rub, smoked with hickory and oak wood. Our specialty is our pulled pork and ribs. Our restaurant is family owned and operated, we have been open since 1999 and we have been selected to be the "Best BBQ in Pulaski County" since 2000. Our restaurant seats approximately 80 people.

Sweetwater Pottery(View on map)

Swiss Meat & Sausage Company(View on map)
It all began in the village of Swiss where, in 1965, Bill and Margie Sloan purchased the Swiss Country Store from Margie's parents, Ervin & Velma (Fiegler) Rauter. Bill, a former meat market manager, began to process meat and manufacture cured hams, bacons and sausage for his customers. As his processing business grew, Bill realized the need to expand or build in order to keep up with the demand for his German Sausages. So, in October1969, Swiss Meat & Sausage Company opened its doors. This new venture allowed the local farmers to bring their animals in for slaughter and processing. By 1973, Bill expanded and doubled the size of the building, adding a retail store front, as well as two smoke houses. It was also about this time that Bill and Margie began a successful catering operation. A second large expansion occurred in 1997, adding a warehouse, packaging room and sausage kitchen, along with more coolers, freezers and another smokehouse. Swiss Meat's diversified operation includes: retail sales, wholesale, mail order, deer processing, deer sausage, catering, custom processing and private label and co-packer for hundreds of companies. Bill and Margie semi-retired from the business in 1998, but were still actively involved with the catering business when in Nov. 1998, the family lost their beloved mother at the age of 62. Fast forward to May 2006, the Sloan family was very fortunate to host the acclaimed Jamie and Bobby Deen, (sons of Paula Deen), along with their production crew as they filmed an episode of 'Road Tasted' featuring Swiss Meat's award winning sausages! This fast track to fame encouraged the family to finally begin construction of a much need larger retail store, to show case their award winning products. In May of 2011, the Mizzou Athletic Association announced Swiss Meat as the 'Official Bratwurst of Mizzou Athletics. Their award winning meat and sausage can be found in numerous venues not only in Missouri but across the nation.

Syberg's(View on map)

Sycamore Creek Family Ranch(View on map)
Open since May of 2016, Sycamore Creek Family Ranch is a 245-acre ranch nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. The natural beauty of this pristine property with wide-open spaces and rolling pasture inspires and refreshes all who come here. At Sycamore Creek Family Ranch, we are committed to nurturing families! Our desire is to create an environment where the family unit is supported and built up so that families become lasting entities where children grow up in healthy, stable homes. We offer quality family fun in a wholesome environment. Throughout the year, we host a number of community events: barn dances, seasonal festivals, barnside movies, family fun days, campfire rentals and more. And of course, we are privileged to be the place of choice for many weddings and private events. Voted Top 5 Finalist for "Best Event Venue" and "Best Place to Meet Someone New" (Barn Dances) in 417-Land. Featured in Cottage Hill Magazine, 417 Bride Magazine, Metropolitan Bride Magazine, and in filming of the Cowboy Church for RFD TV. Approached by the show "Four Weddings" for casting for their 2017-2018 season.

Sycamore Valley Farm Bed & Breakfast(View on map)
The sweet smell of hay, the steady drone of tractors, the taste of oven-fresh bread slathered with sweet butter, and the vastness of the sky on star-studded nights. Ah, the country. "In an age of Blackberrys and iPhones, many Americans yearn to escape from 24/7 connectedness and frenzied multitasking to return to the simple charms of country living" opens the article about Sycamore Valley Farm Bed & Breakfast found in the June issue of Missouri Life. To read more about a relaxing farm-stay. Better yet, why not make plans for your own rural getaway. Call to make reservations today, 660-548-3283.

T's Redneck Steakhouse, Inc.(View on map)
Our vision is to create and maintain an environment that is an example of a place that is fun to work or to visit daily. We must enjoy what we do on a daily basis in order for our quest to also. We will maintain a clean environment keeping safety and quality in mind with everything we do. Our quests will be inspired By the way we treat each other as well as each one of them. Each of our duties will overlap not placing the burden on any one individual. We will be a model of how a restaurant should run on a daily basis. Thank You for visiting our site. Hope to see you soon.

Table Rock State Park(View on map)

TAME Pet Magazine(View on map)

Tannenbaum Farm(View on map)

Tarkio Farmers' Market(View on map)

Taste of SPUAR market stream(View on map)
This is our first year in farm production and looking forward to doing many different things with our crop this year and years to come.

Taum Sauk Mountain State Park(View on map)

Taylor Made Prepared Meals LLC(View on map)
Preparing and delivering fresh and healthy meals to your business or residence weekly. Our meals are packed full of organic and local ingredients- delivered to you in reusable, glass jars.

Taylor's Bake Shop(View on map)

Tea Bar & Bites Bakery Cafe(View on map)

Tecumseh Cabinet Co.(View on map)

Ter Ron Kat Gardens(View on map)

Terre Beau Vineyards, LLC(View on map)

Terrell Creek Farm, LLC(View on map)
Terrell Creek Farm LLC is a small goat cheese dairy owned and operated by Lesley and Barry Million. Located east of Springfield near Fordland, our farm is nestled in the heart of the Ozark Hills and bathed in the beauty of nature. It is our appreciation of this beauty that inspires us and guides our every decision and practice here at Terrell Creek Farm. We employ sustainable organic methods in caring for our land, our animals and in producing our artisan cheeses. We are very particular in the management of our herd of Nubian and Alpine dairy goats. They have unlimited access to fresh artesian spring water and year round access to pasture and browse. We use a rotational grazing system to promote the health of our land as well as to offer the most nutritious forage for our goats. Our herd is also supplemented with local hay, organic minerals and herbs and our own custom blend of organic grains. As a result, our healthy and happy 'girls' produce pure fresh milk that reflects the distinctiveness of the Ozark Hill region. It is our mission to produce world class cheeses while employing environmentally sustainable and humane practices for the well-being and happiness of our goats and the health of our land. In keeping with those beliefs, we are proud to be Animal Welfare Approved. Our cheese is handcrafted in small batches and individually packaged. Each stage of production is carried out with great attention to detail and quality.

Thayer Farms(View on map)

The Antique Pallet(View on map)

The Art Bazaar(View on map)

The Art Center(View on map)

The Barrens Winery(View on map)

The Berry Nutty Farm / Granola Jones(View on map)
Our company is rather unique being that there is The Berry Nutty Farm and Granola Jones which both are still produced in small batches by hand. Our adventure all began with 3 bushels of apples from the Schnetzler's farm and a friend that stole the jars of apple butter. From that point on, The Berry Nutty Farm began producing riveting flavors such as: Bottom of the Barrel Jam (strawberry, blueberry and blackberry), Dueling Berries Jam (blackberry and red raspberry), American Picnic Jam (strawberry, blueberry and red raspberry) and Road Trip Jam (strawberry, peach, red raspberry, blueberry and blackberry). Then in early 2013, Granola Jones became a part of the business with five flavors to start our adventure in granola.

The Berry Patch(View on map)
We have had The Berry Patch at this location for fourteen years. We mostly have blackberries and blueberries as well as a U-Pick Blackberries. We make jams and jellies. We are certified to make salsa and pickles. We enjoy having visitors.

The Berry Patch(View on map)

The Bestgen Barn(View on map)
We have been in the cattle business for over 30 years. We purchased the farm across the highway from our home and farm about 3 years ago. We have worked to restore the old barn and continue to make improvements. It's a beautiful barn, and we felt it needed to be used and appreciated.

The Big Cheese(View on map)

The Billy Goat Chip Company(View on map)
In 2002, The Billy Goat Restaurant and Bar opened as St. Louis' first gastropub, producing hand crafted, house made food, using locally sourced products whenever possible. Billy Goat Potato Chips were served from day one and quickly became a signature item. The popularity and demand for these tasty treats helped direct our path. In February 2009 we began potato chip production at The Billy Goat Chip Company, located in South St. Louis City. We have established relationships with our vendors and customers, sharing a desire to support our local industries. Our goal is to create the best potato chips, Midwest born, sourced and distributed.

The Blue Hill Company(View on map)
Jimmy & Brenda Story founded The Blue Hill Company to have the most unique and fun U-Pick venue in Mid-Missouri. Brenda's award winning jams soon became the logical next step in adding value to their blueberries. The retail store is scheduled to open in 2015. Established in 2010 The Blue Hill Company was founded by Jimmy and Brenda Story. With a passion for farming, preparing high-quality foods for their family and a love for helping grow a strong community, they set out on a journey together to make a difference. Brenda served her Blue Banero Jam at a party one night and it instantly became a requested favorite among her family and friends. Soon they started asking if they could purchase it for their gatherings. What makes our product so special? "It's Not Ya Mama's Jam!" Our family and friends loved the sweet heat and the versatile ways to use it . . . Not just on bread with peanut butter. Jimmy and Brenda bring a wealth of knowledge through their decades of experience in the business and agricultural world helping small producers along with managing the family farm. They are supporters of Missouri grown products and keeping it local. The Blue Hill Company aims to offer high-quality blueberry products fresh from the farm while providing a memorable experience to customers both locally and abroad.

The Blue Owl Restaurant and Bakery(View on map)

The Boondocks Farm(View on map)

The Branch Ranch(View on map)

The Bug Doctor(View on map)

The Butcher Shop(View on map)

The Caramel House LLC(View on map)
After years of cooking up a storm for family, friends, and organizations, Janet Ansehl Shulman borrowed a restaurant kitchen and The Caramel House was born. The Caramel House is a confectionary that handscrafts fresh, melt-in-the-mouth caramels. Each piece of caramel candy is made from scratch and hand-wrapped in environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging. The Caramel House sources local ingredients for all of our Saint Louis flavors. Stick with The Caramel House for the perfect holiday gifts, treats with custom packaging for corporate and private events, as well as snacks for everyone's sweet tooth. We take great pride and joy in handcrafting, packaging, and delivering artisan caramels for you and continuing our mission to help make the world a better place one mouthwatering bite at a time.

The Cave Restaurant & Resort(View on map)
This 1920's resort and cave dance hall is in the process of being restored. The restaurant is a 200 seat restaurant in a cave. The resort has river fishing, rustic cabins, pay pond fishing, float trips, and primitive camping spots.

The Cha Family Farm(View on map)

The Coffee Ethic(View on map)

The Country Corner Florist & Antiques(View on map)

The Cupcake Cruiser from The Sweet Tooth (View on map)
The Sweet Tooth is a specialty bakery based in Blue Springs, Missouri that makes a delicious variety of gourmet cupcakes, a cupcakery! We make our desserts from scratch using some of the best, ingredients available. We feature a line-up that includes 12 regular cupcake flavors, several seasonal cupcake flavors and 7 cookie flavors. No matter what craving you have, The Sweet Tooth has the perfect treat to satisfy... your sweet tooth! Please take some time to review our website and contact us if you have any questions. It's our mission to promote happiness, and your mission to feed your cravings! Thanks and enjoy.

The Eagle's Nest Winery(View on map)

The Earring Lady(View on map)

The Easy Chicken(View on map)
After getting our own backyard chickens and devouring chicken books and websites, we, along with our four young boys, fell in love with these productive, entertaining and ecological creatures. It took significant time and money to learn about the regulatory process, build a shelter and purchase chickens and supplies. An idea sprouted, and we decided to start a family business to make backyard chickens more accessible and affordable for others who lead busy lives. We are excited to be a part of a movement that provides local, wholesome food in a way that respects the land and the animal.

The Falls(View on map)

The Farmers' Market at Fort Leonard Wood(View on map)
The Farmers' Market at Fort Leonard Wood is a joint effort by various local and regional organizations to bring healthy, local food to our men and women serving at Fort Leonard Wood. The Market also hopes to serve as a sales venue for those stationed at FLW and in surrounding areas who wish to sell their own goods. The Market features vendors who locally produce vegetables, fruit, beef, pork, eggs and flowers.

The Fudge Shoppe(View on map)
The Fudge Shoppe and Main Street Gourmet have been making over 70 varieties of fudges, brittles and chocolate candies on the premises in Downtown Washington for 9 years. Ken and Donna King began the Fudge Shoppe in 2002 with their recipe for famous Mackinac Island Fudge. After purchasing their recipes and equipment and moving the manufacturing to another location in downtown, our lines have grew to include sugar free candies and many gluten free candies as well. Additionally, we make custom cakes and cupcakes for all occasions from birthdays to showers to anniversaries to weddings and corporate events. We are currently in our third location on Main Street due to our continued growth. We operate most days with just the two of us, mom and daughter, Debbie and Kim, making and baking products to keep the displays filled and to fill the customer orders. Weekends you will find our pleasant and helpful local part-time ladies here to answer questions, sell products, and take orders. In September, 2010, we added the gourmet product lines to our already established chocolate and bakery lines. We try to carry as many 'Made in Missouri' products as possible and are always looking to expand those lines. Currently we have 6 lines of those products but would be thrilled to go ALL Missouri Made should the opportunity arise to replace the other excellent lines we already carry. Our goal is to remain a 'Mainstay on Main Street' for many years to come. Come on down and smell the cakes and fudge!

The Garden Basket(View on map)

The Gardens on Scenic(View on map)

The Gringo Goose(View on map)

The Grove Salsa Company(View on map)
We are a salsa company from Springfield that is striving to make the freshest tasting salsas on the market.

The Herb Chalet(View on map)

The Hope Company, Inc.(View on map)

The Kansas City Soap Company(View on map)

The Market in the Loop(View on map)
Market in the Loop is located at 6655 Delmar in the vibrant University City Loop and business district. An eclectic meeting place for students, professors, and families. Features Market plus four restaurants, jewelry and crafts.

The Maryville Farmers' Market(View on map)

The McCullough House Winery, LLC(View on map)
Winemaking started as a hobby and developed into a commercial business. Charles McCullough came out of retirement and put his degree in Biology & Chemistry to work making wine. His wife, Anita, used her degree in Business Administration & Marketing to plan the strategy for successfully getting their products to their markets. Although the winery is situated on a 239-acre farm (in Charles' former woodworking shop), there is no vineyard-yet. A vineyard is in the plans, but the McCulloughs have found it advantageous for them to import their grape juices from all over the world; that allows winemaking to occur year round. Additionally, world-class varietials can be obtained to make wines that cannot be made with the limited variety of grapes that grow well in Missouri. The winery makes Merlot from Italian grapes, Riesling with German grapes, Pinot Noir from New Zealand and a variety of other European and South American varieties. Additionally, a wide selection of fruit-flavored wines are included in their lineup.

The Midwest Syrup Co.(View on map)

The Mushroom Gourmet(View on map)

The Networks of Mid-Missouri(View on map)
Our company is parent to KQFX and KMIZ television stations, representing nearly 40% of all TV viewership in the 75 square mile radius of Columbia-Jefferson City. We develop and execute fully integrated TV and digital campaigns designed to launch businesses and increase sales of existing businesses.

The Outdoor Place(View on map)

The Pasta House Co. (View on map)

The Pickle People(View on map)

The Post Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Post Farmers' Market combines the best of the local producers in the Kansas City area.

The Price Family Farm(View on map)

The Princess Group, L.L.C. dba. Princess Delights - All Natural No Sugar No Salt(View on map)
Our mission at Princess Delights is to create from scratch all natural, no processed sugar, no salt, no butter delicious gourmet baked goods while also doing educational outreach on the connection between diet and the behavioral/physical health of children and adults. We encourage you to taste our wonderful products and to scan our website for information. Thank you.

The Pumpkin Crate LLC(View on map)
The Pumpkin Crate is a fun place to take your family for a fall outing. We have a corn maze, play area including a corn pool, pumpkins, concessions, gift shop and more!

The Rafting Co. Camping-RV Resort(View on map)

The Red Tamale(View on map)
We started a tamale business a couple of years ago, quite by accident. We make authentic Mexican tamales from scratch every day and sell them frozen by delivery, farmers' markets and from our store in Marionville.

The Roasterie, Inc.(View on map)
In 1978, Danny O'Neill picked his first batch of coffee beans while studying abroad in Costa Rica. Right then and there, he fell in love with the country, the people and the coffee - especially the coffee. Fifteen years later, Danny founded The Roasterie in his basement in one of Kansas City's great neighborhoods, Brookside. Since then, the Roasterie has become one of the most renowned specialty coffee roasters in the nation. Committed to finding the best coffees from around the world, The Roasterie buys its beans from small, specialty farmers for a fair price. Those beans are then roasted using a convection air-roasting method, instead of the more traditional drum-roasting method, to ensure superior consistency and a tastier, smoother cup of coffee.

The Saint Louis Charcoal Company, LLC(View on map)
The Saint Louis Charcoal Company, LLC is the sole owner and national distributor of the Rockwood Lump Charcoal brand of charcoal. Inspired in 2006 by an air ambulance pilot trying to bring high quality charcoal from Ozarks to his family and friends in St. Louis, the annual 'charcoal run' soon became a monthly trip. Utility trailers full of charcoal turned into tractor trailers, and when retail businesses started inquiring, it was time to develop a brand and start a company. In 2012, Rockwood was born and within months it gained national attention as a favorite of competition BBQ teams and professional chefs. The company product line has expanded to include agricultural carbon soil amendments and smoking woods, plus a retail space with BBQ supplies, grills/smokers, and local sauces & spices in their Eureka, MO warehouse.

The Salad Garden / Farmer Dan's(View on map)
The Salad Garden is a certified organic 30 acre farm located 15 miles south of Columbia, MO, near Ashland, MO. We have been growing/producing a wide variety of fresh produce for the past 24 years and marketing our products to restaurants, health food stores and the Columbia Farmers' Market. The farm has three high tunnels for early and late production of specialty crops with one of the tunnels being a movable tunnel. The farm has a solar irrigation system that was installed in 2006 with assistance of a SARE grant. Recently the farm has begun to focus on fresh, fermented vegetable production with the emphasis on production of sauerkraut for sale at farmers' markets. Other fermented vegetables will also be considered for production.

The SGB Group, LLC(View on map)

The SilverSmiths(View on map)
The SilverSmiths began as a love of old antique silverware. The beauty and originality of the silver inspired creating with it. Making the old silver into one of a kind pieces of jewelry was started in 2010 as a hobby. The love of this old silver spread among friends & family taking us to craft shows and creating individual custom jewelry out of family silver. We now have a small shop and processing building where we open once a month and continue creating and crafting and going to craft shows!

The Simple Life(View on map)

The Slabs LLC(View on map)
The Slabs, LLP was founded in 2004 by Stephanie Wilson and Kyle Laval. We have five barbeque products available to make your barbeque competition quality barbeque!

The Slanted Table(View on map)

The St. Louis MetroMarket(View on map)
The St. Louis MetroMarket is a non-profit mobile farmers' market that will restore access to healthy foods in all St. Louis area food deserts. We converted a 40 foot city bus into a grocery store on wheels that we use to bridge physical, financial and educational barriers in food deserts in order to have the greatest potential towards increasing the supply and demand for healthy foods in these communities.

The Truck Patch(View on map)
Started in 1999 growing landscape material and asparagus. Installed high tunnels in 2013 for cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. Other veggies including horse radish, garlic and rhubarb outside.

The Veggie Patch(View on map)
The Veggie Patch is a locally owned and operated fruit and vegetable in the Boonville/Columbia, MO area. The business was established in 1995 and has been going strong ever since. The Veggie Patch raises high quality, fresh, handpicked fruits and vegetables and sells them at the Columbia Farmer's Market and the Hy-Vee on Conley Road in Columbia, MO.

The Vintage Homesteader(View on map)

The Walnut Shop, Inc(View on map)
The Walnut Shop, Inc was started by our Aunt Margaret and Uncle Dub. Jim and Mary have owned The Walnut Shop since 1995. All products are made right here in the shop.

The Webb City Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Webb City Farmers Market is a producer-only market focused on local foods. We're open year-round on Saturdays from 9 to noon and beginning April 15 are also open on Tuesdays from 4 to 6 pm and on Fridays from 11 to 2. During the regular season, there is live music and a meal at every market. On Saturdays, the market hosts Cooking for a Cause, a benefit breakfast featuring biscuits and gravy, sausage and eggs to order. All profits benefit a different local nonprofit each week.

The Webb City Winter Farmers' Market(View on map)
Started in 2000, the Webb City Farmer's Market is a grower-only farmer market. It was named Market of the Year in 2003 and 2009 and is considered one of the state's best markets. All vendors are inspected prior to setting up at the market to ensure that the customer is buying directly from the producer. Market produce is truly "food with a face" where customers buy directly from the baker, the beekeeper, the gardener and the grower. A meal is served at every market with Saturday breakfasts featuring farm fresh eggs cooked by local non-profits. Live music at every market adds to the festive atmosphere. Webb City was the first market in the state to accept debit/credit and EBT. Customers swipe their cards at the information table in exchange for tokens that can be spent throughout the market.

The Wicket(View on map)

The Wine Cellar & Bistro(View on map)

The Worm Farm(View on map)
In July 2012 my brother and I was looking for something to add value to our family farm. After a lot of research we started The Worm Farm. Our primary goal is to produce Organic Worm Castings. Worm Csting contain water-soluble nutrients and bacteria, vermicompost is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. We choose a system that is not composting to raise our worms in and there fore we produce and sell pure worm castings. We use peat from the peat bogs of WI and IL. We mix this with a mixture of grains then harvest the castings for fertilizer. Unlike other compost, worm casting also contain WORM MUCUS which helps prevent nutrients from washing away with the first watering and holds moisture better than plain soil. We also harvest the worm eggs to hatch and grow our business. As we continue to grow we hope to be able to sell worm eggs for gardners and worms for fish bait. We are presently bagging one pound (trail size), 4.5 pound,15 pound and 30 pound bags for delivery. We also sell larger bulk containers.

Thierbach Orchards and Berry Farm(View on map)

Thies Farm & Greenhouses, Inc.(View on map)
Thies Farm and Greenhouses, Inc., is a family farm that has been in existence for 120 years. Dave & Darrell Thies are 5th generation Thies'. The farm consist of 120 acres all used for veg and fruit production. A large percent of production is sold through markets at both farms, along with u-pick strawberries and pumpkins. The farm also has more than 40,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse area in which bedding, plants, hanging baskets, and potted plants are all grown. They also are sold through the markets at each farm. October is our fall harvest celebration featuring our original and unique "pumpkin land" play area. Thies Farm also sells a large volume of produce wholesale throughout the St. Louis area.

Thistle Hill Plantation(View on map)

Thistle Ridge Farm(View on map)

Thoenen Produce(View on map)

Thomas and Proetz Lumber Co.(View on map)

Thomas Farm Quality Meats(View on map)

Thomas Farms(View on map)

Thomas Hart Benton Home and Studio State Historic Site(View on map)

Thompson Farm Soups & More, LLC(View on map)
For more than 20 years the Thompson Family provided great soup and dips. Selling through family markets, craft shows and farmer markets. After a long illness Linda passed away. But her recipes, and process continue. With a commitment to upholding her high standards our family proudly prepares the best soups and dips with great ingredients at a fair price. We hope you enjoy these great products. Thank you. The Denn's Family

Thousand Hills State Park(View on map)

Thousand Oaks Winery & Vineyard(View on map)

Thousand Words(View on map)

Three Brothers Different Mothers, LLC(View on map)
Established in 2005, as a member of the Kansas City Barbecue Society, we are a barbecue competition team. Competing at bbq competitions across the United States. We also have our own line of BBQ Sauces, which we use exclusively when competing, they are: 1). Three Brothers Different Mothers Competition Style Sweet and Savory Barbecue Sauce - Original 2). Three Brothers Different Mothers Competition Style Sweet and Savory BBQ Sauce - Spicy 3). Yoko's Spicy Teriyaki Marinade and Grilling Sauce

Three Creeks Produce(View on map)

Three Little Pigs BBQ Sauces & Seasonings(View on map)

Three Little Pigs Candle Co.(View on map)
Handmade 100% Soy candles started in 2011 by Blaire Todd on her parents farm in Helena, MO. Blaire is a 16 year old high school student and a very ambitious entrepreneur.

Three Oaks Farm(View on map)
Three Oaks Farm, LLC is a blackberry you pick operation and will be in full operation in the fall with hydroponics tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. We are located in West Plains, MO. 417-255-0950

Three Squirrels Winery(View on map)

Three Story Coffee(View on map)
Three Story Coffee is a direct trade, small batch coffee roaster located in Jefferson City since 2012. The farmers that grow the beans for our coffee have incredible but often untold stories. Our mission is to tell those stories. We support farmers in countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Kenya, to not only grow great coffee, but to give them a better price based upon the quality of the coffee that they produce.

Three Trees Workshop(View on map)

Thursday Nite Farmers' Market - Belton(View on map)

Tiger Garden(View on map)

Timberworks Toys(View on map)

Timeless Journey(View on map)

Tin Mill Brewing Company(View on map)

Tipple Hill Winery & Vineyard(View on map)
Tipple Hill Winery & Vineyard is a small family winery producing a wide variety of wines. From dry to sweet, varietals to fruit, you are sure to find a wine just right for you. Enjoy our wines and our view of the countryside in our tasting room or outside deck area. Every weekend we have events scheduled to enhance your winery experience. Music, painting, crafting, murder mysteries, comedy and so much more. Check out our website or facebook page for event listings.

TKB Distributing dba Black Market Barbecue(View on map)
Black Market Barbecue is a family business that produces five flavors of barbecue sauce. We strive to use our home-grown ingredients as much as possible in our products. We currently produce our products at Walk-About-Acres in their inspected kitchen. We sell our product at the Boone County Farmers' Market and at various fairs, festivals and events around the state. Our short-term goal is to build our own facility to mass produce our sauces and be able to wholesale to grocery stores.

Todd Farm(View on map)

Todd Geisert Farms(View on map)
Since 1916, there has been little change to the way hogs have been raised on the Geisert Farm, just east of Washington, MO. Pigs are farrowed in "A" frame houses in fields that previously had crop harvested from it the season before. Today, grain is delivered by modern equipment rather than by horse, but when it comes to tending to the herds, it is still done by hand...many hands. For generations, the Geisert Family has raised dirt hogs; allowing them to be free to enjoy fresh air, root in the dirt and playing in the sunshine. This method of animal husbandry makes a quality meat. Todd Geisert continues this practice raising naturally raised hogs in pastures under the sun. Specializing in cross bred Berkshires, Duroc, Hampshire and Chester white hogs. Additionally, the hogs are antibiotic free and will never be given growth hormones of any kind.

Tom's Slaughter House(View on map)

Torres Pizzaria(View on map)

Tower Grove Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Tower Grove Farmers' Market is a growers-only market in Tower Grove Park in south St. Louis. The Market hosts 40-50 vendors each Saturday form 8:00am - 12:00pm, May 4th through October 2nd. Highlights include biodynamic and organic produce, pasture-raised meats, high-quality value-added items, great music, and free yoga.

Tower Rock Vineyard & Winery(View on map)

Town and Country Butcher Shop, Inc.(View on map)

Towosahgy State Historic Site(View on map)

Toys by Ted(View on map)

Trace Creek Blues(View on map)

Tractor Supply Company(View on map)

Tracy Farms(View on map)

Trail of Tears State Park(View on map)

Trailback Flower Co(View on map)
Trailback Flower Company is a small, local flower farm located in Sikeston, MO.

Trammell Treasures Mushroom Farm(View on map)
We are a family run gourmet mushroom farm specializing in many different types of Oyster Mushrooms located outside of Warrensburg, MO.

Traver Home Winery(View on map)

Trenton Farmers' Market(View on map)

Triad Manufacturing, Inc.(View on map)
We have been creating custom fixtures and store environments for many of the top companies in the world for 20 years. At Triad, everything we do is custom for you and your brand.

Triple Creek(View on map)

Triple J Partners, LLC(View on map)

Triple T Wood Products(View on map)

Triple-G ATV Rides(View on map)
The Triple-G Ranch was created 30+ years ago when the extended Gaar family moved here from California.

Triskel Enterprises, LLC(View on map)

Trokey Family Farm(View on map)

Troost Community Market(View on map)

Troostwood Youth Garden Market(View on map)

Troup Land & Livestock, LLC(View on map)
Troup Land & Livestock started in 2010 when we became involved with sustainable agriculture and rotational grazing of our cattle. We wanted to farm better and get more out of our land than conventional farming would allow. Setting out to build a business that could offer superior food we refined our intensive grazing practices and added pork, poultry, eggs and lamb to our farming dynamic. From birth our animals are raised on pasture making them a true grass fed & finished meat, a label that offers nutrition on your table. Our livestock never receive medications, hormones, or growth stimulants and the meat is naturally non-GMO as we never feed or supplement with grain. Like our livestock, our farm never receives pesticides or herbicides applied to it. We strive to maintain a organic based sustainable practice with our farm. We fully stand behind our products as they represent years of hard work and education that built the knowledge to produce them. So with all that being said, why should what's good for you be expensive? We strive to provide the highest quality meats at an affordable price. By purchasing meat by portions of an animal versus individual cuts you save a tremendous amount of money over multiple trips to the store or market. If you are not yet sure you are up to purchasing the preset amounts we have listed on our pricing page then try our individual packaged meats. Come visit the farm. We are located just 25 minutes north of Springfield, Missouri nestled in the beautiful Ozarks. We always enjoy showing people around the farm and letting you see exactly where and how your food is raised. We guarantee you will be back.

Troutdale Farm(View on map)
Troutdale Farm raises trout for sale to fine dining restaurants in St. Louis, Kansas City and Columbia, Missouri. Our product is also sold in a small number of locally-oriented grocery stores and CSAs.

Troyer Tarp Mfg.(View on map)

Tubby Fruits(View on map)
We offer U-pick peaches, blackberries, plums, cherries, apples, and tomatoes. We grow all our own fruits. For more information, please see our Website at, or join us on Facebook at

Tune's Locker Plant(View on map)

Tuva Interactive(View on map)

Twin Bridges Canoe & Campground, Inc(View on map)

Twin County Produce(View on map)
Produce wholesaler

Twin Oaks Custom Cabinets, Inc. (View on map)

Twin Oaks Vineyard & Winery(View on map)

Twisted Vine Vineyard(View on map)

Two Men and a Garden(View on map)
Mission Two Men and a Garden is the Best Salsa and Pickles that you will ever taste.

Two Rivers Canoe Rental(View on map)

Two Saucy Sister's(View on map)
Two Saucy Sister's is proud to carry on the great Kansas City barbeque tradition of flavor, spice and that special extra ingredient that leaves families and guest coming back for more. Our rub is a blend of spices to enhance the flavor of meat.

Two Sons Floats & Camping(View on map)

Tyler Ridge Vineyards(View on map)

U SEASON(View on map)

U.S. International Foods(View on map)
US International Foods LLC was created based on the increased demand worldwide for American made foods and grocery products. US International Foods LLC offers a complete line of products from one of the leading private label providers in the US. In addition, we have access to a wide variety of other products that enable us to provide our customers with any product available in a typical grocery store environment.

UMSL Continuing Education and Outreach(View on map)

Uncle Bobs Spice and Blends(View on map)
Uncle Bob's Spice and Blends is a maker of a variety of original recipe dry spice blends, jellies' and sauces. We create and package all of our formulas in limited quantities, according to strict quality standards in order to assure consistency. Our products are available under the Uncle Bob's label, or, you may wish to sell them by utilizing your own logo (private label). In addition, we can customize your original recipes, or develop new blends especially for you. Our blends are formulated to enhance the flavors in food and not to overpower with unnecessary additives and bulking ingredients. We make every effort to maximize flavor, without adding too much sodium or refined sugars. Some of our products are low sodium and some are sugar free, so restricted diets can easily be accommodated without sacrificing full flavor. Packaging Flexibility Various sizes to match your desired price point Gift or combo packs Custom labeling with your label

Uncle Roosters(View on map)
We are a sandwich shop specializing in Chicago Style Hot Dogs, Italian Beef, Homemade BBQ, etc. The store also feature's crafts, handmade in the Ozarks that are for sale. There is also a seasonal greenhouse. In addition to the food we also offer a full service ice cream concession.

Union Covered Bridge State Historic Site(View on map)

United We Stand~Three Wise Guys(View on map)
Small, family owned business We donate to heart to heart and other organizations and churches We put people first. Not mass produced but quality comes before quantity. Our dream is to be self-sufficient, contribute to community needs and conserve our natural resources wherever possible as well as spread awareness of self-help in an economy that is struggling.

Universal Forest Products(View on map)

University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center(View on map)

Upcycled(View on map)

Uprise Bakery(View on map)

Urban Roots Farm(View on map)

Urbavore Urban Farm(View on map)

US Premium Elks Inc.(View on map)
U.S. Premium Elk are range fed in the beautiful rolling hills of North Central Missouri. Our herd of animals is meticulously cared for and processed with exceptional concern for food safety and sustainable animal husbandry practices. Our elk are raised on a primary diet of alfalfa and native prairie grasses. At no time are animals given growth hormones or stimulants, or administered sub-therapeutic antibiotics.

US Reel Corp.(View on map)

US Wellness Meats(View on map)
US Wellness Meats started as an online grass-fed beef company back in 2000. Today, it is a thriving family-owned business still run by its founding families. Our grass-fed beef is nationally recognized for its exceptional taste, quality, and health benefits by chefs, health experts, professional athletes, and consumers all over the country. In addition, U.S. Wellness Meats has joined with like-minded small family farms to expand its offering to include grass-fed lamb, grass-fed bison, as well as grass-fed butter and cheese, free-range poultry, heritage pork, gourmet rabbit, wild-caught seafood, raw honey, natural BBQ sauce, pet food and a wide variety of snacks and nuts. We also offer hard-to-source specialty items such as bones, broths, gelatin, pemmican, organ meats, and many sugar-free selections including bacon and sausage. US Wellness Cold Storage opened in December of 2015 offering full service warehouse services and commercial freezer space for lease. Grassland Market, our new retail store, opened in the spring of 2016 and offers all our popular online items, as well as other unique selections such as grass-fed ghee, Wellness Bakeries gluten-free mixes, and much more! We are located at 18685 316th Ave in Canton, directly off US Hwy 61 (Avenue of the Saints).

USDA/Farm Service Agency Farmers' Market(View on map)

UTC Hardwoods(View on map)

Uturn Studios(View on map)

V.P. Farms(View on map)
Beginning farmers, this is our first year and looking forward to learning and growing in the coming years.

Valley Farms(View on map)

Valley Oaks Steak Company(View on map)
Valley Oaks Steak Company was founded with the intent of bringing locally grown and hormone free beef to the Kansas City area. Valley Oaks Steak Company is owned by the Ward family who have been residing in the Grain Valley Missouri area since 1946. The Ward's have been breeding registered Angus cattle since 1992 and have been privately selling beef for years. The Ward's decided that they would like to start offering their homegrown beef to the entire community. With the addition of our local feedlot and processing plant, Valley Oaks Steak Company can bring you the freshest beef around! To make our steaks some of the best in the nation, we hang our carcasses for a minimum of 21 days while our prime cuts are dry aged for 28 days to ensure extra flavor and tenderness. Valley Oaks Steak Company is proud to produce locally grown beef with no added hormones. Our products benefit not only our customers but our local businesses as well. Valley Oaks Steak Company products can be found right outside of Kansas City at the locally owned Grain Valley Sun Fresh Market, Oak Grove Sun Fresh Market and online at

Van Meter State Park(View on map)

Van Till Family Farm Winery(View on map)
Van Till Family Farm & Winery, located on the outskirts of the village of Rayville, is 45 minutes northeast of Kansas City off Highway C. Check out our web site! FACEBOOK search Van Till Family Farm & Winery Using our own fruits, vegetables and local produce, we have gourmet pizza from our wood-fired oven, wine paring, tastings and tours!

Vance Vineyards and Winery, LLC(View on map)

Vanzandt's, Inc.(View on map)

VeggieScapes(View on map)
VeggieScapes owner, Craig Mannion, has been passionate about organic gardening for over 10 years. He holds a BS degree in Biology from Stetson University and an AAS degree in Horticulture from St. Louis Community College. He has traveled to many different countries, studying tropical and marine ecology in the Florida Keys and the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. Craig is honored to give back to his local community and volunteers at local community gardening organizations and local farmer's markets. Globally, he participates in annual mission trips to Jamaica, and recently included one to the Dominican Republic, where he assisted a team of medical and dental professionals.

Vera Belle Soap Co(View on map)
My name is Angela Gordon. I started making goatmilk soaps and lotions from my home in 2009. My son had trouble with acne breakouts so after many prescription medications, store bought products, and after learning of all the harsh ingredients added to these products; I decided to come up with my own solution- to make my own soap that is free of all the harmful additives. My soap company, Vera Belle Soaps, is named after my mother who also made her own soaps. Find us on Facebook at!/soapandlotionlady?sk=info

Vermillion, Inc.(View on map)
We have been family owned and operated in Springfield, MO since 1947. Today we offer one of the largest selections of hardwood flooring and granite slabs in the area.

Verona Corn Maize(View on map)

Versailles Area Farmers' Market(View on map)
Versailles Area Chamber of Commerce is the sponsor of the Versailles Area Farmers' Market. The Farmers' Market brings the farmer and the growers of Morgan County to the general public. The market is open every Thursday, Spring through Fall. It's first year was 2008 and received very good community support and praise.

Viandel Vineyard(View on map)

Victorian Country Inn(View on map)

Villa Antonio Winery(View on map)

Villarreal Family Farm(View on map)
Villarreal Family Farm is our prolific urban farm in St. Louis, Missouri raising pastured poultry, farm-fresh eggs from happy hens, as well as a stunning variety of heirloom produce. We are Certified Naturally Grown and our produce is GMO-free. Quality and taste are paramount as we preserve our heritage with heirloom produce and heritage breed chickens. We have a year-round CSA of local produce, eggs and poultry comprising of two, 22-week-long sessions. Subscriptions are purchased up to three months in advanced of the start of the 22 week CSA session and are paid in full. Our CSA is flexible and modular allowing for more of a customized solution for different households. By having cafeteria-style CSA options cafeteria style allowing members to customize the items that they would like to purchase and the number or amount of the share.

VinoGrad Winery(View on map)

Vintage Hill Farm(View on map)

Virtuous Vermiculture(View on map)

Vision 29:11, Inc dba Wild Sun Winery(View on map)

Vivienne/Tucker Food Products(View on map)
Originated at the Bogey Club in Ladue in 1948. Its popularity there became the inspiration to sell it at retail markets like Straubs, Ladue Market and the old Bettendorf/Rapps chain. It was also featured as the house dressing at the legendary Frontier Room Restaurant which in 1950's, was one of St. Louis' most popular dining destinations. After the owners took it off the market in the 1960's, it was revived by Vivienne's son and daughter-in-law, who have taken it to international distribution. Vivienne is a Fancy Food Show award winner.

Von Der Rosa Honey Farm(View on map)

VS Nutrition, LLC(View on map)
There once was a farm boy from the Midwest who loved meat. Sometime later in life he learned the hard way that he was one of those people who's body does not process fat very well and he finally ended up with some ugly heart blockage. So he thought and thought about ways to keep eating the meat he so loved without ending up in the hospital. And finally perhaps with a little help from upstairs he arrived at a patent-pending process that did just that. Thus was born Vick's Best Sausage with olive oil. Maybe the tastiest and healthiest beef product on the market today. Vicki's Best Sausage with olive oil is a product of VS Nutrition LLC was created right here in Mid-Missouri and is manufactured for VS Nutrition by Shepherdsfield Butcher Shop in Fulton, Missouri. You'll be amazed!

W. J.'s(View on map)

Wabash Junction Restaurant(View on map)
Wabash is committed to serving the freshest ingredients available to us from local farmers in our area. The Menu Changes Often but Fresh and Local Always Stay the Same.

Wake- Meadows(View on map)

Wakonda State Park(View on map)

Walden Forestry Products(View on map)

Waldo Farmers' Market(View on map)

Walk-About Acres, LLC(View on map)
Walk-About Acres LLC is a small diversified farm with a big emphasis on honeybees. We have a Papa's Store with a wide range of beekeeping supplies, Nana's Kitchen with Walk-About Acres WIld Flower Honey and delicious Honey Ice Cream and Busy Buzzy Bee Classroom featuring an observation hive. On our farm we also have chickens, ducks, turkeys, peacocks, emus, goats, Missouri Mule Foot pigs, a wild flower prairie, and a play ground. This is a family-owned and operated agritourism farm. We host groups of all ages and open for 'walk-abouts' April 1 to November 1.

Walking C Ranch(View on map)

Wallace State Park(View on map)

Wanna Getta Pizza LLC(View on map)
Wannagetta Pizza has several thin, wheat crust pizzas since 2003. We feature fresh cut produce, homemade dressings and salads and delicious sandwiches and calzones.

Warren County Farmers & Artisans Market(View on map)
Thursdays 3:30 - 6:30 pm Diekroeger Park 1276 East Veterans Memorial Parkway, Wright City, MO Between exits 199 and 200 on I-70 Tuesdays 3:30 -6:30 pm under the pavilion behind City Hall 202 West Walton, Warrenton, MO

Warren County Sheltered Workshops, Inc. (View on map)

Warren County Winter Farmers' Market(View on map)

Warren House Antiques (View on map)

Warrensburg Main Street, Inc(View on map)
The Warrensburg Farmers' Market is our county-wide market that supplies fresh locally grown produce as well as jams, jellies, artisan and sweet breads along with a variety of other home grown products. We also have an artisan component to the market as we offer locally hand carved wood products, wall hangings, sweaters, scarves and much more. The market has special events that include Military Appreciation Day, Customer Appreciation Day, Health & Fitness Day and Safety Day. We include children's events at the market on special days as well. Entertainment is offered most Saturdays at the market.

Warrenton Farmers' Market(View on map)

Warsaw Farmers' Market(View on map)

Warson Woods Farmers' Market(View on map)

Washington County Farmers' Market(View on map)

Washington Farmers' Market(View on map)
317 West Main Street in historic downtown Washington, Missouri. The market is sheltered from the elements, allowing merchants a beautiful venue in which to showcase their products.

Washington State Park(View on map)

Washington Town & Country Fair(View on map)

Washington Winter Farmers' Market(View on map)
317 West Main Street in historic downtown Washington, Missouri. The market is sheltered from the elements, allowing merchants a beautiful venue in which to showcase their products.

Watershed Farms(View on map)
Watershed Farms is a producer and wholesaler of elderberries and elderberry products including frozen berries, bottled juice, throat coat and jelly. We also sell nursery stock elderberry plants, as well as vegetable plants. Produce offered at farmers markets includes peas, beans, corn, squash, tomatoes and more. Contact us for elderberry orchard plants, orchard planting and on-site orchard harvesting services. We also buy and clean wild elderberries. Elderberry juice, jelly and throat coat are available at Purdy's Stony Hill Hall and Village Market in Hermann, MO.

Watkins Woolen Mill Historic Site and State Park(View on map)

Wayland Pattern, LLC(View on map)

Weaver's Country Market(View on map)

Weber Family Pumpkins(View on map)
Weber Family Pumpkins is family owned and operated. We are located outside of Lamar, Missouri. There is something for everyone on the farm. Whether you enjoy picking your own pumpkin or taking one home that's already been picked, we're sure you will have an enjoyable time and make great memories while visiting us.

Weber's Front Row(View on map)
Weber's Front Row, a neighborhood family Pub & Grill with 20+ years in the industry. There are four locations including Webster Groves, Arnold, Chesterfield and Atton.

Webster Farm(View on map)

Webster University Press(View on map)

Weeks Pumpkins & Produce(View on map)
We have a pick your own pumpkin patch in the fall. We also sell all our produce every Wednesday afternoon at the Fair Grove Farmers Market.

Weiler Farm(View on map)

Weingarten Vineyard(View on map)

Weiskopf Cabinets and Woodworking(View on map)
Weiskopf Cabinets & Woodworking has been offering quality cabinetry and countertop services to the Washington, MO community for almost 50 years.

Well Kept Chicken(View on map)

Wells Family Farm(View on map)

Wenig Custom Gunstocks, LLC(View on map)

Wentzville Downtown Business Association(View on map)
The Wentzville Octoberfest: Wine and Art Festival is a premier 2-day event which provides local breweries and wineries the opportunity to offer samplings of their products under the protection of a large tasting tent. Along with the enjoyment of fine wine, an adjacent area of juried artists from around the Midwest will offer fine art for sale at many price points. Local food trucks, along with multiple music stages for days of fun and enjoyment will be located in the Village Center area of Wentzville alongside the Historical Society's caboose.

Wentzville Farmers Market(View on map)

Wenwood Farm Winery(View on map)
We are a family owned boutique winery located in the Missouri Highlands. We make all our own wines on premises and take great pride in our wines! We are located on a 4th generation owned century dairy farm turned winery. We are surrounded by thousands of acres of rolling hills and pastures. We focus on eco-friendly sustainability and local made art, music, and foods! We feature local music from mid-April until the end of Oct. (every sat). We have four festivals a year and are truly a destination worth coming to again and again! We are open year round and our limited quantity seasonal wines are not to be missed! We make a wine style for everyone, from the dryest dry to the sweetest sweet! We hope that you will support your Missouri wineries and discover all the amazing wines Missouri has to offer, not just at our winery, but at all Missouri wineries! We look forward to doing a tasting with you soon! Remember, when it's time for wine, it's time for Wenwood! Cheers!

West Plains Farmers' Market(View on map)
Starting as little more than a wide space on the sidewalk, our market has grown to house a more permanent location complete with ample parking. We boast spaces for two dozen stalls and summer sees most of them filled with colorful vegetables and knowledgeable vendors. We are seeking ways to expand physically and with marketing our products.

West Plains Processing(View on map)

West Wind Cattle Ranch(View on map)

West Winery(View on map)

West Winery at Jackson Stables(View on map)

Western Hills Produce(View on map)

Western's Smokehouse & Meat Market, Inc.(View on map)

Weston Red Barn Farm(View on map)
A trip to the Weston Red Barn Farm is like visiting a turn of the century working farm. In the spirit of preserving the American dream of farming, the Red Barn Farm offers visitors the opportunity to experience a real working farmstead. We feature traditional farm animals and crops. In addition to the working farm, we offer school tours, a country store featuring our fresh produce, facilities for weddings and bonfire/hayride events and a fall festival where families can come pick pumpkins and apples, take a hayride and enjoy the country. The farm is open spring through fall, allowing visitors the chance to experience our farm through the changing seasons. In the spring and summer, our country store is a daily farmer’s market, selling locally grown produce picked at its peak. In the fall, we celebrate the harvest being brought in and offer visitors the chance to have some old-fashioned farm fun. Hours vary according to the season so please check the calendar or call ahead before coming to visit.

Westphalia Trading Co., LLC(View on map)
Westphalia Trading Co., LLC. is a unique family-run business. In 2011, we began to build and sell quality, predator-proof chicken coops. We also have a gift shop and flea market. In the spring we sell bedding plants and hanging baskets and in the fall, mums and pumpkins. Visitors can feed the goats, and when our entire petting zoo is open, people can visit our chickens, ducks, donkeys, turkeys, and many other animals. Kids can play in the corn pit, ride our small train and play many family-fun games.

Westphalia Vineyards and Westphalia Inn(View on map)
Wetphalia Vineyards/ Westphalia Inn/ Neuner Farms Locally owned, sustainable winery, restaurant and cattle farm specializing in American Wagyu (Kobe) beef. The winery specializes in sulfite-free wines, fresh and delicious. The restaurant features pan-fried chicken and Kobe beef pot roast and Burgers' Country Hamas well as hearty appetizers for the winetasting room located in the upper level of the historic Westphalia Inn.The tasting room, restaurant and antique store are open to the public on Friday and Saturday evenings and all day Sundays. Location: Westphalia Inn 106 East Main Westphalia, MO 65085 Phone number: 573-455-2000 and

Westport Plaza Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Westport Plaza Farmers' Market is a Kansas City midweek market providing organic and sustainably grown local produce and farm products. Stop by after work near the Plaza, Westport, the KU Medical Center or anywhere in midtown KC. Talk with the farmers as you stock up for the week. If you live in the neighborhood, stroll on over and bring the family!

Whalen Farm(View on map)

What AH View Farm(View on map)
Our family farm is home to goats, miniture cows, chickens and turkeys. We enjoy making everything by hand and helping other people learn about milk products and cooking through small class instruction.

Wheeler Urban Farms(View on map)
Wheeler Urban Farms is an O'Fallon, MO local urban farm. We grow fresh vegetables for local schools and restaurants at a much affordable rate than most. Due to location and little overhead we farm a much better program. What can we grow for you?

Where Pigs Fly Camp(View on map)
Enjoy our Giant Petting Zoo and the Pigs Aloft Museum. It's a great place for kids and adults! We provide farming and camping experiences that your kids will be telling their kids about! Our giant petting zoo gives children and adults the opportunity to pet, love and feed many different types of animals and birds. The animals we currently house on the farm include the following; Dogs, Sheep, Goats, BIG hogs, Pot Bellied pigs, Juliana pigs, Scotish highlanders, Llamas, Alpacas, Mini horses, Mini donkeys, Donkeys, Mule, Chickens, Guineas, Turkeys, Peacocks, Ducks, Geese, Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Chinchillas, Parakeets, Amazon parrots, Cockatiel, Macaw, Conure parrot, Pigeons, and Golden pheasants. We also boast the Largest Pig Collection in America! (Possibly the world.) Our giant two story barn Has been remodeled to house the only pig Museum in America. The Collection began with Ross & Susi Honsa of Minnesota. Susi's late husband Ross, a former Deputy Sheriff began the collection of pigs after Susie gave him a belt buckle with a pig on it, as a practical joke. Since then his collection of plastic porkers, ceramic swine, pewter pigs, hefty hogs, giddy gilts, silly sows & bawdy boars grew to over 14,500! Ross' dream was to accumulate the World Record Number of Pigs. It's our ambition to make Ross' dream come true and to share His collection, and the collections of many others with as many people as possible. Since acquiring Ross's collection we have also received large collections from California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and Italy!! In addition to displaying the thousands of pigs, we also display many facts about pigs. It's everything you've ever wanted to know, and some things you never even thought about knowing! Our pig museum also has a sleeping loft for overnight guests. In addition there is a slide going down to the kids' play area.

Where the Green Grass Grows(View on map)

Whetstone Woodworks (View on map)

Whirlwind Ranch, Inc.(View on map)

Whispering Oaks Farm(View on map)

Whispering Oaks Vineyard and Winery(View on map)
Whispering Oaks Vineyard is located in the beautiful Gasconade watershed of the Ozark Mountains viticultural area of southwest Missouri. The vineyard overlooks a picturesque valley just north of the second highest point in the state. The wines produced from the grapes of this vineyard are uniquely crafted by the Green family. The Green family has owned this land since 1968 and established the vineyard in 1997. The winery and tasting room on Highway 60 opened the spring of 2004. The wine produced showcases the distinctive flavors the rocky Ozarks soil imparts to the grapes.

Whitaker Farm(View on map)

White Mule Winery Bed and Breakfast(View on map)
White Mule Winery opened in May of 2011 by utilizing an existing barn and several 100 = year reconstructed bars to create a unique atmosphere that gives way to a better understanding of the traditions and values of a time worth reminscing. It has a large inside area (seating for 250) for parties or receptions. Also have an out door venue that will hold 250+. Great for weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, etc. Provide inhouse catering with a delicous menu selection from appetizers to full meals. We also serve dinners on Friday evening open to the public. White Mule Bed and Breakfast is just a short walk away. It is a turn of the century farm house - 4 Bedrooms with private bathrooms. Large country kitchen. Can be rented out by the room or the whole house. Great for families or friends that want to get away and have a relaxing time.

White Oak Candles(View on map)
White Oak Candles. Capturing the By-Way of Life in Rural Middle America along Old Route 66. Well-Traveled Premium Fragrances. Soy Candles & Flame-less Wax Melts. Modern nostalgia inspirations at White Oak Creek, hand-poured on a working stock farm where the prairie meets the Ozark Mountain Foothills in Southwest Missouri. Always Free Shipping

White River Brewing Company LLC(View on map)
Whiterriver Brewing Company was formed in May 2012 as an LLc to produce craft beers for sale in south eastern Missouri. We are currently selling our beers to bars and restaurants in the greater Springfield and Branson areas. We plan to begin bottling our beers in May or June for sale to markets and liguor stores.

White Rose Winery(View on map)

Whitehorse Antiques, Etc(View on map)

Whiteside Timber(View on map)

Whittenburg Creek Produce(View on map)

Wholly Cow(View on map)

Wicked Cactus Sauce, LLC(View on map)

Wickman's Garden Village(View on map)

Wilbe Soy Candles(View on map)
Wilbe Soy Candles are soy candles that are made with all natural ingredients. Wilbe Soy Candles is a wholesale company for fundraising opportunities for schools, clubs, and churches. Wilbe Soy Candles was created to help organizations have something to sell that people want and use in there homes.

Wild Bunch Farm, LLC(View on map)

Wild Horse Engraving(View on map)
We are a St. Louis area home based business. Wild Horse Botanicals specializes in develping and caring for beautiful gardens and landscapes. So, our newer division, Wild Horse Engraving enables skilled Horticulturists to remain employed during rain, ice, snow or heat waves. We have developed another way to express art with natural products. Creating sustainable memories in stone.

Wild River Canoe Rental(View on map)

Wilderness Ridge Resort(View on map)

Wildlife Ridge Winery(View on map)
Wildlife Ridge Winery started as a dream and turned into a reality March 1, 2013. As our love for wine grew, we built a 3.5 acre lake on our 98 acre farm, along with our facility for wine tasting, wine and gift sales. We invite you to join us and our dream in the little town of Bahner with a Smithton address. We are fully ADA compliant.

Wildwood Farmers' Market(View on map)
The Farmers' Market of Wildwood is a private entity that has been contracted by the City of Wildwood, to provide a service to the community. Thus, we will bring together local grower to sell their produce to the public. Baked goods will also be in abundance.

Wildwood Organics(View on map)
Our handcrafted, cold-process lye soaps leave your skin fresh and clean, silky smooth and moisturized. This means each bar is slightly different in color and shape, but it's all the same high-quality product. Wildwood Organics' bars start with organic vegetable oils: olive, palm and coconut. They're all natural and vegan, colored with natural mineral or botanical colorants. We superfat all of our soaps to moisturize and soften your skin with emollients such as shea butter and hempseed oil, and the oatmeal in many of our bars smooths and exfoliates. Our palm oil is RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) Certified, meaning the suppliers promote the growth of sustainable palm oils. Our suppliers do not practice clear-cutting or deforestation, and our bars are packaged in recycled paper. Absolutely no: Parabens Petrochemicals Phthalates Synthetic preservatives Artificial color Allergies? Your troubles may be due to supermarket 'soaps' that are really detergents with synthetic fragrance oils, preservatives and colorants. You'll find ours significantly different. Every ingredient used is listed. If you have allergy concerns, please consult your physician.

William Clark Farm(View on map)

William Miller(View on map)

Williams Brothers Meat Market and Catering(View on map)
Williams Brothers Meat Market is a family owned operated, full service, Meat Market. Located in the heart of Washington, Missouri; Steve Williams and his brothers: Dan, Chris and Brian have provided the community with locally raised beef and pork products for over 30 years. Steve and his brothers are fifth generation meat cutters and have been working in the butchering, processing, and retail meat sales industry since they were young adults.

Williams Creek Winery(View on map)
Williams Creek Winery opened in February of 2007. We produce all wines on premises using Missouri grapes including those grown in our own Lawrence County Vineyard. Our visitors are provided with a complementary tasting of our wines.

Willow Fork Pallet, Inc. (View on map)

Willow Springs Farmers' Market(View on map)
Willow Springs Farmers' Market, established in 1987, is the oldest market in Howell County, Missouri. Specializing in locally grown, fresh produce, bedding plants, baked goods, jams and jellies, and handmade crafts. Open seasonally from June through October from 7:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Wednesdays and Saturdays, at Booster Field, 800 W Main Street, Willow Springs, MO

Wilma's Real Good Food (View on map)
Here at Wilma's, we've taken curbside cuisine to a different neighborhood. A place where quality and passion can be tasted in every bite. A place where you can feel at home and be reminded of how fantastic food can be when it's prepared with love. We specialize in locally sourced favorites...the classic goodies from mom's kitchen you grew up on, only with next-generation flair. The chefs at Wilma's personally invite you into their culinary world to experience what was and will always be real good food. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

Wilsdorf Farm Berry Patch(View on map)

Wilson's Creek Farmers' Market(View on map)

Wind Ridge Farm(View on map)
Wind Ridge Farm, is a family-owned and managed fruit farm located in New Melle, Missouri, within the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Windy Hill (View on map)
Windy Hill Farm

Windy Wine Company(View on map)

Windy's Canoe & Tube Rental(View on map)

Winter Meat Market(View on map)

Wirths Lumber and Pallet Co.(View on map)

WJ's(View on map)

Wobbly Boots Road House(View on map)

Wolf Creek Family Farm(View on map)

Wood Hat Spirits(View on map)
Wood Hat Spirits' unique wood-fired still had its debut run in July 2013 and was imagined by Gary Hinegardner, retired agronomist and businessman. He spent several years exploring the distilling craft before embarking on this grand adventure. He has also been a wood turner for over 40 years, hence the name Wood Hat Spirits. He turns wood hats which are on display in the tasting room along with the sumptuous and award winning bourbons, corn whiskeys and cordials you will be invited to taste.

Wood Merchants (View on map)

Wood Mood Gardens(View on map)

Wood Works(View on map)

Wooden Xpressions(View on map)
Wooden Xpressions began as a craft/hobby creating personalized gifts for my loved ones in the summer of 2012. Before I knew it, people began placing personalized orders for their loved ones and the business blossomed from there. What started out as something simple has now grown into a full time job, which involves my entire family!

Woodhaven Highlands Quality Foods(View on map)
Woodhaven Highlands produces natural beef and pork. We also feature fresh produce "In-Season", dried herbs and frozen veggies. We raise Scottish Highland cattle "woolie coos".

WoodPro Cabinetry, Inc. (View on map)

Woods Smoked Meats, Inc.(View on map)
We are a family owned meat processing company located in northeast Pike County, in business since 1947. Edward Woods, who has a degree in food science and nutrition from the University of Missouri-Columbia, has run the company since 1986 when his father, Goodrich Woods, retired. The business has continually evolved from strictly customer processing to producing gourmet sausages such as applemaplewurst smoked sausage, elk salami and summer sausage in several varieties including buffalo, venison, beef and turkey. The retail products are marketed under the Sweet Betsy from Pike brand, such as smoked hams, bacon, turkey and chicken. We still slaughter hogs and cattle and are continually striving to introduce new products for our retail and wholesale customers.

Woodwoman(View on map)

Woolf Farms(View on map)

Wright City Meat Company, Inc(View on map)
Wright City meat is locally owned and operated. We sell retail and wholesale. We do private labeling. We slaughter under USDA - Beef, Pork, Lamb, Goat and Bison. We do custom curing and smoking. We have been in business for over 50 years and owned for over 25 years by the Kreuger family. Our slogan is: From Farm to Table for over 50 Years.

Wright Family Farms(View on map)
Wright Family Farms, is a small scale family farm located in Warrensburg, Missouri. We raise the finest in Grass Fed Black Angus Beef and Grass Fed Lamb. The beef and lamb you buy from Wright Family farms is 100% Grass Fed free range beef and lamb - never placed in feed lots, never given hormones, and never given antibiotics as a supplmental feed additive.

WS Woodturning, LLC(View on map)
WS Woodturning, LLC is a family owned and operated business established in 1997.

WW Wood Products, Inc. (View on map)

Wyatt Cabinetry and Custom Woodworking(View on map)

Wyatt Packing Company(View on map)

Ya Ya's Eurobistro(View on map)

Yellow Dog Farms LLC(View on map)
Yellow Dog Farms is a specialty vegetable farm operation. Our produce is marketed into a variety of different channels including wholesale, CSA, and retail.

Yellow Farmhouse Vineyard & Winery(View on map)
Yellow Farmhouse Winery is a small family-owned winery producing hand-made Missouri wines. All wines made in the winery on premises. Wine garden, live music on weekends, tasting room, full wine tasting, specialty foods, meats, cheeses, mustards, sauces, etc., friendly atmosphere and knowledgeable staff provide informational tasting and winery tours. Weddings, engagement parties, receptions offered as our birthday parties, anniversaries and other similar events.

Yocum's Quality Cabinetry (View on map)

Yoders(View on map)

Yorkies Splash and Shine, LLC(View on map)
Yorkie Splash and Shine are exclusive, vegan, organic shampoo and conditioner designed just for Yorkies. Because they are made from organic ingredients, they are safe for the sensitive skin of Yorkies. Yorkie Splash and Yorkie Shine also help promote a healthy, luxurious coat for your Yorkie. We also offer Yorkie Sheen, our exclusive, vegan, Yorkshire terrier detangler and coat conditioner. Designed specifically for Yorkshire terriers, Yorkie Splash and Shine are the perfect additions to your Yorkie's grooming routine. Though created with Yorkies in mind, our products are pH balanced to work with the skin and coat of any dog, and our products are used by Yorkie owners and non-Yorkie owners all over the world. Yorkie Splash was created out of a need for a shampoo to fit the specific needs of Yorkshire terriers. After trying numerous products, we here at Walnut Hill decided that there just wasn't anything on the market that worked well for every type of Yorkie - sensitive skin, coarse hair, cottony coats, silky coats, dry coats, or oily coats. We finally decided that keeping 5 different kinds of products around was just not manageable. So, we endeavored to make our own! After a lot of research, consulting with experts, and some trial and error on scent, we came up with a 'formula' that did exactly what we wanted it to - make every type of Yorkie coat look and feel amazing, and smell great, too. After using our shampoo on our own Yorkies, friends began asking how they could get their hands on some of our shampoo. So, we bottled a little. Pretty soon, word of mouth created a buzz that has continued to grow.

YoYums(View on map)

Yummy's Choice(View on map)

Zap Payment Systems(View on map)

Zerna Meat Company(View on map)

Zeroed Inn, LLC(View on map)

Zesto, Inc.(View on map)
Zesto Drive Inn was established in 1947 in Jefferson City, Missouri. It started as a free standing soft ice cream outlet. The logo, Zesto, was then requested by Harold Brown as a trade mark. Harold Brown purchased the original store in 1978. From that time on Harold started 3 locations and created his own recipes that have grown to be famous from that time.

Zia's(View on map)

Zimmerman's Wholesale(View on map)

Zoe's LLC d/b/a BoBo Noodle House(View on map)
We are a new company. We wanted to bottle our sauces and market them in tandem with our restaurant opening. We are a small Asian Noodle House.

Zona Rosa Farmers' Market(View on map)
Zona Rosa offers a unique mix of shopping, dining and entertainment venues. Come explore The Zona Rosa Farmers Market every Tuesday, June through September, from 4 pm to 8 pm (or sell out). This premier Farmers Market is located in the breezeway between Victoria's Secret and Hot Topic. Products range from homegrown produce, herbs and flowers to custom made bread mixes and jams. Come taste the farm fresh flavors of these great local farmers. Zona Rosa is located at the northwest intersection of Interstate 29 and Barry Road, minutes from the Kansas City International Airport and Downtown Kansas City. For additional information on the Zona Rosa Farmers Market please call 816-587-8180 or visit