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Product Description

Black Oil Sunflower seed for the wild bird food industry. Flick Seed Company processes and packages other bird food products in Missouri for retailers and wholesalers. Grass and wildflower producers and processors.

About Us

Missouri imports millions of pounds of birdseed product each year, thereby giving farmers in other states the majority share of the fast growing wild bird food market. Recognizing the strong growth of the wild bird food industry, and the production capabilities of Missouri farmers, Flick Seed Company is partnering with local producers to capture and increase our respective market share.

Sunflower is congruent with Missouri's climate and has displayed the best overall crop performance of the birdseed products. In Missouri, it has surpassed the average yields realized in most other traditional cropping areas of the United States.

Flick Seed Company operates a processing facility approximately 30 miles southeast of Kansas City, Missouri, giving us proximity to the Kansas City Metro area. As the largest domestic processor of Missouri-grown sunflower, reduced freight costs offer a definite price advantage to the consumer in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.

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Flick Seed Company, Kingsville, Missouri